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How to choose jewelry for a dress: all the features and rules


Every woman wants to emphasize individuality with the help of her robe. Most pronounced it can be done in a dress.

Surely, in the closet of beautiful ladies there are several cluttered outfits that do not correspond to the current fashion, which seem too old or completely disgusting. Just throwing things that were once significant in the past is the most elementary thing. This is the most ordinary method of getting rid of boring outfits. It will be more difficult to use all your imagination and try to bring your old dress back to life. Fortunately, the modern variety of fittings and accessories contributes well to this.

This article will reveal the secrets of decorating dresses with their own hands. Here we will talk about original ideas for improving women's outfits.

How to decorate a dress: fashionable details

You can revive the dress with the help of several fashionable details, which we will talk about below.

Stones, rhinestones, beads, beads. Attached jewelry made of stones and beads look very beautiful. They can decorate a dress of any style. Usually, collars, cuffs, belts, a neckline and the lower part of the dress are trimmed with such details.

Lace. It is easier for non-professionals to make lace bottom, collars and sleeves of dresses. If the dress is dark colors, take a contrasting color to it, if light - black is ideal. Those who are knowledgeable about remaking will not have much difficulty making lace inserts. Sewing is the wrong side.

A great option is a lace yoke with an overlap on the bodice of the dress. The yoke is cut longer than it is needed, attached to the bodice and scribbled along the edge of the bodice through the yoke. As a result, she is attached to the edge of the bodice and freely drops lace down, creating a romantic image.

Flowers. A flower is able to transform any outfit. Different flower ideas from a huge variety of materials are possible. The most extraordinary decoration option is a whole floral arrangement created using several techniques from different materials.

How to decorate a casual dress

If you can’t imagine yourself not in a dress, then you just need to understand the question of how to decorate a dress for everyday wear. Consider the details to independently decorate a casual dress.

  • Detachable collars. They can be knitted, openwork, lace, etc. Choose a pattern by which you will create an elegant finish. If necessary, it will be possible to add additional elements in the form of rhinestones, beads, pearls or pendants.

  • Finishing details. You can insert matte and lacquer, fur and leather, checkered and striped shreds on pockets and sleeves, belts and as insert wedges.
  • Part made of translucent fabric. It can be a cape or a drape. Complement today's romantic mood.
  • Embroidery. It can be discreet or, conversely, you can emphasize.

  • Accessories for the dress. Any outfit is transformed by putting on a beautiful belt or elegant brooch.

We decorate a wedding dress

More recently, it was believed that the bride should be dressed only in a romantic white dress, which was intended for the wedding ceremony. Today, not only a variety of colors is allowed, but also any implementation of the fantasies of the future wife.

Use snow-white or color satin and silk ribbons. They can be used as belts or bows.

Consider decorating your wedding dress with flowers. Small flowers give airiness alongside, and large ones allow to place accents in the right place.

Try to make a multi-tiered petticoat, embellish it with lace and your look will become sophisticated.

How to decorate an evening dress

If you do not dare to decorate evening dresses, you can try to complement them with accessories. Use the idea of ​​changing jewelry. Choose an option that does not match the shape, size and color of the previous jewelry.

A simple dress can be decorated with chains on the shoulders - this trend has not gone out of fashion for several years.

If the evening dress is already too decorated with bright colors and stylish decorations, you have the right to disconnect the catchy details, replacing them with more restrained objects. Either embroider or tear off some parts of the dress, for example, sleeves or lace.

Well, in the case of an unconditional change in the appearance of the dress, you can, for example, change the length of the model, make a cutout on the back, sew on the tail, sleeves, change the collar. That is, slightly replace the styles. All this in the future can be detached from the evening dress and voila - again a new outfit.

Black dress decorating ideas

The black dress itself is beautiful and embodies all femininity. Nevertheless, sometimes it can be embellished. How to decorate a black dress, emphasizing its perfection?

The simplest and easiest method for every woman is the free garter of her neck scarf. In addition, scarves are used as belts. In addition, decoration with scarves, loops, bows made of transparent chiffon in different colors will add tenderness to your dress.

Need to give credit and lace. The combination of a black dress with an original lace wrap is perfect. You can successfully update the dress with lace inserts of the same black tone. And the most effective way is decorating the edges of the neckline with lace ribbon.

The inserts of patent leather are the color of the night. Moreover, they can be inserted both horizontally and vertically.

Do not forget about fashionable removable collars. They can be, for example, black, white or golden color of different manufacturing technologies - lace, knitted, embroidered or with shiny crystals.

No mistakes

How to choose jewelry to suit? First of all, you should never forget about the format of the event you are going to, that is, you should remember the relevance of your choice. In addition, you will need to remember a few important rules:

  • Moderation above all. The desire to wear "all the best at once" is often inherent in young girls. However, a lot - this does not mean beautiful. All jewelry can be divided into two types. The first is the one that goes “face to face”. These are earrings, necklaces, chains with pendants, beads, brooches. The second type is used to decorate hands; these are bracelets, rings, watches. For an everyday look, it is enough to use one piece of jewelry from the first and second groups. For example, wear earrings and a bracelet, or a chain and a ring. For the holiday, you can wear three decorations, but no more.

  • When choosing jewelry fabric properties should be consideredfrom which the outfit is sewn. Thick models of winter can be combined with massive decorations. For light and flowing fabrics, elegant jewelry is more suitable.

  • Harmony in everything. Decorations should match the style of the toilet and combine with each other. A pearl necklace in combination with a plastic bracelet would be ridiculous.

  • For bright and catchy outfits, it is recommended to choose modest jewelry and vice versa.

  • It is not recommended to supplement with dresses dresses sewn from shiny fabrics. As well as models in which the neck is decorated with embroidery, frills, lace, frill or bow. Do not need jewelry on the neck and outfits with an American armhole. It is undesirable to use jewelry for a dress on one shoulder, especially if the only strap has a decor (rhinestones, embroidery, etc.). For such a dress, it is better to wear only earrings and a bracelet.

Color harmony

The color of the dress largely determines the choice of jewelry. You can choose jewelry for the dress on the basis of contrast, but this contrast should not introduce disharmony in the image. The second option is the choice of jewelry for the color of the outfit. But in this case, you need to make sure that the jewelry is not "lost" against the background of the dress.

In addition, choosing the color of jewelry, you need to consider your type of appearance. Cold-skinned girls are adorned with cold tones, owners of dark-skinned skin are warm shades.

Successful decisions

Here are some harmonious combinations:

  • Blue dress silver jewelry will allow to appear in all its glory, if you need to put a bright accent, then it is worth choosing jewelry of dark red color.

  • Red along additional decorations are not particularly needed as the color is self-sufficient. But if you want to use jewelry, you need to select it, depending on the purpose of the toilet. So, for an evening out in red, jewelry in a shade of gold, as well as black, are perfect. For everyday options, you can use jewelry in white or red tones (red should not match the tone of the dress, it should be lighter or darker).

  • Burgundy dress saturated shades need jewelry color of gold. Various “berry” shades are well suited to the burgundy color of the dress - blueberry, blackberry, lingonberry.

  • Easy to choose jewelry to a beige dress, since this color goes well with a variety of shades.

  • Yellow dress worth adding purple jewelry. To create a gentle romantic image, it is better to use light colors (lilac, violet). Decorations of lilac and eggplant in the background of a yellow dress - this is an option for more courageous girls.

  • Bright fuchsia dress worth complementing with decorations in black or silver.

  • Green dress will let you play in a new way jewelry in gold or silver. A bright accent can be put using coral-colored jewelry.

  • To the gray dress Achromatic gamma decorations (white, gray, black) are not suitable. To this, it is better to choose brighter jewelry, for example, pistachio or purple.

  • White dress can be complemented with colored decorations. Red and blue color will make the image elegant, pastel shades are suitable for creating romantic bows.

  • Black dress Add sophistication to pearls. And for everyday bows you can use any color jewelry.

  • For outfit floral print do not choose colorful decorations. It is worth choosing one of the shades present in the colors of the outfit, and choosing jewelry of this particular color.

  • Difficult to choose jewelry to check dress. Jewelery to such a dress should have a simple design with a minimum of decor. The color is matched to one of the shades of the cell.

Dress Style Jewelry

When choosing jewelry, it is very important to consider the style, the purpose of the outfit and the fabric from which it is sewn.

For the evening

So, evening toilets are often sewn from monophonic beautiful fabrics with a smooth, textured or shiny surface. When choosing jewelry you must adhere to the rule: clothing of strict cut and concise design can be combined with massive and catchy jewelry. For dresses of complex cuts, it is worth choosing elegant and modest jewelry.

When choosing earrings, you should focus on the hairstyle. For high styling, you can use long earrings, strings or studs. If the hair is loose, it is better to choose massive earrings.

Cocktail Dresses

For cocktail dresses, you can choose a variety of jewelry, the main thing is that they fit the style. So, massive bracelets and necklaces are well suited to the sheath dress. For dresses made of light fabrics on the straps, it is worth choosing thin elegant chains.

Summer dresses

Jewelry for summer casual dresses can be catchy and large. Natural materials are in fashion today, so it is worth using wood products or semiprecious stones. But plastic jewelry in combination with a summer dress can look stylish. For an outfit of plain-dyed fabric, it is worth choosing colorful ornaments, for colored ones - plain.

Office Style

For a business dress, it is worth choosing jewelry in a classic simple style. The best solution is to use one element, for example, a pendant or a brooch.

The choice of jewelry depending on the neckline

Most often, mistakes are made when choosing chains, beads and necklaces. Since it is necessary to take into account not only the color of the toilet and its style, but also the shape of the neck. We will figure out how to choose jewelry for the neckline of the dress.

  • Bustier. For the evening, models with fully open shoulders are popular. Many girls mistakenly believe that any type of jewelry is suitable for such evening wear. But stylists do not recommend using massive necklaces or multi-layered beads for such dresses. The perfect choice is a graceful decoration around the neck. The jewelry should not be located below the subclavian fossa.

  • V-shaped neckline. Such a neckline can be deep and moderate, but in any case, long chains are categorically not suitable for such clothes. The pendant is worth choosing a geometric shape that resembles the shape of a neckline.

  • Crew neck dress. Massive jewelry or long chains are perfect for such clothes.

  • High neck clothing (stand-up collar). The best choice for such a dress is a long string of beads or a multilayer decoration worn over the dress.

  • Throat Boat Neck. With such a dress, you can not put jewelry on the neck, limiting yourself to earrings. But if you wish, you can wear a thin long chain with a pendant.

Jewelry for the bride

Recommendations for choosing wedding jewelry along with are generally similar to those given for evening toilets. For a snow-white dress, jewelry with pearls made of white metal and transparent stones should be used. In the event that the dress with colored trim, you can use jewelry with stones in the color of the decor.

For a wedding look, you can use jewelry on the neck (necklace, pendant) and earrings. Hair ornaments are often used - tiaras, hoops, hairpins with pearls, etc. Rings and bracelets should not be worn, on this day the most important jewelry for hands should be a wedding ring.

How and how to complement a white dress

To look cute and charming in a white dress, you need to make the right accents with decorations. You can apply:

  • soft belt of any shade,
  • bow or flower of any color,
  • rhinestones or beads matched to the tone,
  • embroidery (white on white or give contrast),
  • parts made of translucent fabric (guipure pocket, duplication of a separate part, for example, a collar and cuffs).

There are several color variations for decorating a white dress.

Black and white colors. Pick up black accessories. Embellish the waist with a sash, emphasizing the snow-white outfit. Or pin a black bow.

White gold. Harmony of a snow-white dress and gold accessories. All attention is riveted on golden tones. The sun breathes sincerity and freshness into the outfit.

Blood and milk. Reds will give a flash of passion and sexuality. For a short dress, just wrap red shoes, take the same color handbag and massive bright jewelry.

Beach option. Want to play or create a romantic look? Match shoes of fuchsia, golden or lilac shade to the white dress and a belt in the same tone.

Turn your fantasies into reality and there will be more than one favorite dress in your wardrobe.