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We are often asked what is needed for a beginner actor and how does he break into the world of cinema?

A novice actor needs to make a lot of work in order to be noticed and invited to various productions from cinema to theater. But what is needed, in addition to talent, in order to become a noticeable and sought-after actor?

1. Acting portfolio as a career start
The first thing that needs to be done is as detailed as possible. write your actor profile (this is not a resume)that talks about your skills and talents, and find a good photographer, in order to make your first acting portfolio

In the acting portfolio, it is necessary to fully disclose your character, so that it is precisely the character that the directors in the future will choose you for one or another role. When revealing the type you should not get involved in the game. Here it is necessary to show yourself as accurately as possible of the present, your own manner of movement and proportion of the body.

Photos should be made in a photo studio on a plain (black, white or gray) background. Take frames in different clothes. Clothing should not be bright, so as not to distract from the personality of the actor.

Your acting portfolio must include full-length, portrait (close-up) photographs and half-height photographs.

When ordering a professional photographer to compile an acting portfolio, be sure to make sure that the photographer shooting you specializes specifically in working with actors and studio photography. This will increase the chance that you will not be rejected due to incorrect or poorly executed photos.

Remember that low-quality photographs taken by you on the phone, photographs with intimate and erotic overtones or on the background of the carpet by your friends are considered we, as well as serious agencies will not

2. When you stock up on a good acting portfolio and compile your profile, it's time to start active action. Here you can be greatly helped by His Majesty the Internet. Gather information about sites published announcements of ongoing castings and auditions. Make up a permanent database of such resources and constantly offer yourself to them, publish your profile and photos on them.

Also make up a database of agencies and production centers for yourself, and periodically send them your data and your photos. This will increase your chance that you will be noticed and invited sooner or later. It could be acmodaci

3. Participation in extras
Do not disdain participation in extras, even if it seems to you that this work is not for a professional actor. Participating in mass scenes at various film productions, you can get acquainted with the director, specialist in the selection of actors and other people who are useful for your career.

4. Participation in television projects
If a beginner actor makes it into the cinema at first, it’s quite difficult at times, then a television project is much easier. A fairly large number of castings are now taking place to participate in television shows, where even a person without an acting education can get into if desired, not like a professional actor.

Actor's career. The main problems and solutions. Part 1.

Here are some of the problems people face, especially at the beginning of their acting career. Everything is not so scary, but still ..

  • Beginners in show business who do not know what to do and how to start in the right direction
  • Not in the database of any agency and not sure how and where to register
  • Difficult in choosing the right photographer for tests and portfolio
  • Not having many contacts and connections in this industry and who cannot establish contacts with professionals
  • Sending photos and resumes in search of getting a job, but never received a single answer
  • Not having enough money to pay for acting or modeling courses
  • Not knowing how to write a resume, thinking - “I have nothing to put on a resume! How can i start acting career
  • Attending auditions and auditions but not getting a good job
  • etc

First of all, you need to decide which area interests you more? Cinema, Television, Video advertising, for example.

My recommendations: do a little Homework to lay the foundations and decide.

Gather information about various acting techniques and elements. Here are some books that would be useful to read (although they are not easy to read):

How to start an acting career.

And remember, this is part of the game - and the game is much easier to win if you don't take it too seriously! I created a channel on YouTube so that you always stay on target and remember what is required. SUBSCRIBE!

We’ll talk about games tomorrow, but for now, I wish you a light mood!