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What if termites appear in your home?


Termites are one of the most unexpected and vile guests in the house. Although, like any other insects. Since childhood, I remember how, while driving through the old districts of her city, my mother told me that all the houses there were hit by termites. Eyes of fear are large, especially those of children) Therefore, from an early age I knew who termites were, and how exactly they harm human life.

Fortunately, so far I have managed to avoid a personal meeting with these insects, but not without reason they say: who is warned is armed. And besides this, I sincerely would like to help all those who, for whatever reason, were attacked by them. Therefore, today my advice will be on the topic of combating termites and preventing their return.

1. Orange oil. Thanks to the active substance d-limonene in its composition, the oil will have a toxic effect on insects. Distribute oil to all places where unexpected guests were discovered. If necessary, drill a few auxiliary holes to get into the heart. I must say that this is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of dealing with termites. In general, you will notice the result after 3 days. If the situation is running, you may have to wait more.

2. High and low temperature. It has been proven earlier that termites are not able to survive at too high or very low temperatures. For example, they die at +50 ° C or at -30 ° C. To obtain temperatures below 0 ° C, not only Siberian frosts, but also liquid nitrogen will help. It can provide a temperature of -29 ° C, and when introduced into termite habitats it will have the desired effect after 5 minutes. But with a high temperature, a steam generator or hairdryer can help. Termitniks will have to be processed for at least 30 minutes, or even more. Of course, you can resort to a plentiful flood of so-called nests with boiling water, which will also be effective. But do not forget to take care of drying the wood so as not to make it worse later ...

3. Boric acid It is a natural source of termite control, which affects their nervous system and then kills. All you need to do is mix the boric acid powder with a small amount of water until a paste-like state is obtained. Then, with a brush, apply the mixture not only to infected areas, but also to all wooden surfaces in your home to avoid wandering. You can also process trees in the garden if you know where the termite mounds are still formed.

4. Table salt. This substance, despite its simplicity and cheapness, is not only a powerful tool for controlling termites, but also prevents their return. To inflict a crushing blow on these ill-fated pests, spray a solution of salt with water into the foci of their habitat.

Better yet, soak cotton swabs with this solution and place in all affected areas. Due to the presence of cellulose in the salt, it will serve as an excellent bait.

5. Oil. We have already said above about the beneficial properties of orange oil, but it is important to note that in addition to it, oil with a high content of garlic, clove essential oil and canola oil will be extremely effective in combating termites. All of them will show 100% result.

6. Diatomaceous earth - An excellent remedy against termites, which literally burns and dries their habitats. You can safely scatter diatomaceous earth powder throughout the house, as in the case of boric acid. Do not be afraid, diatomaceous earth is absolutely harmless to people and pets, but it is very effective against termites.

I sincerely want these tips to be the most useless in your life. But, if all the same these terrible insects rush into your house, you know what to do.

Methods of struggle

Since getting rid of termites on their own is sometimes quite difficult, so many prefer to immediately seek help from special services, whose employees have many years of experience in dealing with various woodworms. But if there are few insects and you are completely confident in your abilities, then we suggest that you pay attention to methods and tools that in most cases bring a positive result.

Homemade trap

To make it, you will need two sheets of plain cardboard and water. This simple device is considered very effective, since cellulose is the main food of termites, and therefore cardboard will be an excellent bait:

  • moisten the sheets of cardboard thoroughly with water,
  • connect them by folding on each other,
  • We place the finished trap in the place where traces of insects were found.

On a note! Termites cannot be completely removed with a cardboard trap alone. It helps to get rid of only a couple of hundred individuals. And for a higher effect, you will have to use other methods as well!

Nematode use

These small worms are the natural enemies of termites. They penetrate the body of larvae and kill them within two days. The body of termites for small nematodes is an ideal place for their own reproduction and development, so it is quite possible to solve the problem of pests in a wooden house with their help.

Find nematodes in your garden plot does not work, they can be purchased at a store for gardeners or online. Moreover, it is advisable to use these worms immediately, especially if the temperature of the soil in which they were purchased is more than + 15 ° C.

Recommendation! If you do not plan to use nematode worms immediately after purchase, you can only store them in the refrigerator!

Folk remedies

Termites can also be fought using mixtures made independently. The most commonly used boric acid in such situations is boric acid. When insects enter the body, it dehydrates it and simultaneously destroys the nervous system. Plus, it is able to work on the principle of a chain reaction - termites on their paws bring poison to the nest and infect the rest of the colony members.

So, boric acid can be used in two ways:

  • aqueous solution - we dilute the powder with water and apply the resulting product to small cuts of cardboard or wet it with wooden elements, lay the finished baits near the alleged habitat of the parasites and do not forget to re-wet them with boron solution from time to time,
  • Boric acid paste - combine the boric acid powder with a small portion of sugar, honey and water so that a thick paste is obtained, after which we lubricate the location of home termites with it.

There are several more compounds that can destroy pests:

  • mix 3 parts kerosene with one part turpentine,
  • we connect turpentine with tar, creosote and naphthalene in a ratio of 20: 10: 1,5: 30,
  • in a liter of alcohol we breed 30 g of mercuric chloride,
  • in kerosene we dissolve drying oil, naphthalene and naphthalisole - proportions 100: 100: 15: 25,
  • mix turpentine, naphthalene, phenol, lysol and wood tar in a ratio of 100: 10: 5: 3: 10.

One of the preparations should be applied to the wooden elements of the building in those places where termite clusters were detected, and you will get a positive result pretty quickly.

Light and cold

You can get rid of termites in a wooden house with the help of sunlight, as well as by freezing. However, it is possible to apply one of these methods only in cases where parasites have been detected in certain interior items.

Option one is to take the affected furniture out and leave it for a couple of days. At the same time, make sure that the sun's rays fall on it as long as possible.

Advice! In order to increase the efficiency of this method, cardboard traps can be used in parallel. Cellulose will lure termites out, after which they will be destroyed by sunlight!

The second option - it is suitable for rainy regions, where the sun rarely pleases with its light. If termites were found in the apartment, then the affected interior items should be disassembled and placed in the freezer. An ordinary freezer in this case, of course, will not work - special large cameras should be used.

If termites were discovered in winter, then the furniture can be completely taken out in the cold and left for three days. At the same time, it is completely optional to disassemble it. In some cases, freezing is a rather problematic option, but if possible, it guarantees the death of all insects.

General recommendations

If you decide to destroy termites on your own, then remember that the fight should be complex in nature - using several different means and methods.

  1. Processing brings the best results in the spring, when the larvae appear at the outer layers of wood, and adult individuals tend to leave the wooden elements.
  2. In parallel with the use of termite remedies, it is advisable to carry out anti-rot measures.
  3. Sprayed insecticides should be given as much time as possible to work - ideally a week. For this period, the house should be left and closed.
  4. If you are processing using chemical poisons, then you can also use boric acid with them - with a prepared paste, carefully cover all the holes in the infection area.
  5. Since the main source of termite food is wood, it is advisable to keep logs, firewood, and other wood supplies away from home. They are also recommended to dry, making it unattractive to insects, and cover.
  6. Use repellents during the construction phase of wooden structures. Add a tablespoon of 0.1% permethrin to a bucket of water and pour the resulting solution into paint or varnish, with which you will subsequently cover the inner and outer walls. A small portion of permethrin can also be added to the glue used when laying the flooring, or to cement.

Prevention of the termite invasion will also be a regular inspection of the house and all its parts. If cracks are found, they should be immediately repaired - especially often they appear near water pipes and form around the wiring. And on the windows, entrance and balcony doors it is worth installing mosquito nets - so termites will not be able to penetrate your house from the street. And do not forget to ensure that the ventilation passages are always free. To do this, you should not plant bushes and trees near them and mow the weed in time. Let your house always be clean from pests!

Termite Features

Before you termite, you should understand what these insects are.

They inhabit communities and are divided into castes; this distribution is characteristic of ants, although they do not belong to them.


White ants - so differently called termites. They have a light body color, they do not have a constriction separating the abdominal region from the chest region.

Appearance may also differ depending on the attitude to a particular caste:

  1. Workers - here you can find females and males. They are distinguished by a soft body, which rarely exceeds 10 mm. These creatures often have not developed genitals and eyes. Their main task is to get out and get food for the rest of the termite inhabitants,
  2. Soldiers - such termites can be seen near the nest. Their heads are brown, and there are horns and powerful jaws on it. These additions are necessary to protect the main housing and larvae,
  3. Reproductive group (uterus and king) - initial in female individuals, wings develop from this caste, which the insect will use only once. In the future, they are dumped and begin to actively replenish the termite mound with new "residents". Individuals in this group are ten times larger than the rest of the community.

Termites in the house are not uncommon in the countries where these creatures live. Wooden elements of furniture attract insects, they can come in packs and create real chaos for humans.

Nutrition and habitat

The habitat of termites are countries with subtropical and tropical climates. They can also be found in the southern territories of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova and Tajikistan.

The Russian territory of the Far East has also become attractive for the habitat of these pests.

Under natural conditions, insects prefer to hunt at night. They move along earthen passages or along paths in a tree. Therefore, termites in the house are inconspicuous guests. People notice an insect attack late when it is impossible to save the building.

The main delicacy of termites is pulp items. They will not crawl past wooden structures either. Termites in the house are a real disaster, especially if there is a large concentration of furniture made of wood or books. With a lack of food, they begin to feed on cotton fabrics and leather items.

As a rule, insects are not able to harm a living tree. They prefer dry branches, rotten stumps and wood furniture. In winter, activity decreases, ants prefer to sleep. But if there were termites in the apartment, then the sedentary lifestyle is canceled.

Life cycle and reproduction

Under natural conditions, the king and the uterus are responsible for the reproduction. These individuals mate regularly to replenish the nest with new inhabitants. Individuals lead a faithful lifestyle - they spend their whole lives in one chamber. None of the other residents of the termite mound has the right to ask with the queen.

Royal people are regularly guarded by soldiers. They must fight uninvited guests and defend the honor of the uterus. Changing of the guard is carried out at regular intervals. The soldiers also feed the main female, if necessary, transfer her and take the eggs. They are transferred to special chambers in which larvae hatch. The uterus can produce 2500-3000 eggs per day.

The offspring have to withdraw the soldiers. Other uterus that are waiting for adulthood can live in the termite mound. As soon as they have wings, they fly out of the parental nest and mate with a worthy male (king).

The couple begins to hide in different places, so as not to become a dinner for birds and larger insects. As soon as the female produces eggs and working individuals appear, the active construction of the termite mound begins. Termites in the apartment can also settle, then a person will have to act decisively to get rid of parasites.

How to understand that termites are wound up in the house

Destroying pests is always difficult. There are several ways to deal with termites. Sometimes it is very difficult to determine the location of insects in the room.

Therefore, you need to be able to recognize signs indicating that uninvited guests wound up in the bathhouse, apartment or house:

  • characteristic moves in wooden elements,
  • trash near holes in furniture or walls,
  • the appearance of waste products.

Having found all the signs, you need to think about how to get rid of termites. It is possible to remove insects, but sometimes it takes time to completely destroy them.

Get rid of termites

There are several methods to destroy a pest:

  1. use a remedy for termites of national origin,
  2. the use of chemicals
  3. deliverance by traps
  4. contacting special services that know exactly how to get rid of termites.

You can fight in any way, the main thing is to get the desired result. If termites in the house are not destroyed, then problems such as the destruction of furniture, walls and wooden buildings will arise.


The fight against termites in a wooden house often begins with the use of funds from the store. They help fight whole colonies.

Preparations are available in various forms:

  • Liquid insecticides - with their help it is problematic to bring out a full-fledged insect colony. Apply the drug, as the impregnation of furniture or the creation of barriers around the house of timber, baths and other buildings on the site. It’s slow, getting into the body of creatures after eating a tree, and causing paralysis,
  • Granular products - help to destroy insects living on the street. Use them if you need to protect some building. Pests die right after eating the pellets,
  • Foam - such means of combating termites allow you to clog the moves along which soldiers and workers move. If these castes cease to bring food, then the royal people will die. A week of fasting is enough for termite ants to die, how to get rid of them is written in the instructions,
  • Powder products - at home they can remove insects from their furniture made from dry wood,
  • Boric acid - will get rid of pests, but the process will be long.

Thinking about how to get rid of termites in the house, you should pay attention to the most popular chemicals:


How to deal with termites, decide only to the person who is under attack. If chemistry is not suitable, then other methods can be used.

Folk methods

Having discovered pests in the apartment, it is necessary to tackle their destruction. It is not necessary to use chemicals. At home, you can use folk methods so that termites in the house are no longer bothered:

  • Жидкий азот – с его помощи можно избавить от насекомого определенный предмет. Нужно сделать небольшое отверстие и ввести азот. Even with its help, you can fill the gaps where these creatures are often seen,
  • Frost is one of the popular ways. You just need to put the furniture in the freezer and leave it for 1-2 days. Of course, at home it’s problematic to find a device for large objects,
  • Nematodes are dangerous enemies of termites. These creatures parasitize on insects, causing death within two days after infection.

Termites in the house can live for several years. They are able to destroy full-fledged buildings, leaving only the foundation.

Indoor parasites can be exterminated using special traps. If the first pests were noticed in the room, then cardboard boxes should be installed on which sticky substrates are applied.

If insects appear in one place, 36 Catchmaster should be purchased. This is the first trap that gives a positive result.

Appeal to specialists

How to destroy termites with the help of professional pest controllers? Such specialists should be expected to work effectively through the use of poisons, which are not available on the market.

It’s not always possible to independently cope with the invasion of termites. Their main job is to study habitat and wrecking. They cultivate the area around the house and other buildings that attract insects.

Real "hunters" give a guarantee for their work. If customers have not received the required result, it means that the employees have poor-quality drugs. There is only one conclusion - to write a complaint to the company and demand a refund.