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How to hug a girl: nuances are important


Hugs are always nice. It is especially nice to hug the girl you like. Hugs do not need any special approach or occasion. You don’t need to say in words this desire to hug. Hug when you really want it. As soon as you feel this desire give her warmth, give her tactile sensations, you hug her. There are no dances with a tambourine or passionate speech for hugging.

When you feel like a hug - hug or at least try it. Do not want - not worth it.

More you do touches of the upper and lower backthe more comfort a woman gets.

I’ll tell you more about how to hug a girl: one handle goes a little below the neck and the other just above the tailbone. Touching these areas gives signals to the girl’s brain: reliability, safety and comfort. Even if she doesn’t want this, she will still be calm on autopilot. The picture shows how the guy should hug the girl.

Try it in practice. When a girl is upset with something, hug her as in the description and see what happens.

Video with a warm hug from a guy

Although the guy’s hugs in the video are not as correct as in the picture, but it feels warmth and good intentions.

  1. Hug her for yourself. Because you want it and like it. Do not hug in order to please her. Otherwise, your hugs lose all strength.
  2. Hug without sharp abrupt movements, smoothly. Do not try to do it hard, do not choke or clamp in a vise.
  3. You can hold a close position of the girl’s body after hugs, do not let go of her, and continue to communicate face to face, cheek to cheek. IMPORTANT: you do so, if only on her part there is no resistance, if there is - let her go.
  4. All hugs are primarily an emotional expression of oneself, their feelings for the girl.

The meaning of how a guy hugs a girl

I love girls and, in general, I like to cuddle with them. Hugging the girl, I feel her slim body, figure. After hugs with a slender girl I may even be attracted to her, even if before that she was not so attractive to me. Exactly a sense of her femininity, good looks, slim figure appears at the moment of embrace. I have warm inside.

I don’t hug the girl just because “it’s necessary” or “so accepted”. It loses its very meaning and pleasure from hugs. Hug exactly when you want and appears desire. Hugs with a girl should not be empty.

A mutual hug is the most pleasant. This is when both the guy and the girl want to cuddle. Sometimes hugs are better than kisses, especially when a girl does not know how to kiss.

I know one lovely girl. While embracing with me, she likes to warm her upturned cold nose against my neck. I like it

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A quick hug with a stranger

I see the beauty in the club. I caught her eye; she, too, was not looking up at me. We all understand. I come up and say “Hello!” And hug her right away. I feel how her body takes my arms. I feel like she liked it, too. We look into each other's eyes. We start talking about everything. What matters is how we look. Each other. I do not remove my hands. We communicate and I hug her at the same time.

If there is a strong desire and confidence that I can immediately suck a girl, I do it. I give her a kiss, not vice versa. If she turns away, then it's just too early. You can read more about how to quickly suck in the girls you like and about all the chips to get closer to the first kiss here.

As soon as I feel the slightest resistance on her part because of a hug, I immediately stop hugging her. It is very important! The resistance of the girl suggests that for the first time I put a lot of pressureon her. I remove my hands and continue to communicate as if nothing had happened, as if nothing had happened. Thus I remove the pressure with a girl.

We continue to communicate. I feel that I like communication in a hug position more. So I hug her a second time. This time i I do not pay attention to her initial resistance. I look into her eyes and broadcast her gaze: "It’s normal for me, and I always do this with girls". The most important thing is to continue to communicate! In this way I strengthen my hugs. Resistance from her side is no more, therefore, and no pressure either. I just give her my warmth and passion for it. I just express myself.

I quickly get close and hug with beauties, and for me it is already normal to hug them quickly. I do not see anything in this supernatural and difficult. I don’t attach much importance to this, it happens automatically for me, by itself.

Hugs - a means of expressing feelings

A hug between people is not just a gesture of politeness or a good relationship, it is a mutual exchange of emotions, feelings and attraction. If between people of the same sex a hug acts as a manifestation of friendship, affection and closeness, about between a man and a woman it often becomes a manifestation of feelings and passion. For some, such tactile contact is the result of a rush of feelings, others use hugs to achieve global goals.

Most often embraces embody the following types of feelings:

  1. A hint of intimacy and flirtation. A man in a secluded atmosphere with a girl shortens the distance between them, and with the help of tactile contact tries to rekindle passion and desire.
  2. Inspiration. When a happy event happens to a person or if he is simply in a good mood, he can embrace a loved one in a fit of these feelings.
  3. Support. If a girl is faced with troubles and difficulties, a man can acquire it to show his indifference. The same behavior is appropriate when a girl cries, and a man tries to console her.
  4. Protection. If a girl is afraid of something or is faced with injustice, a man can hug her, showing the degree of protection.
  5. Getting joy. Under the influence of feelings, affection and tenderness, many girls like to cuddle, using tactile contact, as a way to get joy and pleasure.
  6. Emotions There are situations when it is difficult for a girl to choose words to express feelings and emotions within herself. A simple hug can be a great alternative to eloquence.
  7. Proximity If people are comfortable with each other, this can be shown through hugs that show the degree of closeness between them.

As practice shows, regardless of the message and the type of hugs, in any case they bring only a positive result and emotions. Even the driest emotionally, a person will enjoy if his partner will often hug him.

Types of hugs and their meanings

Hugs can be completely different in semantic and emotional understanding. In completely different ways, experts advise how to hug a girl when meeting, and how with hints of a possible intimacy with her. Psychologists call several types of hugs that are common today between a man and a woman, namely:

  1. Friendly - they are difficult to confuse with a love hug. The first thing they differ in is their duration, the man hugs the girl tightly for just a few seconds when meeting or saying goodbye. He can even pat his companion on the shoulder or back.
  2. Love hug between loved ones - depending on the emotional message, such hugs are divided into subgroups:
  • hugs from the back as a demonstration of the support and protection of the girl, with her hands on her waist,
  • hugs “castle”, when partners are tightly interlocked by bodies in a fit of feelings or because of fear of losing each other,
  • “Flying” hugs, when the partners show passion in this way, the man slightly lifts the girl off the ground,
  • hugs with visual contact when, regardless of the position of the bodies, the partners look into each other's eyes, demonstrating their feelings and their strength nonverbally,
  • hugs “pickpocket”, when young people hug, hold their hands in the back pockets of their pants, showing a desire to be together.
  1. Comforting hug - holding both hands on the girl’s back, the man will carefully hug her, showing her his excitement and indifference to everything that happens to her. And to give her a sense of security and protection, a man needs to stroke his back, the most vulnerable spot on the human body.

In fact, this is not the whole list of types of hugs that are practiced between different people. But these are the main tactile contact options that are practiced among members of the opposite sex.

How to understand that a girl wants you to hug her

Any manifestations of feelings and emotions must be appropriate and timely, otherwise they will lose their value and meaning. Only an attentive and sensitive man will know exactly when his girlfriend needs tactile contact, and when it may be superfluous. Psychologists call the main signs by which you can understand when a girl wants a hug:

  • she will look directly into her eyes inseparably and notes of expectation of something from the man, and in her conversation there will be pauses,
  • she will repeatedly correct her hair or clothes, attracting the attention and sympathy of a man in her address,
  • her voice and intonation will show sympathy and good disposition towards a man,
  • her body will be slightly tilted towards the man and in every possible way reduces the distance between himself and the man,
  • she will share with the man experiences and problems in the hope of comfort on his part.

How to hug a girl so she is pleased?

To give a girl pleasure from touch and hugs, men need to learn this art. In fact, the wrong technology of hugs can lead to a false interpretation on her part, and even to misunderstandings. Therefore, psychologists teach men how to hug a girl, namely:

  • How to hug a girl when meeting. You need to hug a girl at a meeting in order to set a positive way of communication. Such hugs should be short so as not to create an awkward situation.
  • How to hug a girl you like. You need to hug a girl if there are signs of her disposition to this. It is necessary to slowly reduce the distance between each other, and if it does not move away, it must be delicately and gently acquired.
  • How to cuddle when parting. In this case, the hug can be long, accompanied by warm parting words, depending on the situation.
  • How to cuddle in order to share desires and feelings. If there is romance, hugs can be long, accompanied by a deep breath and exhale. Hugs can be strong, but not causing discomfort to the girl.

For a girl, hugs are always nice if there is sympathy for the young man, as they give a feeling of security and warmth. Such an aspiration has been laid down since childhood, when only close and dear people could hug a child, but not outsiders. Hence the understanding that one who can be trusted can hug.

Video tutorial: how to cuddle

It is important for all women to understand that a man hugs her not only for the purpose of intimate rapprochement, therefore tactile contact should be present everywhere. You can clearly see how to hug a girl so that the contact brings pleasure to both partners at once in the video tutorial:

You can hug a girl with whom a young man is in a relationship in any situation, when watching a movie, while walking along the street, before intimacy and after that. Such gestures strengthen relationships, promote a trusting and emotional relationship.

To establish an emotional and emotional relationship between a man and a woman, psychologists advise hugging as often as possible. Hugs are the best way to convey feelings, in addition, girls in this way build a trusting relationship with a partner. A man only needs to recognize when the girl is disposed to the contact, and also how to properly hug her according to the circumstances.

Hugs as a means of expressing feelings

As a rule, a hug often carries some message, and in a certain way helps to achieve one or another result. However, of course, a hug does not always pursue global goals. In what cases is this appropriate and occurs most often?

You are hinting at intimacy. You are with a girl in a secluded atmosphere, disposing to intimate proximity. The girl is positively disposed to communication, and you have no doubt that you are interesting to her. In this case, the hug often becomes the stage of rapprochement leading to sex.

You are just inspired. A wonderful event has just happened to you, and you are in a good mood. For example, you and a girl found out that there were still tickets on sale for the event that you wanted to attend, the two of you took a ride on an exciting attraction, you met after a long separation, and the like.

Support. There may be two options - you want to support your interlocutor, or you yourself need this support. If the girl is crying, then, most likely, hugs are simply obligatory. Often, a single embrace can calm you down much faster than many supportive words. If you yourself are in frustrated feelings and the girl sees this, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you say: “Can I hug you?” If you have a close relationship with a girl, or at least she likes you, then this request will not confuse her at all.

Protection. This kind of hugs demonstrates protection - you are closing the girl from the whole world. This is appropriate when a girl complains about some circumstances or is afraid of something. In this case, she most likely needs your hug.

This is just nice. Not all people need some reason to hug a loved one or a person they like. Some girls just love hugs. After some time after meeting you, you probably will notice this feature of it, if it has a place to be. In this case, do not look for an extra reason for hugs - most likely, the interlocutor will be pleased with him in any case.

Emotions Sometimes a situation may be such that it is difficult to find suitable words for confession and explanation. In this case, a hug can completely replace the conversation and show more of your emotions than any statements.

Proximity Thus, you show each other that you feel good together. Hugs often emphasize that people are very close.

Kinds of male hugs

Strong hugs

Usually they are difficult to confuse with a love hug. So, what is characteristic of them. First of all, it is important to note that, as a rule, they do not last long. The man quickly embraces the woman and immediately releases her. Usually this happens at the beginning of the meeting or already at parting. This embrace is not preceded by prolonged eye contact, conversations on intimate topics and the like. Often a hug is accompanied by a pat on the shoulder or back. It is quite appropriate in the men's company.

Intimate or love hugs:

  • If you want to demonstrate to a girl that you are ready to become her defense and support, then in this case a hug from the back is quite appropriate. Hugging her by the waist, you give her a feeling of reliability and comfort. Also for many women, this type of hug means trust in each other.
  • There is a kind of hug, which is called the "castle". During it, a "death grip" is characteristic - people seemed to "cling" to each other, strongly pressed against their bodies. Typically, such a hug is appropriate after reconciliation or in a fit of gripping feelings - often it signals a fear of loss. People who often practice such hugs, consider them very symbolic, and are usually very attached to each other, do not want to be apart.
  • This hug is called "flying." Often it speaks of a passionate attitude towards the object of sympathy. During this embrace, the guy tears his companion from the ground, holding it on himself or by landing it on the surface in front of him (for example, a table). Of course, this alludes to physical attraction.
  • Eye contact. With this type of hug, whatever the position of the bodies, the main thing is to look into each other's eyes. Usually in the look you can read all the emotions that a person experiences at this moment, and, of course, this brings together even more. Most often, such manifestations of feelings are characteristic of people who are really in love with each other, and whose relationship is very strong.
  • Sometimes such a hug is called a “pickpocket”, and, of course, there is a logical explanation for this - upon contact, one or both partners keep their palms in the back pockets of the jeans of the other. Most often, this suggests that you want to be even closer to each other, you are comfortable together and well. Also, such a hug can occur when the guy is on the side of the girl, and presses her hand through the side pocket of her robes.

Пожалуй, самыми утешительными объятиями, которые мужчина может подарить женщине, выглядят так: он бережно ее прижимает к себе, держа обе руки на ее спине. Такое объятие покажет собеседнице, что она не безразлична вам, вы ей сопереживаете. К тому же не забывайте, что в момент, когда человек нуждается в утешениях, он наиболее уязвим, и ответное объятие, несомненно, говорит о доверии к вам. As you know, the back is one of the most vulnerable places, because you do not see what is happening behind you. That is why stroking her back and “sheltering” her gives a sense of security.

How to understand that a girl wants you to hug her

Before embarking on a hug, it would be nice to determine whether the girl is tuned in to them or now this is completely inappropriate. To do this, you should look at some non-verbal signs that the interlocutor gives you.

Signs that determine that she is not against hugs:

  • She looks you eyes. The gaze may be inseparable and perhaps as if waiting for something. In this case, pauses often occur in a conversation.
  • Periodically, they correct their wardrobe items or hair. This, at a minimum, means that she wants to look attractive in your eyes, which means that she would hardly be uncomfortable with a hug with you.
  • There is no displeasure, indifference or annoyance in her voice. By intonation, you understand that she likes your communication.
  • With the body of the body, it leans slightly in your direction if you communicate while sitting. If you walk along the street, then she tries to walk closer to you.
  • The girl is clearly upset with something - she can tell you the reason for her feelings, or while she is gathering thoughts. Be that as it may, now she needs comfort, and hugs do it very well.

Why doesn’t the girl want to hug

In fact, there may be several reasons, and some of them are not always obvious to young people.

Let's consider some of them:

  • The girl is very shy, and you are in a crowded place. She is still uncomfortable hugging in public.
  • She smells something unpleasant to you. Perhaps you recently visited the gym, and this is clearly felt, or she simply does not like your perfume, which you applied to yourself in excess.
  • She herself is not sure that it is pleasant to hug her. It is possible that she was at work all day and did not have time to take a shower, so now she does not know how much it smells good.
  • She just doesn't like hugs. For some reason, they cause her discomfort, and this reason is not in you.
  • Your hugs usually go beyond the bounds of decency - you begin to touch the buttocks of the interlocutor and in every possible way hint at intimacy. Sometimes this is really appropriate, but if this happens in most cases and in situations that do not at all have an intimacy, then this can repel a girl.
  • She just doesn't like you. Therefore, hugs with you also do not give her much joy.

The guy hugs the girl from behind, from the back

If a guy is much larger than a girl in his physical parameters, then he can grab her completely (not only by the waist, but also by “grabbing” his hands), slightly pressing him to himself. In other cases, it is more appropriate to hug the girl by the waist, not trying to advance to her chest, if it is not a prelude. The guy, as it were, shows that he is ready to protect the girl.

The guy hugs the girl in front

In this case, there may be several options for hugs, and all of them, as a rule, show a romantic mood. In the first case, your hands may be on the waist of the interlocutor. In the second, one hand is just above the tailbone, and the other is on the neck. In the third - your hands on his back. Your movements should not be jerky - go to the hug smoothly. Also gently release the girl. If you feel that the girl is slightly moving away or your hugs are somewhat tightened - stretch your hands. Hugs should bring pleasant emotions, but not in any way discomfort.

The guy hugs the girl with his side

Hugs can be behind the waist or over the shoulder. When is it appropriate? When you chat with friends, and perhaps the girl is insecure. When you choose something together in a store. When you admire the scenery or some kind of canvas at the exhibition. In general, there may be many options. This type of hug is quite harmless in friendships between a guy and a girl, and will help you if you want to get a little closer with your interlocutor.

How to hug a girl so she is pleased

As a greeting at the meeting. Such a hug will immediately set the tone for subsequent communication, because from the first seconds you show your location. Note that if we are not talking about too long separation and very close relationships, then a welcome hug should not last more than 2-3 seconds. It is better to move away from the interlocutor before the embrace is awkward.

Gently hug the girl you like. It is important to take into account the temperament of your companion, and be sure that she, too, is disposed towards you in a positive way. In this case, do not make hasty movements - first just approach the girl - sit nearby or come close. If you see that your step is well received and the interlocutor does not try to move away, then you can go to a gentle hug.

When parting and parting. When parting, hugs can be longer than when meeting. You can accompany this gesture with words that are most appropriate for the situation.

To convey your feelings and desires. A romantic hug should last longer than a welcoming or friendly one. You will show the girl your feelings if you hold her for longer than 2-3 seconds. take a deep breath and exhale, and hold the companion in your arms. Note that it should be strong enough, but still not suffocating.

Why is it so important for girls to cuddle often with their man

Many girls believe that a hug gives them a sense of security. Moreover, the representatives really appreciate those hugs, which should not necessarily lead to intimacy. With the help of them, they are affirmed in the thought that the partner does not need “only one” from them, and he really wants to show care, attention and affection “without consequences”.

The craving for hugs in many women comes from childhood. As little girls, they notice that, as a rule, they are hugged by very close people who love them and who treat them well. They understand that a stranger will not hug them - this is done only by someone you can trust. This understanding is fixed somewhere at the subconscious level, and now it can only play into your hands.

For many girls, hugging with your partner is very important - during a conversation, when watching a movie, after intimacy and so on. In their understanding, this gesture is one of the indicators of a good attitude to them, care and love. If such a bodily contact is important for a girl, and a man does not give this a serious relationship, then serious problems can arise in a couple’s relationship. Do not forget to give a hug to your other half, if it is significant for her - such gestures will benefit you and only strengthen your union.