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Things to do at a pajama party


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There is nothing better than having fun with the girlfriends, especially when the parents allowed them to stay overnight. It is not at all difficult to organize a fun party with an overnight stay and make it interesting. Prepare snacks and drinks to treat your friends. Think interesting activities for home and the street. There are many options for having fun with your girlfriends at an overnight party. It could be a night you will never forget!

How to organize a pajama party

The name of the event speaks for itself: all participants should bring their pajamas, slippers, other little things for sleeping and put on this. The room also needs to be prepared. You can cover the sofa with a soft blanket, or you can scatter many small pillows on a warm carpet.

Think over the menu. The party format does not involve a feast, so make more snacks, canapes, sandwiches and give each guest a small plate. If you do not want to bother with cooking, pizza or roll delivery is at your service. As drinks, milkshakes, aromatic teas, cocoa or light wine are suitable.

Think about lighting. The bright light of a chandelier or table lamp will spoil the atmosphere of night gatherings. Give preference to dimmed lights that can be placed on the floor.

Things to do at a pajama party

The main question when organizing a party: how to entertain guests.

You can arrange a night of revelation, gossip with friends, share secrets and love experiences. As a background, a romantic melodrama or a good comedy is suitable. Stock up on a variety of tests from women's magazines in advance. Answer questions and discuss the results.

Fans of active entertainment will appreciate pillow fights and jumping on the bed. The popular Twister game is also suitable. Remember how you came off as a child, arrange shelling with soft toys.

The game "Desire or Truth" fits well into the intimate atmosphere of the event. Ask a friend to choose either desire or truth, and then ask her a tricky question. Depending on her choice, she is obliged to answer frankly or perform some action.

Arrange a beauty salon at home. Light scented candles or a lamp, make face masks, manicures, pedicures. The next morning you will return home in a good mood and in all its glory.

The format of the pajama party is suitable for a bachelorette party before the wedding. In this case, do not forget about the gift for the bride. The theme will be a beautiful set for the wedding night or funny pajamas for sleeping in the status of a wife. You can also give a garter, which a friend in store for the groom.

How to get together?

First of all, you should find out about sleeping places in the house or in the apartment. If they are not enough, then it is imperative to bring a sleeping bag with you so that the hostess of the evening does not feel embarrassed for the inconvenience. The same goes for the rest of things. If you are not sure about the availability of this or that thing, then it is best to clarify all these details with a friend who organizes a party.

When choosing luggage, it is best to give preference to medium-sized bags, as this is most practical. Taking a huge bag into which you can put the whole house is not very reasonable, while a small bag will not be able to fit all the really necessary things. Therefore, it is best to stay on an average sports bag in which everything you need will fit.

Before collecting things, it is recommended to make a list of everything that you plan to take for the night. It is best not to compile this list on the very last day, as something will definitely be forgotten.

The list usually includes such obligatory things as decorative cosmetics and personal hygiene products, pajamas, underwear, a hairbrush, a phone charger and earphones, next day extra clothes, paste and brush, antiperspirant, slippers. This list can expand significantly depending on the main entertainment of the night.

Cooking at home for an overnight stay

If a party is a wonderful way for invitees to have fun and feel the pleasure of gathering, then for a hostess, everything can turn into a nightmare. How to prepare a house for an overnight stay without stress?

It is necessary to invite friends to the holiday in advance so that they have enough time to plan everything. You can either call and invite the girls to your home, or send them written invitations. However, the hostess must immediately tell the exact date, time and place of the planned event. It will be good if the organizer mentions the other guests invited to the party, because perhaps some of the girlfriends hate "that Svetka" who almost took her boyfriend away. It is worth minimizing the likelihood of conflicts. Some, incidentally, recklessly neglect this overnight tip.

Of course, you need to take care of the condition of the house. All the nasty and unloved cleaning completely falls on the fragile shoulders of the organizer of the evening. In some cases, the hostess invites her guests for help. This is also nothing to be ashamed of, and usually friends perceive this request quite adequately. Particular attention should be paid to the bathroom and the ladies' room, as they are usually always remembered last.

It is worth taking care of entertainment accessories. No pajama party is complete without manicure, pedicure, makeup, or spa treatments. Therefore, it is necessary to put all the cosmetics on the shelf in advance. You should also take care of the music. You can turn it on on a laptop, or you can also bring speakers. It’s better to select a playlist for a different mood. For example, calm music needs to be listed in one folder, and tracks that you can dance to are in another, and so on.

You can also decorate the house with various posters, ribbons, balls or New Year's lights. This will allow guests to feel coziness and comfort, which is very important at such events.

Invitee meeting

Greeting guests is important. So this nuance is also worth noting when considering the issue of what to do with a friend overnight.

As soon as the guests cross the threshold of the house, the hostess has full responsibility for order and comfort. In the first minutes of the party, you must show the invitees where you can hang your coat, put your things on, and also mention where the bathroom is located.

If the organizer of the evening has any pets in the house, then it is better to warn the guests in advance so that later it does not turn out that one of the friends is allergic to cats or dogs.

Only half of all guests arrived? It is necessary to take something interesting already arrived. You can just chat on any abstract topics, have tea with chocolate or watch your favorite talk show.

The most interesting classes must be left until all guests of the celebration arrive.

Entertainment for teens

And now directly about what to do with friends overnight. The Network has a huge selection of topics for contests that will be to the taste of any company! For example, Crocodile, Truth or Action, ordinary catch-ups and even hide-and-seek will become quite amusing if a really fun company has gathered for an overnight stay.

You can get board games or play the usual "fool". Also, some decide to bring various game consoles, despite the widespread stereotype that only boys love video games. Sometimes girls can still show good results in this hobby! If the joysticks are not enough, then you can play in turn. And the rest can do something else at this time.

Scary stories and ominous atmosphere

What can you do overnight with a girlfriend? Of course, tell scary stories! This is a classic. Dimmed light and scented candles create an incredibly mysterious atmosphere, from which goosebumps immediately appear. A great addition to all this will be terrible stories that everyone should read in advance.

In everyday life, all these horror stories seem so implausible, stupid and meaningless that you want to laugh. However, in such a special atmosphere, even the bravest of her friends will feel a slight chill on her skin. So go ahead with the horror book!

Fun and energetic dancing

This option is the exact opposite of the previous one. But what to do at night with a friend at night if you don’t dance, have fun and have fun in full? Only music must be selected in advance. Much depends on the playlist.

It will be good if all the girls have the same taste, but if this is not so, then the hostess should make sure that the music is different, and not just the one that she prefers. You can ask guests to bring music with them to a flash drive or just ask them to write the names of their favorite songs. Music should be energetic and dance so that you don’t feel like bored and sitting under it. In addition to dancing, light music is perfect, which will further decorate this unforgettable evening.

The most ridiculous, funny and fun fashion show

How to spend the night for teenage girls to have fun? Very simple! Get to find as many clothes, accessories and shoes as possible to start combining the incongruous! It’s not worth it to take it seriously or biased, the main thing for spending the night with friends is the fun that everyone receives and creates.

Let the guests and the hostess try on heels for sweatpants or sports sneakers for a long evening dress. It is necessary to add as many decorations as possible so that the image looks even more ridiculous and funnier. And the main thing is to remember that this is not a real fashion show where you need to clearly think through the clothes you wear.

A lot of fortune telling

Fortune-telling will be a great way to spend an evening and a cozy night. Another immortal pastime classic.

Fortune-telling is the most common entertainment for girls sleeping together. Who does not want to know their future fate? If you open a list of possible fortune-telling, you can be surprised how our ancestors were dreamers, or, conversely (according to all these fortune-telling), wise. One can find fortune-telling by coin, by hair, by shoe print, by thread, by coffee grounds, by what time you sneezed or yawned — in short, almost everywhere our ancestors tried.

We arrange our own beauty salon

What a night without manicure, pedicure, masks and makeup? That's right, there is no such thing! All girls love to bring beauty to their face and body, so why not do it all this evening with your girlfriends? With them, everything will be much more interesting and funnier.

For comfort, you can turn on some relaxing music and just talk about nothing and everything in the world. Many people stop precisely at this option of pastime, when the question arises as to what to do at an overnight stay with a girlfriend. It is better to compile a list of procedures in advance, because you will need to prepare everything for the event. By the way, for the sake of interest, you can come up with a whole SPA-complex.

Secrets and gossip

What to do at night with a friend? There are many ideas, but the easiest to implement, which does not require absolutely nothing, is ... communication. At a time when the girls are engaged in their ladies' affairs (that is, they paint nails, do makeup, etc.), the most laid-back and secret conversations are conducted. Do not hide the fact that almost all girls love to gossip and tell some of their secrets. And here is such an opportunity - a party!

Adult entertainment

As a rule, the older people get, the more their concepts of entertainment and fun change. Therefore, if an overnight stay occurs, to put it mildly, not in adolescence, and entertainment will be radically different. So what to do with your best friend overnight if you are not already 16 years old?

A good option is to watch a movie together. It can be painfully funny comedy, action, horror or love melodrama, or some kind of funny talk show. The main thing is not to choose too boring films and take into account the interests of all the guests, and not just most of it. For the film you can buy some harmful products, such as chips or sweets, order sushi or pizza at home, grab a couple of blankets and a bottle of wine.

By the way, a good idea is to have an evening of memories. You can review your favorite films with which some memories are connected, communicate and nostalgic.

Romantic candlelight dinner with friends

An excellent alternative to teenage entertainment is a cozy dinner with wine, a tasty snack and relaxed conversations. It so happened that girls at any age love to gossip, discuss their husbands / boys / children, or just share plans for the future. In addition to all this, quiet relaxing music and dim lights are great.

You can bring along a couple of fashion magazines, psychology magazines, and anything else! Sitting on a cozy sofa, covered with a warm blanket, with your girlfriends - is this not coziness and comfort? You can briefly forget about everyday boring things and just look through fashion magazines, choosing one or another outfit.

Other tips and tricks

The invitees should not take with them a bunch of things that are then unlikely to be useful. It’s better to take the most necessary and be sure that everything is at hand.

Guests also need to take not only home clothes, but also a day off. Because often friends just go for a walk in the park, to a club, to a theater or to a movie.

Do not go to bed very early. Even if the hostess of the evening got used to go to bed at ten o’clock, then one evening you will have to sacrifice for the good fun.

The invitees do not need to bring with them something that will distract from the general fun. For example, you can read your favorite book at home, and play your favorite game on the way home or to work.

Participants of the celebration should avoid quarrels and disagreements as much as possible, since they can ruin the evening very much.

In addition, the girls need to ask the hostess of the evening in advance what to take with them for the night. You do not need to come to a friend empty-handed, even if she politely answered in the negative. You don’t need to rack your brains for a long time - just bring what will be universal: scented candles or sticks for the atmosphere, a couple of chocolates, coffee, wine, juice, etc.