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How to owls without - problems to get up in the morning


Quite a few people around the world feel weak in the morning. Our tips will help you fall in love with the morning and turn it from a nightmare into the best time of the day.

In all our troubles, health problems and poor mood, failures, troubles at work and in business, low energy is to blame. Many ways will help to raise it, for example, you can follow the main laws of the Universe. Once upon a time, scientists understood how to behave in order for the cosmos to give us good luck. This applies to the morning rise. If you want to get up earlier and be awake from the first minutes of a new day, imagine this, then everything will work out.

Energy boost

To rise in the morning and be awake is not given to everyone, therefore there are a lot of techniques that are focused on increasing the energy of the body. It is very important, because not only physiology, but also the right mood is responsible for vigor.

No matter how long you sleep, but if you are upset or depressed by something, getting out of bed will be much more difficult for you, so our important tips can help even those who are not experiencing problems with awakening.

Cheerful Tips

Follow all the tips at once is quite possible, therefore, act consistently. Slowly study all the techniques and choose the ones that you don’t need, but if you are reading this article, there will most likely be no such methods. Next, choose what you think might be easiest for you. After that, just put the theory into practice.

Tip one: This recommendation will be physiological in nature. How do you deal with sleepiness in the morning? TV, advertising and the Internet teach us that coffee is the best friend of sluggish people. You should not be so gullible, because coffee does not begin to act immediately. Moreover, when his action ceases, he will take from you what he has given. It is harmful to the teeth and the body as a whole. An excellent substitute would be an apple. It has been known for a hundred years that apples contain a special substance that invigorates immediately and without side effects. In addition, you must still drink plenty of pure natural water to improve metabolism.

Tip two: Leave the window open, for fresh air is your best friend during sleep. When you wake up, go to the window, open it and take a couple of deep breaths to wake up soon. Refuse morning runs, transferring them to evening time. Take a shower and wash yourself with ice water.

Tip Three: whenever you feel like sleeping, go to bed. Your body will never deceive you under any circumstances. Do not overwork yourself before going to bed - give yourself a break. If you do not want to sleep, this does not mean that you do not need to go to sleep. Observe at least the minimum daily routine so that the body gets used to it, otherwise life will turn into a mess.

Tip Four: Use meditation before lunch. When you seem to have woken up and the sleep problem does not bother you, try closing your eyes and imagine how you become more alert. As you dive into cold water, how this cold fills your body and makes you invigorate. Five minutes of such “training” a day and over time you will be able to raise your energy to a new level, which will help you not fall asleep at work.

Tip Five: Before going to bed and in the morning, think only about the good. If you find it difficult to set yourself in the right way for positive, then use the help of affirmations for every day from Natalia Pravdina. They will become your best friends in building a good mood. They will tell you who you really are - not a victim of circumstances and a tired worker, but the center of the universe, ready for feats.

Tip six: think about pleasant things when you wake up. Think about how delicious your breakfast will be, or what you will do after work. In short, look for any arguments for joy.

Council Seven: start the day with what you like. Get up a bit early to do your hobby, watch one episode of the series, or stay longer with your soulmate. So you will have the right self motivation.

Council of the eighth: listen to music in the morning. It should be either calm and melodic, or your favorite music. This is a great way to make your day more positive and productive from any point of view.

Tip nine: have sex. Yes, yes, this is a wonderful “alarm clock” that can work wonders. This is more of an addition than a rule.

Council ten: think of the good. Even if your day is full of problems, stay positive and remember that any events lead you to happiness and to what you deserve.

It may not be possible to succeed immediately in everything, but now you know how to be more alert in the morning and during the day. These 10 tips will help you transform your life. Every new day is a chance to win. So do not deny yourself this chance even on Monday, the first working day of the week.

We wish you success in achieving harmony with the world around us and ourselves. Our Simoron rituals will help you cheer yourself up, which will make happiness even more real. Good luck and don’t forget to click on the buttons and

How did I learn to get up early and be awake in the morning?

The first rule: to get up earlier, you need to go to bed earlier.

Ah, what a difficult task! It’s even harder to lie down before you get up. Do not wait until you feel sleepy. Go to bed at the same time.

At first it will be difficult to fall asleep. Use some tricks.

  • Be sure to turn off the lights and all electrical appliances. Darkness will signal a hormone that causes drowsiness. If, before going to bed, you watched TV for a long time or sat at the computer, this may delay the release of hormones for some time. Therefore, avoid these activities before bedtime.
  • Add the aroma of essential oils to your bedroom. Many are advised to use lavender, but I do not like this smell. I add bergamot or geranium oil to the water and spread the fragrance through the bedroom with a spray.
  • Do not eat before bedtime. Your body will try to digest food, and this will complicate the process of falling asleep.

The second rule: the first 5 minutes after waking up are very important, make them as comfortable as possible for yourself.

  1. 1st minute. Immediately after you open your eyes, think about your loved ones and those places in which you were incredibly happy. Pleasant memories will set the right mood. My friend in the morning loves to imagine her future car, and the day goes great.
  2. 2nd minute. Stretch - it will awaken your body. Take a few deep breaths and exhalations - this will saturate it with oxygen.
  3. 3rd minute. Massage your head, whiskey, eyebrows and earlobes. This will provide a rush of blood to the head.
  4. 4th minute. Rub your palms against one another. This will improve blood circulation. Rub your body.
  5. 5th minute. Start to rise slowly. Sit on the bed and drink a glass of water. I pour it in the evening and leave it on the bedside table.

The third rule: bright colors and peppy odors should become your faithful companions every morning.

Hang bright curtains in the kitchen, buy bright dishes. I made a pomander, which now hangs in my kitchen. This is a fragrant ball that fills the room with aroma. The simplest pomander, which is very suitable for morning awakening, is made from citrus fruits. Take an orange, mandarin or lemon, pierce with a sharp stick and rub with cinnamon powder. We stick clove seeds into the holes. We remove the finished “device” in a warm place for 1.5–2 weeks. After this time we tie a beautiful ribbon and hang it in the kitchen. Citrus pomander will delight with its aromas for about six months.

And always before you decide to start getting up earlier, decide for yourself why you need it. At Lifehacker, they have repeatedly talked about the power of motivation. But if the motivation is not enough, take into service the alarm-shredders. You put a couple of hundred rubles into the alarm clock, and if in the morning you do not get up at the appointed time, then the alarm clock shreds banknotes into small pieces.

Owls and Larks

It is customary to divide all people into "larks" and "owls." These two sleep patterns are common to the entire population. The first get up early, often at dawn. Their best performance is manifested in the morning, in the afternoon it decreases. They are comfortable going to bed no later than 22 hours.

The second type prefers to sleep for a long time, it is difficult for them to wake up in the morning, they get closer to dinner. Such a person, even if he rises early, still remains sleepy, lethargic, he will want to relax. It will enter the working rhythm only in the afternoon. He hangs up after midnight.

Easy morning awakening: how to do it

To make the morning awakening easy, the day was filled with energy, positive emotions, you should take care of this in advance. The correct organization of the place of sleep is of great importance, this will help to have a good rest and wake up with a good mood.

You need to worry about silence, a comfortable bed, access to fresh air. Factors that prevent comfortable sleeping should be eliminated.

Recommended Sleep Time

The optimal duration of sleep for an adult is 8 hours. But this is an average. One can get enough sleep and 4, someone is not enough 10. The reason is the individual characteristics of the body.

You should listen to yourself, understand what time it takes to relax in order to wake up alert. And this duration must be adhered to constantly. So the body gets used to a certain period of sleep, restores better.

Reasons for Hard Awakening

A difficult climb in the morning can occur with the wrong organization of rest. Inconvenient berth, stuffiness, hot temperature or cold affect its quality. A man spins around, sleeps restlessly, he is tormented by terrible dreams, nightmares. The body for this reason does not rest well, is not fully restored.

Discomfort is caused by uncomfortable, constraining movements, synthetic clothes, and poor quality bedding. Accustomed to sleep in silence can wake even a slight noise. This all prevents the next morning to get up on time.

We start preparing in the evening

To get a good night's sleep, you need to prepare in the evening. We must try not to overwork, finish our household chores 1.5-2 hours before the rest. Watch a movie, read an interesting book, take a warm bath - these activities will help to relax.

If falling asleep goes on for a long time, a glass of warm milk, soothing herbal tea, will have a good effect. A full sleep will help to have a good rest, which means to wake up vigorous, full of strength.

Factors that interfere with rest

Various factors interfere with productive sleep. They can be both external and internal in nature. Well-known include:

  • uncomfortable bed
  • stuffy room
  • uncomfortable temperature
  • very tired
  • overeating at night.

Other hindrances have appeared in the modern world. In cities, this is street noise. A big stream of cars moves around the clock around the clock, cafes and restaurants work in which music is loud, noisy companies scream, sing under the windows.

In apartment buildings, residents have a very different day regime. When some have been sleeping for a long time, neighbors can only return from work, throw parties, scandals, turn on music.

Gadgets have a negative impact on recreation, without them it is impossible to imagine the life of a modern person. Phones, tablets, televisions - all these items not only flooded our homes, but also made their way to the bedrooms.

Also constant availability, the sound of incoming messages can wake up at any time.

But keep in mind that there are useful gadgets. They help those who do not know how to wake up in the morning if you do not hear the alarm clock. Smart devices can be configured for different programs. Some require solving various mathematical problems, to turn off others, you need to perform a number of conscious actions.

Infants may be prevented from falling asleep by their causes. This and colic in the stomach, cutting teeth, a child can be written in a dream, which causes him inconvenience. All these factors are temporary, age-appropriate. When the baby gets older, they will cease to bother him. And now his mother’s lullaby, a grandmother’s fairy tale, can help him.

About the benefits of the regime

Observing the sleep pattern, going to rest at a certain time, the body develops the habit of diving into the arms of morpheus at the same hour. He adapts to such a schedule, the process goes quickly.

You should also get up on an alarm clock, not allowing yourself to lie in bed for a long time. It relaxes and reduces activity. A few extra minutes in bed will not help you get enough sleep, but rather will create the mood for continued relaxation.

You lie earlier - you get up earlier

Many people have a problem how to wake up in the morning if you want to sleep. The main reason for this is late laying. Trying to do as much as possible, a person loads himself with work in the evening. Overfatigue occurs, going to bed is postponed to a later time, it becomes difficult to relax.

Turning around in bed from one side to another, suffering from insomnia, the body gets tired even more. Falling asleep almost at dawn, you have to get up early anyway, the whole day overcomes the desire to doze, tormented by a headache, eyes closed.

Morning is the most fruitful time for any work. Everyone knows that if something does not work out in the evening, it is better to postpone it to early hours.

On a fresh mind, having a rest, having cheered up, business will be executed much faster, more qualitatively. This is the most fruitful time in which the highest labor productivity is noted.

To have a good morning

Every person wants to wake up cheerful, cheerful, full of strength. To do this, you must adhere to a number of rules, rituals. But there are situations when people themselves are to blame for the fact that it hurts in the back of the head, heavy breathing, begins to crush whiskey, discomfort under the ribs is felt, hypertension occurs.

Such manifestations cause a severe hangover. The intake of alcohol in large quantities causes irreparable harm to health, can cause paralysis, heart disease, it will be impossible to correct their negative consequences.

Exercise and other morning rituals

One of the invigorating morning activities is exercise. Many people underestimate its significance. A set of simple exercises will not only wake up the muscles, give them a boost of vigor, it accelerates blood, saturates the brain with oxygen. This helps him to wake up in a good mood, stop napping, become alert, active. Gymnastics has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, training them, improving tone. A little physical activity will help when you do not know what to do to wake up at work.

Create mood

Your favorite melody set in the alarm clock can set a good mood. She will help cause positive emotions, wake up in time.

Getting up, you should look out the window, look at the sun, hear the birds singing or the melody of the rustle of rain. It is necessary to tune in to good thoughts, events expected on this day, possible pleasant meetings.

The best breakfast to cheer up

It is traditionally believed that a cup of coffee in the morning helps to disperse sleep. But there are many other drinks and products that give vitality. It can be any cool juice, fruit drinks, tea.

Breakfast should be light but nutritious. This will give strength to the body, set up for work. Wake up and cheer up will help:

  • oatmeal,
  • eggs
  • any fruits, berries,
  • yogurt,
  • a small piece of chocolate.

Such food is rich in vitamins, trace elements. It will give a feeling of satiety for a long time, but will not overload the stomach.

Reviewing the mode: useful tips

You can often see questions on the Internet, such as: "I can’t wake up in the morning, what’s the reason?" People go to work, perform a number of obligatory tasks during the day. It is better if these events are subject to a specific schedule.

You can not postpone the beginning of the working day, studying at school. So, you need to get up at a certain time in order to feel awake, rested.

Good sleep is especially important for people in those professions where special care is required, it is difficult to drive if you are dreaming. This can be dangerous for the driver and passengers. In ordering things, one should take into account the following facts:

  • mechanical memory is most active from 5 to 7 in the morning,
  • logical chains are best built from 7 to 8,
  • Associations are well traced in the range of 8-10 hours.

Active performance during the day is undulating. Its peak falls on periods 10-13 and 15-18 hours. A lunch break should be planned for the downturn.

Dinner should be no later than 1.5-2 hours before bedtime. The food should be light, not cause heaviness in the stomach. Rest will be more complete if its hours fall on the period from 22 to 6. At this time, the following occurs:

  • С 22 до 24 в фазе глубокого сна отмечается наилучшее восстановление организма,
  • в промежуток с 0 до 2 часов мозг лучше всего перерабатывает полученную информацию,
  • с 2 до 4 наступает наилучшее расслабление организма.

Если соблюдать такой режим, то удастся проснуться с хорошим настроением, отдохнувшим, полным сил. This is an approximate schedule, each person adapts it to their needs. But the general requirements should be considered for a good rest, then it will be easy to wake up.


Proper organization of a place to sleep, daily routine, certain rituals will help you fall asleep faster. Rest will be more complete, waking up will be easier.

A well-slept person who has become awake, without a feeling of a sleeping state, in a positive mood, without bruises under his eyes, will begin to work more fruitfully, he will not need to think what to do to wake up at work. In the evening there will be enough strength for household chores, entertainment, communication with loved ones.