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15 secrets talked about by Kate Middleton


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Kate Middleton, who is the wife of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, is a living role model. If you want to be like Kate, then you just need to learn how to copy some of her best features. To become even more like her, you should adopt her style and grace.

She doesn't always feel confident, like a mother

Just a few days ago, a great story published in Good Housekeeping showed that Kate Middleton's body language means she extremely protects her son, Prince George and her daughter, Princess Charlotte.

According to experts, her body language shows that she is a loving and caring mother.

However, like all of us, Kate has uncertainty. In a conversation with a Vanity Fair reporter, she admitted that she sometimes loses confidence in her own parental abilities. This is common and shows how normal Kate really is, despite her high position, wealth and mega-beauty.

We all have at least the same doubts and concerns. According to body language experts, Kate is faced with her fears every day and takes great care of her children. Children feel comfortable with her and her husband, Prince William.

She has some effective beauty secrets.

The Duchess of Cambridge can use any nail care products, cosmetics and hair care products. Money does not matter. So what are her beauty secrets?

Well, she prefers body nail polish. According to rumors, the duchess hates bright colored nails, she feels that they are inappropriate for a woman from the royal family.

Kate also applies rosehip oil to her face to keep her skin soft and moisturized. She uses the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation, the eyebrow pencil from Bobbi Brown, the Urban Decay eye shadow palette, Lancome liquid eyeliner, and Bobbi Brown lipstick for the foundation.

Makeup by Bobby Brown, certainly her favorite and make-up artist from Bobby Brown, named Hannah Martin, helped with makeup on Kate's wedding day.

In addition, Kate uses shampoo / conditioner from Richard Ward. She also sometimes uses Kerastase hair products.

British rose: the "petals" of the image of Kate Middleton

1 Outward appeal

Nature probably felt that Kate was destined to be a duchess. She generously endowed her with an aristocratic appearance. Kate got a slender figure, thick obedient hair, pretty features with mischievous dimples on her cheeks. But, as you know, the beauty of a woman needs to be emphasized and maintained. Moreover, the person who regularly falls not only under a flurry of lenses, but also under the queen's demanding look.


Kate's clothing style is a favorite dish of tabloids that savor its every element ... and cannot reveal anything provocative! All her outfits are feminine and elegant, as befits a prince's wife. She often chooses plain low-key dresses with closed shoulders without elaborate decor elements - and they immediately become leaders in sales. But in trousers, Kate pleases the audience with the harmony of her legs. The shoes of the Duchess are always comfortable and practical, whether it be classic boats or high boots when going outdoors.

In makeup (which, by the way, Kate does herself) maximum naturalness - You will not see her with bright lipstick, catchy smokey eyes or eyelash extensions. Kate even excluded her favorite eyeliner under her eyes, realizing that she was visually adding years. Kate prefers to wear her hair loose, stopping at natural shades, without cheapening the appearance of crabs and hairpins. Laying is always as natural and flawless as the duchess herself. There are almost no accessories - modest earrings, delicate bracelets, clutches, which Kate holds with both hands - here you have a life hack, where to put naughty hands. And often in the image of Kate there are elegant hats with which she has mutual love since childhood!

Harmony of the internal state

Suppose that the correct features and the chiseled figure of Kate (which, incidentally, were not touched by three pregnancies) are a significant advantage, but not at all what attracted the real prince. Hundreds of long-legged beauties curl around men such as William meditate on their photo in the evenings. Then Kate took something else.


What personality traits helped her do the almost impossible - to become the main woman after the queen?

Even in the years of study, when the future spouses actually met, Kate conquered the crowned male heart with her kindness, determination, a positive outlook on things. Evil tongues disagree with me, claiming that the well-known transparent dress in which William saw her for the first time was to blame. But even in order to walk on such a podium, you need self-confidence and courage, which Kate had enough and what a battered William appreciated!

It is worth noting that there was a moment before marriage, when the couple broke up. The girl first burnt, and then, on the advice of a wise mother, she went headlong to work and did not deprive herself of the joy of spending time with friends in popular London establishments. But at the same time she did not accept courtship from strangers. She blossomed again, took up photography - then the prince returned and realized the strength and dignity of a woman. Got a hint?

Body language, grace

Royal etiquette, most likely, presented Kate with a big “surprise” with the number of nuances and manners that the royal person should perform. But with this, Kate is in full order. Gait, posture in different clothes, graceful movements and learned (I do not exaggerate) poses, a march on a ladder in heels with a baby in her arms - the eye rejoices!


One royal landing is worth it! Try for an hour to sit knee to knee with crossed ankles, laying, at least mentally, a chicken egg between the coccyx and the back of the chair (this should be the distance from the etiquette), and don’t try to lean on it. How does it sit? But queens sit like this for receptions for several hours. Here is such a passive fitness.

And that's not all. Kate managed to play field hockey, volleyball, table tennis, cricket in shoes on a high platform, and she did it very deftly and gracefully. And curtsy on stiletto heels before Her Majesty she comes out much more elegantly than the rest of the family. Now come on, tell me how your feet ache after high heels!

Delicious Communication

Kate skillfully shows her femininity in communication. And although she does not often manage to communicate with men (even her protection consists of women: father-in-law said so as not to spoil her reputation), she behaves with dignity in society, shines with intellect, elegantly lends herself to both ordinary public and royal people. Rumor has it that Kate did not behave with William in any special way, knowing that he was a prince. I.e, I did not pay attention to the title and saw in it an ordinary man. This bribed the heir to the throne.


Whoever she talks to, this is always a refined sincere conversation on various topics, seasoned with a sense of humor and notes of self-irony. Kate is never averse to having fun, joking - so millions of people are just crazy about her. With her, simple and easy!


Kate Middleton's smile is her business card. You think: “Why shouldn’t she smile? She married the prince, she will soon become the queen, three children, the beauty herself - I would also smile! ”


But at the moment imagine what psychological pressure she has to endure every day, thinking through each gesture and word, in accordance with the strictest etiquette of the royal person. Step back a bit - a hurricane of criticism and negativity will simply blow your head and wash the bones for another six months! Not every woman can stand it - and Katherine is nothing, alive! And, besides, she adheres perfectly, gives her radiance and is full of generous energy without arrogance and mannerism, which some famous personalities sometimes have in abundance. And sometimes you wonder: did she really so famously join the “collective” or is she able to skillfully transform her emotions and tension into a light fleur of positive and warmth emanating from her?


It would seem that the severity of Kate’s environment and the features of royal life will not allow her sexuality to fully reveal. But only if this is not the sensual sexuality of the Woman-Wife.


Kate's style and appearance are impeccable, so when someone decides to once call her image sexy, it will be truly royal sexuality. A woman like Kate will never cross the line of vulgarity - and even the Queen’s prohibitions have nothing to do with it. It is in the blood, in her nature as women.

The seductively elegant Kate once even entered the hundred of the sexiest women on the planet! Men from all over the world voted for her, and she took 26th place. Given that many stars did not even get there, in my opinion, this result is pretty good.

Purpose and uniqueness

Kate is not Cinderella, who rummaged in lentils and was waiting for a miracle by the stove. She studied at a privileged educational institution, in her free time she was actively involved in sports (mountain climbing, volleyball, tennis and even yachting!) Kate is a very versatile person and it is difficult to catch on something that she does not know how to. This is what I call a "set of trump cards in the sleeve." Such a woman will always support a conversation on any topic, and the ball will famously score on stiletto heels.


Kate worked as a designer, marketer, even launched her own project. She always liked photography - she dreamed of becoming a professional photographer, and even now, in precious free moments, she studies photography.

And, of course, she was successfully realized as a mother. Let her governesses and nannies run at her children, but Kate tries to be with the kids more often, despite the busy schedule of events and receptions.

As you can see, in all the facets of the image, Kate succeeded, she managed everything. There were difficulties, but today she deservedly “shines” the throne and crown, and also belongs to the hand and heart of a handsome status man. Bravo, Katherine!

! Take a closer look, Kate has a lot to admire and a lot to learn.Karl Lagerfeld calls such women “the right girls for his boys,” and for their envious people there is not even any soil to grow their thistle. I am sure that this British Rose will be fragrant for a long time and will delight the eyes of not only her man, but also millions of people around the world.

If you want to know which petals of your image are strong, and which ones you should pay attention to and get to know my technique of revealing a woman more closely, look for the book “The Rose of Love and Femininity” on the shelves of bookstores in your city or on the Internet. Let it become your guidebook, and the rose of your inner woman blossoms and smells, attracting the attention of the best men!

RAWFOOD 1 time per week

In her interviews, Kate assures that she always had a good appetite, but she tries to strictly monitor her diet. On the advice of a nutritionist after pregnancy, the Duchess introduced one fasting day into her weekly diet. The menu includes fruits and vegetables without heat treatment, as well as a large amount of water with lemon.

Favorite Diet

As you know, Prince William’s favorite dish is curry chicken, and the heir to the British throne prefers the sharpest recipe. But his wife often chooses a fragrant vegetable curry, which she cooks for family holidays.

The Duchess of Cambridge is not opposed to alcohol during the diet, and among her favorites are dry wines from New Zealand. Favorite varieties - Pinot gris and Riesling - the wife of Prince William combines with fish dishes and vegetable snacks.

The habit that Kate and Pippa inherited from their mother is a categorical rejection of sweets and any desserts. The Duchess of Cambridge makes an exception once a year during the Christmas feast visiting her parents. There, the wife of Prince William prefers iris pudding, the recipe of which is passed on from generation to generation in the Middleton family.

Favorite smoothie

In addition to a fasting day, during an intense postpartum diet, Kate drinks her favorite green smoothie every day. It contains cabbage leaves, avocado, spinach, cilantro, blueberries and a few tablespoons of spirulina powder. The drink is rich in antioxidants, strengthens the immunity of the Duchess and adds radiance to the skin.

Fans note that despite her love for healthy eating, Kate loves popcorn. She often orders a bag of her favorite snack during matches, but completely eliminates it during pregnancy. According to insiders, immediately after giving birth, Kate relies on a healthy snack and carries a smoothie of oatmeal and fresh berries.

Favorite Cardio Workouts

Several times a year, the royal family goes to the ski resorts, where Kate enjoys skiing for 5-7 hours daily. In addition to winter sports, the Duchess often prefers swimming in the pool or crossfit - her favorite workouts, which for many years allow Kate to maintain her excellent shape. After childbirth, sports activities of the spouses of Prince William become more intense and include daily hourly tennis lessons, as well as cross-country running.

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She may be a little actress

Did you know that some people in England call Kate the “Duchess of Doo Little”?

This is because she tends to attend fewer royal events than other members of the royal family. Although Kate seems to be everywhere: shaking hands and posing, the truth is that she gets more media attention than most other royals, so she seems to be more busy than they are.

Rumor has it that she released her inner actress, asking her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, to let her leave longer than usual!

According to statistics, I visited the most events in 2017. In second place is his sister, Princess Anna. These are the children of Queen Elizabeth, who is known for her devotion to royal duties. The queen is now quite old (and Prince Philip, basically, has left public life), so her adult children represent the house of Windsor.

Of all the members of the royal family, including Prince Harry and Prince William, Kate participated in the fewest meetings.

She had hypnotherapy

Sometimes Kate reveals any secrets to her friends, and these “friends” go to the press. Kate was mistaken in letting her childhood friend, Jessica Haye, find out that she received hypnotherapy to try to alleviate her terrible toxicosis.

The morning sickness was so terrible that she developed an aversion to the usual foods that she had previously eaten without problems. Hay shared this tidbit of news about the Duchess of Cambridge with an Australian magazine. It is not known how Kate responded to her friend, who told the media about her. She probably didn't like it very much.

Kate had morning sickness, which was really serious, when she was pregnant with Prince George, she was unlucky to have her again during her pregnancy with Princess Charlotte. There is toxicosis during the third pregnancy. Morning sickness has now subsided so that she can enjoy the rest of her pregnancy.

Her third child is due to be born this spring!

She is trying fashion diets.

Kate seems naturally skinny. Is it hard to say, is she working on herself to look like this, or are these just good genes? However, her daily diet is proof that she usually adheres to a healthy lifestyle. For example, she reportedly loves a trendy raw diet.

With a raw food diet, food is not cooked, so it does not lose nutrients. There are many fans of raw foods, and they talk about the benefits of dieting.

When she focuses on becoming thinner, she usually uses a different type of diet, which has high levels of protein and low levels of carbohydrates. This diet is called the Dukan Diet, and she used it before she got married. You may remember how skinny she was on her wedding day!

She can't eat shellfish

According to a BBC report, Kate and other members of the royal family are advised to avoid eating shellfish at public events. This is because it can cause food poisoning. Royal people are also told to stay away from unroasted meat and avoid tap water when they visit other countries. They also tend to stay away from truly spicy or exotic dishes.

The queen always follows these royal traditions. However, it is said that some of the young members of Windsor's house occasionally neglect the rules.

It is safe to say that most people and organizations hosting the Royal Family know the rules. Members of the Royal Family always make sure that these rules are communicated to the receiving party.Thus, the temptation to eat prohibited foods at events is probably absent in most cases.

She's mad at Prince William sometimes

Last year, Prince William came off on vacation in the Swiss Alps with a bunch of buddies. Unfortunately, during the “escape”, William was photographed with a blond model from Australia. Her name is Sophie Taylor. Prince William's hand hugged her in the photograph.

Although it probably meant nothing, and the model says it means nothing, the press went crazy and Kate reportedly let out to her entourage that she was not too happy. He was also caught dancing with a model and another beautiful woman during the same trip.

The problem is that some people who were in the same nightclub as William with the company secretly filmed them. These vile videographers probably sold these frames for a lot of money.

No wife wants to see photos and videos of her husband. This is just not nice. Kate is sometimes angry with William, and this is certainly one of the reasons.

Phone hacking scandal scared her

Kate reportedly told people close to her that she was horrified that her private calls and emails could be made public. Who can blame her?

Remember when Jennifer Lawrence's nude shots were hacked from the cloud and posted everywhere. No one deserves it, and the people who do it do evil.

Her parents sell "spicy" Halloween costumes to children

Kate's parents make money selling Halloween costumes for children. Some people find Halloween costumes for girls too piquant. There was a scandal in October 2017, when children's costumes from their company were perceived by many as sexy costumes for young girls.

Kate cannot hide how her parents earn money. She is open about this because she cannot change anything.

Her parents are rich and rich thanks to Halloween costumes. Kate was probably embarrassed when this scandal erupted, but she took it philosophically. Such things tend to explode. There will always be some kind of scandal. Parents should not buy costumes for their children if they do not want it.

Kate is close with her mom and dad. Mom and dad Kate made sure that she studied in the best schools, where she was next door to the British elite, including Prince William, and also contributed to her royal wedding in the amount of twelve million dollars.

Topless photos of Kate angry queen

Kate is usually very careful, and always tries to be right. However, she sunbathed topless on a yacht in France with William, and the paparazzi caught her with their telephoto lenses.

It is reported that the queen was furious. William and Kate sued for breach of privacy and received compensation. The people who took the photos, and the people who published the photos, had to pay because they violated Kate’s privacy.

According to reports from the royal insiders, the Queen was very angry at these photos. She had to go through some scandals in the past, during the time of Diana-Charles, Andrew Fergie. She is trying to keep the monarchy strong, and such pictures do not help this at all. And turns the royal family into a circus.

Of course, Kate looks as amazingly topless as in designer clothes. The important thing is that the press invaded her privacy without worrying about how she would feel. They broke the law.

Kate changed her focus

In England, your emphasis is a big key to your family background and “class”. Kate's background is not as chic as William, so she hired Andrew Lennox, a voice coach, to help her change her focus. Unfortunately, her voice coach, who trained her before she married Prince William, passed away very young, at the age of 48.

Lennox helped Kate make her wedding vows more confident. Royal weddings are so complicated, and we cannot blame her for wanting to sound better when she vows.

Kate should bow to the “Princesses of Blood”

The queen makes Kate bow to the “princesses of blood” and princes, including Prince Andrew and the daughters of Fergie. I wonder if Kate likes this? She cannot hide it, as she must do it publicly.

Is that a little humiliating?

Maybe she doesn't mind bowing to the Queen, but what about Andrew's daughters? Well, this, of course, is a small price to be part of a rich and prestigious family.

Kate talks too much while walking

Apparently, the royal family is not happy with Kate's communication with many people during a walk. She must move faster. And we believe that this is cute, not a flaw. Ordinary people catch up with her with conversations. This is not a waste of time! Although it slows down the course of these walks.

In a recent NY post, there was an article that Prince Harry will now personally teach Meghan Markle royal duties ... this probably includes the right protocol and rhythm for the royal walk!

But judging by how Prince Harry himself constantly violates it, it seems that these lessons are unlikely to be for the future!

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