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18 messages you can write to a guy if you like him


Did you like some guy? Try to find it on Vkontakte or other social networks or find a mobile number. Your ideal is before your eyes, and what should you write to him so that he does not ignore the message and moreover does not put him on the black list? We tried to consider this question in the most detail, and gave all the necessary answers. You will find out with what content you can send a message to a man who likes taking into account different nuances. Our tips will help you get news from him. We will also tell you that it is absolutely not worth sending and that can put an end to the relationship.

Tips on how to correspond with the guy you like

Here are the key recommendations:

  • To make the message easy, use different smiles, but you should not put them every time and wherever you get. A young man might think that you are not serious.
  • Be sure to write without errors: check punctuation, follow the style of presentation, grammar. Even a not very competent person will appreciate this.
  • Do not rush to reply to the message, wait 1-3 minutes. So he will not think that you are very interested in him.
  • Do not send long messages, it is better to divide them into 1-2 and send one by one.
  • If we are talking about SMS, it will be very intriguing to send 1-3 messages in a row. Here is an example: in the first, you can say hello, in the second, without waiting for an answer, say that you are his secret admirer, and in the third - invite him to a date.
  • Your SMS or message should be a little shorter than it.

Stick to all these rules and communication will go smoothly.

What to send to a young man: examples

If you are going to correspond with a guy, you need to proceed from the situation: whether he is familiar, whether you like him, whether you are in a good relationship or quarreled.

First of all, look at the user's page for information about his interests and hobbies. After reading your favorite music, films and communities, write to him, for example, “I also like this book, I wonder what you think about the ending.”

The winning move is the exchange of music, photos, cool posts and videos. Evaluation of posts and photos is welcome.

By exchanging messages on social networks, you can see the status of the user (online or not) and whether the message has been read. If not, do not write anything else.

Phrases for a stranger

The second option for starting correspondence in VK is the usual smile (no kisses and hugs). If a guy answers, then he is ready for new acquaintances and communication.

Third example: “Hello! My friend said that she has a friend, a nice guy who would like to chat. ” In this case, you need to immediately change the topic of the conversation so that the guy does not start asking what kind of girlfriend he is. Such a message can be sent to both Vkontakte and mobile.

You can use the technique with a compliment: “I want to prove that they are nice guys, interesting people. Will you help? :) ".

Nobody canceled the classic: “Hello! How are you?". Simple but not always effective.

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We are looking for words for someone who does not like

In this case, you must act delicately. One of the most effective ways is to find out what his hobbies are, and write a message with a proposal to go together to an exhibition of his favorite artist, a football match of his favorite team, an evening of horror movies, a cool party. We can say, for example, that you already have tickets, but your girlfriend (brother, sister) at the last moment does not manage to go.

Another example is to ask for help in something, for example, if a guy is a fan of computer games: “Hello! They gave me (the name of the game), but I just can’t get through level 8 :( You're a cool gamer? Help me out! ”

Before you radically change your character, habits, lifestyle and behavior, it is advisable to think carefully about whether it is worth it.

If in a quarrel with him

A guy who likes, but you are in a quarrel with him, it is advisable to write on some holiday. Congratulations in conjunction with the proposal "to live together and consolidate reconciliation in a cafe with a cup of coffee (at the cinema, walking with dogs, etc.)" in most cases guarantee success.

If there is no desire to wait for the next major holiday, it is better to use the tactics of simplicity and tenderness. In a calm form, without sarcasm and irony, you can write: “Hello! I missed. Let's put up?). ” Despite the simplicity of the phrase, it is one of the most effective.

Men are fairly straightforward creatures, in most cases they do not understand hints, and if offended they do not perceive high-sounding speeches and ornate verbal turns.

What if a man has a girlfriend

If the correspondence continues and communication will gain momentum, you need to ask if the guy is free and draw conclusions based on his answer. Some men can lie that they are completely free, others can start to wag like a Markitan boat, telling stories about freedom in a relationship. But there are those who speak the truth.

If a guy who has a serious relationship with another girl agrees to continue chatting and dating, it is advisable to think about whether you need such a windy instance.

Tips for how to like a pen pal in VK will help you to charm the interlocutor. You can tidy up your page on the social network, find out how to behave and what to write.

After all the preparations, read the list of questions that you can ask a guy in correspondence. They will help to know him better.

In order for everything to work out, it is important to correctly begin correspondence in VK or another social network. Here is a list of good phrases.

Has the conversation been going on for so long that there aren’t enough topics to talk about? Here's something else you can talk about in VK.

And these are the secrets of successful online communication. You will need them if there is a desire to seduce and fall in love with a guy.

What should not be written

Psychologists advise to refrain from messages from:

  • complaints
  • aggression
  • vulgarity
  • jealousy
  • denial of sympathy.

No need to write:

  • I miss,
  • how am I missing you
  • you are so beautiful
  • when will we meet?,
  • where did you go ?,
  • I want to see you
  • I can’t think of you for a day
  • do you miss ?,
  • do you miss me too ?,
  • constantly thinking about you
  • losing my mind just thinking that I won’t see you again,
  • I’d like to hug you now
  • I kiss and hug you tight
  • please don't forget about me.

The vulgarity repels most of the guys, and if it attracts some of them, then they will not risk starting a serious relationship with such a girl. Therefore, humorous jokes and eloquent hints must be excluded. Do not write:

  • I don't have enough heat
  • I want you to touch me terribly
  • I dream to hug you tightly,
  • how I want you to kiss me now,
  • I melt at the mere thought of you and others.

Men do not like jealousy even from those girls with whom they have long been familiar. The need to report on each step to an unfamiliar person will certainly not contribute to rapprochement. Discard messages with detailed inquiries about where, with whom, and why he met. Let your communication be easy and relaxed.

To say that a guy is completely indifferent to you is wrong. This can make him give up thoughts of a romance with you. At the same time, one should not bombard MCH with declarations of love. Such speeches at the correspondence stage, most of the guys scared. Do not write:

  • I know that fate brought us together
  • it had to happen,
  • we are together for a reason
  • I fall in love with you every day more and more
  • you are the best.

The golden mean is to periodically unobtrusively demonstrate your sympathy in the process of communication, but not to write directly about the desire to grow old together. Here are some examples: you know how to compliment, it’s nice to know that you understand me, you talk interestingly, it’s easy to communicate with you somehow, there’s no discomfort.

This is how a typical girl looks, wanting to write a guy she likes, the video is very funny:

Our simple phrases and rules of correspondence will help you find a common language with anyone! You only need to know to whom to send them.


If you know about his taste preferences, then you have a plus in karma. Because now you have in your hands, if not a trump ace, then at least something like a jack of the right suit. You can arrange mini-challenges, the prize for which will be his favorite dish. And he is pleased, and you will learn more about him.