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How to celebrate a child’s first birthday at home (scripts and contests)


Good afternoon, dear readers!

The baby’s first birthday is undoubtedly an important date. I want the holiday to be remembered forever! But how to celebrate a child’s first birthday fun and budget?

Many modern parents take things too seriously. They arrange chic feasts, book the best restaurants, order a huge cake from the best pastry chefs, buy a fluffy dress or tuxedo for the baby, organize a photo session for guests and even hire a toastmaster! Advertisers of festive paraphernalia insidiously rub their hands ... As for me, all this is too much 🙅 And Birthday should not take the family's monthly income - It’s better to spend money on a child, because all these excesses are absolutely a breeze to him. Some of my friends even refused a trip to the sea, as half of the money set aside was spent on organizing a holiday! As for me, this is somewhat selfish, because it is obvious that it is more useful for the child. But this does not mean that you do not need to celebrate a birthday at all! Let it become a cozy, family, comfortable holiday.

Let's take it in order: where to start organizing the first birthday, what to cook or to mark in a cafe, whom to call, how to take beautiful photos, what to give to a birthday, and so on.

What to give the child on his first birthday

The first question that arises for both parents and guests of the holiday is and what to give the baby?

The first thing I can say: do not bother. A child under three does not care what they buy. But this does not stop parents, and they spend a lot of money on a “cool gift”. Why to brag about it to friends?

Daughter in her play corner - a gift for a year

Therefore, give what is really needed and will be interesting to Godasik. Or you can don’t buy anything on purpose, but do it yourself. For example, just in time for my daughter’s birthday, my husband and I completed play area - shelves and a rack for toys, a business board and a warm bright rug. All! No tolokars, electric cars and gold earrings :))) Now my daughter loves to play there, and my mother is happy that all the toys are in one place👌 Read about it in my article Play space for a child with her own hands.

You can also use the list of gifts for a baby from 1 year to 3 years. I wrote an article for the New Year, but the ideas will fit perfectly at any time of the year :)

I would also like to add: warn the guests that it is better to give money, and then you will figure it out than to please your beloved child. Since relatives can buy too much, because they do not know what you have and what is not, whether it is necessary at all. Otherwise, then you won’t know where to put the pile of teddy bears 😄 I, of course, love soft toys, but when there are too many of them, they collect dust, roll around, take up a place that is so small. And in general, I make such toys for my daughter myself, you can look at our beloved unicorn in the article We knit a unicorn with a crochet for the baby.

Whom to invite for the first birthday of a child

I know mothers who went all the way and called all the relatives and girlfriends from the playground, respectively, with their families. It turned out 40-50 people, of which 20 were children. Naturally, young children need to be entertained somehow, and large children need to be fed intensely. Therefore, the costs will be something like a wedding.

One more moment - whether the birthday man will be afraid of so many people? Of course, one day can be tolerated if you want so much. Only all this for the sake of mom, and not for the baby. I really understand the acute desire of moms to show off in a new dress, we deserve it! The main thing is that the event does not turn into a hassle, because you will not make a general photo 100%, the kids will make noise, so they won’t be able to talk either, some guests may not like that someone infringed on their child, undernourished, offended . Generally, the more people the more problems - remember this.

For me, the best option is to invite parents from both sides, grandmothers and godparents. Plus brothers, sisters who have. My little family got 10 people! As practice has shown, even such an amount is not easy to collect at the same table at the same time :)

And since all these are the closest people, they are sympathetic to the pads, help to tidy up and calmly stay with the child while you are busy in the kitchen. Our grandfather (thank him for that!) Even agreed to take a sleep with the child so that other guests could continue to communicate with us, parents, and the baby could relax in silence and in the fresh air. Kids are often overexcited on their birthday, and here it is important to hear their needs in time and give a nap at rest. How is this possible with a bunch of people - I do not know. So, first of all, think about the kid, and if you are sure that 40 people will not be strained, then go ahead)

At home or in a cafe?

The next thing to decide is to celebrate a birthday at home or in a cafe. I admit, at first I thought about the restaurant, because then you do not need to cook and hold a bunch of people in a tiny apartment. But then I thought: what is better for my family and specifically for the child? After all, the baby wants to sleep, and to put it in a noisy cafe will be unrealistic. In addition, you have to go to the cafe, and this time and nerves on the road, changing clothes, bags with you ...

What can we say about the price of dishes and rental premises! For example, an average children's cafe in Moscow will cost in 3000 rubles per person. For our 12 people in the family, the amount of the bill will be at least 36,000 rubles. And this is the price of a one and a half year supply of diapers or as many as two sports complexes for a child. Or a lot of other things, much more useful than financial assistance to restaurant owners, who already don’t peck at money.

In general, we decided to get together at home, family-friendly and quite well placed in a small apartment. The main thing is to stock up with a sufficient number of cutlery and cups :) As often happens, many of your relatives and friends have their own business, so the feast will not take much time - a maximum of two to three hours. Does it make sense to give a considerable amount in order to tickle an hour? Who do you want to surprise with this? For me, this is the main thing - family relations, communication with loved ones, which is easiest to enjoy in silence and familiar surroundings. In a cafe, you are 100% "lost" and can not concentrate on the most important.

Menu for the first birthday of a child

The menu for a year should be as simple as possible, because you still do not have enough time for elegant cooking. Leave the recipes of French chefs for later. I will write about the dishes that I chose:

  • Chicken penne
  • Rustic potato
  • Pork chops
  • Chicken and Apple Salad
  • Chocolate cake
  • Panna cotta

Making your first baby's birthday

If you still decide to celebrate your birthday in a cafe, you will have to spend money on decoration.

At home, you can decorate the room with balloons and hang a garland with the inscription "Happy Birthday." The price is 150 rubles. 20 balls will cost 200 rubles. It looks pretty festive and not elaborate.

I know that some girls make a single piece of napkins - bow to them, as this is an incredibly painstaking work. I don’t have much time and place for such decoration :) I preferred to spend this time preparing a gift for my daughter - a cozy and safe play corner.

First Birthday Scenario

If you want to celebrate your first birthday fun and provocatively, organize competitions for guests! Here is an example:

  1. Prepare jars of dairy cuisine - mashed broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, zucchini, pumpkin, beef, turkey, rabbit. Blindfold guests and let them guess the product! Let them understand what it is for kids to eat this rubbish :)))
  2. Have a baby quiz. I like to arrange these on my birthday to check who knows me well and who needs to be given to me 😄 You can just ask questions - about weight and height at birth, about the first word, about your favorite toy, or you can make the task a little easier provide answer options.

Photoshoot with a baby

Family photo on the first birthday of the daughter

What I decided to spend money on was a three-person photo shoot. I wanted to keep the memory of us, beautiful and happy :)

I was lucky that one photo project turned up with a wonderful photographer and gorgeous scenery. My dream came true about a New Year's photo shoot, timed to coincide with the year-old daughter, just two in one! I’ll write more about how to organize such a photo shoot and prepare for it in the next article.

How much does it cost to celebrate the first birthday of a child?

The final price list of the first birthday see in the plate:

Despite the fact that we adhered to common sense regarding the first birthday of the daughter, the amount was still impressive. However, for this amount we organized a play area for the child, got beautiful photos and gathered all the relatives at one table. According to a survey that I conducted, many of my friends spent between 60 and 100 thousand rubles on a holiday. Some even took a loan on purpose!

So I propose, for starters, to decide what is really important to you, and what you can save on. I just shared my experience of celebrating a year and I hope that it will be useful to you!

Whom to call on your first birthday?

There are two options for choosing guests: the first is close relatives and friends, and the second is mothers with the same year-olds. It will be quite reasonable if you decide to celebrate the child’s birthday at home, in a small family circle, with those people who sincerely love the baby and took part in his upbringing throughout the year. Yes, and a child in a year of more joy will communicate with those to whom he has long been accustomed.

Relatives do not always live near us, so you can invite the first friends of the baby. You should not call everyone with whom you play together in the sandbox, even if your baby is very sociable. Not the fact that other children are the same. Therefore, for the first time it will be enough to invite 1 - 2 mothers with children. But you need to be prepared for the fact that the children do not match the modes, and one of them will not be able to come at a time convenient for you. In addition, you will have to carefully consider the children's menu so that it is festive and hypoallergenic at the same time for all kids.

How to create a festive atmosphere?

  • The day before the celebration, decorate the room with balls, an inscription with a congratulation on the wall. You can pick up decorations and accessories for your first birthday. Let your baby look around in new surroundings and get used to the beauty. Explain to the child why all this has been done, tell him that he will have a birthday and guests will come to him and will congratulate him.
  • There is an interesting idea to have a custom to celebrate every child’s birthday in some color. That is, every year you choose the color of the rainbow and arrange the whole holiday in its shades. You warn guests in advance to dress up in clothes of this color. On the first birthday, everything will look very cute in white or in pale blue if the boy has a birthday and in pink if the girl has a birthday. Imagine dad, grandfather, or your close friend in a pink robe, this will surely cheer everyone up.
  • If there will be many children, create a special corner for games. Spread the carpet there and choose interesting toys. If there are children of different ages, then this zone is also better divided: let only toys for babies in one part and older children in the other.
  • Play with the baby in the choice of outfit for him. Put a couple of dresses in front of the girl, one of which you bought specifically for the celebration. Most likely, the baby will reach for the most beautiful and lace, praise for the good choice. You should not play rags with the boy, just dress him in a “smart” suit, stand in front of the mirror and tell him that he is a handsome man. If the child does not want to dress up in any way, do not persist and do not get annoyed, dress like usual - this is not the most important thing.
  • Buy a kit for creating the imprint of the palm and foot of a child - a great way to preserve the memory of how your baby was a year old. Or you can do the same with paints on paper. Stock up with colored cardboard and paints and invite all children to make handprints and legs for themselves. All this can smoothly turn into finger painting, so save up a large whatman paper.

Be sure to prepare your camera or camera. It will be a shame to be left without a photo shoot for such a day.

What to give for 1 year?

Do not buy a gift at the last moment. Now there are so many things in stores that you can make an impulse purchase and get something that is not what you need. Think about what can make a baby happy. Do not give him clothes or things that will come in handy only after a while. Let such gifts be bought by relatives or friends.

Buy something that your child can use right away. Here is a list of some toys that are interesting to a 1 year old baby: a rocking horse, a home puppet theater, lorry toys that ring and glow, a tent house, developmental dolls.

Competition Scripts

1. “What will the birthday person become in the future?”:competition based on the ancient Vedic ritual, which was held to determine the innate inclinations of children. Different objects are laid out in front of the child and, in accordance with their purpose, they determine the future profession or fate of the baby. For example:

  • money is wealth, will be a banker or financier,
  • clew - long life
  • brush - will become an artist,
  • book - by a scientist, teacher,
  • a flower is happiness
  • comb - by a hairdresser,
  • little ring - a happy marriage,
  • keys are welfare.

It is important to place objects at a certain distance, and not in a heap. It is believed that children intuitively choose the thing that is closer to them in spirit and are drawn to it. Therefore, the competition is not only entertaining, but some fateful value.

2. "Wedding Gift":make some wedding gift cards. Invite all relatives to take out a card in turn, which determines that they will present the baby at his wedding when he grows up.

3. If your family likes to sing, then you can organize a karaoke contest:guests need to split into two groups and compete who knows more than children's songs or performs them better.

4. “Who does our baby look like?”:make a list of parts of the face and body. Guests will have to check the similarities between the baby and dad and mom. Then they calculate the points - whoever scored the most looks like a child.

5. “Guess the puree”:someone who guesses is blindfolded and offered to try baby purees. It is more interesting if girls without children, men, in general, those people who have a vague idea of ​​infant food, will take part in the competition. You can not blindfold, and tear off or stick labels on the jars and invite all guests to guess mashed potatoes.

6. "Who will spit on":for the contest you will need two dummies that will need to spit at a distance - who is next. On the floor there is a place where the nipples fall, which after that every time you need to rinse.

7. "Flower-seven-flower":make a flower with different petals or a camomile, on each petal write questions regarding the first year of the baby’s life:

  • What body weight is the baby born with?
  • How tall?
  • What time was it born?
  • When did the first tooth grow?
  • When he sat down, crawled, went?
  • Who is the zodiac sign child?
  • What is your favorite toy?
  • What is the first word?
  • What is the number of christening?

Guests tear off the petals in turn and answer questions. A prize is awarded for every correct answer.

8. “Taunt the baby”:there are children who are not particularly smiling. If you have such a baby, this is exactly what you need for this contest. Let the guests take turns trying to make a serious little one laugh.

9. "Who will drink from the bottle faster":for the competition you will need two baby bottles with a pacifier. It is not at all easy to quickly suck out the contents of them. Pour something tasty into them: juice, lemonade or champagne and arrange a competition between the two comers.

10. “Portrait”:put one of the relatives on a chair, and give the baby a brush or felt-tip pen and offer to draw on a large sheet. Anyone who poses on must see what the kid is drawing. Only after the “portrait” is ready, you can show it to everyone and put a signature on it with the crumbs finger.

For the child on this day, of course, your love and attention will be most dear. It is important not to overwork the baby on this day, do not forget to walk with him and periodically carry away from guests. Everything else depends on your mood and imagination.

Hello girls! Today I will tell you how I managed to get in shape, lose weight by 20 kilograms, and finally get rid of creepy complexes of overweight people. I hope you find the information useful!

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