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How to make a scary mask with your own hands?


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Masks are fun to make and even more fun to decorate. Many masks are sold in stores, but you can easily make a mask yourself. In this case, it will be possible to choose the exact size and suitable shape, and you will not be limited to what is on sale. After you learn how to make simple masks, you can give them an original and unique look.

Simple cardboard mask

How to make a scary mask with cardboard yourself? The easiest way is to cut out the mask-glasses with slots for the eyes, and then colorize or decorate. This is the best option for a children's masquerade look, for example, if a thematic holiday is planned at school: a mask-mask made of cardboard will not be too intimidating or repulsive. In addition, you can make it with your child. This will require:

  • Cardboard and colored paper.
  • Glue.
  • Markers or paints for coloring.
  • Soft elastic or tape.

First of all, you need to choose an image for the future mask. For Halloween, a mask of a spider, a bat, a pumpkin or a funny ghost - Casper is perfect. You can draw a mask template on cardboard yourself, or you can print it from the Internet. Then everything is simple: the cardboard template is neatly cut, painted or decorated with colored paper elements. If desired, you can decorate the mask with sparkles, sequins, appliqués and more. On the sides you will need to make holes in which the tape or elastic is threaded.

Cardboard volume mask

To make a regular mask-glasses volumetric, complementing the product with parts from cardboard or papier-mâché, is another option how to make a scary mask with your own hands (see photo below in the article). This will require:

  • Draw (print) and cut out mask and volumetric patterns.
  • Papier-mâché details, if any, must be made in advance and dried well.
  • Glue or connect all mask parts with a stapler, make side holes.
  • Colorize the mask. If there are elements from papier-mâché, they will need to be primed first and dried again before painting.
  • Insert tape or elastic into the side holes.

Volume masks: what can be made of?

The original volume mask that covers the face completely or only half looks really impressive. The creation of such a product will require patience and accuracy, it will take a little longer. How to make a scary mask of this type? There are several available methods.

  1. The most common and affordable technique for making a volume mask is papier-mâché: gluing a product from pieces of paper.
  2. How to make a scary mask yet? An interesting option is a volume mask made of fabric shreds. This technology is similar to papier-mâché and allows you to show imagination using fabric blanks of different textures and colors.
  3. The most modern, original, beautiful, but also the most expensive material for volume masks - plastic or polymer clay. The main condition for working with such material is strict adherence to the technology for creating the product described in the instructions.

Regardless of what material it is planned to make a three-dimensional mask from, most likely, you will have to start work with the manufacture of a basis of plaster or plasticine.

Mask base

Why do I need a mask shape? And is it possible to do without it? Often you can find a description of the manufacturing process of a volume mask from papier-mâché, which is made directly on the face. This method, of course, saves time, but it’s not very convenient to sculpt and dry the mask. Also, the plaster or plasticine form can be replaced, for example, with a hockey mask or an inflated balloon.

You can make a more accurate base shape from plasticine: either sculpt the head of the character whose mask you plan to make, or make an anatomical cast from the face.

However, experienced craftsmen are advised not to be too lazy to make a plaster mold before making a scary mask. Such a base can be used several times, in addition, the gypsum mold is suitable not only for working in the papier-mâché technique, but also for the manufacture of plastic masks with subsequent heat treatment of the product. There are two ways to make a gypsum mold:

  1. Make a cast of the face with culinary foil. Gently pour gypsum into the resulting mold, avoiding deformation of the foil, and allow the gypsum to harden. After drying, remove the foil.
  2. Another way is somewhat more complicated: to make a plaster cast on the face. It will not work out independently to make such a base form; you will need an assistant who will apply the gypsum mass. The cast is made in the following order:
  • First, you need to remove the hair under the bathing cap, fix the shape of the eyebrows with gel or wipe with a damp bar of soap and spread the face skin with a rich cream (suitable for children or petroleum jelly). Next, cocktail tubes are inserted into the nostrils (the ends of the tubes need to be wrapped with gauze or cotton wool). This will allow you to breathe freely during the procedure.
  • After all the preparations, it remains only to sit comfortably on the floor, fixing the head with wet towels or an absorbent cloth so that the gypsum mass does not drain onto the clothes and the floor when applied.
  • The assistant must quickly apply a thin layer of gypsum, starting from the middle of the face to the edge. Liquid gypsum can be replaced with gypsum bandages from a pharmacy, then they must be applied, previously cut into pieces and soaked in warm water.
  • When the surface of the plaster mold hardens, the assistant can accurately take the impression. Finally, the shape needs to be aligned at the edges.

What materials are needed for a papier-mâché mask?

Papier-mache, that is, modeling from "chewing paper", is an affordable, convenient and inexpensive answer to the question "how to make a scary mask with your own hands." To work in this technique you will need:

  • Paper sheets. Suitable unnecessary magazines, newspapers, flyers, paper napkins and more.
  • Bonding agent. It can be PVA glue or wallpaper glue. But since the mask will come in contact with the skin of the face, it is best to prepare a paste from flour and water (at a rate of 1: 2).
  • Greasy cream or oil to lubricate the base. This will make it possible in the future to easily remove the finished product from the mold.

Step-by-step procedure for creating a mask from papier-mâché

How to make a scary mask with your own hands out of paper? The procedure is quite simple:

  • A layer of lubricant is applied to the base form - a greasy cream (petroleum jelly, vegetable oil).
  • The paper sheets need to be torn into small strips and soaked in a container with paste, the denser the paper - the longer.
  • Paper strips are glued onto the base layer by layer, gradually forming a mask. It is important to apply each subsequent layer evenly, without air bubbles and irregularities.
  • During the molding process, the mask can be fixed with one or two layers of a bandage or strips of soft tissue, laying them between the layers of paper strips.
  • Dry the mask for 2-3 days at room temperature. After drying, cut the side holes for the gum (tape), align the slots for the eyes, nose, mouth.
  • The mask must be removed from the mold, primed and painted. For painting a paper mask, ordinary gouache or oil paints are suitable.
  • If desired, the mask can be decorated with bright details (feathers, sequins, elements made of fabric, metal, etc.), thread an elastic band (tape) into the side slots.

Heat treated plastic mask

Plastic, hardening after heating at high temperature, is a material very popular among people who are passionate about needlework. However, working with it requires strict adherence to technology and safety rules. For this reason, you should always start the process of creating a mask by reading the instructions on the plastic packaging. It is especially important to remember that in different grades of this material, the working technology and processing temperature may vary. How to make a scary mask of polymer clay (plastic)? To create a mask from this material you will need:

  • Set of colored plastic with instructions.
  • Crockery and stack (knife) for work.
  • Capacity with warm water.
  • Oven (oven in the stove).
  • Plaster mold for the mask.
  • Decorative elements (optional).

Important! Do not use dishes for work with thermoplastics for food purposes. After operation, the oven must be washed thoroughly with water and a detergent.

The manufacture of a carnival mask from plastic is carried out in several stages:

  • The plaster mold is oiled or oily cream.
  • Pieces of material are softened according to the instructions on the packaging. For faster heating, it is often recommended to use warm water or the non-hot air of a regular hair dryer. Of these, a mask is applied to the gypsum base.
  • It is important to avoid dust, small debris, hair or threads getting on soft plastic.
  • When sculpting on a mold, it is necessary to immediately cut through the nasal and eye openings of the mask. For a beautiful tight fit of the mask to the face, you should try to create a smooth transition to the gypsum form, negating the plastic mass in the eye area and around the edges of the mask.
  • All slots, including holes for the gum (tape), must be done until the plastic completely hardens.
  • If desired, the mask can be immediately decorated, before heat treatment, with heat-resistant details made of metal, glass, stone and other things.
  • Heat treatment is carried out in strict accordance with the instructions: in the oven, preheated to the recommended baking temperature, a plaster mold with a molded mask is placed. The product is aged in the oven specified by the manufacturer, after which the mask should gradually cool in the oven.
  • Important! The temperature of the oven must be constantly monitored. All grades of plastics can begin to melt with the release of toxic smoke if the temperature in the oven reaches 170-175 ° C. If this happens, you must immediately turn off the oven, open the doors and windows to ventilate, and leave the house before the final weathering.
  • Repeated heat treatment of plastics is allowed. After cooling completely, the mask can be supplemented with molded parts and baked again.
  • The cooled product is carefully removed from the mold. The finished mask can be primed and painted, glued decorative elements.

Pros of a homemade mask

Fans of a costume show prepare their outfits long before the holidays. Some people prefer to buy ready-made suits and embellish them a little, others do it yourself.

Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on buying an outfit, so it is important to know how to make a carnival mask with your own hands. To do this, you will not need to spend a lot of time and effort on its manufacture. If you properly observe all the nuances, then the finished mask will amaze you with its simplicity and beauty.

Lace Fabrication

This mask can turn an ordinary dress into a carnival outfit. The most attractive product will be black lace. It will give the girl mystery and a touch of mysticism. In the work you can use material of any color, the main thing is that it matches the shade of the holiday dress.

To create a craft, we need:

  • tulle,
  • velvet tape
  • scissors,
  • black paint
  • thick paper or cardboard,
  • cling film
  • glue,
  • Scotch.

A method of manufacturing a lace mask do-it-yourself quite simple and includes the following steps:

  1. We print out the version of the lace product that you like on a sheet of paper. If you have the talent of an artist, then you can draw a mask template yourself.
  2. Put paper on a table or other hard surface. We cover with cling film and gently smooth out all the bumps. To fix the film we use tape.
  3. Take a tulle and cut off a piece that completely closes the finished template.
  4. Circle the pattern with black paint. Make sure that all small parts are well painted, as the appearance of the future product depends on this.
  5. Leave the blank to dry and remove the tulle.
  6. Using sharp scissors, we cut the workpiece along the contour and make holes for the eyes.
  7. We measure the girth of the head and cut off with a margin of ten centimeters two pieces of velvet ribbon.
  8. Glue the tape to the edges of the workpiece and let the product dry.

DIY cat mask

Such an article can turn a girl into a mysterious and graceful predator. It goes well with any evening dress and complements the look. Before you make a paper mask with your own hands, The following materials and tools must be prepared:

  • black lace guipure,
  • black velvet or organza ribbon
  • scissors,
  • needle and thread,
  • a few feathers
  • glue,
  • two large crystals.

The order of the work:

  1. Take a lace guipure and measure out the length necessary for the mask. Carefully cut a piece of material without damaging the pattern. To create a mask, we will use two such blanks.
  2. We cut out semi-ovals on the inside of the material. We do this so that the holes on the two halves coincide. We do not touch the central part of the workpiece, which is at the level of the nose bridge.
  3. Using glue, we connect the two parts of the mask together and allow to dry.
  4. Cut the excess lace on the bottom of the mask.
  5. We add bundles in the form of a fan of several feathers in each. We attach crystals to their front part. Glue the finished parts around the edges of the mask to create the ears of the cat. If you want to get a panther mask, then choose rounded feathers.
  6. We measure the girth of the head and cut off two ribbons. Be sure to leave a stock of ribbons for tying them.
  7. Sew the ribbons with the needle and thread to the inside of the product.

Masquerade option

This is a classic version of the mask, suitable for those people who do not like to work on it for a long time. To create this craft, you can attract not only adults, but also your children. This will diversify their leisure time and help develop creative abilities.

New Year's carnival masks are made from the following materials:

  • color double-sided cardboard,
  • paper,
  • pencil,
  • scissors,
  • wooden stick
  • paint,
  • satin or velvet ribbon,
  • glue,
  • painted feathers.

Production Instruction:

  1. We print the template of the blank you like. Cut it out and fasten to a sheet of cardboard. We draw a contour with a pencil and cut the workpiece.
  2. On a paper basis, we add a pattern of decorative elements.
  3. We glue all the details to the base.
  4. We take a wooden stick and paint it in the color of cardboard. We wind a ribbon of velvet or satin on it and glue it.
  5. We take cardboard and cut off several identical rectangles. We attach a wooden stick to the inside of the workpiece and fix it by gluing it with pieces of cardboard.
  6. Leave the product to dry completely.

Corrugated paper accessory

For its manufacture You need to buy or find the following tools and materials:

  • a base made of cardboard, papier-mâché or plastic,
  • thin corrugated paper
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • satin ribbons,
  • feathers painted in paper color.

The manufacturing process is as follows:

  1. We unfold a sheet of corrugated paper and cut it into strips of seven centimeters wide and thirty centimeters long. We prepare 30 strips and fold them in half.
  2. We twist the finished strips and gradually rotate them. To give strength in the process, glue the flower.
  3. Glue flowers to the finished base. Make sure that there are no empty spots on the surface.
  4. To one edge of the mask we attach several beautiful feathers.
  5. Cut two ribbons to the size of the head and fasten them to the finished mask.

Craft from broken toys

Often after the New Year, a large number of broken Christmas balls are discovered. Before you throw them away, you can give them another chance to serve the people. From broken material you can make an original carnival mask. For her you will need:

  • broken pieces of broken toys
  • papier-mâché or plastic base
  • thick fabric
  • hammer,
  • pliers,
  • glue,
  • braid
  • decorative elements for decoration.


  1. We take out the fastening elements from the broken Christmas tree toys.
  2. Wrap them in a thick cloth or towel. Using a hammer, break them into small fragments.
  3. We deploy the fasteners with pliers to give them a flat shape.
  4. Glue the finished elements to the upper and side parts of the mask. In the center of each circle we attach a decorative crystal.
  5. We coat the mask with glue and carefully apply the fragments of Christmas toys. Do this with extreme caution, as you can easily get hurt.
  6. We decorate one edge of the product with a feather.
  7. We fasten two tapes along the edges of the product and allow the product to dry.

Papier-mâché accessory

All masks you buy have a standard shape and size. This can not be said about the shape of the face, it is individual for each person. Therefore, the purchased product may be uncomfortable. To avoid such problems, we offer you master the creation of papier-mâché masks. This process is simple and even a child can handle it. The list of necessary tools and materials:

  • newspaper sheets
  • toilet paper,
  • petroleum jelly,
  • scissors,
  • water,
  • flour,
  • paint,
  • tassels
  • PVA glue.

Making papier-mâché crafts:

  1. Cooking paste. To do this, pour a glass of water into the pan and bring to a boil. Mix a glass of flour with a few tablespoons of cold water. After thoroughly mixing the mixture, add it to boiling water.
  2. After the mixture has cooled, add four tablespoons of PVA glue to it.
  3. Cut into pieces toilet paper and newspapers.
  4. Choose the person for whom you will make a mask, and grease his face with Vaseline.
  5. Fill the bowl with water and start work. Wet pieces of the newspaper and attach to the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead. We do this until the whole face is covered with newspapers. Make sure that there are no gaps between the sheets.
  6. Dip a piece of newspaper in the prepared mass and glue it on the first layer. We continue to work until the end of the layer.
  7. Similarly, we make another five or seven layers. The last one should consist of chopped toilet paper.
  8. Dry the mask with a hairdryer and carefully remove from the face. Leave it warm until it completely dries and hardens.
  9. We cut the edges of the product and make slots for fastening.
  10. We paint the finished product and make out to your liking.

A simple product for a child

It is so simple that it is entirely possible to allow a child to make it. He will be passionate about the process, and the result will please not only him, but also you.

We need such tools and materials:

  • thick paper or cardboard,
  • stationery knife,
  • scissors,
  • hole puncher,
  • pencils, felt-tip pens, paints,
  • an elastic band for fastening crafts on the head.

Work Stages:

  1. Fold in half a sheet of thick paper or cardboard.
  2. Using a clerical knife, cut openings for the eyes.
  3. We make holes for attaching the elastic with a puncher.
  4. Colorize and decorate the mask.
  5. With an elastic band we attach the craft on the head of a girl or boy.

Craft from felt

To make this beautiful and bright mask, we need:

Completing of the work:

  1. We take a piece of felt and draw on it the contours of the future mask.
  2. Cut it out of the fabric and make holes for the eyes.
  3. We attach artificial poppies, daisies, roses or other flowers to the mask.
  4. Glue the eye holes with sequins.
  5. Sew the tape to the inside of the product.

To make a New Year's mask is not only profitable from a financial point of view, but also exciting. In the process, you can use all your creativity and create a beautiful and original product.