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How to dismantle a cargo pallet without breaking it


Sometimes at the disposal of a summer resident are used (second-hand) so-called. Euro pallets. This, of course, is not about shower trays, but about wooden trays made to make it easier for forklifts to turn over some kind of load that is laid on trays. They are assembled, I must say, in good conscience, on flat or screw nails, so that they themselves would not understand during operation. The wood there is mostly birch. But this is a wonderful material for the manufacture of garden furniture or use it as auxiliary products. For example, formwork, light railings., Garden furniture, benches, deck chairs, etc. One acquaintance of mine in general did so - he made a fence out of non-ear pallets. And not a bad fence, I must say.

The main problem when disassembling Euro pallets is their quality assembly. But this is if you approach them without a flight of thought. I met on several forums discussions on the dismantling of pallets for building materials. And alas, he noted that a stereotype is triggered. “Knocked down by nails?” “We need to use a nail clipper.” But the point is that the nails are not removable! Flat or screw nails. Therefore, an attempt to remove them ends either with a breakdown of the board into which they are driven, or with the use of a saw to cut the pallet into firewood.

Meanwhile, there is a way to disassemble the pallet even to the point, and quickly and practically without damage to the material. And from the tools you need only ... a small hatchet. Now I will tell you how to do it.

Often, the summer resident does not need to disassemble the top die itself is full. It is a product in itself, very applicable in the household. And you just need to get rid of 3 boards to which this die is attached.

Please note that these three boards, which support the pallet, are fastened through 9 wooden blocks. On one side 3 boards are nailed to them, on the other - the pallet plate itself. Moreover, nails in 99 cases out of 100 are driven across the wood fibers! (and this is normal. Whoever scores along ... Although there are such pallets.) And this means that a short bar is extremely easy to split. He was already almost pierced with nails. It remains only to complete the matter with a light blow of the hatchet blade. 3 strokes - and the board with the remains of the bar itself is separated from the die of the pallet. So we separate all three boards of the pallet.

Now we need to get rid of the remnants of the bar on the die. Nothing too complicated. Measuring the force of the blow, with the tip of the blade of the hatchet we push the remnants of the bar. The extreme pieces fly off immediately, the middle ones still resist and hold on to the nails. We poke them. Do not be afraid to hit the nail with an hatchet. In this case, you strike not across the nail, but along. Therefore, serrating an ax blade is quite problematic. It just glides over the nail, piercing the wood.

We get rid of the remains of the bar with a few strokes of the hatchet butt. At the same time we prepare fuel for a samovar or barbecue.

That's all. At our disposal there remains a die with completely whole boards and another 3 tablets separately with the remains of the bar, which can be disposed of in a similar way.

As you can see, all the fears when disassembling the pallet are greatly exaggerated. A little savvy and at your disposal mountains of almost free building material. Analysis of one pallet takes no more than 3-5 minutes.

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As a result, the only working way is the use of a reciprocating saw from Leroy Merlin, with a metal blade. General view of the photo

To disassemble the pallet, it is necessary to cut the nails fastening the boards together, for this I do it in this way (see photo below)

Some pallets are too well fastened, and in order to stick a file between the boards, they have to be wedged a little with an ax and a hammer.

For reciprocating saws, a lot of saw blades are produced, I mainly used Bosh grades, like these (see photo below), depending on the type of pallets, you need to choose the length of the saw blade, I use 225 mm.

but recently tried to put a Hitachi metal file, the difference is very noticeable. Hitachi saws, including wood, to parse the pallet, it is not necessary to wedge the boards, the pallet can be disassembled in less than 3 minutes.