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How to replace a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx XT916 battery


This Motorola Moto X disassembly instruction will show you how to completely disassemble your phone to replace a broken display or other internal component to replace that has broken during use.

First remove with a special or regular paper clip and remove the SIM card tray.

Next, take a sharp metal knife and pass it from the side of the charging hole between the case and the back cover. Since the seam is very tight, you can’t do this with a plastic tool.

After releasing one or two clips, use a plastic tool to completely release all the clips and remove the back cover.

There is a camera flash on the back cover and in order to remove it completely, you need to disconnect the loop connector.

Remove the eleven T5 Torx screws (marked with orange circles in the photo) in order to remove the protective plastic cover of the motherboard.

As you unscrew all the screws, the cover can be easily removed using tweezers with curved ends.

In the same way, remove the top cover.

Next, we release the four connectors of the loop (marked with orange rectangles in the photo). The battery connector is protected by a lock, you must first open the lock, and then release the connector.

To remove the battery, take the plastic spudger tool with which to pry it and remove it from the phone. The battery is fixed with a small amount of glue, but it is not necessary to use a hair dryer to heat it.

The front camera is located in the upper right corner of the Motorola Moto X. Use a thin tip of curved tweezers to disconnect the connector from the motherboard and remove the front camera of the smartphone.

Next, remove the earpiece, which is fixed with glue, it is not necessary to heat it with a hairdryer, just pry it with tweezers and remove the speaker from the phone.

Next, using the flat end of the spudger tool, lift the motherboard as shown in the photo below. Disconnect the loopback connector connecting the motherboard and the LCD, then calmly remove the motherboard.

The rear camera is mounted on the underside of the motherboard, to remove it, release the cable connector with tweezers with curved ends.

The power button and volume button are located on the display frame, use a hairdryer to soften the glue used to attach the buttons. Remove the buttons carefully, because they are interconnected by a thin loop.

Dismantling Motorola Moto X is a laborious job that requires accuracy and attention, so do not start disassembling if you are not confident in your abilities!

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  • Phillips screwdriver 1.5 mm
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Guitar pick
  • Adhesive for repairing mobile devices

Quick charge loss (discharged in a matter of hours) for the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx XT916 is an unnatural phenomenon - this is a problem with a worn battery. To solve the problem, you need to replace the battery with a new one. To do this, follow the instructions below.

• Turn off your Motorola Droid Razr Maxx XT916 smartphone.
• Remove the SIM card and microSD memory.
• Using a mediator, separate the cover from the main body, carefully removing it from the latches.

• Remove the cover completely with smooth, deliberate movements.
• The material is wear-resistant and durable, can bend without consequences.

• Pick up the clear cover in the area of ​​the camera with the pick and remove it.

• Further, it is important not to confuse the screw fasteners by sorting them carefully.
• Use a screwdriver to remove the 3 extended screws on the top of the phone and 5 around the perimeter of the case.

• In the lower part, under the cover plate, there are 3 more screws that must be removed.

• Now separate the inner frame from the main body using the pick, removing it from the clamps.

• Using a screwdriver, remove the red insulator from the battery cable terminal.
• Remove the 2 screws underneath.
• Pull the red tab under the battery to remove adhesive tape.

• Hook up the battery case and remove it.

How to replace the Motorola Dro battery> In some smartphones, for example, in the Motorola Droid RAZR, the battery can not be pulled out just like that. Now we will tell you how to remove the battery from this device. To work, you need a plastic spatula, a spacer (a dielectric spudger tool, which Russian masters call a spacer) and a set of screwdrivers for this smartphone model.

Step 1. The back panel.

Insert a plastic spatula between the body and the rear panel in the lower left corner of the rear panel.

Lift the blade to open the latches inside.

Move the paddle to the top edge of the smartphone.

Move the edge along the top of the smartphone to unlock the latches. We draw your attention to the fact that the upper edge of the back panel is very thin and fragile, so proceed carefully, otherwise you can simply break the panel.

Now move on the right side of the smartphone to unlock the latches.

Carefully remove the back cover.

The back panel is connected to the battery with glue, so you have to make a little effort.

The socket is very plastic, so do not be afraid that it will bend or be damaged.

Using a spacer, lift up the red silicone plate that protects the bolts and pull it out.

Remove the screws indicated in the photo.

Use a spatula to lift the battery. Note that the battery is seated on an adhesive substance, so you will have to make an effort, however, be careful not to damage the battery.

Replace the battery. To reassemble, follow the steps in reverse order.


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