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How to fish without a fishing rod


We do not always have the opportunity to take a fishing rod with us on vacation, or vice versa, we consciously refuse to use it. And sometimes it just happens that goes beyond the scope of the situation. One way or another, when there is no gear and special bait at hand, fishing becomes an occupation requiring ingenuity, a creative approach and, of course, remarkable dexterity.

We will consider a variety of ways, among which there is something to your liking.

Pit trap

On the shore of the reservoir, you need to dig a hole and connect them using a shallow ditch (Figure 1). Pour bait, such as bread, into the pit.

Figure 1. Pit Trap

A hungry fish will swim in an artificial puddle itself, and then you need to block its return path through the connecting channel. It can be blocked with a stone or a log of a suitable size. After that, it is easy to catch the fish with your hands or some container.

Plastic bottle trap

Plastic water bottles are always faithful tourist companions. In addition to its intended purpose, an empty bottle can be an alternative means of fishing. At an empty plastic canister of 2.5-5 liters, cut off the neck, and lay the bait inside (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Catching fish with a plastic bottle

If the bottle is too wide, you can flip the cut part with the neck inward and fasten to make a funnel. In order for the trap to easily sink into the water, you need to make small holes in it.

The next step is to lower it into the reservoir, the open part to the stream.

Homemade prison

The most primitive spear is easy to make on the spot. It is enough to find a thin strong tree and sharpen one end of it. It is better to make a point with four faces, because with a round fish, it is likely to break (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Catching fish home-made jail

You can’t catch a prison from the shore - you need to go into the water and sprinkle the bait around you. For this porridge or bread is quite suitable. Further, it all depends on your dexterity, because this method of fishing requires certain skills and dexterity.

Harpoon or bow

Those who own archery will like fishing with special fishing arrows. If you don’t have one, a harpoon will come to the rescue. True, in both cases, good accuracy and an eye are needed (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Fishing with onions

The arrow or harpoon must be tied with fishing line or kapron thread so that they can be pulled out of the water.

Fishing line on hand

This method is perfect for catching a goby at sea. You need to take a fishing line or a thin cord, tie a hook or even several if there are a lot of fish. Tie a weight if necessary (Figure 5). We bait the hooks using small fish cubes, mussels or other suitable bait.

Figure 5. Fishing line

It is better to catch using this method from a berth or boat. When fishing from the shore, throwing fishing line from the hand should be much stronger. All that remains is to wait, pulling up the fishing line a bit to feel the bite. As soon as you feel jerks at the end of the scaffold, hook and remove prey from the water.

Stick and sinker method

The method is similar to catching fishing line from a hand, but a stick or rod is used as a holder of scaffolds and fishing rods. Due to this, the fishing line will not cut its hands under heavy load (Figure 6).

Figure 6. Fishing with a stick

You will need a strong stick, on which you need to carefully wind the fishing line, and it will play the role of a reel. Tie a hook to the end of the scaffold, and a sinker about 30 cm from it. Throw them into the water with a swirling movement, direct the coil towards the target to make it easier to unwind. Keep the forest a little taut, and when the bite starts, wind it back onto a makeshift reel, pulling the fish.

Bear Grylls Method

Such a trick was used by TV personality traveler Bear Grylls when he traveled through the Scottish Highlands.

To use this method, you need to find a bottleneck in a stream or a small channel between two ponds. From stones and logs, build a low dam in this place, with a small hole in the middle, which will be the only passage for fish (Figure 7).

Figure 7. Fishing by the Bear Grylls method

Between the stones in the aisle, pull a net, bag or cloth, and secure so that the fish can swim into it. Now it remains to make the fish swim in the direction we need. Throw a few small stones into the stream or hit the rod with water to make the fish scared of noise. Excite the pond and make noise until the fish begins to swim in the direction of the nets, where it can be caught.

Using vibrant colors

Fish are attracted by bright colors and sparkle in the water. You can use pieces of plastic, or slivers painted with nail polish for bait (Figure 8).

Figure 8. Variants of using bright colors

For fishing, you just need to make a simple fishing rod from a rod and fishing line, put a bright object on the hook. After lowering the forest into the water, move it a little to draw attention to the bright spot.

Fishing in troubled waters

If the pond is fish, you can raise silt from the bottom, which will make the hunter invisible to the fish and at the same time make him search for clean water. When it rises to the surface, you can jam it with a stick, catch it with a container or with your bare hands, or use other methods (Figure 10).

Figure 10. Catching fish in troubled waters

Using a rod

Find a strong rod that you need to hit the fish when it swims nearby. The blow should paralyze her. This method also requires a bit of practice, because water distorts the rays of light, it makes it difficult to aim correctly. Use this method only in an emergency.

Now a few words about a suitable bait (Figure 11):

  1. Great for fish food for chickens or rabbits,
  2. Insects like crickets, worms and flies,
  3. Corn flakes, peas or slices of carrots, corn, celery,
  4. Shrimps are good for catching larger fish.
  5. Small fish and fish pieces,
  6. In extreme cases, bread and cereal will do.
Figure 11. Fish bait options

  1. Before using any of the above methods, make sure that you do not harm yourself or others,
  2. If you swim badly, do not take risks and use a life jacket when you enter the water,
  3. Do not wrap fishing line around your palms or wrists; large fish can tighten it and cause serious damage.
  4. Do not stay long in cold water, even if you are a skilled swimmer.

Summing up, we can say that fishing without a fishing rod and special gear is possible. The main thing is that you have some kind of bait, and a suitable place, because the width and depth of the reservoir, as well as the currents affect the success of fishing, what methods you would not use.

Fishing without fishing rods

With good expensive gear and a special bait, anyone can catch a fish, but this is kind of boring, and the rest is not reckless. Those who at least once caught prey from the water without the help of a fishing rod, almost with bare hands, excitedly tell their friends how fun it was.

A fisherman who does not have gear will need creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness, dexterity and a positive attitude. Russians are abundantly endowed with all these qualities, so there should be no failures!

Ways to fish without a fishing rod

On the shore of a pond, lake or river you need to dig a hole and connect it to the main pond with a moat. Put bread and everything you find in your backpack for bait in an artificial puddle. In theory, a hungry fish should itself swim in a hole for food. When production is distracted by food, the duct must be closed. A stone or any other object of suitable size can serve as a partition. From a shallow hole you can get the fish by hand.

Without drinking water, rarely goes on a hike; it is easiest to carry plastic bottles than metal cans. Take an empty large (2.5-5 L) bottle, cut off the neck of it. Put this container with the bait in it into the reservoir with the open side to the stream. To prevent the bottle from being carried away by water, put something small but heavy inside. The fish will swim inside the trap behind the bait, but it will not be able to get back, since it will not be able to turn around. You just have to get a bottle of caught fish.

Spear or prison - the primeval weapon for successful fishing

A primitive spear can be made on the spot - on the shore of a pond, you only need to jerk one end of the trunk of a thin tree. This tip is better to make tetrahedral, with a round tip the fish can break. With your makeshift prison, you need to go into a pond and scatter the bait around you (bread or porridge). Now it remains to stand and wait for the appearance of fish. Of course, it is not so easy to master the art of spear fishing, but you will be proud of the result.

Some lucky fishermen are so lucky that they, sometimes quite by accident, catch fish with their bare hands. If the reservoir is rich in prey, you can catch it just by swimming. You should not seriously count on this method, but you can try. The silt raised from the bottom will help in this case, it will make the hunter's legs invisible and the fish will lose caution.

What are the ways to fish without a fishing rod?

Method number 1. Bare hands or the “bear way”
Catching this method is a very gambling task, it will require a sufficient reaction, a little patience and, of course, a couple of hands. Before starting fishing, you need to inspect the reservoir for possible places of accumulation of fish. Most often, such places are thickets, snags, stones and all kinds of depressions located in the coastal zone (you should not catch hands at great depths, this is inconvenient and most often does not bring results). If willows grow on the shore, then these places should be preferred. The root system of this tree stretches along the coast and serves as a shelter for fish, but not from our hands, having driven it into a dead end, you can easily get it. Still fish are attracted to places where various trash accumulates (rotted algae, dropped branches from trees, etc.). Fishing in such places is also convenient and can bring results. Significantly increases the chance of catching muddy water, so it can be prematurely scammed.

Method number 2. Pit connected to a pond
To do this, you need a shovel or a similar object that allows you to dig a hole, you can do this with your hands, if the soil allows. The recess itself breaks out near the reservoir and is connected to it by a channel. The depth and width of the channel with the pit should be sufficient so that the fish can swim freely. To attract fish to our backwater, bait is necessary, for this bread, plants and their seeds, as well as various insects, are suitable. After the target swims into the reservoir prepared by us, you should block the channel and catch the prey.

Method number 3. River blocking
This method is suitable for rivers with shallow depth and width, respectively. The bottom line is to make a barrier for the fish through which she could not swim, but at the same time leave a few holes to continue her journey. Immediately after the holes, containers (cages) are installed, where the floating fish should fall. To accelerate the effect, after installing such a “dam”, you should wait a bit, so that our aquatic inhabitant comes closer to the dam, and then upstream make a fish pen.

Capacitive trap

Method number 4. Capacitive trap
Another method for catching the aforementioned trophy is to lure it into a previously prepared container. For such a trap, a plastic bottle, a can, a wooden box, etc. In the absence of a finished container, it can be weaved from rods according to the type of basket, preferably with a narrowed neck. Before placing our insidious vessel in a pond, you need to put a bait in it that may interest the fish. It’s good when there is a rope at hand, it is tied to the neck of the trap for a sharp pull out of the reservoir.

Method number 5. Spear or prison
Fishing of this type develops into a real hunt and becomes much more interesting. For this method, we need to make a spear. A stick at least one and a half meters long is suitable, then it needs to be sharpened, in the absence of cutting objects it can be done on a stone. Further, slowly breaking our future “weapon” on the one hand, to get four teeth (split depth 10-15 cm). Between these teeth we horizontally insert chips to spread them a little apart (the radius of the lesion increases), each of the teeth can be sharpened separately additionally. To fix the stitching side of the spear in this position, it is better to use a rope or its “substitutes”, first loop it around each tooth and finally tighten it on the basis of the resulting spear.

Since methods No. 2, 3, 4 do not require special active actions, you can use one of them, and in the meantime try to catch the fish with your bare hands or hunt with a spear. Knowledge of how to catch fish without a fishing rod will be not only useful, but can also contribute to an exciting pastime in nature.

How to catch fish with your hands

How to catch fish without a fishing rod, namely, hands, theoretically known to many. This is the oldest method and it is sometimes very effective. In addition, it is very fun and interesting:

  1. Find a suitable shallow body of water with a depth of not more than 30-40 cm.
  2. Go into it and thoroughly balamute the water (in such an environment it will be much harder for a fish to see something).
  3. While the turbidity has not settled to the bottom, and the water has become transparent, quickly start fishing with your hands.

The fishing object is very slippery, it will be difficult to catch and hold it in your hands, so you will have to compress the fish quite tightly.

You can successfully engage in this type of fishing in all reservoirs, especially in those where crucian carp are found, who like to bury themselves in silt and sit there while there is even the slightest threat to its safety. It is at this time that you need to catch it. It is enough just to walk with your palms along the silt and literally take the crucian with bare hands. In villages in this way, local fishermen can catch more than a bag of crucian carp in a few hours, and some individuals will be quite large.

Pit on the shore of a pond

How does the local population of many Asian countries catch fish, if not their favorite way of digging holes connected to the shore of a reservoir. The process of fishing without a fishing rod in this way is very simple and consists of three points:

  1. Dig a hole deeper on the shore of the reservoir so that the water from this reservoir flows into the recess. On this "channel" the fish will swim into a trap.
  2. Throw some bread on the surface of the water in the pit and try to lure the fish. You can just wait until the prey itself swims into the groove or balamute the water and drive the fish to the bread crumbled in the trap.
  3. When the fish is in the pit, you need to quickly block the groove with a shovel or a plank so that the prey could not get out into the main reservoir. Now you can take the landing net or just go into the pit and catch hands.

Very well, this method has proven itself when catching eels and small crabs. It is especially popular in Vietnam and Cambodia, where the local people use this method of fishing every day.

Harpoon and sharp arrows

Even in ancient prehistoric times, spears and arrows were the main equipment for food production. Today, not knowing how to catch fish without gear in other ways, the ancients are quite suitable.

Harpoon is operated mainly by underwater hunters. The equipment for such a hobby should be at the highest level, because swimming under water for several hours is not only tiring, but also dangerous, especially in autumn or winter. Firstly, you need a special tight and very warm suit for spearfishing. Such clothes should not allow cold, must be light, strong, closely fit the whole body of the fisherman, to have high quality materials. Secondly, these are special high-quality and elongated fins for fast swimming. Thirdly, you need a snorkel or scuba gear, with which the hunter will be able to stay under water for a long time in search of prey.

The harpoon itself is a special spear gun. There are a lot of species of harpoons, and their prices range from hundreds of US dollars to several thousand conventional units. The main thing that should be in the harpoon is the presence of a reliable trigger mechanism of high-quality metal and a solid handle that can withstand heavy loads and all kinds of blows. Arrows for the harpoon must be selected the sharpest and well sharpened so that they can easily cope with the task: pierce the body of large fish.

Those who were engaged in underwater fishing claim that this is one of the most interesting and fascinating ways of fishing. The only negative of such fishing is the high cost of equipment. In addition, you should be careful, because spearfishing is much more dangerous than fishing for a fishing rod.

Fishing on a plastic bottle

What you can fish, except for fishing rods, is a plastic bottle. They came up with a method of fishing relatively recently, but it has already become popular among children, for whom this is not only a method to catch a fish, but also a great option to have fun and have fun. The instruction is very simple:

  1. Find a plastic bottle as large as possible.
  2. Обрезать горлышко и приклеить его суперклеем внутрь бутылки.
  3. Положить несколько камешков или гвоздей внутрь, чтобы бутылка тонула в воде.
  4. Накрошить в «ловушку» хлеб.
  5. Привязать к бутылке крепкую верёвку длинной до 50 метров.
  6. Забросить как можно дальше от берега водоёма и начинать ждать.

Примерно через 1−2 часа можно рывком вытаскивать бутылку на берег. Be sure to do this quickly so that the fish, which swam to feast on the bait, do not have time to swim out of the bottle. Typically, this method of fishing does not bring a huge catch, but to catch 2-3 pieces of patience is enough. If you are very lucky, then you can pull ashore with a dozen gobies or small crucians.

Butterfly net

In childhood, everyone caught beautiful butterflies with a small butterfly net. But they can also catch not only insects, but also fish, starting from a little bleak and ending with a kilogram pike. To begin with, take a regular medium net, choose a suitable reservoir (a narrow ditch will work well). In rubber boots, so as not to injure your legs, with smooth, neat steps to walk along the groove.

Usually pike, crucian carp, roach, loach, small breeding and even catfish hide near bushes or under snags. They are very visible. As soon as the fishing object has been spotted, carefully lower the net into the water and smoothly bring him to the prey. At 20-30 cm from the fish, it is very sharp and quick to capture it with a net and lift it vertically into the air.

Impromptu fishing

One of the oldest and most effective ways - fishing on the donka. This is not about professional gear, but about a simple fishing line, with a diameter of 0.4-0.5 mm, a hook and the first metal nut that comes across. Having tied a weight - a nut and a hook of any size to the end of the fishing line, you can go in search of prey by taking bait (bread, any bait of animal origin, you can use ordinary meat).

Counting on huge catches is not worth it, but catching a bull calf, horse mackerel or ordinary perch can be enough. In this manner kids at sea like to indulgewhere minnows and gobies even peck on an empty sparkling hook in the water. Usually, after the capture of the first trophy, the fishermen cut it into small pieces and string the parts on a hook. After this, the nibble increases several times and you can return home almost with a bucket of fish.

Sea fishing with a spear

This method is quite ancient and was used by our ancestors thousands of years ago. A sharply sharpened flat small stone or an iron tip tied to a narrow light stick, and a little strength in the hands - all that is necessary for successful fishing on the seashore or in small bays at high tide.

Catching fish in a lake or river in this way is more difficult, even almost impossible, because the water there is muddy and dirty, the fish are hard to see. But to hunt marine life in a transparent sea or ocean can be very successful.

Of course, you need a lot of dexterity and a huge reserve of patience, because sometimes you have to wait a very long time: while the fish dares and swims up. But then you can lunge with a spear and get the long-awaited trophy. Sometimes people use a sharp spear to catch sea fish weighing more than 10 kg.

Using non-traditional fishing methods is very interesting and fascinating. The emotions from such fishing cannot be expressed in words, and the adrenaline and impressions received will be remembered for a lifetime.