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Teenage Fashion: Important Tips for Creating an Image


For us girls, appearance is very important, so more often than not, in order to cheer up or even improve the quality of life, we just need to change something in ourselves. We are sure that through many of the stages that we are going to talk about now, many of us have already passed, and most likely, after that, life became brighter and brighter.

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So, let's get down to business without further ado. It's time to change something, but still do not know where to start? Ivetta will try to help!

Hair, as they say, not teeth - will grow back. Therefore, many girls boldly experiment. For girls whose curls are naturally blond, it will be easier to repaint in any other color, whether it is red or platinum blonde. However, be careful not all hair can withstand extreme changes.

So, in order for your experiments to be mostly successful, it is better to use the services of professionals, rather than conduct experiments on your own.

1. Haircut

Haircuts are one of the easiest and fastest ways to renew yourself. All you need to do is enlist the help of a truly experienced and competent professional who will cut your hair the way you want, and even make your hair so easy to style that in the mornings, just a few minutes will be enough to clean your head.

After a successful change, you will become more confident in yourself, begin to receive compliments, and look at life in a new way. By the way, elongated bob is very fashionable this season, so if you are ready to take risks, go ahead!

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2. Painting

Hair color greatly affects the entire appearance, and also significantly affects how the skin of the face looks, for example. A dark brown shade of hair is suitable for those who have literally perfect facial skin. The same goes for the light shade. These colors so clearly emphasize all the flaws that sometimes can even spoil the whole image. Therefore, one should be extremely careful with experiments and it is best, of course, to entrust yourself into the hands of a real professional.

If you have been wearing blond for many years, maybe it's time to choose a shade a couple of tones darker? We understand that it is difficult to leave the comfort zone, but sometimes changes are beneficial.

The same goes for convinced brunettes. You can start by lightly highlighting some strands around the face and along the parting. You can try a fashionable ombre or a hut.

However, it also happens that in the end, after trying all the possible options, you understand that the best color is your own natural color. Therefore, almost everyone eventually turns to him, however, they treat hair with great respect.

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3. Hairstyle

In this case, we are talking about a hairstyle that you will not create with scissors, but in a company with hairpins, elastic bands, hairpins, headbands and invisibles. Pigtails became extremely fashionable this season, of course, thanks to socialite Kim Kardashian. However, girls with short hair should not despair. Indeed, on the Internet you can find a huge number of wonderful hairstyles for any length.

Agree, there is nothing complicated about this, but how much a couple of chopped strands change the appearance of the whole.
If you always wear straight hair, try making sloppy curls like the Victoria’s Secret models. It will take quite a bit of time, however, you will look completely different. If you constantly wear bangs - stab it on its side or up.

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The face is our business card, so the experiments here must be very careful and competent. Let's start with the eyes.

1. Eyes

If you turn to the same Internet, you will be extremely surprised by the many types and techniques of makeup. A drooping eyelid? No problem! Especially for such cases, frauds with adjustments were invented that hide such shortcomings. Many girls admire the perfect beauty of Natalia Vodianova and Mila Jovovich, as well as Renee Zellweger and Claudia Schiffer. Did they pay attention to their eyelids? Unlikely. And why? Because these women know how to properly use cosmetic products and turn their flaws into virtues.

Try different makeup techniques. But remember that painting like a parrot and sticking meter-long eyelashes in the afternoon is a bad manners.

However, there is a professional eyelash extension that can radically change the expression of your face. Bundles in the corners of the eyes or just very beautiful fluffy eyelashes only color the girl, making her look more sexy and interesting.

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2. Eyebrows

Now this topic is more relevant than ever, and only girls don’t do it to “make” themselves fashionable eyebrows. The correct shape and shade of the eyebrows can fundamentally change the expression on your face, and make us of real Hollywood beauties. However, some girls take it to heart, and begin to dye their eyebrows with a black pencil, to give too geometric shape, which, in fact, only disfigures. Remember that everything is natural in fashion, the eyebrows are the right color, and the natural shape of the eyebrows. Forget about too saturated colors and clear boundaries, your eyebrows will never look absolutely identical.

If you are afraid to do everything yourself, contact a specialist. Such a procedure is not very expensive, and you yourself will be able to do the correction later.

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3. Contouring

To begin with, few girls are one hundred percent satisfied with their appearance. In particular, this also applies to the face, or rather its shape. Now complaints like “I have too wide / round / sharp / square / triangular face” are no longer rolled, because, firstly, the whole thing is easily corrected with a hairstyle, and secondly, in all cosmetic stores are already available special sculpting tools for the face, which will help to fix all the flaws.

To begin with, of course, again, you need to turn to professionals for help, however, one consultation will be enough to find out in which places you need to darken the skin a bit and in which to lighten to visually reduce the nose, for example, or make cheekbones clearer.

Do not forget that all manipulations with proofreaders, shimmers, and bronzers should look as natural as possible.

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4. Lips

Lips are probably one of the most beloved parts of the face of many girls.
If you have always used pastel shades of glitter or lipstick, try something bright, just please observe the most important rule of bright makeup elements, which makeup artists tirelessly repeat - the rule of emphasis. There should be harmony in everything, too many bright elements spoil the whole picture, the eye does not know where to stop and, as a rule, does not stop and does not remember anything.

Bright lips + eyes in the style of "nude" and vice versa. There are no such women who would not go bright lipstick, it is simply important to choose the right tone. Red, it also happens in different shades, for example, closer to brown or, conversely, raspberry.

By the way, do not forget that the brighter the lipstick, the whiter the teeth will appear.

Among other things, the accent of bright lips obliges us to comply with two more rules:

  • Facial skin should be perfect. If somewhere on the face there is a pimple or some other stain, lipstick will only emphasize these imperfections and create an image of untidiness and sloppiness.
  • The lip contour should be completely even, so you must definitely buy a lip liner, which can be one tone darker than lipstick, this season is a trend.

Of course, bright lips are not suitable for every day, but every girl should periodically allow herself such "pampering".

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If in terms of makeup it may happen that you don’t paint at all, then in terms of clothes it turns out that you have already chosen some style. Therefore, making changes here is still a little different.
So, with what changes in the plan of your body is it best to start?

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1. Neckline
How do you feel about a cut in the chest area? Many girls refuse such a privilege, arguing that they have small breasts, and some, on the contrary, are too shy. And both of these sides are wrong, because in the neckline, not only the breast is important.

Opening this area, you do not just show your chest a little (or a lot), your skin, neck and collarbone also appear to the public. Many men are attracted to these very elements, so why not draw a little more attention to yourself.

The neckline makes us more feminine, therefore, in the wardrobe of every girl, there should be at least a couple of things with such a neckline. And if you beat him with the right accessories, then you will definitely get candy!

If you can’t just take and open your chest like that, put on a beautiful scarf or scarf on top, which at the same time will slightly cover this part of the body, but still it won’t interfere with the highlight that comes from the cutout. Massive jewelry in the form of pearls, for example, will also come to the rescue.

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2. The figure

Regardless of the type of figure, you, as a girl, should try to clearly identify your femininity.
Of course, there is no limit to perfection, you can always not just cover up your shortcomings, but also start to fight them with the help of sports, however, for starters, you need to try to open up in places that are worthy of attention.

Do you want updates? To your health! Here's the problem for you - find the virtues of your figure and beat them with the help of clothes!

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3. Posture

With this, you probably need to start. Whatever figure you have, whatever makeup or hairstyle you do, anyway, the most important thing in the appearance of a girl is a straight back. A beautiful posture attracts attention, the stomach is pulled up, it makes the chest visually larger, you feel completely different, and, accordingly, you lead.

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By the way, shoes directly affect your posture. If you've never worn high heel shoes or boots, be sure to give it a try! And after that you will surely fall in love with such shoes forever! Thanks to the heel, the figure is transformed just instantly! The back, again, is straightened, the stomach becomes smaller, and the legs are longer and slimmer.

However, there is its own “BUT!”. Heeled shoes should be comfortable. If this is not so, then you will no longer be up to long legs and not to a straight back. It’s worth starting slowly, that is, first take a heel 5-7 cm high, and after that gradually switch to 9 cm or more.

Also in terms of shoes, you can change its very shape, and not just the heel. For example, if you never wore boats or, on the contrary, slip-ons - be sure to try it. Now, it’s fashionable to wear athletic shoes with dresses, so don’t worry that you’ll stop looking feminine in sneakers.

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Add a little about accessories. Be sure to wear something from the jewelry, just remember to keep balance. If you put on long bright earrings - do not pile up the space around the neck with powerful beads or pendants. If you put on a huge bracelet, then try so that the manicure and rings are not very catchy, etc.

Sometimes it’s too lazy to pick up something special for a certain outfit, but you should get rid of this laziness. In addition, the same outfit can be beaten with jewelry in completely different ways, which is so cool! Put on a bright scarf over a black dress - here's one look for you. They hung a beautiful necklace - and a completely different look.

It is not necessary to buy a lot of new clothes in order to change something, sometimes it is enough to pick up new accessories for an existing wardrobe.


Personal care

No woman is more beautiful than the one who takes care of herself. No matter how much makeup you put on yourself, everything is empty, without proper skin care for your face and body. It seems to us that nothing attracts attention like a good manicure, well-groomed skin and a pleasant aroma.

In addition, taking care of yourself is not so difficult. It is enough just to take a shower with the right frequency, and also regularly use the funds that suit you. At the same time, we are not talking about expensive luxury brands of cosmetics for personal care. Among the mass market, you can easily pick up more budgetary alternatives.

Start with proper hydration and nutrition of the skin, and over time it will repay you with a healthy color and the absence of any irritants in the form of acne and other imperfections. Such an update never hurts.
The same goes for hair. No hairstyle or styling will hide the split ends or overdriven strands. Take care of your hair and it will be impossible to take your eyes off them.

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Internal state

They say that all beauty comes from within, so it’s extremely important what your internal state is now. Try to think about good things as often as possible, watch funny and kind films, listen to beautiful inspirational music, and get as little into the negative as possible. Smile more often, and your life will be turned upside down, in a good sense, of this phrase.

When you are in a good mood, you begin to look different, don't you? Of course, this is probably one of the most difficult ways to change something in your appearance, however, it is also the most faithful and durable.

Often we meet beautiful girls, with an absolutely extinct or even, on the contrary, kind of embittered look. Faced with eyes, all their charm melts away, and it is sad. However, if you shine from within, no one will even suspect about your far-fetched flaws.

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Remember, Ivetta is always happy to come to the rescue and make your life brighter. If, after reading this article, you decide to make fundamental changes in your life, then we are confidently moving towards our goal. We wish you a bright and positive life!