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Oleg Dimitrov


With the opening of my school of therapeutic hypnosis and hypnotherapy, even more hypnotherapists and hypnologists began to appear in Russia. With the opening of hypnotherapist courses, in which I give more knowledge in 3 hours than sometimes someone in a 6-day course, there will soon be at least 1 million people in all of Russia who will be hypnotherapists. Everyone is not just a psychologist, even a milkmaid will possess not only hypnosis, but also hypnotherapy. Every two weeks in the Russian Federation, it is guaranteed to be more and more difficult to find a professional hypnotherapist: the number of courses is huge. Often, graduating from a school, they immediately open the same one, trying to copy. Often taught without significant work experience. Everyone can be called a hypnotherapist, but far from being one. How to choose a hypnotherapist in such conditions?

Hypnosis is a synonym for somnambulism. This is the state of the open psyche, when one inadvertently spoken word can affect in the most unpredictable way and you can become infected with the current state of the hypnotherapist. Therefore, the choice of the person who will deal with your psyche should be balanced.

If you have already trusted the first comer and you didn’t succeed, it’s not surprising, before that you were not quite serious about your problems, in my opinion. Although very often they turn to me, having spent on Reiki masters, healers, psychics, etc. almost all the money, hundreds of thousands of rubles. A serious client who has a high chance of success is someone who studies the matter as thoroughly as possible. The fact that you will still be repaired if you sooner or later find yourself in the hands of a real pro is a semi-myth, because beginning hypnotherapists can do so many things that a specialist may simply not have enough money to dig this out. Breaking - not building.

Of course, you will be shown different certificates and other papers. Many are deserved hard, some - just fentiflyushkiny letters. This starts from self-issued letters and titles (all kinds of associations and other), ending with, it would seem, membership in the OPPL (Professional Psychotherapeutic League) - but almost anyone can get this paper, and the membership itself does not give you any guarantees as a client : I personally tried at one time to attract the organization to the issue of membership for the immoral behavior of one of the members, but membership fees outweighed and did not even consider the issue. Therefore, no pieces of paper will give guarantees of moral purity of the therapist, and no organization issuing papers guarantees you anything.

Diplomas will be presented. Pay attention, is it a Moscow university or regional? I have not heard, in my experience, anything good about regional ones. There cannot be sources of NEW knowledge: only copies. Alas, that’s the reality.

Find out which school graduate is a hypnologist? I cannot say or warn you as a psychiatrist. Trainers in hypnosis schools are not always doctors at all, which means they are not limited to any oaths of a doctor. What, in my opinion, is not neglected to use, giving out under the guise of new - old information, and under the guise of life improvement technologies - only masking technologies, and instead of high-quality healing - well-being that is perceived as healing. Even seeming advanced, schools can give out specially erroneous knowledge in order not to create competitors for themselves at the exit.

In the end, the client himself suffers from all this. Therefore, it is your responsibility to heal. Any attempt to take this responsibility on the therapist (that is, to give you guarantees of healing) - gives the banal quack in the hypnotherapist. If you need guarantees, psychics are waiting for you, after which I’m already waiting for me. Personally, I can’t give more than a 50% guarantee - because I carry out my 50% work 100%, and I think that I have already collected enough evidence for this.

A hypnotherapist can, on the one hand, be any person. On the other hand, you want someone with sufficient life experience, a good education, and more, to deal with your psyche. The task of an advanced hypnotherapist is to train your neurons to respond in a new way, reflashing old neural connections to new ones. This happens in the process of special training. Therefore, not only the result itself, but its strength and effectiveness depends on who your teacher is, namely, the teacher and the hypnotherapist, as you can see for yourself in practice.

Very often, "hypnotherapy" is called a variety of practices and techniques, so the use of this term does not give you any guarantees that the service in the country is the same. Most often, under the guise of “therapy” services, they sell anything, just not teaching you to react in a new way, although they can even use the same formulations as me, for example, “neural connections”, “hypnotherapy”, “instincts”, “vibrations” , “Decisions and conclusions”, etc.

Sometimes clients want a therapist with extensive experience. And guaranteed to fail. Prehistoric technology has long been on the sidelines of history, but the old guard cannot learn anything new in principle - the severity of their own apparent greatness does not allow it. Experience over 3 years? Already suspicious. New information came to Russia no more than a year or two years ago. After every failure, a variety of “celebrities with experience” contact me every week.

If you have applied "Erickson hypnosis", I hasten to please you - 99% of these therapists will not be able to harm you. Unfortunately, helping them is also not always possible. But do not be alarmed - I do not consider contacting the Ericksonians even for attempting therapy. With the same success, one could turn to psychics. This is at the time of writing these lines, it is obvious that over time this line will be erased.

Note whether the hypnotherapist is struggling to indicate the longest possible session time. Attracting clients with the duration of the session, such a hypnotherapist screams to the whole world: I have no experience at all, so I hope to attract you by the fact that I can be engaged in long sessions with you. And, believe me, they will do a lot of work. Unnecessary. At the same time, I can both think that the longer the better.

My first sessions could last 4-6 hours. (after studying in the Russian Federation). Then they became 3 hours. (after studying in the USA) Then 2.5 hours. (after further training in the USA) Then 2h. (This is already an increase in practice). And now my session is 60-90 minutes. During this time I do as much as before in 2.5-4 hours.

It is quite difficult to determine the quality of the service provided at a price. But if a hypnotherapist charges a rate at the level of psychologists (in Moscow this is about 5000 rubles per session), he is not sure of himself. A person who owns the most modern and effective tool cannot take as much as they charge for “just talking”. Or a psychologist uses hypnosis and hypnotherapy without the knowledge of clients about this - it’s easy, because you will not be able to find out that you are in hypnosis.

How much should hypnotherapy cost? How much do other methods cost? What is the duration of other therapies? The article “How much should hypnotherapy cost” answers all this.

So, an uncertain hypnotherapist:

  • He himself is sick and himself requires both treatment and training.
  • Easily impersonates in a variety of ways:
    • Enters into unnecessary organizations to spam you with different pieces of paper. Of course, papers are needed, but not all papers are equally useful.
    • Offers long sessions, takes pride in their duration, struggles to make it bigger. There is also hope that you are looking for where it is cheaper (per hour). If you are looking for where it is cheaper - you are sure to find a cheap hypnotherapist. It's not me.
    • It takes no more than a psychologist - is it a highly insecure hypnotherapist or is it a psychologist who applies hypnosis discreetly. This is the secret of successful psychologists - they use hypnotherapy discreetly, and I teach this.
    • It takes more than a psychologist, but is shy - a self-confident hypnotherapist, but he has doubts that what he is doing is right. He can assume that it takes so much and suffer from it.
    • It takes exactly more than a psychologist - it can treat others. It won’t work out differently. Give him 70 minutes and everything will be clear "who is who." I recommend to undergo therapy only with wealthy hypnotherapists, because you do not want to become infected by poverty from him.
    • Gives a guarantee.
    • He is an Erickson hypnotist. If you hear the word "Erickson" - run.

There may be a picture that you have a choice of therapist. While in fact it is not there. After all, this is not a market where all watermelons are the same. Hypnotherapy is not the same product.

Why suggestion doesn't work

Because the cause of the problem is not fixed. On top of the old problem hang a new belief that now your behavior should be different. This whole scheme will work exactly until the moment when there is a strong fear that will block suggestion.

The hypnotherapist introduces the patient into hypnosis, and finds and fixes a problem. Hypnosis allows you to remember forgotten childhood injuries. Without hypnosis, this is difficult in some cases. After the cause has been found, the root situation is corrected in hypnosis under the guidance of a hypnotherapist. The emotional charge is removed.

For example, if this is a fear of public speaking, then in a situation where a child at a matinee for the first time poorly recited a rhyme, the emotion of resentment and fear is removed. The situation has long passed, and when a person again reshapes these episodes, the emotion goes away. You also need to express those feelings that were not expressed there. For example, a child in that situation wanted to show aggression screaming and stomping feet. But he forbade this to himself. Accordingly, in hypnosis, one must imagine that this is what he does. Thus, the uncomfortable feel will go away.

As soon as the discomfort from the initiating situation goes, the decision to introduce oneself in an uncomfortable manner will immediately fall off. Because the decision was tied to emotion. And when the emotion leaves, the decision is forgotten.

Hypnotherapist Responsibility

In order for a hypnotherapist to be effective, client cooperation is needed. After all, 50% of the success lies with the hypnotherapist, and 50% of the success lies with the client. The task of the hypnotherapist is to guide the patient. To notice inconsistencies and places where it will be necessary to remove emotion.

The client’s task is to fulfill what the hypnotherapist says. Since it is not the hypnotherapist who introduces the client into hypnosis, but the client introduces himself into hypnosis. Hypnotherapist only tells what to do. The client follows the hypnotherapist.

What does a Hypnotherapist treat?

Hypnotherapist treats diseases caused by a mental nature.

Fears and Phobias

  • Meet and chat
  • Public performance
  • Fear of public condemnation
  • Any other


And other diseases caused by psychosomatics.

Where is a hypnotherapist useless?

  • With a brain disease: schizophrenia, manic-depressive syndrome
  • Addicts (irreversible changes in the brain)
  • Alcoholics with experience (irreversible changes in the brain)
  • Complete desocialization (inability to establish contact with a hypnotherapist)
  • When there is no motivation for change
  • It is difficult to work with suicides (lack of motivation for change)

How does a hypnotherapist treat?

The most important thing to understand is that the hypnotherapist works with the cause of the problem in psychosomatics, and not the consequence. The consequence may be:

  • Consequence: Alcoholism. Reason: rejection of oneself and the world, fear. The desire to run away, to hide.
  • Consequence: Allergy. Reason: Strong discomfort. Repressed emotions.
  • Impact: Stuttering. Reason: Desire to avoid contact (shut your mouth).
  • Consequence: Strabismus. Reason: Reluctance to see the ugly and cruel world around you.
  • Consequence: Incontinence. Reason: the desire to be heard, change your place, take care of you.

Each uncomfortable feeling in its root has a positive intention. We need guilt in order for us to restore justice in relation to someone. Resentment, that we restore justice to ourselves. Anger is to protect oneself. Fear - motivates to leave a dangerous place.

Hypnotherapy Effectiveness

DirectionSpecialistNumber of meetingsPerformance

* Data Source: Medical Recognition of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy Magazine (Vol. 7, No. 1, Alfred A. Barrios, PHD) In ​​1955 the British Medical Association issued a report stating that hypnosis was a valuable medical tool.

Hypnotherapy Modification

Hypnotherapists use hypnosis + age regression for correction. Despite the effectiveness of such hypnotherapy, at the moment I am using my own modified technique.
Working with a feeling of unconditional love, I saw what grandiose changes it gives. A base appears out of love for yourself, for your goals, for your body, for your mistakes. There is the pleasure of living your own life, because you are well with yourself. And all this is only due to the fact that there is a feeling of unconditional love.

Therefore, using a combined approach - hypnotherapy for the correction of psychotrauma and the development of unconditional love to create a base. It turns out a stable and happy personality.

To make it clearer what a feeling of unconditional love is, see my lecture:

Be healthy and happy!
Regards, Oleg.

Hypnosis treatment in Moscow - doctors of the Alliance hypnosis center

Hypnotherapy is an immersion of a person in a special state - trance, which is managed by a specialist (a hypnotherapist or a hypnologist, but not a hypnotist). When we read a book without stopping, we watch a film, absorbed in thoughts so that we don’t notice anything around, we experience a state similar to a trance.

Thanks to hypnotherapy, the client can fully concentrate on his inner world, find and use his own, natural resources to change or better control his life.

You can sign up for a hypnosis session by phone during the working hours of the center (from 10:00 to 21:00) or through the form on the website. The administrator will advise which specialist to choose.

At the Alliance Center, the following hypnotherapists (hypnotherapist) are the best specialists, Moscow. Go to the specialists

You can sign up for psychotherapeutic and clinical (medical) hypnosis, the center also includes modern diagnostic methods (Neurotest, Neurophysiological test system) and treatment (biofeedback therapy, biofeedback).

It is not difficult for an experienced hypnotherapist to work with a group of people - acquaintances (friends, colleagues, relatives) or even strangers. Customers are immersed in their inner world, so work can happen in parallel. A hypnosis session for a married couple helps each spouse to realize their true feelings, feelings and immediately share them with a partner.

On the page "Contacts" you can see detailed instructions on how to get to the center and how to find us. The Hypnosis Clinic in Moscow Alliance operates seven days a week.

Hypnosis treatment of mental illness, the appointment of therapeutic hypnosis by a psychotherapist

Hypnotherapy sessions help to cope with anxiety, phobias (pathological fears), substance dependence (tobacco), sexual dysfunction, a tendency to impulsive actions, and habits that interfere with life. Hypnosis treatment of neurosis is combined with psychotherapy and drug correction. Hypnotherapy improves sleep, helps to cope with difficulties in learning, communication and relationships.

Can gambling addiction, addiction to computer / computer games be cured by hypnosis? Hypnotherapy helps to cope with addiction (no matter what), but there is an important condition: a person should want to get rid of addiction. The wishes of relatives or therapist are not enough - to really change, the client must do the work himself.

Hypnotherapy is used in the complex treatment of pain, it is used for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, skin problems, the disorders that accompany pregnancy, chemotherapy. Dentists resort to the help of a hypnotherapist when their clients are afraid of dental equipment.

All the information that you give to the hypnotherapist is confidential - the Alliance does not disclose information to outsiders (even relatives) without the consent of the client and does not transfer it to other organizations (to work, to dispensaries).

How much does hypnosis treatment for VSD cost? You will find the price for one hypnosis session below. For the treatment of vegetovascular dystonia, a course of therapy will be required. To speed up recovery, it is better to work out psychological problems on an individual psychotherapy, and remove the symptoms of the disorder with medication.

With anxiety, self-doubt, a person does not always remember when he began to constantly worry and worry about nothing. Hypnosis will help to return to old experiences (the psyche can force them out of memory, hide them), talk them out. Together with the therapist, the client decides how justified this anxiety is, how to deal with it. Hypnosis for self-confidence is good because a person finds confidence within himself, learns his strengths and learns to use them.

What is internet hypnosis? The cost of consulting a hypnologist online

Занятие с гипнологом проходит в спокойной, терапевтической обстановке — в отдельном кабинете, в который не проникает шум извне (снаружи естественно тоже не слышно, что происходит на сеансе). For hypnotherapy online (via the Internet, via Skype), it is also important to remain silent so that the therapist and client are not distracted by the noise of repairs in the apartment next door, the screams of children, conversations of relatives or colleagues.

Where do hypnotherapy do online? We conduct hypnosis sessions on Skype, the session time must be agreed in advance with the administrator by phone.

With the help of a therapist, you will achieve a relaxed state and be able to focus on specific things. A specialist will ask you to think about your experience and situations in life in a positive way - this will help change the way you think or act.

The table below shows the price. Hypnosis sessions online are held during working hours of specialists.

Hypnosis from severe pain will allow you to figure out what intensifies the pain, which makes it difficult to relax. If the cause of the pain is not physical (no injury, damage to the internal organ), but mental, hypnotherapy is one of the suitable treatment options.

Hypnotherapy sessions have little to do with colorful descriptions in books or films - the client remains conscious, does not fall asleep, and generally does not lose control of himself. You will hear the therapist's suggestions, but only you decide whether to agree to them or not. A competent hypnotherapist does not cure a person against his will.