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How to recruit followers on YouTube in natural ways


Drive as much traffic as possible to your videos. The bottom line is that now no one knows about your channel. You need to give as much traffic as possible so that more people find out about it. If you have a subscription base in the newsletter service, then write a letter about this video and send it to the database. It will receive views, and some of the subscribers will become subscribers on the YouTube channel. If you have a promoted social. network, do not forget to post videos there. Thus, it’s completely free, I want to note that you can recruit 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

Step 2 - Channel Design

This advice is required if you are wondering: “How to get 1000 subscribers on the YouTube channel?”.

You need to make a quality and proper design. The fact is that the majority, 60 percent of users, subscribe from the main page of the channel. That is, most people subscribe to the channel only after going to the main page.

Therefore, design plays a very large role in the recruitment of subscribers. Make the right header that matches the theme of the channel. Also select a specific style for all previous images in the video. If a certain style is traced there, and not just still frames from the video, this will definitely increase the percentage of subscribing to the channel, I assure you.

Step 3 - Key Queries

Collect at least 50, and preferably 100 key queries for which you will continue to shoot video. The “remove everything in a row” method is not particularly effective. You should be guided by those topics and queries that will be of interest to your target audience. Shoot short videos on these 50-100 topics. They will appear in the search, and your target audience will find you.

Due to this, you will receive new views and, most importantly, new subscribers who will continue to watch your videos. It is very easy to do. Use the two Wordstat services from Yandex and the keyword planner from Google AdWords. With their help, you can find key queries for future videos.

Step 4 - Competitor Analysis

A competent analysis will also help you in resolving the issue of “how to recruit 1000 subscribers on YouTube”. Analyze your competitors. In each subject there are videos that collect more views, and there are videos that collect less views. Analyze the first category. They are more interesting, more traffic goes through them. Read the comments that users post under these videos. Note the flaws. You can fix them already in your videos, and this can greatly improve the quality of your content.

Step 5 - Take off, take off and take off again

If you don’t know how to get 1000 subscribers to the YouTube channel, then your task at this stage is to shoot as many videos as possible and upload them to the channel as often as possible. You have few subscribers so your task is to give them as many chances as possible to find you. Accordingly, the more videos you have on the channel, the more likely your target audience will find them in a search on demand or in relevant, similar videos.

Step 6 - You can neglect the quality of the picture

You can sacrifice the quality of the video. Spending a whole week on professional editing with animation is impractical. Especially at the initial stage. The most important thing is the quality of the content that you provide in your videos. Let your videos be shot on the phone, let them be without professional editing, but the quality of the content, the information that you give, should be at its best. This is your task. It is through the content that you will attract subscribers.

Step 7 - Encourage People to Subscribe

Make a call to subscribe to the channel in each of the videos. If there is no call, most users simply will not subscribe to the channel. They will watch your video and move on. Indeed, it often happens, judge for yourself. We went to the first and second channels, watched the video here and there, and don’t remember which video was the first. And what is the use of this for the author? View only. No, it’s not good, you need subscribers. Therefore, calling in video is the main tool that you must use in order to attract subscribers.

Step 8 - In order to gain 1000 subscribers on the YouTube channel, use social networks

Post your video on as many social networks as possible. Under each YouTube video there is a “share on social networks” button. Be sure to register in these networks and share your video every time you upload to the channel. You may not even have subscribers there. This is not done so that people watch your video, but so that backlinks appear on your video. Then YouTube will see that your video is gaining popularity, distributed on the Internet, respectively, and your channel is gaining strength. Therefore, do not be lazy. This is a matter of only 5 minutes, but it will greatly help in gaining a reference mass.

Step 9 - Don't Give Up!

The last piece of advice I will give you is probably the most important. Do not give up, keep walking toward the goal. It’s difficult to get 1,000 subscribers to the YouTube channel not only technically, but morally. Because there are no subscribers yet, accordingly, views are slow, subscribers are typed slowly, and there is almost no effect. That is, there is no quick result, no earnings, and even moral satisfaction. Therefore, the recruitment of the first thousand subscribers is very difficult in moral terms. Most importantly - do not give up, continue! Shoot a video, don’t give up, and you will see that everything will turn out.

And finally, I would like to wish you good luck in the development of your channels, and also that the question “how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube” should not bother you anymore.

Step # 1. We determine the specifics, profile.

The channel must necessarily have a focus, theme. Choose your type of video and work in this direction:

  1. Interview. As invited guests do not have to be stars or famous persons. Organize conversations, dialogues with a colleague who is an expert in his field, a childhood friend who has relevant knowledge, etc. The main thing is that the story is interesting for the audience.
  2. Instructions, tips, guides. If you are an expert in a particular field, shoot useful videos with professional recommendations, video instructions.
  3. Reviews If you sell products, review them. So you will kill 2 birds with one stone: increase customer loyalty to the product and solve the problem of how to gain subscribers in YouTube for free. If you do not have your own products, disassemble books / building materials / household appliances, yes anything. It is important that you understand the selected area, you can highlight the significant pros and cons.
  4. Stories. Storytelling is gaining momentum. Share entertaining stories with subscribers, explain certain phenomena, etc. Do not forget that you are recording video, not audio. This means that the speaker must be present, use graphic tools.
  5. Entertainment. Here you need to produce high-quality video content that will entertain the viewer. It’s logical that removing cute kittens from issue to issue, you do not entertain youtuber. After all, he wants events, movements, action, bright colors, give them.

Before you post the finished video, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it interesting for the audience.
  2. Is there any benefit from viewing it?
  3. Would you personally share this material?

Step # 2. We design and optimize the channel.

The simplest answer to the question of how to gain subscribers on YouTube from scratch is to properly arrange the channel. Make it attractive. Of great importance here is the design. Let's start with the avatar. It appears in comments, search results, subscriber lists, etc. The best solution is a logo. If you are a beginner blogger and have a personal blog, set a high-quality photo where your face will be clearly visible. The minimum resolution is 800x800 pixels.

Next, proceed to the cover. It’s best to use 2560x1440 pixels for it. Please note that the basic information on it should be placed in the center. Then, when displayed on any devices and browser versions, the content will not be lost, and the image will be distorted. The template, which is presented below, will allow you to navigate:

The design also applies to playlists, with their help you can:

  1. Build clear navigation.
  2. Stimulate extra views. When the viewer sees that all publications are interconnected with each other and are in the same series, the chances are increased that they will watch the entire series at once.
  3. On the main page, make sections.

To organize a playlist, do the following: open a creative studio, then the playlists section, create a new playlist and enter a name for it with a relevant key, then select the privacy settings and click "Create".

Now customizable. In the "Basic" we make adjustments to confidentiality.

In "Autoadd" we configure the automatic addition of clips to the created playlist, if it meets a number of requirements. For example, if you created a playlist about Toys, you can configure the rules so that all videos where the word “toys” is in the title, tags or description will fall into this playlist.

In the "Co-authors", activate the slider, as shown below. Then we send the link to users to whom you grant the right to use the finished material.

Now you can fill out the playlist, it's ready!

Channel design also relates to the organization of sections. For them, use the instructions:

  1. We open the main page and under the cover, on the right side, select “Navigation Settings”.
  2. Further “Settings”, view of the “Overview” page.
  3. Click "Add Section".
  4. In the menu, we configure the content (video, playlists, channels or actions) and its location (horizontally or vertically).

  1. Save the changes.

Only 10 sections are displayed on the main one, so use the available space as economically as possible. Try different layouts and types of content to achieve the perfect design.

The next important point is the trailer. This is an effective tool, an indispensable part of the mechanism, how to recruit followers on YouTube. Its purpose is to tell new users about your content, to stimulate them to subscribe. Its characteristics: brevity, novelty, informativeness, the presence of a call to action. The trailer is added as follows:

  1. Download the desired video.
  2. Turn on the channel overview.
  3. On the main one, select "For new users", then "Trailer".

  1. Paste the link to the video trailer.
  2. Save the changes.

Step # 3. Optimization.

The scheme of how to gain a lot of subscribers in YouTube involves optimizing the video material. Video hosting ranking is based on the following criteria: incoming links, embedding on third-party resources, duration, rating, etc. Given this, before downloading, we perform the optimization:

  1. The names of the video and the uploaded file must contain a key phrase. This will allow the service to understand what it is about. When users search for video material, the first thing they see is its name, so requirements are imposed on it such as conciseness, capacity, information content and attractiveness. The character limit is 100.
  2. Configure the main parameters at boot: open access, add to the playlist, select a category, the ability to leave comments, check the option of embedding on third-party resources, specify the location and language.

Work with description

The maximum length of the narrative is 5000 characters. Pay attention to the first sentences, write down the main keys in them, because search engines and social networks will use the first 100-150 characters as a snippet. Also, when the user opens the video, he sees only 157 characters. Make them as attractive and interesting as possible so that you want to open the "More" and read on.

It is very useful to make time stamps so that the viewer can scroll at the right time, go to the most interesting part for him. It looks like this:

Setting default downloads

If you’re seriously determined to master the truth of how to get 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and plan to upload many videos, this item is important. Once you set the load, you save yourself from having to manually prescribe it each time. To do this, open "Creative Studio" - "Channel" - "Download", as shown in the figure:

Thus, it is possible to form a single lower part for all the rollers. You can insert into the description: links to profiles in social networks, link for subscribing to a channel, product description, etc.

Making icon

Video hosting offers its own icons for each material - these are 3 frames that are selected randomly. To “cling” to the viewer, you need to come up with an eye-catching icon, which will also allow you to create a single individual style for the channel. For this:

  1. Open the manager and select the desired material.
  2. Click “Own Icon”, it’s best if the resolution is from 1280 * 720 pixels, and the size is no more than 2 MB.

We use tags

Tags help YouTube’s search algorithms capture the meaning of the video and improve the accuracy of search results for users. How to register tags correctly:

  1. Consider relevance. Use the most appropriate single words and phrases.
  2. Key keys should be at the beginning.
  3. The bigger, the better.
  4. Part can be borrowed from competitors.

By changing this tool, you can configure a number of important parameters:

  1. yt: crop = 16: 9 removes black margins and changes the format to 16: 9.
  2. yt: cc = on launches subtitles.
  3. yt: quality = high sets HD quality.
  4. yt: crop = off turn off the crop option, etc.

Step # 4. Configure Recommended Content.

This option is an incentive for viewers to watch additional channel video materials. To configure, do the following:

  1. We open a creative studio, in the channel section, select “Recommended content” and “Promotion of content”, as shown below:
  2. Here you need to choose the promotion of a particular video or the last loaded one. As an example, we will analyze the second option.
  3. We indicate in which moment the link to the selected video material should be displayed and activate the optimization option, as shown in the picture below. After that, click "Update" to save the changes.

Optimization allows the service to automatically select the display time based on the user behavior of the audience.

Step # 5. We set up "Corporate Identity".

In order for each downloaded video to have a channel logo, you must configure this option. We go into the manager - "Corporate Identity" - upload the logo. Use images with a minimum resolution of 800 * 800 pixels and a maximum size of 1 megabyte. Some experts recommend using the .PNG format with a transparent background, but it all depends on the features of your picture.

After loading, set the display time, as shown below:

Click "Update" to save the changes. If the logo looks smaller on the preview - do not worry, it will be larger when playing the video. Customizing your corporate identity provides another advantage - when a person hovers over the logo, the “Subscribe” button will appear.

To summarize

Above are the main points that must be considered when promoting videos on YouTube and work to increase subscribers. Make your channel effective, experiment and combine various tools. Do not forget that there is no universal tool, as each blog has individual features. It is important to keep abreast of the latest trends and new products. Regularly read publications, watch current collections, take an example from successful bloggers, copy their chips to the benefit of your brainchild.

How much YouTube pays for 1,000,000 views

It would seem that if a channel earns $ 2 on average for 1,000 views, then $ 2,000 for a million views. But this is far from the case. The exact amount for 100,000 views is also impossible to calculate.

Subjects, subscribers, advertising, because in addition to affiliate programs, a channel can also earn from advertising various goods and services. But on average, you can get $ 1,000 for one million views.

This amount is also pretty arbitrary. There are many different services that allow you to see the earnings of a channel. One of the most popular such services is SocialBlade. It allows you to see the earnings of absolutely any channel.

If you take any popular foreign blogger and go to the service to view statistics, you can clearly see what kind of one million views he earns from 250 to 4000 dollars that in general is not bad.

The Internet has entered our lives at full speed and millions of people have already learned how to make money on this global web. Today, there are millions of channels, millions of people go to YouTube to watch their favorite blogger or find a video according to their query.

Video review: how much money you can earn on YouTube

Точную сумму, которую можно заработать на YouTube определить невозможно. Для достойного заработка нужно иметь хотя бы миллион просмотров в месяц.

Кроме партнерских программ на Ютубе зарабатывают и другими всевозможными способами, поэтому стоит запомнить, что просмотры не главное, к чему нужно стремиться. Важно также аудитория канала, покупательская способность и т.д.

In order to earn money on views, you must be connected to an affiliate program, absolutely every user can turn on monetization inside their channel independently and receive commissions directly from YouTube.

If the video was watched by 1000 people, while 25 clicked on an advertisement that costs $ 0.2, then the channel will receive $ 5, respectively, but this happens quite rarely, usually a click costs much less. Earning money on YouTube is not only a pleasant hobby, but also the possibility of a stable income.

Now you know how much YouTube pays for 1000 views and how much YouTube pays for 1,000,000 views, promote your channel and earn big money on it. Good luck to everyone and good earnings!

2. Take care of the studio

You do not need a professional studio, but remember that the quality of the material you provide is a sign of respect for the viewer. Fortunately, an ordinary SLR camera is now enough to ensure HD quality. Also take care of the sound - there is nothing worse than reverb and poorly heard utterances. You do not need to be perfect right away, the audience will surely see your development and appreciate it, but try to get the basics from the very beginning!

3. Create a short welcome video

Introduce yourself! It’s worth attracting the attention that I see in about a minute to the welcome video and showing him why it’s worth staying on your channel longer. Show interesting moments, tell what to expect from your content. The purpose of the film should be to convince the viewer to subscribe - do not let him watch a dozen or so minutes of your various videos on the channel so that he can decide on a subscription. Get his heart from showing the welcome video.

4. Post regularly

It is very important and at the same time very difficult - it requires perseverance, consistency, proper planning and organization. However, it will pay off! Carefully approach the frequency of publication. Think about whether you can add videos every day for the next few years? Maybe it’s better to limit yourself to one video per week? Remember that such a decision determines the schedule of your work for a long time. Tip: communicate loudly about the days and hours of publication - so you can increase the loyalty of the audience.

5. Listen to your viewers

Show that commenting pays off by listening to suggestions from viewers about topics in the next episode or making changes. Join the discussion. This way you will show your audience that you care about their opinions and that you are close to them, in constant contact. Viewers will appreciate it and begin to treat you as a friend.

6. Take care of names, tags, thumbnails, descriptions

Place keywords in headings, video descriptions, and tags. The thumbnail for the video is also very important, as they say: stand out or die. Make it just a thumbnail to encourage you to click on a list of search results. Among other things, using thumbnails you create the first impression for your channel.

7. Use the opportunities that YouTube gives you

An interesting option is also a survey - try to ask your viewers about their opinions on this topic. Group your videos into thematic playlists - this will streamline your content and also allow you to expand the WatchTime indicator, that is, the total length of the videos you watch. Keep updating your channel’s homepage - show the latest videos that are most popular. Do not forget about the aesthetic picture of the main channel, which should also be easy to read on a mobile phone.

8. Encourage your subscription and click on the call

Remind your audience to subscribe to the channel and click on the call to always be notified. If possible, use a graphics layer to emphasize the importance of the theme. Most of the viewers who watch you are probably not subscribing to your channel, so if you think that the “Subscribe to my channel” message in each episode is monotonous and boring, check your channel statistics to see if your subscribers are involved in your videos .

9. Work with other creators

Collaboration with more famous YouTube creators can be a huge leap forward in your channel’s development. However, it is not enough to invite the guest to your place. The point is to really present your channel to a wider audience on the larger YouTuber, that is, get his team. Try to find a common theme, an interesting idea, and offer other creators a joint implementation, and then stay tuned for growing subscriptions.

10. Watch your channel - analytics is important!

All your choices and decisions will be reflected in the channel statistics. Follow everything! Look for addictions - repeat what worked well and refuse to continue what did not produce the expected results. Set the numerical goals that you are striving for - only then will you have a guideline and motivation to continue working on the channel. To stay informed, I recommend the YT Studio application - all the numbers are always at hand.

11. Be consistent, but don't be afraid of experimentation

Earlier clues might indicate that if you decide something, you should stick to it. Yes, BUT ... If you notice that some things do not work, do not continue them in force. Maybe it's time for something new? Do not be afraid to experiment, try new formats, new ways to attract your audience. It is important that you remain united and genuine.