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These practical tips will help your children grow rich and successful.


Many people believe that getting rich is actually not easy. In some ways they are right: hardly wealth can fall down like snow on his head. However, there are 3 insanely easy ways to get rich: learn about them from our article.

At least some people dream of achieving success and financial well-being, almost every person. From early childhood, parents convince us: without education and hard work, there is nothing to think about success. This trick, of course, helps adults get their children to study, but it’s a little trick: to get rich and succeed, you probably won’t need a higher education - even a diploma can’t guarantee that you won’t stay in the end the poor. We did a little research and found out that there are three crazy ways to get rich: in principle, even a teenager can cope with them. You can learn more about these methods by reading our article.

Come up with a site name and sell it

In the age of the Internet, it would be foolish to forget about the very obvious way to make money in virtual space. The idea of ​​this earnings is that you come up with an original, memorable, capacious and preferably short name of the domain name of the site and pay for its registration on the network. Success will depend on how much you come up with the original name for the site, and also on how you can wait. A striking example of the fact that in most cases it is better not to rush into the sale is a site called “PIZZA.COM”: the owner came up with this name in 1994, and sold it eight years later for $ 2.5 million. Profits are impressive, aren't they?

Sell ​​items from Chinese online stores

Despite the fact that online stores located in China are very popular today, not everyone knows how to use them. Someone simply does not use the computer and the Internet too confidently, someone simply does not want to wait until the right product finally arrives. The goods presented on most Chinese trading floors are usually practically not sold in ordinary stores: until now, the most original, non-standard jewelry and clothes can be found in foreign online stores. A popular way to make money is to resell these items. You order a batch of the size you need, wait for it and sell it already in your city with a certain intermediary margin. To make sure that the goods will be relevant and will definitely suit your future customers, we recommend that you look into social networks: this is where they often write about fashionable news from China. For some, a big minus will be the need for initial investments, but you can deal with this: if you don’t have too much money, start with goods whose price does not exceed one dollar - as a rule, this is a simple jewelry, office (for example, original curly erasers), antistress souvenirs and trinkets.

Sell ​​very old things at auction

Old things inherited from grandparents can also help you get rich. Your task is to properly disassemble the attic in your house or other deposits where things made in the last century can be. Do not underestimate what seems small and insignificant to you: even if you didn’t find a gramophone or records, but stumbled upon old magazines or postcards, you don’t need to get upset - you can probably find a collector who can easily lay out the right amount for what you think junk. If such things were not found in your house, do not despair: now there are quite a few groups in which such items are given for nothing or for a nominal fee or service (for example, for a chocolate bar).

As you can see, in order to get rich, it is not necessary to have what is called seven spans in the forehead: you can improve your financial situation using fairly simple methods that are available to almost everyone. Sometimes the whole secret of the wealth of quite famous people today is that they look at things differently, not at all like the people around them. For example, what good can be in laziness? Most people will answer that there is nothing useful in it, and it is imperative to get rid of such quality. However, this is not entirely true: laziness can even help you get rich. Tell us how you think: always wealth requires hard, hard work and knowledge, or is it possible to get rich without having remarkable talent and intelligence? Share your opinion in the form of comments on our website, and also do not forget to click on the buttons: you can share our publication on social networks, and then your friends and subscribers will also see it and

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Secrets of parenting

No to mobile phones!
Everyone knows that no modern child can imagine his life without a tablet, computer and mobile phone.

Moreover, all these modern devices teach a person not to plan his time, and the TV imposes wrong behaviors. Therefore, the children of Denis Johnson received their first telephones at 16, and there was no TV in the house. The right goals are from the cradle!
As a rule, every second parent brings up their children with the thought: maybe you're lucky! And from early childhood, children need to help set priorities and achieve goals.

If you send your child a week or two as a volunteer to a homeless shelter penniless in your pocket, the result will not be long in coming: in a week your child will return with a great desire to study and achieve your goals.

  • Not all cartoons are for children.
    Including another cartoon, we see a typical picture: a lazy, licentious, self-righteous peasant rejoices at how he deftly walks around the fingers of others. And here the question arises: would parents like their sons to grow up like this, or did their daughters have such husbands? The answer is obvious. Therefore, do not watch TV. Never.
  • To save - do not spend.
    There is an unwritten rule that many American parents use: save $ 10, and I'll give you another 10.

    When the necessary amount will be collected, you can buy on them only those things that allow the child to develop and move forward: a bicycle, a book, a musical instrument. You can’t buy children something that isn’t used by them and only takes up an unnecessary place - you need to teach them that money can be earned, accumulated and invested.

  • The more you give, the more you get!
    The most important thing is to teach the child respect for his neighbor. It is no accident that the Bible mentions that 10% must be sacrificed. Johnson’s children themselves follow this: they give 10% of every dollar earned to orphans. At the same time, another 25% remains for recreation and entertainment, and the rest goes to the piggy bank - for a happy future and the implementation of ideas.
  • Parents are not an ATM.
    The worst thing parents are doing right now is making hard money to give their children everything that they themselves lacked in childhood. And what we see: children grow up, getting into a world where they can no longer afford to live as they used to.

    Denis Johnson does otherwise: gives the child $ 50 a year for shoes and buys four pairs of jeans. If you want something more - wait for the sale or earn! Of course, the child must be provided with everything necessary, but he needs to try to achieve all the special requirements or desires himself. I love my job!
    When children constantly hear that your boss is a pig, colleagues are rare idiots, and the work itself is very annoying, then from childhood they know only one thing: work is something painful, unpleasant and bad. “Such guys are unlikely to want to work or start their own business,” said Denis Johnson.

    In the family of the most successful woman, children from the age of three begin to do light housework. Thus, they “pay” for their accommodation and meals. Indeed, nothing happens in life for free.

    All these "Wisdom" It’s very easy to put it into practice every day, it’s just that parents often forget about principle when it comes to their children. But it’s not too late to fix everything for the better!

    Remember to share these wise tips with other parents!

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    Has it ever happened that you wanted something, but your parents refused to buy it for you? If you had your money, you could buy everything yourself. There are several ways to get rich. Try to sell unnecessary things, do some work for money, or find a part-time job. In this article we will tell you how to do it.