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How to get pleasure from life - step by step instructions from a healer


Not every woman manages to get true pleasure from intimacy. And this can be reflected not only in relations with a partner, but also in other areas of life. And how to really enjoy sex? Find out!

Why is there no pleasure?

To develop the rules for pleasure, first you need to understand the essence of the sensations experienced during intimacy.

So, why is there no pleasure during sex?

  • Not the right time. If sexual contact does not occur on time, then it will be very difficult for a woman to tune in to enjoyment and relax. She will be tense, irritated, which, of course, will greatly hinder
  • Wrong place. This reason is rather ambiguous, as there is no ideal and universal place, but nevertheless exactly where the partners make love has a direct impact on their feelings, and it is women who are more dependent on it.
  • Extraneous thoughts. Surely many of you have faced this problem: closeness after a hard and difficult working day is usually banal, boring and mundane, as if you are fulfilling another duty, and not the most pleasant one. And this is understandable: thoughts about deeds prevent you from thinking about your partner, about your feelings and emotions.
  • Complexes, dissatisfaction with your body. There are not so many women who are completely satisfied with their appearance and figure; most of the fairer sex consider themselves not very attractive: either the abdomen is not flat, then the hips are too large, then the chest is not as elastic as we would like.
  • Incompatibility with a partner.
  • Incorrect actions during intimacy.

Proper preparation

In order for a woman to get maximum pleasure during sex, you need to prepare for it. Yes Yes exactly! And such preparation is as follows:

  1. Train. Pleasure largely depends on the readiness of the vaginal muscles, because sensations and orgasm are the result of their contractions. And so that the pelvic organs are filled with blood (this enhances the sensuality of this zone), they need to be trained. Firstly, exercises for the press will be useful, they will tighten all the muscles and provide the correct support and location of the uterus. Secondly, the effectiveness of Kegel exercises has long been proven, the essence of which is the consistent tension and contraction of the vaginal muscles.
  2. Tune in. Sensations during sex largely depend on the mood. If you get down to business with a clear understanding that you will receive heavenly pleasure, you will certainly get it. But it is worth remembering that pleasure is not an orgasm, although, of course, for many it is a kind of peak, peak, end point of the path. But don’t make love just for the sake of it, probably this time the intimacy will not end with an orgasm (for example, if your partner is very excited or, on the contrary, tired). Enjoy the process itself, concentrate on the sensations, enjoy every moment!
  3. Do not forget about foreplay, this is a very important part of preparation. It's no secret that a woman needs much more time to “warm up” than a man. That is why when the partner is already experiencing an orgasm, the partner is just starting to approach him. And if a man does not forget about caresses and pays special attention to erogenous zones, then a woman will be more quickly aroused.

Love yourself!

To learn how to make love with pleasure and enjoy intimacy, love yourself. If you have flaws, start working hard today to fix them. Exercise, enroll in a beauty salon for massages and other useful procedures. And, in the end, accept yourself as you are, be aware of your individuality, uniqueness! Yes, even if you have an imperfect figure, but perhaps it is your appetizing forms or feminine sexual hips that your partner likes about you.

Time and place

Start is worth it. It can be anything, the main thing is that it is pleasant and comfortable for you. Someone likes to make love the most in their warm, cozy and soft bed, because here you can relax. And others, on the contrary, are so tired of the bedroom that they are ready to indulge in joys in the most unexpected places, for example, in an elevator, locker rooms, changing rooms. But still, do not go beyond what is permissible, or at least be vigilant so as not to be exposed and caught at the most inopportune moment.

Now about the time. There is no universal council either. But some sexologists and psychologists recommend practicing spontaneous sex for pleasure. For example, when taking a bath, invite a partner and invite him to rub your back. You will see, this will certainly end in sex, which will definitely give you pleasure. And instead of a banal “smack” for the night, you can give your man a long exciting kiss that will excite not only him, but you as well.


The first thing that intimacy should begin with is relaxation. Stop thinking about problems, everyday worries and business. Just drive away all extraneous thoughts away, concentrate on the partner and on your feelings. If you are unable to do this, then refresh some pleasant memories related to an intimate life, for example, sex, which you remember and delivered maximum pleasure.

And one more tip: do not rush and do not worry about the fact that your partner is about to experience an orgasm, and you will be left without it. The main thing is not this. And, in the end, the contact can be repeated after some time, and then you will definitely experience pleasure. In addition, no one canceled oral sex and petting.

No dope!

Doping is understood to mean alcohol, because many people use it to enhance sensations during sex. Yes, he actually helps to relax and feel much bolder, more confident. But at the same time, it dulls all the senses, including pleasure. So making love is best on a "sober head", it is much more pleasant!

Study your body

If you do not know your body, then the partner is all the more unaware of which “buttons” to press in order to bring you to true pleasure. But how to know yourself? Trial and error. You can do this as in splendid isolation (if, for example, you are shy) or together with a partner, which is more exciting and pleasant. Ask your man to play a game called “Find All Erogenous Zones” with you. You will see, he will be carried away by her and will study with enthusiasm and selflessly. And you show that the partner hit the target with the help of an unrestrained expression of emotions or words.

Have sex right

The concept of "right" is very extensible and purely individual. And this is why it is so important to find something that will give pleasure during sex. The most important are the following points:

  1. Pose. Choose a pose in which you will be most pleased. If you want to achieve maximum penetration, then let the man be in the back, and you occupy the knee-elbow position (this pose is known under the popular names “doggy” or “cancer”). If you want to control everything, then sit on top in the "rider" position. And if you want to feel a partner with your whole body, enjoy tactile contact and kisses, then choose a missionary position.
  2. The right rhythm. It is also very individual: if some people like it when a partner moves quickly and abruptly, others prefer softer, slower, gentle and neat movements.
  3. Proper breathing. To have fun during sex, you need to breathe properly. It would seem, where does the breath? Everything is simple. When tissues receive the necessary amount of oxygen, they are saturated with everything necessary. Therefore, if you take the deepest breaths possible, then the pelvic organs will be filled with blood, and, therefore, your sensations will become brighter, and not superficial.

Get full understanding with a partner

To enjoy, choose the right partner. Ideal compatibility in sex is not found as often as we would like, so in order to gradually move towards it, you will have to make efforts. Strive to give pleasure to the partner, and then he will wish the same to you. And do not be afraid to talk about sex, discuss your feelings, express some wishes, but neat and unobtrusive, in the form of affectionate requests, not tips.

If you follow the tips given above, then you can definitely learn how to get pleasure from sex.

Pleasure in human life is the basis of everything

In this article you will learn:

We are living in a time of such severe turbulence. When we are literally “accustomed” to us at an accelerated pace to shift our attention from past paradigms and fix ourselves on a new reality, to enjoy life.

Yes, the time allotted for slowly “swinging” and imposingly guiding ourselves in the projection of new vibrations by millimeter has already passed. Now investigative-temporary processes are accelerated at times. Compared even with the reality of the annual - six months ago. What can we say about the life we ​​lived three to five years ago.

The dimension has changed. From the harsh three-dimensional reality, which implies the foundations of cause and effect fixed by millennia, we swooped down to the fourth and partly even to the fifth dimension. Where new spatial quantities - Time and Love - dictate their conditions. They open up not only for scientists, but also for everyone living on earth a reality whose details are difficult to imagine even for science fiction writers.

Right now, before our eyes, accelerations of cause and effect ties are unfolding, when, it would seem, I just thought, made, experienced some vivid sensations and already received a real response in the surrounding reality. Whether it is a mention, an answer, or even a specific result. Many who are not yet sufficiently aware do not cease to be amazed at the increasing incidence of coincidences or things that are inexplicable from the point of view of their understanding of life.

Joy and lightness are the essence of life

Those who have already embarked on the path of increasing their own vibrations intuitively feel the need to be, to sound in unison with the Planet. The "universal government" has changed. From now on, the vitality for any action and achievement of the result is not given out of struggle and overcoming oneself in difficult conditions. And from the amount of lightness, joy, and permission that a person learned to generate with his own thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and attitude to certain things and to life in general.

It is important to understand that “feeding” energy from the “outlet” of struggle, overcoming, and the survival position as a whole, when “in happiness through pain” no longer works. There is no energy. And that means to act out of habit, gritting your teeth, feeling heaviness and spiritual discomfort in the hope of a "bright future at the end of the tunnel" - means, firstly, to drain your life force into the gateway.

Secondly - to multiply with your emotions and thoughts a similar destructive in your future reality.

And, thirdly, to pump life-giving energy from the future desired event, for the sake of which all these overcomes are made. As a result, why be surprised at that incomprehensible and insulting tastelessness that comes when the result seems to be achieved, but the feeling "as if someone had eaten this candy before you ..."

The purpose of life is pleasure from it, and if it is not?

As a result, many of those who have not yet got along with new speeds are faced with such a strange state when they feel something akin to apathy and lack of pleasure from life. That is, ask such a person what he wants, and he will fall into a sad stupor. Because, as he understands, he does not want anything at all.

Meanwhile, this is a rather dangerous condition, because our desires spin the wheel of life itself. It is they who make the rotor of energies rotate, aimed at obtaining energy and experience here. The absence of desires signals that there is nothing more for the Soul to do here in the earthly incarnation. And it is time for her to return to the Light to the Source.

It is this state that is experienced by a very elderly person who has lived a long life and is ready to go into the subtle world, colors fade, desires disappear, the body and Soul are prepared for the transition. But in our reality, such a feeling is faced by a huge number of middle-aged people, or even young people. And, yes, in cases of neglected depression, lack of energy and a banal desire to live, the Soul chooses a combination of circumstances by which it goes to the subtle plane. Since there is no development for her here anymore.

But in order not to frighten anyone in vain, let's say that really critical cases are given as an example. In all other situations, the process is completely reversible. The main thing is to realize why everything is not so bogged down. Since the causes and effects, as you already learned, these days work at much higher speeds.

Ceased to enjoy life, what is the reason?

So what is the reason for the loss of the pleasure of life and the bogging down in gray colors? Not allowed. Man has not yet been sufficiently reorganized into a new reality. I did not realize that “nutrition” from now on takes place in a completely different “outlet”. To connect to which, you need to relax, feel joy, gratitude and acceptance of life in all its manifestations.

Yes, it takes some time to “reformat” itself, but everything around us is for the good. And as soon as extreme fatigue from the state of struggle and the “I surrender” state, blissful in the light of new vibrations, appears, the Forces of Light will certainly be enveloped in new opportunities and will provide the necessary information in the form that will have the best “assimilation”.

But until this happens, a person repeatedly tries to “recharge” where there is no more energy. Thus, de-energizing yourself and not understanding the reasons for this. While he "burns" a series of failures and similar events, which, in fact, by all means make him understand that he is going the wrong way. He has the feeling that everything is in vain, nothing is working, everything is getting worse and worse. Dreams are smoke, and the desired is impossible.

The state of apathy, which has just rolled up and settled down in a thick viscous fog, called “I do not want anything”, and seizes the true cause. It lies in the fact that a person suddenly believed that he was not worthy. That nothing comes of it, that all is in vain. There is no pleasure in life. What lies ahead is only dusk and lack of blessed paths. This is now not allowing yourself to dream, desire, because "why?" Anyway, after all, there will be nothing ... "

Life does not give pleasure, how to return joy?

What to do? How to regain joy and pleasure of life? Well, based on the foregoing, it is commonplace to "change the outlet." The natural state of any person that was laid in him from the beginning of time. But now it is activated to the utmost, it is to be in a state of joy and ease. Constantly, always.

But, you say, how you will be in lightness and joy if life every day twists into such a tight knot that you can’t breathe. And the goal is only to swallow air, and not to ease with joy, completely. Two things to understand here. Your reality today is the result of the beliefs, thoughts and emotions that you experienced yesterday. Like circles on the water.

How to enjoy life? - a simple recipe!

Choose your reality yourself. You threw into a flat lake surface, for example, cobblestone, and it circled in circles over the reality of the surface of the water, giving rise to consonant excitement and ripples. But every minute of your life, you can choose your reality for tomorrow.

By consciously changing your response to these or other vital "realities." Which, in essence, are not realities at all, but projections into outside your own beliefs and beliefs. Throw a blossoming flower instead of a stone, change your beliefs - the scenery will change.

The second knowledge is that the process of our life here, in the material embodiment, is built on contrasts. Dark shade - light shade, bass - tenor, thunderstorm - sunny, boulder - fluff ... All these are realities of the material world. He also has contrasts in life situations, human actions and other things of a very different orientation. Which can cause us a range of different emotions.

There are many emotions, but there are only two conditions. This is "bad" and "good." And then he mastered the art of harmonious relationships with life, who learned to play in contrasts. Who understood that they will be present constantly in one way or another, but only on his will and confidence that he creates his own reality, the choice depends. How to quickly enjoy life? You can learn to create your reality right now. Fill out the form and receive the video in the mail.

How to enjoy life and have fun

Again. Contrasts exist always, everywhere and in everything. But only a person chooses what to direct his attention to and what kind of emotion to experience. And the emotion already experienced over and over again, constructs the Space. Определяет его вибрации и то, будет ли в нём больше частот со знаком «+» или со знаком «-».

Если вокруг вас происходит что-то, чего вы бы в своей жизни не хотели, ваша задача всеми доступными способами чем быстрее, тем лучше переключить своё внимание с этого нежелаемого. Thus, you block the flow of energy aimed at the embodiment of bad situations in your life in the future. What to switch to? Yes to anything. Do not immediately swing at happiness and joy. How to enjoy life? Simply put your head out the window, close your eyes, inhale the air with your full chest and feel gratitude for the fact that you generally breathe and live.

How to learn to enjoy life?

Give thanks for what is already there. Gratitude is perhaps the most powerful creative highly vibrational force. Pursue the goal at the end of each day to collect at least ten points for which you can be grateful to life. If somehow it doesn’t work out, try for at least a short time to deprive yourself of what you think is familiar and “default” to you. Do not drink when thirsty. And even to close the nose-mouth with the palm of your hand for a while longer, for the sake of what “has reached” faster.

Then accustom yourself to fix small trifles that cause positive emotions in you. A flower on the windowsill, a child’s smile, fresh bedding before going to bed ... There are so many things whose value we don’t realize. But which, being fixed by our attention and gathered by the warmth of perception, are one to one, they kindle in us the light of love for life. Which is expanding and gaining strength.

How to learn to enjoy life? Make yourself a rule in addition to gratitude, summing up the results of each day to write out all the pleasant moments that made you rejoice. Smile and experience warm feelings. Not only will you learn to consciously notice the positive aspects of your life and shift your attention from the negative, while generating high frequencies. So also in the evening re-reading, you will again experience warm feelings and “vibrate” in unison with the creation of welfare. Accelerating the transformation of your reality.

The best pleasures in life

The best pleasures in life are those you dream of. Well, when you get stronger in these practices after a couple of weeks, give yourself permission to dream. Do not immediately sway at Santorini and yachts, so as not to feel the bitterness of unrealizability. Although you now already know that you need to switch from depressing emotions right away. Choose any desired event that warms you at least a little. And start thinking about it as if you are in it all. In the moment of full real execution.

The mistake is to try to build the path from you present to you that which is "there". This will nullify all efforts. Your task is to "see" yourself in the desired state. Concentrate on how you feel in the moment when everything came true. Understand how you feel. What is the expression of your face. What do you see in front of you. How your body is located, what you might hear in doing so. What details surround you, smells and even taste!

Everything is real. The more details are presented from the living of these ideas in a state of lightness and joy, the more the wonderful and sparkling energy of the incarnation is generated. The greater the likelihood that your life will soon change its vector to a set of blessed revolutions. And you will again begin to feel its taste. We care not only about ourselves. We are building the surrounding reality and making this world a better and more joyful place. And this is already quite a serious mission. The importance of which cannot be overestimated. get pleasure of life - This is the primary serious task of every person living on Earth.

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12 secrets to a better orgasm

1. Speak directly about desires. Rid the man of the need to guess what gives you the most pleasure. In order for your beloved to understand that you need an orgasm and that it should contribute to this, you need to take the initiative. Guide, show what you like best. Does not understand hints - explain in words.

2. Remember the sensations. Almost every woman knows the sensations that arise during orgasm during sex. She can experience such things when caressing, erotic or sexual fantasies, masturbation, when washing, riding or riding a bicycle, etc. First, remember how you come to them, and then try to repeat with your partner.

3. Do not think about lunch and repairs. When making love, try to distract from the problems. If your head is occupied with thoughts about what to cook for children for lunch tomorrow, how to quickly make repairs, if the awakened child will not enter the bedroom now, it will be much more difficult to reach a climax. And if this is combined with overwork, troubles in relations with someone close, then you will have to say goodbye to orgasm. First of all, it is psychologically necessary to tune in to pleasure.

4. Do not try to achieve orgasm by willpower. You will not achieve it by tightening your muscles and moving your eyebrows. Calm down and relax as much as possible. Join your man and forget about orgasm, let lovemaking be spontaneous and joyful, and not a race for medals.

5. Forget about quick sex. If a man is able to "shoot back" and get emotional and physical discharge in a few minutes, a woman needs time to experience an orgasm. Let your loved one understand how important a long prelude with the whole arsenal of erotic caresses is. Only after reaching the desired degree of arousal, a woman can get sexual satisfaction. This is especially important if a man regularly finishes intercourse faster than prescribed by the rules of good form.

6. Visit the endocrinologist. If in the past you had a strong sexual desire, but the desire to make love disappeared, despite the fact that the surrounding conditions did not change (you still love your husband, do not experience excessive stress, do not take contraceptives), it is advisable to be examined by an endocrinologist to check the level of hormones.

7. Let the man know that he is the best. When he sees that you are happy with his caresses, he will break into a cake to give you pleasure. You only need to skillfully guide him. To get complete sexual satisfaction, a man needs to feel that he has given pleasure to his beloved. Say, here he is such a champion!

8. Do not imitate an orgasm. This is a dangerous path: a man will decide that everything is so fine and that no additional efforts are needed.

9. Learn to feel your man. Watch him. If you think that the moment is good in order to "pester" with your desires - act. When a sexual impulse comes from a woman, the likelihood of mutual enjoyment is much greater than when it comes from a man. If you see that he is tired, try to understand, do not demand the impossible. Of course, he can gather his will into a fist and try not to fall into the mud with his face. But with you, he wants to be what he really is. After all, you love him like that?

10. Read about what an orgasm is. Scientists have about 17 types of female orgasms - from the clitoral to the uterine and anal. Understand the theoretical basis to understand that you are doing better.

11. Train alone. After reading about different types of orgasms, try practicing alone. Relax, turn on the adult film, dream up. By learning to do it yourself, you can more accurately understand what you expect from making love to a man.

12. Understand why you need sex at all. The purpose of sex is to bring joy into your life, to give each other your energy. The feeling of satisfaction largely depends on spiritual contact, a community of interests, the ability to share intimate experiences, the sensation that a man and a woman are desired by each other. True, men for the most part are able to get an orgasm even with a woman they do not like. With a fair floor, everything is different. A woman should feel in a man, if not a hero, then, in any case, a person whom he respects and receives reciprocal attention to himself. In other words, only a man who makes your heart beat harder can bring you to the most important moment of bliss.