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Top 20 jokes, how to play April 1 work colleagues


April 1 is a day of laughter and fun, practical jokes and surprises. It is on this day that joking is not only possible, but necessary. A good and funny joke will certainly cheer you up and leave good memories. April Fool's Day is not marked in the official holiday calendar, but, nevertheless, it is popular in almost all countries of the world. April 1 is April Fool's Day, therefore it should bring joy and fun to every person’s life, therefore, jokes and rallies should not be malicious or humiliate a person’s dignity. On April 1st, you can joke and organize jokes for your relatives, friends or colleagues, and you must be prepared that someone will certainly joke on you.

April Fools' Day is celebrated in many countries of the world. So in the USA, this holiday is called the “holiday of the heart”, in Italy - “April Fools Day”, in England - “Doodle”, “April Fool's Day”, and in our country - “April Fool's Day”. Each of the countries on this day adheres to its traditions, which must definitely cheer up others. Considering that April 1 is celebrated by many states, it is difficult and almost impossible to find out the "homeland" of the holiday.

April 1 - the day of laughter and fun

April 1 - the history of the holiday

April Fool’s Day can be called the most unusual, because it is April 1 that you can turn on fantasy and have fun with your friends, relatives, colleagues or strangers who will definitely smile in response to a joke or rally. Throughout the history of this holiday, a lot of events took place, thousands of practical jokes and jokes were invented, which are popular in many countries of the world. But no one can accurately answer where and when the "Festival of Jokes and Fun" was born, because there are several versions of its origin.

In Russia, the feast of jokes was introduced by Peter I, who held the first mass rally in Moscow in the 18th century. Residents of the city were invited to the performance by visiting actors from Germany, who were told that during the performance one of them would climb into a bottle. At the end of the performance, all the people were waiting for the actor to get into the bottle, but together they saw a big table with the inscription “The first of April - not believing anyone”.

In pagan Russia, April Fool's Day was celebrated as the time of Brownie's awakening. Many believed that he, together with spirits and animals, fell into hibernation, and on April 1 woke up. On this day, everyone had fun, dressed ridiculous outfits, joked and "fool around."

There is another version of the origin of the holiday, which dates back to the 16th century by Charles 9. It was he who compiled the calendar from Victorian to Gregorian in France, so the New Year began to be celebrated not on January 1, but in March. New Year's week began on March 25, and ended on April 1. Some were conservative about such changes, and those who adhered to the new style and had fun all week were called "April Fools."

Particularly popular was the “April Fool's Day” in the 18th century in England and Scotland. On this day, people made fun of each other, gave meaningless instructions to others, which they laughed merrily at.

In India, the festival of laughter is celebrated on March 31. People joke at each other a lot, cover themselves with colorful paints, throw spices, jump over a fire and at the same time celebrate the beginning of spring.

Drawings for colleagues

To play your colleagues, boss or subordinates on April 1 is a holy thing. After all, if you do not do this first, then someone will definitely get ahead of you. There are a large number of jokes and practical jokes for colleagues at work that will amuse the whole team well.

Draws among colleagues and employees

April 1 draw: "For the curious."

Such a draw is well suited for a curious colleague who always wants to be in the center of all the events in the office. For the draw you will need a small cardboard box in which you need to remove the bottom, but the top should open. Put the box in a prominent place and put a lot of candy inside. You must leave a large intriguing inscription on the box, for example: “personal photos” or “do not touch your hands” or any other intriguing entry. When the “victim” of the rally enters the room, she will definitely pay attention to the box and the inscription. You at this moment need to leave the office. The curiosity of the remaining person in the room will take up, and after a few minutes, as you leave the office, you will definitely want to see what are you hiding? At the moment when they take up the box without the bottom, all its contents are poured onto the floor. At this moment, and when you enter the office and look at the face of your curious colleague, you can immediately grab a broom and a scoop.

April Fool’s draw “TOILET”

Among office workers, jokes with a toilet are considered to be a fairly popular draw. Such jokes are funny, but a little tough. For example: on the morning of April 1 at the office, where a large number of people usually gather, hang the inscription “Toilet”. Imagine that everyone who is looking for a toilet will go into the office each time and ask several times: “Oh, this is not a toilet!”, “Where is the toilet?”, “Tell me, please, where is the toilet.” Nerves, of course, “sacrifices” will be at the limit, but, but everyone else will have fun.

Change the labels in the women's and men's restrooms

The second joke with the toilet consists in the fact that you need to change the plates on the doors of the toilet in advance. The staff will be confused all day.

Probably one of the toughest jokes among colleagues is when, when you come to the toilet, you notice or don’t notice that the top of the toilet is wrapped in a transparent film or tape. Someone thinks not only to wrap the toilet bowl with tape, but also to unscrew the light bulb. One can only guess about the consequences!

Prank with computer

Try to get to work early, conjure your colleagues over computers, but do not delete important files. You can stick the bear with tape, or change the picture on the desktop for everyone, change the mouse settings, disconnect the cable from the computer and run away. Return to your office with your colleagues. Half an hour of panic colleagues, guaranteed.

Joke with glue and keyboard

For fun, you need PVA glue. Pour a small amount of glue onto the paper, wait a few hours for it to dry well. Then take it, gently tear off the finished stain and put it on the computer keyboard. When a person enters the room, he will have the impression that something was spilled on his computer. The joke was a success!

Joke with PVA glue

Telephone Prank.

No less popular draws among colleagues are considered telephone. Using a phone call, you can not only make a joke about a person, but also lead him into hysteria. Therefore, you need to choose not too hard, but funny jokes.

Telephone Prank

Both mobile phones and landlines can become a drawing tool.

Joke 1. Take a transparent adhesive tape and stick a tube microphone over it. As a result, it will be possible to observe a person who will not be able to shout to the interlocutor.

Joke 2. For the second joke, you also need tape. Before starting the day, seal the handset lever. As a result, when someone calls the phone, the call will work even when the phone goes off-hook. Most immediately guess what the reason for such a long call, but you still get your portion of fun.

Joke 3. Not a bad option are jokes with a mobile phone to which you can send various SMS. For example, that a person has stitched a loan and his case has been submitted to court, which in the future will result in confiscation of property. After such an SMS, the heart will definitely beat and the face will change. Even those people who do not have loans in the bank, immediately begin to worry. You can also send SMS with the following content: “Dear subscriber, your number is blocked due to squandering state secrets! “SMS-Service-Center”. The man here will start to panic and check his phone number. You can send SMS of various nature, the main thing is that after reading the person get excited, and then laughed together with you.

April Fools rallies for friends

April Fools' jokes are good to use on your friends. After all, everyone knows the reaction of a friend to a particular joke. Some of their friends choose a few tough jokes, but a person who has a good sense of humor will certainly cheer up and take revenge on a no less tough joke. But the measure should always be, otherwise you can lose a friend.

April Fools rallies among friends

Draw the Thread

For the draw you will need a spool of thread. Put it in your pocket, but so that the death of the thread sticks out and is noticeable. Someone from friends will surely notice a sticking thread, and want to remove it, and here the most interesting and funny thing will start when a person will endlessly take the thread from you.

Joke with chalk

For this joke, you need to smear your hand with chalk, go up to a friend and, in a friendly way, pat on the shoulder. Then honestly admit that he has a white back. Of course, they won’t believe you and say: “Yeah, I know, on April 1, I don’t believe anyone.” A friend’s back is really white from chalk!

The little salt joke

Ask a friend to visit, cook dinner, but before that, take a salt shaker and pour in it fine sugar. When serving lunch, say that you forgot to salt the food and that the “victim” herself added salt. Knowing that salt is in front of you, few people think of checking the salt shaker. Such a joke is often used, but given that sugar is added to hot or main dishes instead of salt, lunch will be ruined.

Problem shoes.

In order for the joke to succeed, you need to ask a friend to visit when he is sitting in the room, take a sheet of paper or a small piece of cotton wool and put it in a friend’s boot. The paper should not stick out from the boot, it needs to be thrust well into the toe of the boot. When a friend goes home and puts on his shoes, he will find it uncomfortable. In such cases, there are 2 options, or he will not be able to put it on or put it on and go, but after a couple of minutes he will definitely feel something is amiss.

Draw: “SMOKED”

Such a draw is hopelessly dilapidated, but the effect of it is amazing. To make such a joke, you will need accomplices, and the person who smokes should act as a “victim”. You will need to buy new cigarettes and during friendly gatherings to offer them to a smoking friend. With other friends, you need to agree in advance so that they help in the drawing. So, after the “victim of a joke” smokes a cigarette, do something to surprise a person: run a cat into the room, let the parrot out of the cage or find a chicken and let it go for a walk around the room. The main thing is that you and all other friends should pretend that they do not see anyone, and everything that is happening in the room is visible only to the person who smoked your cigarette. The expression on the face of a friend and the reaction to what is happening will definitely cheer everyone up. Of course, then we must admit that this is only a joke, not a hallucination.

Jokes on April 1: "ELK!"

Such an April Fools ’draw requires acting talent and emancipation, and it must also be carried out by several friends. In the process of drawing one of the friends must portray the moose. He folds his fingers in a fan, puts his hands to his head and runs with a cry: "I am a moose!", "Let the moose go!" You need to run near a large crowd of people, it can be a hostel or a stop. After the “moose” has run, other guys run near the same people and pretending to be hunters, asking passers-by: “Didn’t they see the moose”, “The moose did not run?” The result is amazing. Surrounding in shock, the joke was a success and will be remembered for a long time, both by the "moose" and the "hunters" and passers-by.

April 1 - time to play a friend

Phone draw

The following idea is considered a good way to make fun of a friend. But for such a draw, you need to prepare in advance and buy the panel itself from the phone. Pick a convenient moment and ask your friend for a phone to make a call. Put the phone in your pocket and pretend that you are talking on the phone, but take a pre-prepared panel. Pretend that you are fighting with someone on the phone, and then, initiating anger, throw the phone on the asphalt, you can trample on it a little. Success guaranteed. The joke was a success. The owner of the phone will come to his senses for a long time after what he has done.

The joke "the ceiling is falling"

Such a draw is often conducted by students in the hostel. The first thing you need is to choose the “victim” of the joke. When she falls asleep, take a white sheet with your friends and spread it over the sleeping person. Then loudly call him: “Name .... Get up the ceiling is falling! ” A person through a dream will not exactly understand what happened, but he will not be afraid in earnest.

Draw with a drill

We find an object for fun, take a drill and turn it on several times in front of it. Then we distract his attention, we go behind and poke a finger in the back and start the drill. The effect is amazing! The joke was a success, only the “victim” will long depart from such a joke.

Drawings for your beloved family

April Fools' Day is a great time to play your family out, but you need to get up as early as possible so that someone doesn't get ahead of you. You can prepare for jokes in the evening, but so that no one notices that you are cooking something.

How to prank your family

Soap draw

Soap and transparent nail polish will be a great idea for the draw. In the evening, on the eve of the holiday, when everyone has already fallen asleep in the house, you need to go into the bathroom, take soap and apply transparent nail polish to it. In the morning, the result will be noticeable when someone first goes to the bathroom. How many soap did not soap, or did not wet it in water, it will not foam. Man at a loss what is! The joke will turn out at 100%.

Joke with colorless varnish and soap

Draw "Thread - insect"

You can make a joke to your family on the evening of April 1, when one of the household goes to the bathroom before going to bed. Your actions must be prepared in advance. Take a long thread, put it under the sheet, and bring the end of the thread outside the room. When a person gets into bed, you need to carefully pull the thread, pulling it out from under the sheets. The feeling of an “insect” climbing into a bed will leave even a person with a steel psyche indifferent. The joke will turn out for sure and will be remembered for a long time in the memory of the “victim”, and you will laugh for a long time.

A joke with a mattress

Such a joke can be held on the same evening of April 1, but only when a person is soundly asleep. You will need the help of another person. Take the sleeping person with the mattress and gently put it on the floor from the bed. Then quickly wake up the person and watch how the person tries to jump from the mattress to his feet, thinking that he is on the bed.

Toothpaste draw

For such a draw you need to prepare in the evening or early in the morning on April 1. While everyone is sleeping, you can press cream or pour sugar or salt into a tube of toothpaste with a syringe. The result will be obvious after someone first goes to the bathroom to brush their teeth.

The second draw in the bathroom is gluing a toothbrush, toothpaste or cup with tape. In the morning, a person who is not quite awake will be surprised at such a phenomenon.

Joke "A bunch of objects"

You can play a brother or sister with the help of several objects that need to be connected together and tied to a door handle. A joke will turn out only if the door to the room opens outward. Tie several items together, you can use tape or thread. As objects, take everything that does not beat, but rings: pens, toys, piece of iron. Tie them to the door handle and quickly hide. When the “victim” of the draw opens the door to the room, then all objects will fly apart, there will be a complete pogrom. Just watch, so you don’t get from your older brother or sister for such a joke.

Prank for husband

A good joke that will help not only cheer up on April Fool's Day, but also test your husband or young man. For a joke, you need a doll with an example of the size of a real baby. Take the doll, wrap it well, put it in the basket and leave it near the door, you can also leave a note, as if from a real mother - dad. Putting the doll near the door, ring the bell and run down the floor. When the husband opens the door, start to climb the stairs, as if you are coming back from somewhere and say out loud: "What some crazy woman almost knocked you off your feet." It is interesting to look at the facial expression of a man and, of course, listen to excuses.

Prank for wife

An original and fun idea to play your wife will be a joke with a shower, but you need to prepare for it in advance. When the wife will sleep, take a cube of chicken broth or food coloring, unscrew the spray bottle in the shower and insert the previously prepared coloring there. You can wake up a wife! After a sweet sleep, a woman will run to take a shower, and then together with water a broth or paint of bright color will pour on her. The wife will be horrified, and your joke will turn out at 100%.

In the same way, you can joke when a woman will draw water into a teapot or wash her face. Но в таком случае лучше использовать пищевой краситель.

Розыгрыш с кастрюлей

Для розыгрыша понадобится кастрюля или банка наполненные водой. Возьмите лист бумаги, поставьте сверху на кастрюлю и быстренько переверните верх дном. Ставится такая кастрюля с «приколом» на ровную поверхность. Вода из кастрюли вытекать не будет. When the person you want to play enters the room and takes the inverted pan away, he will immediately want to pick it up. The result is clear, you have to change clothes for sure. You don’t need to pour a lot of water into the pot, otherwise you will have to make repairs to the neighbors.

Joke with "manicure"

Not a bad joke, but it must be done on a person with a good sense of humor. When the husband, brother or dad falls asleep, take a nail polish and make him a manicure. Then set the alarm clock 30 minutes ahead. In the morning, a man may not immediately notice his manicure, as he will rush to work in a hurry. But having come to work, or driving a car or in transport, he will surely take his nails away. The joke was a success, but if a man has a bad mood or does not have a sense of humor, then wait for a scandal.

"Unusual umbrella" draw

Such a joke should be done only when it rains on April 1st. Prepare plenty of candy in advance and sprinkle inside the umbrella. When a person goes outside and opens an umbrella, its contents will sprinkle on him.

Sewing joke

One of the old and good ways of drawing, which is often carried out in children's camps, but also on April Fool's Day, it will be appropriate. When the “victim” of the rally falls asleep, take a needle and thread and carefully sew along the edges of your pajamas to the bed. Just do not miss the moment when a person will wake up, otherwise miss the most interesting.

Joke with slippers

Such a rally can be done either in a dormitory or at home with your household. When everyone is asleep, glue the slippers to the floor.

Lotteries for classmates

Schoolchildren are very fond of the day of laughter, who always do not mind playing pranks and fooling around, especially since on such a day they don’t really punish what they have done. On this day, all schoolchildren are very attentive and are sure to wait for a ride from their peers.

It is important to remember that when choosing a particular rally, you need to remember that any joke should not offend another child, although children are sometimes too cruel, so this day you need to be extremely careful not only to schoolchildren, but also to teachers, who also often become the object of fun.

April 1 - it's time to joke at school

Raffle with paper

On the eve of the holiday, you need to prepare two or more pieces of paper with different inscriptions, you can write: “The school has repairs”, “There is no water”, “The toilet is under repair”, “April 1 - lessons are canceled” or other interesting inscriptions that will attract schoolchildren’s attention . Such inscriptions can be glued everywhere, the main thing is that you do not get caught by teachers, otherwise it will not be a joke.

Brick joke

We select a potential victim who has a large school backpack with multiple pockets. Find the brick and when the “victims” of the joke will not be in the classroom, hide the brick in a backpack. At the end of the lessons, the student automatically takes and puts on the backpack, without attaching much attention to the fact that it is much heavier. What will be at home, he will tell the next day.

Joke "You were kicked out of school!"

Such a draw should only be carried out on those classmates who rarely attend school. On April 1, call a classmate or write a letter as if from a teacher to parents telling them that their son will be kicked out of school, and hand it to the “truant,” but be sure to tell him to pass it on to his parents. ” Together letters can make a call, as if on behalf of a teacher.

A joke with soap and a blackboard

If you are not afraid of the anger of teachers, you can rub the board with soap before the lesson. After which the chalk will not write on the board at all.

Lottery "With matches and soot"

This kind of joke is best done on your friend or person who has a good sense of humor. And so you need to take 15 matches, completely burn them. The remaining ash should be coated with one or two hands. Then choose a potential “victim”, go back and close your eyes. A person, of course, will guess who is behind. Then you release the “sacrifice”, but just hide your hands in your pockets and look at the person’s face - it will be black.

How to play passersby

April 1 is a day of laughter and fun, so you can play not only your friends or relatives, but also strangers. Although here you need to be extremely careful. It is difficult to guess the reaction to the joke, so you need to be extremely careful so as not to run into trouble.

Metro raffle

If the city has a subway, you can do the following joke. The result is guaranteed. Come into the car when the electric train starts, pretend that you pressed the button to the driver and say loudly: “Please bring a large pizza with bacon and cola”, then calmly sit on the chair. At the next stop, a friend with whom you agreed in advance should enter the car and bring pizza and cola. You settle accounts with him, take the order, he leaves. People who pay attention to such a “miracle” will be shocked, but that is not all. Get up, go to the same button and, as if referring to the driver, say: "To the end, without stopping." The result is guaranteed!

Lottery with elevator

Take a small table, put it in the elevator, cover with a tablecloth, put flowers, a vase, coffee and wait for your "victim". When a person presses the elevator button and the door opens in front of him, you can say: “Why are you breaking into my apartment” or any other phrase. Enough and what he saw to surprise a person.

Lottery "Whiskas"

To play strangers and attract attention can be as follows. Take the package from under the dog food, pour in cereal or Nesquik. When you go in transport, take out the package as if with food for animals and start eating, you can offer such a treat to a neighbor in the armchair. The draw will turn out for sure.

Finally, we suggest watching the video “How can I make fun of friends and family”

List of fun and harmless draws by colleagues

The most popular draws for employees at work are various jokes with a computer on April 1.

Because most office dwellers only know a computer at the user level.

Disabled screen icons

While the host computer is not in place, on your computer make a PrintSrceen of the screen, save it on your computer and make a background image for the desktop. Select all the icons on the desktop and drag them out of the screen with the mouse. To increase the effect, you can remove the taskbar along with the icons. When an unfortunate user sits down at his workplace and starts clicking on the familiar monitor icons, nothing will happen. Only “ordering the icons by ...” and changing the background will help.

You can go further and first create folders and documents on the desktop with provocative names such as “My selection of erotic lingerie”, “Vacation with Volodya”, “Vacation with Mikhail”, “How to sit up with the boss.doc”, etc. Seeing the desktop, a colleague will first think where these folders came from, and then try to delete them. What will be the surprise when she or he discovers that the folders are not clickable. It is also very interesting to observe the spiritual torment of the victim, because, on the one hand, you need to seek help, and on the other, it is unlikely that colleagues will believe that "this is not mine, it somehow appeared on its own."

Live mouse

Slide the chair under the table and use a strong rope to tie the tail of the computer mouse to the chair in a tight fit. When the victim begins to move the chair, the mouse will crawl away from him. The first 20 minutes, a colleague will be in a misunderstanding of the situation.

Naughty computer mouse

This rally can be done in the office, where computers are opposite each other (this arrangement is quite common). All that is required of you is, before your colleagues come, switch the mouse from one computer to another and vice versa. Then you can enjoy the effect when your workmates turn on their computers and start working at the same time. Expressions of their faces can amuse you greatly.

You can also swap the functions of the buttons (left-handed mode).

Keyboard draw

Take out a few keys with letters on the colleague’s keyboard and swap them. Two or three is enough. Removing the keys from their usual places is easy, you just pick them up with a ruler or the tips of a stationery scissors. When a comrade sees that not a coherent text comes out from under his hand, but abracadabra, a complex expression will appear on his face. Perhaps he will start turning the keyboard this way and that way, shaking it and even looking at it for some reason.

Paper clip

Take an ordinary paper clip and straighten it so that there is an imitation that the paper clip fastens the sheets, and only its half is visible. Break off one part, put it in the corner of the scanner and make several tens of “copies” of the paper clip. Put these sheets of paper back in the copier tray. Having made a copy, your colleague will find a paper clip on the documents and decide that he forgot to remove it from the document. Seeing that there is nothing on the papers, he will make another copy. Then he will study the scanner itself, having not found anything, will try to print again. The process is very fun to watch from the side and even shoot on the phone.

But there are other fun April Fools jokes for the office.

This is whose 5000 rubles

You can go into the office of your colleagues and, sending an amazed look under the table, ask an innocent question: “Oh, someone dropped 5 thousand. Whose is this? ” Be sure everyone will rush under the table! And you just have to laugh and congratulate everyone on April 1.

Draw "Toilet"

This is a draw on April 1 in an institution where there are many visitors. On the door of one of the offices attach a sign (leaflet) with the inscription “Toilet”. Imagine: a door constantly opens and another visitor bursts in, looking at everyone with surprise and muttering something unintelligible such as: “Oh, sorry!”, “This is not a toilet!”, “And where is the toilet?”. Thus, you will play both colleagues and visitors of your office.

Glasses of water

Put 15-20 plastic cups in a row on the victim's desktop, fasten them with a stapler in one line. Fill the brim with water. Taking one cup, your colleague will inevitably spill liquid from the neighboring ones, quietly curse and put it in its place. And then two options are possible: either he will manually pull out the paper clips from all the glasses, or he will call for the help of other employees to go to the nearest toilet bound in one chain.

Box without bottom

The long-known April Fools Day draw at work for the curious, which is still in effect.

On a tall cabinet, place a small box with an opening top, but without a bottom. Outside on the box, stick a bright, noticeable from afar inscription - for example, PROMISES, DO NOT TOUCH WITH HANDS, etc. Box filled with confetti. The “victim”, seeing the box with the defiant inscription, takes it off the cabinet to look inside. But the box is without a bottom. Salute. Return to the room with a broom and a dustpan for the curious.

Another fun box

Take a large box with which it would be difficult to go through the door. On top, make a slot, and on one side you make an inscription. For example, "Help raise money for a sex change operation." Or “Not enough on Lexus. Help someone than he can. ” Come up, do not skimp on imagination! Next, take the box with the inscription to you. You get stuck in the doorway. And ask your colleague, heading to your door, to hold the damned box, otherwise you will be urgently called by your boss. Help a friend squeeze through the door and run away. The inscription on the box is visible to everyone! Everyone laughs or, giggling, whispering, but the poor fellow cannot understand what is the matter.

Draw for secretary or office manager

The person being called is called from the next office and is informed in a serious, strict voice that this telephone exchange is cleaning the wires with a special steam. We urgently need to wind all the handsets in the office with polyethylene (or just put them on the floor). If the “victim” believes, wait until she does this with all the office telephones.

Popular draws on April 1 with a photo

1. The latest technology.

2. All employees are afraid of this - lack of paper in the toilet. Make their worst fears come true.

3. Start the morning with colleagues reading newspapers.

4. Raffle with balls.

5. Stick tape on the optical mouse sensor.

6. Change the M and F icons on the toilet door.

7. Grow cat weed on a decommissioned or old keyboard and change to the laziest of your colleagues.

8. Cover with a large piece of cling film the most important items on the victim’s desktop - the phone, keyboard, mouse ... The rest - the monitor, organizer, calendars - put on top. A similar option is to stick something to the table with double-sided tape.

9. For those who own a little Photoshop, make your head in a bank.

10. Glue the chief's car with colorful stickers.

A good rally should not offend, insult or humiliate colleagues. Nor should it cause moral or material damage.

All the consequences of jokes should be easily eliminated. And most importantly, the rally or joke should be such that the one you played can laugh with everyone when everything is revealed.