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Flash mob - how to spend, what flash mobs are, how to organize a flash mob


Flash mob. how to organize a flash mob in your city, office, school

Such a phenomenon of social activity as a flash mob does not lose its relevance these days (from the English flash mob - flash - flash, moment, instant, mob - crowd). With the help of this public event, you can attract the attention of surrounding citizens or authorities to any significant problem, or you can not attract it by turning this project into a practical joke or joke.

Organizing a flash mob these days is easy enough. Just come up with

scenario of action and choose the necessary accessories, for example, umbrellas or balloons, which are used in a specific space-time segment. The most difficult thing is to find like-minded people for the successful implementation of this theatrical action. You can attract your friends and like-minded people, which guarantees the almost complete success of the event. But more often they use social networks to recruit unfamiliar volunteers. The effect of unpredictability and surprise is obtained, but in this case there is every chance of a flash mob failure due to inconsistent actions of unfamiliar people. Any social network where you are registered is suitable for collecting like-minded people. It’s enough to “give up a cry” and by the end of the day you will have already recruited a couple of dozen volunteers who are ready to shame with you.

The main strategy of a flash mob is to maximize the synchronization of the actions and roles of all its participants, as well as attracting the attention of others by the effectiveness of the theatrical action, due to the unexpectedness and originality of everything that happens. In many respects, the success of a flash mob depends on the originality of the performance and the chosen place. It is necessary to choose a place, starting not only from how crowded the city’s site is, but also from the factor of how unexpected the flash mob will be in this situation. The city square or square is very different in the psycho-emotional mood of the crowd, for example, from the same mass of people in the food market, where no one will notice your flash mob.

Also, one must not forget about the originality of the action itself.
Just to gather in a certain place and release balloons or Chinese lanterns into the sky is corny. It is necessary that something non-standard and absurd, falling out of the everyday stereotypes of crowd behavior as such. For example, the scandalous flash mob in one of the universities for a long time was remembered, where students began to bow low amicably when their rector passed by. Thus, the problem of student disempowerment and rampant corruption in the educational institution was raised. Unfortunately, the video of this action was seized, destroyed and not preserved.

Recently, a flash mob has been used for political purposes, when you need to attract the attention of the electorate, provoke a political competitor or strengthen your position in public opinion, as well as attract the attention of the media, which is important in such a PR campaign. Be sure to make sure that the flash mob is captured on photo and video media, preferably from different angles, so that later you can share the success of the event and share the experience with other enthusiasts.

The main requirement for such an action is that it should not contain logical meaning.

Nowadays, you won’t see a flash mob as such - it, like our whole life, develops, undergoes changes, gradually turns into a special community that strives for everything interesting and original.

Over time, different directions of the flash mob appear, various events designed to look at the world around us from different points of view, try to change our world, make it better and more interesting.

A real flash mob is able to organize every person who becomes close to this idea.

To do this, you should come up with an interesting action plan, post it on a special site that is dedicated to the flash mob.

Any meeting under the auspices of a flash mob consists in making essentially simple movements, such that participants can make without preparation.

Big flash mob - large-scale flashmob

To describe the "big" flash mob, we will describe our work on the action in support of the astronauts. As part of psychological assistance to astronauts, a flash mob was planned on September 14, 2013 in support of the launch of the spacecraft on September 26, 2013.

If the flash mob makes any sense (besides the desire to potentiate) and must send some message to those who watch it, it must be correctly selected music. In this case, we used a track that sang about the astronauts, and at the same time, its pace, rhythm and arrangement made it possible to make a modern dance. Active, beautiful, turning on the dancers themselves.

In the organization of a large flash mob it is important to convey the training fragment to all participants with minimal hassle. If several people organize a flash mob, then they can easily gather several times in the hall, they do not need large areas. If these are spread artists, then they can even improvise, having agreed in advance on what frameworks. Whereas a mass flash mob usually implies good synchronization.

Therefore, to save time, it’s logical to shoot a common fragment of the dance on video and upload it on the internet. This common fragment is a simple synchronicity, a sequence of dance movements that should be learned by all participants and well and clearly performed to this music. The modern development of technology makes it easy for anyone to shoot high-quality video (many have mobile phones with photo and video cameras) and immediately upload it to the Internet, on social networks, for example, VKontakte. After that, the participants need only one or two joint rehearsals, in which it will be determined who exactly is doing what.

When a lot of people participate in a flash mob, it looks beautiful if the number actually grows from zero to maximum for a third or even half of the dance. If all 100 people leave at once, then they will have to make large fragments of the synchron for a long time. And this will somewhat bore the viewer. Whereas if at first one, two, three or four people dance in a flash mob, and then more and more people gradually join them, then the viewer's interest will not disappear and the flash mob will turn out to be exciting. Thus, we realize the very main law of dance composition: development from small to large, from slow to fast, from weak to intense, from simple to complex. This allows you to keep visual attention, leading it from exposure and complications through the development of action to a climax and leading to a short outcome.

Which may be, for example, effective pose jumping. Or in the end, the team can form some kind of figure out of people. Perhaps it will be viewed only from above, if there is such an opportunity for viewers to see it from above. Or it will be viewed only from one side, or from all, which depends on the features of the site for which this flash mob is being made. Or it can be pulling out any objects, flags and other elements. Those. at the end, it is supposed to be some spectacular pose, or movement, emphasizing the meaning of this dance action.

What is needed for a flash mob?

1. A lot of dancers, volunteers who will help organize and conduct a flash mob.

2. A place for rehearsals.

3. Popular social networks - Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram and others.

4. Details and costumes.

5. Musical equipment.

Now about the composition of the dance of a large flash mob.

Even if only half of the dance, the entire mass of people performs synchronously, the audience will get bored. Therefore, there are different ways to dilute such dance constructions. Here are a few of them.

The total mass of people is divided into several dance groups and they take turns showing their compositions. They should, of course, be different from each other and different from the general bundle that the whole mass of people performs. While they take turns showing their compositions, the rest can stand in a semicircle and clap, can get up in some kind of pose, can perform a chain of poses. There are also interesting ways when the remaining people can form various figures with their own construction, which of course complicates the rehearsal process and in this case one or two rehearsals will not do you.

You can also come to another option. Not alternately soloing several groups, but solo solos. In this case, some of the most advanced dancers stand out, who go out in the middle and show some very complex elements or tricks. Here, a frequent guest is acrobatics and inserts of completely different dances in style. Someone jumping, someone doing somersaults, paired supports or just very complex energetic elements. It can be one person, maybe several. It is possible that they will also succeed each other, but in this case only a limited number of people, and not all performers, will participate in this alternate soloing. What then do all the other performers do? Maybe they also stand in a semicircle, forming a kind of background or background for the soloists. Or they can be divided into, for example, four groups, distributed as 4 columns around a solo center. As you can see, there are many options and this allows you to make a flash mob rich, bright and interesting.

Another trick is variation of the general ligament. For example, at first it is performed simply and facing the viewer (I remind you that the general bundle is the synchronization that all participants of the flash mob perform at the same time), but can also be performed by turning to the viewer in profile. Or half the people are turning right and the other left. Or maybe every first turns to the right, and every second turns to the left. So the movement seems new, but it does not have to learn more ligaments. Moreover, slipping in the composition of the same elements, but slightly modified, make it more homogeneous, more logically connected than if it is a mishmash of various movements and ligaments.

Step 1 - selecting a song

Decide what kind of music tempo you need.

Calm or fast?

Do you want to put the dance to popular and famous music or to a composition sustained in a certain style?

After answering these questions, you will immediately discard inappropriate options, and choose the track that perfectly complements the dance.

Flash mob for video (flashmob video)

Now often flash mobs run for video, which is then removed and laid out on the Internet. In this version of the flash mob, there are undoubtedly their own characteristics that affect the nature of its holding. It turns out that the arrangement of video and cameras takes a fairly long time. It turns out that viewers are often already actually warned that there will be a flash mob. It ceases to be a mystery and surprise to others. Plus, for the sake of the video, you have to repeat it three times. It turns out that the flash mob takes on a somewhat atypical form. Some people think that then it’s not a flash mob at all, because a flash mob must be unexpected for the public.

But this is how to say, there is one caveat. Turn to the name of the flash mob. What does "flash mob" mean? "Flash of the crowd." Why were flash mobs invented and carried out initially? For the sake of the fact that people are organized together and do something for joint expression in the presence of other people. In this case, any flash mob, even one that is shot for the video and is not a surprise, also solves these problems and achieves the very goal of bringing people together to express themselves together in the world around us.

One of the most important aspects of a flash mob is emotionality. After all, we just said that a flash mob is a flash of the crowd, it is a flash of your emotions, your “I”, your unity, the feeling that you are part of a team of people who are interested in doing something unusual together. Or even do something the same at some point. After all, the first flash mobs could consist in the fact that several people in the same place simply got up and stood, taking some kind of pose. They were interested in showing themselves not like everyone else, even for a moment. Feel that someone else wants to do something at the same time with you and somehow hit the people around you together! To break out of our usual routine and thereby create a holiday for yourself in your soul. Flash mobs for the sake of shooting video also achieve these goals. Whereas in any flash mob one thing is true: if you don’t throw out emotions and think only about the dance technique, then it turns out that you will not reach the main goal of the flash mob. And you will not bring benefit to yourself. One you could!

Flash mob by a small group of performers.

As for the small flash mob, emotionality is even more important because the viewer is even closer to you. The consequence of the small number of flash mob is that more attention is paid to each participant. The participant is closer to the viewer. If in a large flash mob many people stand in the second, third, fourth rows and do not contact the viewer, then in a small one it is impossible. Therefore, in the organization of a small flash mob, more attention should be paid to the game with the audience. It is a sin not to tune up and not to interact with the viewer if you are at arm's length from him and you are only a few people. When our studio Divadance made a flash mob in the framework of the program for Channel Five (the program "Morning at 5"), then one of the components of this flash mob was to draw the audience into the ongoing process. There, pair dances were taken as a basis. Accordingly, the performer could come up to the audience and invite him to dance.

The plot in the archive of the Fifth channel -

Choreographers participated: Maria Arkhangelskaya, Andrey Lebedev and others.

The technique has been known for a long time in pair dances, but also in unpaired dances, there are also many tricks for interacting with the audience. Each performer can get a flower and give it to the viewer, can get a flag or a bow and tie it or give it. He may come up to the audience and ask him to do something with those items that he has in his hands. Or even just walk past the surrounding audience, asking them to actively applaud or flirt with them. In any case, the game with the audience should be in a small flash mob. At least in the idea of ​​agitation of applause, in the form of a more active emotional exchange. Therefore, participating in a small flash mob, you need to splash out your emotions in the dance as much as possible.

Step 6 - Determine the Location

The city park is an ideal place, especially on weekends or on weekdays during the lunch break or in the evening when people are heading home.

In such a place you can attract the attention of a large number of people.


Do not expect all participants of the flash mob to do everything perfectly, because the essence of the event is the simultaneous performance of the dance by a large group of people.

It is not necessary that all participants perform the same movements, several people can perform some movements, while others perform others.

The main highlight of a good dance flash mob is a gradual connection
all participants of the flash mob.

The leader of the group can start the flash mob with a single dance, and then a group of 10 to 15 people will join him, after which the group will increase by 15 to 30 dancers.

Let the rest of the participants join the dance at the end of the song.

Choose a place for a flash mob wisely.

Remember that there are people without a sense of humor, and dancing can offend them or upset them.

For example, you should not hold a flash mob where retail is held, as entrepreneurs may consider a flash mob as a direct attempt to interfere with sales and disrupt the mode of operation.

Therefore, weigh all the minuses and pros before deciding on the location of the flash mob, and make sure that you do not violate public order and will not commit something illegal and dangerous.

Do not exclude the possibility that representatives of the law may interrupt you during the performance of the dance.

In this case, do not be impudent, and if you are asked - leave.

Post a post on a flash mob on social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram) - this will attract as many participants as possible.

We hope that our recommendations will help you in organizing a dance flash mob!

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Use of flash mobs and similar "non-concert" and non-competitive performances.

Performances in unexpected places and in front of an audience that does not know you, in my opinion, are generally one of the most useful and important performances for the dancer. Much more important than competitions, ethno-parties or reporting concerts, because your task is to lure a viewer who does not know you on the one hand, he has no reverence for you, as to his acquaintance, relative. There are no expectations associated with the concert. This is a spectator who can leave if he is not interested. И поэтому то, что он остался и смотрит на вас, дает вам уверенность в себе, дает вам ощущение, что того, что вы делаете - это что-то действительно нужное и интересное. К тому же тут нет зрителей, которые, как на этно-вечеринках, являются тоже исполнителями и сидят и ждут бедные своей очереди в длинном концерте. Тоже самое касается и конкурсов.

Получается, что зритель в таких местах - это самый "настоящий зритель", если так можно сказать. And besides flash mobs, this category also includes performances at city and district street festivals, events in the halls of shopping malls, dance day holidays and the like with free access, where people did not come specifically. Not because they found out about some kind of dance show, but simply were here that day and they slowed down near you because they liked it. They became interested to see your dance. And the feeling of this will fill you with unexpected enthusiasm, make this performance unforgettable, and you will get something from the dance that you could not get in any other way!

Video reportmass media about a flash mob in support of astronauts Divadance on September 14

Same thing -

The crew of the spacecraft for which the flash mob was made: the International Space Station (ISS) commander Pavel Vinogradov, the ISS flight engineers: Alexander Misurkin, Christopher Cassidy, Fedor Yurchikhin, Luka Parmitano, Karen Nyberg.

Our students, along with choreographer Yulia Gordeeva, also participated in a large-scale flash mob with singer Nyusha. Their impressions: positive mood, pleasant impressions, unforgettable memories from participating in something exciting and unusual.

Article published November 23, 2013 - Divadance

Flash mob of the Divadance dance school in honor of the feast of the Fatherland on February 21 at TC CityMall and February 22, 2015 at TC Europolis

Flash mob Dance School Divadance in TC "Grand Canyon" October 18, 2015