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Cool musical (TV)


The role is played by Zac Efron. In the Russian version of Troy voiced by Sergey Lazarev.

The main protagonist of the trilogy, Troy is the best player and captain of the Wild Cats school basketball team, playing at number 14, and part-time son of a coach. He is very popular at school. He became a captain not by chance and not on his fatherly patronage, he was elected as his team because he really deserved it. Troy has the talent to inspire and inspire all his friends, not just the team. He plays well, and almost always gets into the ring, as a rule, when he starts to miss every now and then, this is a sure sign that something is wrong with him. He also sings, dances, and performs very well, but only paired with Gabriella Montes, his girlfriend and source of inspiration. He really likes these activities, no less than basketball, but he is ready to admit this only to Gabriella, being unsure that anyone else, such as his father or best friend Chad, will understand him. Throughout the films, Troy often encountered situations where considerable courage was required to make the right choice, and invariably always found this courage. In the first film, Troy, resting during the New Year holidays at a ski resort, meets Gabriella and discovers his passion for singing. Returning to school, he tries in a musical with her. This undermines the established school order and unwritten laws, and friends and enemies do everything to prevent Troy and Gabriella, but they firmly go to the intended goal and eventually succeed, having received the main roles in the musical. The second film tells how Troy gets a job at the fashionable Lava Springs Golf Club, first as a waiter. From Sharpei Evans, who seeks to get him on his show, he receives various benefits, such as career advancement, and meetings with various influential people who can make it easier for him to go to college. Troy begins to move away from his friends and even breaks up with Gabriella, but in the end he understands what is most important to him and corrects everything. In the third film, Troy again faces a choice: to go to the University of Albuquerque in a basketball team, as his whole circle wanted, or to Dzhulliard, an art academy, where he can receive a scholarship, although he did not even write to this school. In addition, so that he does not choose, he will have to part with Gabriella, who goes to Stanford. But in the end, he enters the University of California at Berkeley, where he can simultaneously practice basketball and theater, and be close to his girlfriend.

Gabriella Montes Edit

Troy’s girlfriend, Golden Mind, is new to East High, but her unusual talent for math and science make her a real star. The trouble is that having performed only one song in a duet with Troy, she is ready to surrender to a new hobby. In the new school, she gets acquainted with the participants of a scientific group and takes part in the Olympiad in chemistry with them. But also she and Troy decided to try on a role in the musical. Gabriella is Sharpei's main rival. In the film, Gabriella is played by Vanessa Ann Hudgens. In the Russian dubbing, she is voiced by a novice singer, a graduate of the Star Factory, Ksenia Larina.

Chad Danforth Edit

Troy's best friend and one of the Wild Cats captains. In the first part of the film, he opposes the relationship between Troy and Gabriella, thinking about the basketball team. Chad is a typical player and all his thoughts revolve around sports only. Trying to separate Troy and Gabriella, he draws closer to Taylor McCassie. At the end of the first part begins to meet with her.

Taylor McCassie Edit

Gabriella's best friend. Arrogant and temperament, very smart in chemistry, which brings her closer to Gabriella. At the beginning of the trilogy, he hates athletes and, thinking about the upcoming Olympics in chemistry, tries to separate Troy from Gabriella and draws close to Chad. In the third film, she entered Yale University. The role is played by Monica Coleman.

Sharpay Evans Edit

In the film, the role of Sharpei is played by Ashley Tisdale. In the Russian dubbing, the heroine sings in the voice of Evgenia Otradnaya.

Shar Pei is an eccentric fashionable girl who will do anything to achieve her goal. At the time of the film, this goal is none other than Troy Bolton - the star of the Wild Cats basketball team. Despite the fact that Sharpei and her brother have been playing major roles in all school performances for several years in a row, Troy and Gabriella neglect their stellar status.

Sharpei is capricious - she does not tolerate oppression and wages a real war on the stage of the theater, not forgetting to build amorous plans for Troy.

After the actions described in the 3rd part of the series, Shar Pei enters the University of Albuquerque (the city in which the musical events take place) at the Faculty of Theater Arts. She also kindly agreed to help lead Mrs. Darbus's theater group.

At the end of each film, she becomes a positive character, although at the beginning of each film she is the main anti-hero.

Ryan Evans Edit

Ryan Evans is the twin brother of Sharpey Evans. Like his sister, Ryan is very involved with music and theater. However, his interests are not limited to this; he also likes to play baseball (he won the Junior League World Series). A distinctive feature of Ryan's clothes are hats of various styles. In the third film, he competes for one scholarship with Sharpei, Troy, and the shy composer Kelsey Nielsen. Julliard representatives will attend the high school graduation musical to determine the scholarship holder. Ryan is the show choreographer, while Kelsey is the composer. To get the song that Kelsey writes for Troy and Gabriella, Sharpei asks him to court Kelsey so she gives it to them. In the process of cooperation, between Ryan and Kelsey begin to develop a romantic relationship, they go to the prom together. At the end of the film, both Ryan and Kelsey receive Giuliard School scholarships.

The role is played by Lucas Greibil. He is voiced by the former "manufacturer" and soloist of "New Gems" Mikhail Veselov.

Kelsey Nielsen Edit

The role is played by Olesya Rulin. Talented pianist. He writes wonderful songs. Sharpei does not like her antics. Shy girl. She always appears where Sharpei builds his plans. Kelsey sees Sharpei’s case, but essentially cannot do anything. Although sincerely very worried about Troy and Gabriella. In the second part I met with Jason. In the third part, as a result of cooperation with Ryan Evans, they begin a romantic relationship. At the prom they go together. After she enters with him at Dzhuliardsky school.

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  • The High School Musical-1 entered the Guinness Book of Records as the first television film, nine songs of which simultaneously appeared on the list of 100 most popular songs on the Billboard Hot 100 website.
  • The television movie soundtrack received the Billboard Music Award for Best Soundtrack of 2006, became four times platinum in Ireland, twice platinum in Spain and the UK, platinum in Italy and gold in France, Germany and Portugal. Since its release on January 10, 2006, six separate songs from High School Musical-1 have become Golden Singles. In the United States, a television movie music disc not only became the 2006 N1 album, but also the N1 soundtrack and the N1 children's album of the year.
  • In Russia, the main characters of the film were voiced by singer Sergey Lazarev (Zac Efron) and the participants in the TV show Star Factory Ksenia Larina (Vanessa Ann Hudgens) and Mikhail Veselov (Lucas Grebil), as well as Evgenia Otradnaya (Ashley Tisdale), a participant in the Russian qualifying round for the contest Eurovision 2008.
  • Other translations of the film are “School Musical”, “Higher Musical School” and “Musical in High School”.
  • The film was shot in 24 days.
  • Initially, Ashley Tisdale auditioned for the role of Gabrriella Montez.
  • In the first part, Zac Efron does not sing himself.
  • Corbin Bleu auditioned for the role of Rain.
  • The premiere screening of the picture on the American cable channel Disney Channel attracted an audience of 7.7 million people, which became the largest for him in 2006.
  • The name "Cool Musical" was invented as a working one, so as not to be shot without a name. But no matter how much the creators puzzled, nothing worthwhile was born. They had to reluctantly approve it as final.
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Play the role is not difficult. Remaining oneself is where the art is. (from)

The quotes above belong to actress Alison Reid, who performed the role of Darbus, and she is taken from the third part of this creation. Why am I doing all this, and to the fact that in our case, everything is exactly the opposite. But more on that later.

The film is sugary, not funny, mediocre and absolutely unoriginal. Although it would seem that originality came from, because this work is a film produced by Disney. The plot is as simple as a stool. There is a girl-chorus and a handsome boy, the pride of the school, an athlete and just a good guy, followed by crowds of girls. There are, so to speak, antagonists of the main characters who are building all sorts of intrigues for them and trying, by all means, to prevent our sweet couple, which in the end they naturally fail. Actually, you don’t have to expect anything else from Disney, because the target audience of this something is girls of adolescence, who absolutely care about the plot, the main thing is that Zac Efron is being shot there!

But here these girls can be understood. Efron is predicted to have an amazing acting career, even compared to DiCaprio, alluding to his limitless potential. And although the cat wept for this potential in the film, Efron looks, in comparison with other actors, more or less convincing. He looks especially profitable against the background of his film partner, Vanessa Ann Hudgens, who just smiled and made obscure gestures throughout the film. The girl can neither play nor move. And each time, seeing her on the screen, I wanted to follow the example of Stanislavsky and shout “I do not believe!”. I don’t know how many actors were casting for the role of Gabriella, but I doubt that there was no one better than Hudgens. It is here that the quotation given at the beginning should be put. It’s not difficult to play the role, but Vanessa didn’t succeed at all.

As for the other actors, there isn’t much to see here either. Unlike the same Hudgens, they even have facial expressions changing, but they still do not want to believe them anyway. Here it’s even more appropriate to say “it can’t”, because the guys are great replay.

But God bless her, with this acting game, and even the plot you can give up. It's a shame another: this creation is proudly called a "musical"! And in the musical, as you know, songs and dances occupy a huge place. Here you come across such a sad fact as voice acting. Voiced by our Russian fellows all that is possible, and all that is impossible too. Having nothing against Lazarev, I, nevertheless, am more than sure that the songs had to be left in the original voice acting, as they usually do. And it would be better if they didn’t voice it at all, but started subtitles. As for dancing, it seems that you are looking at a circle of mediocre amateur performances. And if the common scenes look quite thoughtful, then the dances of individual heroes really look like a gag. Sorry, "improvisation"! Especially “happy” is the same Hudgens.

But all of the above is just the comments of a dissatisfied viewer who was completely unsatisfied with the viewing, and who wasted his personal time in vain.

Therefore, now briefly and to the point. As if in a debriefing.

1. The film is not socially adapted. It does not carry a social burden, does not raise socially significant problems, and, therefore, is useless.

2. The plot is simple, straightforward, with a claim to the comedy of the genre, which, however, is absent.

3. Actors play below average. Part is replayed, part is underplayed, part is not at all clear what he is doing in this film.

4. The level of acting completely corresponds to the level of productions of songs and dances. In most cases, this looks like absolutely non-professional improvisation.

In a word, if you are not a teenage girl, if you do not want to waste time, if you crave moral enrichment, you definitely will not like the film. In all other cases - look at health. Although personally, I would not recommend “Cool Musical” to anyone.