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Tip 1: How to create a website with a monthly income


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Such questions often come up:

«-How much does a website with 1,000 visitors (people) per day bring. And in general, after what period of time the income from the site from 10,000 rubles every month will be real, and will begin to increase higher and higher?«

And today, I decided to answer this question, and other questions, if you have any, feel free to ask below. And I will try to tell you as much as possible about the minimum income from 1 visitor coming to your site.

It is from 1 visitor that it was easier for you to navigate, and using a calculator, calculate the minimum passive income from the site, already focusing on your indicators. After all, your site can be visited by over 1000 people. Or maybe 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000 visitors per day every day. Or maybe you already bring more than 50,000 visitors per day to your project or higher. Well, you can share your observations below ...

This is not a big deal, you can sign up as incognito and not tell us your site. Just share your opinion with others.

And I, in turn, will share my observations on blogs and other content projects. I’ll also write about a blog called, on which there is no advertising at all, and only 5,000 visitors per day visit it:

What is the point of maintaining a site? And who pays money to bloggers, or owners of content projects (sites)?

In fact, having your own site is the main source of income. I won’t go deeper, and repeat again - Guys, start sites, it is promising and profitable! Let everyone decide for himself! Because, behind all this profit, labor is first and foremost. Huge work! And this is important to understand. This business is not for everyone and not for everyone ...

And if, you see on the Internet, that someone tells you that everything is easy and simple, and makes good money from the site, but does not show this site itself for analysis, or does not show real data, then most likely it is 99%, it is cunning.

So look, every second earns from 1 million rubles on the site, in words!

And most of the people who are going to start a site or are just starting to develop it have no idea how much they can earn in a year, or in 2 years. What are the prospects? Or after how long they will reach a stable $ 2,000 a month from the site (120,000 rubles). All of these issues remain open to many. Only assumptions. Emptiness!

Let's figure it out together ...

How much can you earn on a site with 1,000 people a day, 10,000, 30,000, 100,000 visitors every day?

Perhaps I'll start with the fact that on my blog (and he will soon be 4 years old), I did not place ads from Yandex and Google. All because once, I decided for myself ...

As long as the site is not visited by 10,000 people a day, I do not even want to clog my head with advertising blocks and weigh the site with advertising.

Those projects that bring money from advertising, let them bring. I don’t advertise about them especially. Also, we carry out projects of students who already earn good money from the blog every day. But there is more to it, there are beginners ... For whom, not everything is immediately obtained. It takes time.

For example, a culinary blog was considered profitable, with 35,000 visitors per day. And Yandex ads (YAN) came out 1700 p. per day, and even with Google ads +1600 p. per day. Total is 3300 p. arrived every day. In total, it turns out in the region of 100,000 rubles every month, only with ads from Yandex and Google. Take into account the fact that teasers and no banners have been found. According to my observations, it turns out that an entertainment or culinary site with an attendance of 35,000 people a day, brings in more than 200,000 rubles of passive profit every month. Further, if you increase the readership, in push notifications, you can make affiliate recommendations immediately after publishing any article and send them to people. What further increases the profitability of the project!

But at the same time, there are always pitfalls. Both in the profitability of projects and in its promotion. According to the promotion, he wrote quite a few in past articles of the blog. And who cares, you can read the previous issues:

I recommend reading in several stages, as there is a lot of information. Bookmark it!

... this is so, a little information for familiarization)) Be sure to bookmark it so as not to lose!

And now, let's count together ...

How much does a site bring with 1,000 visitors per day? Income per day and per month ...

And if you calculate the minimum profit from 1 visitor in the culinary theme, then only with the official Yandex + Google ads does the following figure come out ...

35,000 visitors - 3300 rubles per day

1000 visitors - 94 rubles. 28 kopecks (94.28) (approximately 100 rubles per day)

1 visitor - 0,094 (approximately 10 kopecks)

1 visitor = 10 kopecks

This is in the worst of cases. So consider further ...

Take a calculator, and multiply 1 penny. For example, 300,000 visitors came to a culinary site in 1 month. What will be the return on advertising? Write the answer below ...

If you conduct any content project on any soft topics (not business topics, not loans, not finances, not documents, not cars, etc.) - then the yield of 1 visitor on your site will be 10 kopecks. It's minimum!

The real figure, the profitability of such sites, after 1-3 years on the Internet, is over 30 kopecks per 1 visitor. For the reason that the site collects subscribers, and expands the impact, due to the response on social networks. Thus, interacting with the audience, and making instant launches of each article - increases profit.

Count for yourself how many subscribers the site will have in 1 year. If from 35,000 visitors per day, from 200 to 500 PUSH subscribers are collected per day. Even with a minimum value of 200 subscribers every day, the number of audiences in 1 year will be equal to:

200 * 365 = 73,000 subscribers

With such a base, you can make good launches of viral articles for social networks. Even simple greeting cards will fly across social networks. networks with a bang. And what's more, bring you even more visitors. What will increase the profitability of a simple home project, on simple soft topics (cooking, useful tips on home and housework, etc.)

What do bloggers publish recipes or any other articles on?

Website owners receive their income from impressions and clicks on advertisements that are placed on their websites automatically, based on the interests of visitors. For each visitor, his own ad is shown:

If you have any questions, then ask below in the comments. Since the topic is really extensive, and could miss something ... I will help you!

If you take the culinary theme, or any other - general, not financial ... Then in it, traffic and visitors are much more, you can cover. And as a rule, the most visited sites are content projects on various topics, including cooking.

So, there are content projects with traffic of 1,000,000 visitors per day, and due to the large number of visitors, their income is from 100 000 rubles per day, in the worst case scenario.

-What else are good internet sites of not only one focus, but where all topics are covered in a row, where you can write either about cooking, or about the garden, the garden, or the household, or health, or finance, and business, or cars, or real estate, or loans, banks, certificates, documents, etc. ?

Firstly, You are creating a large-scale project for the future. It turns out not just a blog, but some useful online magazine. You can start such a project alone by choosing the topic that you like best. And as they develop, attract assistants, and further develop faster.

The most important thing is to start!

That's all for me, if you have questions, ask below ... I will be glad to help!

By the way! Do you have your own blog or website? How much do you earn on it? Or is it a secret ...)) Share on your behalf, or incognito about your results. Or are you just starting out? I would be grateful for the feedback.

The content of the article

Having knowledge in the field of building, you can create almost any site. It’s another matter to decide on the subject of the future resource, because creating something unique and necessary for the global network audience is becoming more and more difficult every year. It’s another matter if the plans do not hit the user, but make a profit, as much as possible and as quickly as possible, then it’s easier to choose which site to create.

Information resource

The simplest option is to quickly create a project and engage in its development - give preference to an information resource. The main thing with the topic is to decide correctly. To do this, it will not be superfluous to monitor popular projects in a niche that you understand. It is desirable that the information project being created be with commercial overtones so that you do not have to suffer from a lack of advertisers.

The most popular topics among advertisers in recent years remain construction and repair, business, finance, as well as medicine and women's attractiveness. By the way, creating a website for a female audience is also not difficult. And if you can compete with tens of thousands of women's projects, then you can get a pretty high profit, because it is women who most often pay attention to advertising offers in the global network.

Useful service

For those whose knowledge in the niche of website development does not end with the ability to deploy CMS on hosting, there is an option to create a website that provides visitors with a useful service. This can be an online image editor or a search engine for geeks to help you find the latest gadgets in foreign online stores. It all depends on your imagination and, more importantly, the size of the potential target audience of the service.

Online store

Another option to create a site without a huge investment. Today, you can find sites on the network that offer to create a virtual affiliate store based on them based on a wide range of products. By creating this kind of resource, you kill two birds with one stone: you get a source of profit and take off the burden of problems in creating design, navigation and other things.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that almost any site can make a profit, and everything that makes a profit can be created. Moreover, if there is not so much knowledge in the niche of creating sites, you can make a pilot project, which may turn out to be obviously hopeless, and vice versa, a site that will attract millions of people.

Types of Passive Income

To begin with, we will understand the main ones that we will not touch on classic types of passive income, such as a deposit in a bank, buying or renting out real estate, but consider how this can happen on the Internet with minimal investment.

The main areas that can be distinguished:

advertising on your site, blog,

affiliate marketing

creating your own YouTube channel,

buying and reselling websites and blogs,

creating online courses and books,

selling your own programs on the Internet,

implementation of articles from the Web Archive.

Next, we will consider with you each option individually, with examples, in order for you to understand the specifics of this or that type of receiving passive income on the Internet with minimal investment.

How to get passive income from your site

A popular way to make money is to advertise on your website or blog. Of course, this method cannot be called completely passive, at least at the very beginning, when the site needs to be filled with useful, interesting materials, developed in search engines and social networks.

But in the future, even with a minimally promoted blog, you can get money, so you can understand from the context that you can get 3,000 unique daily from 5,000 rubles per month.

How will you earn revenue on your blog? You can connect the same AdSense, connect to the Yandex advertising network, select a list of affiliate programs relevant to the theme of your site, there are many options.

Can earnings on my site be completely passive? Obviously, yes, because with a certain turnover you can hire specialists who will be responsible for each of their areas: a programmer, web designer, copywriter, and you will monitor the work of your team and, of course, calculate the profit in banknotes on your bank account.

Affiliate Marketing Profit

Here you can already do without your own resource, but you need to understand that it will be easier and more promising to build affiliate marketing with it. However, it can also be attributed to the form of passive income, because a stratum needs minimal investment.

It is enough to choose the right affiliate program, register, get your link with an identifier, by which the program will understand that the order came from you and start distributing it on the network. Rather, it will be recommended to recommend a product or service to other users.

You can do this on social networks, in discussions, in personal conversations, in groups where it is permitted by the rules, in comments on blogs, in discussions on forums, open self-filling platforms, reviewers, message boards.

You can also use minimal investment in advertising, a target in VK or Yandex.Direct, and constantly replenish the advertising budget with affiliate commissions, thereby developing the direction of one partnership or several.

As a result, according to the first option, you get hundreds or thousands of links on different resources that users go to and buy goods or services from partners, according to the second, an adjusted advertising campaign that needs to be periodically monitored, rather than passive income.

YouTube video production

How to create passive income? You need to make video content that will be of interest to people, such is the essence of making money on YouTube, the most popular video hosting in the world where you can already see successful examples if you visit this resource.

You can create videos on any topic: reviews of games, online stores, your purchases, you can shoot kitties, dogs, and finally, your young children. As practice shows, it is these videos that gain the most views.

Owners of children's channels earn hundreds of thousands of rubles just by removing their children as they unpack toys.

To monetize your YouTube channel, you’ll need to enable Google AdSense ads. In addition to Google, you can use direct advertisers, for this you can place your offer on special exchanges and agencies.

We do not recommend earning money on “gray” channels from videos that are stolen from other authors - such channels are periodically banned, google rigidly verifies the account for belonging to a specific person. Sadly, in the case of a ban, you can no longer use AdSense.

Resale of sites and blogs

Another source of passive income is the creation of your resource for the purpose of sale or the purchase of a finished blog, its use and further sale. You can buy or sell a site at Telderi auction.

The passivity here is that after promoting your blog and putting it up for sale, webmasters put in the final cost the amount of the existing monthly profit multiplied by 24, it turns out that after the sale you do not need to do anything with the site, and the money is dripping, relatively speaking :)

With reselling sites, a slightly different story is, you need to buy more profitably and sell more, in the sale process, get money from the monetization elements that are already installed on the blog. Moreover, the purchase amount may be different, if we talk about minimum investments, then the issue price is from 2000 rubles.

Passive online income for courses and books

If you can call yourself a true professional in a particular field, you're in luck. There are tons of various information on the Internet, but really little knowledge, so you have every chance.

Create your own e-book, for example on such topics as “How to fix the sewer yourself”, “How to master the PHP programming language in 21 days”, etc. Instead of the book, you can create a video course - people like videos and watch them much more readily than they read books.

Place the book and (or) the video course on special Internet sites (if you do not have your own website) or on your own resource, if any. With each sale, you will receive income and it will be constant, as long as the information that you decide to present to people is relevant.

Selling own programs on the Internet

If you have knowledge of at least one programming language, monetize them. Write and sell people-friendly apps. For example, a program with which you can compare food prices in various supermarkets of the city and choose the most affordable option.

In some cases, knowledge of the programming language is not required, for example, using the ZennoPoster application, you can automate your work on the Internet: create email accounts, fill out profiles on social networks, etc.

Programs written in ZennoPoster are called templates; a good multifunctional template costs several thousand rubles. You can sell them both through your website and through other sites on the Internet.

Создавая программу, нужно позаботиться о защите от взлома. В противном случае вы заработаете гораздо меньше, чем могли бы.

Пассивный доход в интернете на Вебархиве

В интернете есть такой сайт, называется Вебархив. Это огромная машина-паук, которая собирает информацию со всех сайтов. Sites, like people, live and die. When a site disappears from the Google and Yandex index, all the articles that were once posted on it become unique. And this means that you can sell them on article exchanges and get paid for it.

To some, this method may seem to be a violation of copyright, however, if a person abandoned his site, then what can we talk about? Feel free to take articles from the Web Archive and sell them. You are doing an invaluable job - save someone else's work, albeit not for free.

And yet, sometimes it happens that the site is no longer there, but it is not in the Web Archive either. In this case, you can try to restore the contents of the resource from the cache of the main search engines, Yandex and Google. Of course, you can sell such articles only after this cache is reset.

Earnings on articles of their Web archive are passive in the sense that you do not write articles yourself. And this is really a plus: it will take you at least several hours to write one sensible article. However, you pay others with your time. And if you want to automate the whole process, you will have to spend more on software.

Of course, in this material we did not consider all types of passive income on the Internet, there are much more of them and if you are familiar with them, share them in the comments to this article, and I wish you a good profit on the machine