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What to do after the interview


After each regular interview, the candidate falls into a state of suspense. Waiting for an answer is stress. Reduce anxiety and increase the likelihood of a positive response. active actions on the part of the applicant will help. How do I know the results of the interview and how to remind myself of the employer after the interview? Let's find out.

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Where and from whom to find out the results?

Almost always, the HR manager is the person in charge. It is from him that it makes sense to find out the result. If there is no such specialist in the company, then contact should be with the person who conducted the first interview. In a small company, this can be either a potential direct manager or a CEO. If there is no connection with these persons, the right option would be to call the company, explain the situation to the office manager and ask about who and how to contact to clarify the decision.

How many people call after the interview? If no arrangements were made during the interview, wait for an answer from 2 days to 2 weeks. On average, the results are reported to the candidate within 2-5 days. And some employers do not consider it necessary to inform the applicant about their decision in case of refusal.

In order to make life easier for a candidate, it is better to stipulate in advance with the interviewer the time and method of obtaining the result of the conversation. If the interview is close to completion, and the interviewer did not say anything on this issue, the applicant will have to take the initiative into their own hands. It is enough to thank the interlocutor for the time taken and ask when you can wait for the result or when you can call yourself to find out.

Should I call the employer after the interview? If a candidate is interested in a vacancy and wants to work in a company, then it makes sense to remind yourself. This will show the applicant his interest in this particular employer. Sometimes an active and persistent candidate is hired, despite the fact that he is not entirely suitable professionally. But it is important to observe the measure and remain correct. Perseverance should not develop into importunity and, especially, arrogance.

About how to find out the results of the interview, who and how should report them, we tell in this material.

How to remind myself after the interview?

There are two optimal ways: a phone call and an email. Sending a paper letter by mail is not a good idea, because it can take a very long time to go even to the next quarter. It is also undesirable to use non-standard communication methods in this case - social networks, SMS messages, instant messengers, Skype.

Phone call

At the stage of the invitation to an interview, the personnel specialist usually leaves the telephone number to the applicant. This may be a mobile phone and / or company extension. By you can call the same number, to learn about the results of the interview. But how to ask the employer about the results of the interview? A conversation can be constructed as follows:

Candidate: Good afternoon, Olga Vyacheslavovna! Is it convenient for you to give me a couple of minutes?

Recruiter: Yes. What question are you on?

Candidate: My name is Maxim Pospelov. On July 29, I was interviewed in your company as a Sales Manager. After the conversation, I was even more interested in your vacancy. I would like to know about the results. Should I hope for a positive answer on your part or is it wiser to continue the search?

Candidate in this appeal makes an indirect compliment to the company and shows its sincere interest in getting a job specifically in this organization. Employers in most cases are very positive about such activity of applicants.


Such a letter is somewhat inferior to a phone call, because there is no guarantee of a response. The addressee may, for example, read the letter, but be distracted and forget to answer. There is the likelihood of a message getting into the Spam folder. In this case, the addressee does not even see it. It makes sense after sending a letter call the recipient in addition and check if he received it. You can use the following letter option:

Good afternoon, Olga Vyacheslavovna!

My name is Maxim Pospelov. 07/29/2016, I held an interview in your company for the position of Sales Manager, during which I finally confirmed my desire to work with you. Thank you for your attention to my candidacy and for your time!

I would like to know about your decision based on the results of interviews and testing. Can I hope to get a job in the company? I look forward to your reply!

If you do not mind, I will contact you within three days to clarify the results.

Important! To increase your chances of reading an email, he should be given high priority using a special function in the mail service or mail program. In this case, the letter will be highlighted in the recipient's mailbox and it will be difficult to miss it.

Why doesn't the HR manager call back?

The personnel manager does not decide on hiring alone and therefore has to wait for a response from the immediate supervisor and, possibly, other employees of the company. Often, the Security Service is involved in the selection process. Verification of candidates in this case can take up to a week.

Delayed response times can be caused by a large influx of applicants. Perhaps the company has planned a dozen interviews within a week, and a decision will be made only after all of them have been conducted.

Force majeure cannot be ruled out. The HR manager could get sick, leave urgently, quit, and when transferring cases, the candidate’s resume was lost. Therefore, it is important to call yourself and remind yourself.

Also silence may mean refusal, but in this case it is advisable for the applicant to call himself and find out the reasons for the negative decision.

Important! If the employer does not state the reasons or they are unconvincing, and the applicant considers the refusal to be unfair, he has the right to formally demand from the employer an explanation of the grounds on which he was refused. In response to a written request, the employer will also have to explain in writing no later than 7 days the reasons for his refusal. But such a development of events may adversely affect the further career development of the applicant, because other companies are unlikely to want to cooperate with other people, and information in business circles is spread lightning fast.

In more detail, the reasons why you may not be called back after the interview, we considered here.

How to make it clear to your employer that you are expecting results?

If during the interview you have not reached an agreement on the timing of the report of its results, you can enclose the request to give an answer on the results in a separate letter of thanks. Rarely do applicants send letters of gratitude immediately after the interview with gratitude for the time they have been given, but in vain. This tool can help not only get current work, but also contribute to career development in the future.

After all, the business community is quite limited and today's modest recruitment manager for a small company can become an influential HR director for a large company in 5 years. The very company to which the resume will be sent is the very jobseeker who sent a letter of thanks 5 years ago to the modest selection manager. Of course such letters are important (and even irreplaceable) in collaboration with middle and senior managers.

Letter of thanks sent to the interviewer within 2 days after the interview. The approximate text of the letter to the HR manager looks like this:

Dear Olga Vyacheslavovna!

Thank you for your attention to my candidacy, invitation for an interview and your time. It was nice to chat with you! After our conversation, my interest in working in your company has grown significantly, so I look forward to hearing from you about the results of the interview.

candidate for vacancy Sales Manager

In such an unobtrusive way, the applicant hinted that it would be nice to give him an answer. The letter of thanks option is always won for the candidate. It is not customary in Russia to send such letters and therefore they have not become routine and formal. They are surprising and memorable. In a way the personnel specialist will feel obligated, because if the candidate has found time to write such a letter, then the personnel manager should spend a little of his time in response to inform about the decision.

How to understand that you have been interviewed? If the agreed period has passed, but no answer has been received, the applicant must call the employer himself. It is better to find out the result and, if it is negative, to continue searching for your ideal job, than to be nervous or comfort yourself in hopes of waiting for a call from an employer who may not be going to make a call.

How to inquire about the results of the interview? This is also stated in the video.

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Don't bother

Some go too far with activity: they fill up recruiters with letters with questions or thanks, call them on the phone, add them to friends on all social networks. Moderate your ardor and before you write another letter to the recruiter, think about whether it will not be superfluous. Well, do not throw until the request on VKontakte - too early.

Thank the recruiter

A couple of hours after the interview, you can write a short message or an e-mail to the recruiter. Thank you for your time, the opportunity and pleasant communication. The main principles are sincerely, briefly and without undue pomp.

To convince you that a thank you note is a really important thing, here are some numbers. The CareerBuilder portal found that 56% of employers perceive the lack of a letter of thanks as a disinterest in vacancies, and 22% of the managers surveyed admitted that they are unlikely to hire someone who did not send such a letter.

Write a follow-up letter

Follow-up letters are usually written to recruiters a couple of days after the interview. These are such augmented thank you notes. In a follow-up letter, you can remind yourself about yourself again, say what you forgot to mention at the interview. If you don’t know where to start, keep our 3 follow-up email templates.


It takes time to make a decision on hiring a candidate. Maybe we will tell you a secret, but very often the final decision is not for the recruiter - the scales of the balance are outweighed by the opinion of the department head or other specialists. Therefore, do not freak out if there is no news from the recruiter for a couple of days. The larger the company, the more time it may take to agree on a new candidate. If you did everything you could, wait about 7-10 days and then write to the recruiter again.

Highlight important points from the conversation.

Perhaps the recruiter told you that the next step will be another interview - with the director, department head or your immediate supervisor. Try to prepare for it based on your first interview. Remember what the recruiter talked about and what he emphasized in the conversation, questions on which topic he asked more often than others - most likely, this is the most important thing for the company.

Ask for feedback

If you have not passed the selection and the recruiter had the courage to inform you of this, do not give up and ask finally for feedback. Ask to tell which recruiter you liked, and what he would advise you to work on - it is important to understand your weaknesses. If the recruiter gives sensible advice and honestly talks about the reasons for the refusal, get invaluable information for further work on yourself. And in no case be upset, failure is not the end of the world, you just need to survive it.

Edit your resume, work through the mistakes at the interview and go ahead - conquer another company!

Signs of a successful interview

The behavior of the employer during the applicant’s story about the professional qualities, the answer to the questions asked will tell how fruitful the communication was and whether to expect a call with an invitation to work.

How to understand that the interview was successful?

Evidence of a favorable impression on the interviewer and a successful interview:

  1. the recruiter is impressed, listens carefully, looking into the eyes and leaning forward, nods approvingly, smiles.
  2. Increased attention is paid to the applicant’s point of view regarding the scope of the company, the interview lasts longer than planned.
  3. The head talks about the company, plans for the future, details benefits and bonuses, career prospects and salary increases.
  4. The employer is interested in the candidate’s ability to take up his duties as soon as possible, gives the exact date of the second meeting or the call, hurries up with homework provided as an entrance test.
  5. The applicant is asked about their interest in the vacancies of third-party companies, and for interviewing in companies of competitors.
  6. The interviewer asks about recommendations or starts calling the organization that recommended the applicant for the position.
  7. After the conversation, the candidate is given a tour of the company, they do not let go at parting for a long time, continuing the conversation.

Further, how long to wait for an answer after the interview, whether recruiters call back after the interview and how to find out exactly the results of the interview with the candidate.

Ways to find out how the interview went?

How do I know the results of the interview or how to remind myself after the interview?

The result of the interview usually becomes known between two days and two weeks.

Not wanting to languish from the unknown in anticipation of the outcome of a conversation with the employer, it should at the end of the conversation, ask about the date of the decision on enrollment, find out a convenient time for a call, phone number, email address.

You do not call after the interview? It’s useful to take the initiative and remind yourselfshowing the manager interest in obtaining a place in the company. You need to do it correctly and unobtrusively., be sure to wait for the date specified by the employer. If the answer is not received after the deadline for the decision indicated at the interview, you should contact the recruiter.

Should I call back to the employer after the interview? It is appropriate to remind myself about 7-10 days after the conversation in the absence of another arrangement with the interviewer.

Why not call back after the interview? Many recruiters do not consider it necessary to inform the candidate about the refusal of employment. Doing nothing, you can wait a long time for an answer. Should I call the employer after the interview? Yes, it is.

Signs of a successful interview

How to understand that the interview was successful? How long to wait for an answer? There are clear signs of a successful interview.

If the employer calls clear and specific deadlineswhen they contact you and when they decide on your case, - this is a good sign.

When talking about the results of an interview with a candidate is evasive and vague, this means that the applicant is not interested in employers.

A common sign is if they said “we will call you” at the interview.

If the interviewer found the applicant to be very promising, then he will worry how competitors would not intercept him.

In this case, he will be interested in the schedule and plans of the candidate for the near future. The interviewer will be ready to reschedule the next meeting at a convenient time for the applicant.

Another feature that the interview was successful is that the interviewer will spend a lot of time answering the questions of the applicant.

In addition, in a conversation with a candidate, he will in every possible way advertise the company and those prospects that await the applicant in a new position. He is in detail talk about career growth and company benefits in front of many and many others.

With a prospective job seeker the interview will last longer time allotted to him in advance.

If the candidate is not interested in the employer, then he will try to finish the conversation with him as soon as possible.

If, after the interview, the interviewer arranges for the applicant a tour of the office and introduces other employees, then the decision will most likely be positive.

If the people who gave you recommendations tell you that the employer contacted them, then this is a very positive sign. Usually checking letters of recommendation takes a lot of time, which nobody will spend just like that in the business world.

You can learn about the interest of the employer and by non-verbal signals.

If he is leaning forward, looking into the eyes, not using closed poses, this indicates interest and location.

Interest will showthat recruiter during a conversation not distracted by phone calls and conversations with peers in the office, does not study emailsturns off the ringing phone offers the applicant tea or coffee, takes care of its convenience and comfort.

How to find out the result?

How to find out the results of the interview?

It is very common for an applicant to interview said they would call backoften followed by nothing. If you don’t call after the interview (there is no answer after the interview), it makes sense to impartially analyze its results.

Perhaps you really were on top. In this case you should know the results of the interview yourself. About how to remind ourselves, we will analyze in more detail below.

Who is better to communicate with?

It is better to communicate directly with the employee of the company from whom you were interviewed.

Surely, he will be best aware of your results.

If you can’t talk to the interviewer, it makes sense to talk with the HR manager.

How to compose?

The letter should be reminded of the date of the interview, vacancy, and express gratitude.

The template by which the letter is compiled, doesn't have to be strict. Depending on the specific situation, it can change, expand and narrow.

How to write a letter to the employer after the interview? An example is presented below:

“Good afternoon, Maria Gennadyevna. On May 17, we met in an interview about the vacancy of a PR manager.

The work in this position is extremely interesting for me, and therefore I would like to know the results of the interview.

Thank you for your interest in my resume and my time.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Regards, Victoria Pastukhova


A careful analysis of the interview will make it clear how interested the employer is in your candidacy. If a week after the interview there is no answer (did not call), it makes sense to remind yourself by phone or email.

Many recruiters are waiting for feedback from the applicant, because today highly motivated employees with an active lifestyle.

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