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How to add music to iTunes: three easy ways


Everyone who has come across Apple products for the first time wonders: “How do I download music to my gadget?”. iTunes is the main program with which you can fill your phone with your favorite music.

1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes from the official Apple website. At first it may seem that iTunes is quite easy to use, but the pitfalls await an unprepared user literally at every step. Please note that by default iTunes will search for media files in the folder My documents -> My music. You can change the path yourself and select any other folder containing audio files.

2. Next, you need to copy all the music into one folder and open the application itself. On the main screen, press FileAdd files to your library. or FileAdd folder to your libraryin case you want to add the whole directory. In the pop-up window, specify the folder or file that you want to transfer to iPhone.

3. Next, you need to sync iTunes with your smartphone. To do this, connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable and select it in the section Devices. To transfer music to iPhone, select the section in the main menu of iTunes Music and click on To apply or Synchronize in the lower right corner.

4. Wait a while while iTunes syncs with your device and downloads music to it. After disconnect the phone from your computer, open the application Music and enjoy the media library.

5. In order to free up space on your iPhone and delete music files you will need to enter the section Music in iTunes and exclude from the list files that you no longer need. After connecting your smartphone to the computer, select the gadget, go to the window Music and press the button To applyeither Synchronize.

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How to add music to iTunes

Filling playlists with audio files is pretty easy. Apple offers three options for this:

  1. Download songs from a CD.
  2. Buy albums from your favorite artists on the iTunes Store.
  3. Add songs to the software from the computer’s hard drive.

In order to use the first option, the user just needs to insert a DVD or CD into the drive and start iTunes. How to download music so that it is reflected in the playlist, the program will prompt automatically. If this did not happen, then the user needs to go to the "File" menu, select the line "Add file to library." Then in the explorer specify the path to the CD. If you want to download all the compositions, then they must be selected using the Shift key, and then click on the "Open" icon. All selected files in a few seconds will be added to the playlist. Separate songs from the disc are also loaded, they are only marked with the Ctrl key held down.

If the computer is connected to the network when transferring files to iTunes, the program will automatically find information about the artist and album name. This will, of course, only happen in the case of a licensed CD.

Music from the iTunes Store

IOS devices can be populated with various media from the Apple store. It is called the iTunes Store. The user will find answers to many questions using this service and iTunes: how to drop music, how to add movies, e-books, applications, and much more to the gadget. The iTunes Store contains quite a variety of content - for every taste, interest and age. At the same time, the store offers both paid and free media files.

Find music on the iTunes Store

The user can go to the Apple store from iTunes, in which there is a special button with the same name for the service. To use it to download music, the owner of the device must go through the registration procedure on the official website. And only after that the iTunes Store button will become a working tool in the program.

After clicking on the icon with the name of the store, iTunes will ask you to enter the Apple ID and password in the form. If the data matches the previously entered during registration, the program will provide access to all content on the site.

To find a specific artist or song, you can use the “Search in store” field. If you type in it, for example, the name of the group, then iTunes will find all the files available in the service and containing that name. A pleasant moment can be considered that you can download not only collections and albums, but individual compositions. Immediately in the program there is an opportunity to listen to a part of the music file before making a purchase.

Select and Download

But let's not get distracted by the question of how to add music to iTunes? So, the file is found and selected. Now the user needs to pay attention to the column with the name “Album”. After clicking on the name of the collection, the program will open a window with information about the selected file, including its price. In further actions iTunes is itself a good explorer. That is, as soon as the user clicks on the “Buy” button, Apple’s file manager includes a wizard, which will prompt the course of further actions.

Music from computer

The question of how to add music to iTunes from your hard drive has the simplest answer from the proposed options. The owner of the iPhone is enough to run the program and go to the "File" menu. Then select the line with the name “Add File to Media Library” and in the explorer indicate the path to the selected composition. Having marked all the songs, the user only needs to click the "Open" button. All songs after that will be in iTunes.

Music added to the program can then be played directly with it or transferred to Apple gadgets. But not only this makes iTunes a convenient software. Its connection with the iTunes Store allows the user to get information about the artist, album name and much more.

Whichever method you choose to add music to iTunes, subsequent work with this program in the future: organizing files in it, distributing songs by artist names, album names, and much more is a very comfortable and exciting experience.

Finally, it is necessary to make a reservation that all of the above applies only to users who have a computer with the Windows operating system. For Mac, iTunes has a slightly modified File menu.

How to offer to add music to Apple

Cupertinians offer to interact with the Music app on the iPhone through the program iTunes on the computer.

1. Launch the iTunes app on Mac or Windows.

2. Log in to your Apple ID account in the menu Account.

3. Go to the system settings tab The main and enable the option ICloud Media Library.

4. Now open the menu File - Add to Media Library ... and specify the desired tracks from the computer.

5. In the iTunes side menu, find the section Recently Added, select the desired track and specify in the context menu Add to iCloud Media Library.

After a few minutes, synchronization will occur, the song will appear in the iCloud library and will be available on all devices with this account.

Tracks in iTunes can be grouped into playlists, edit the title, cover art or add lyrics.

What other options are there with the addition of music?

The above method has several limitations. Add music via iTunes for a long time, you need to connect your library, the tracks will not fall on one connected device, but immediately on everything.

There is an alternative way to add tracks to Apple Music. Third-party application developers have long learned how to download tracks from a computer to an iPhone, bypassing iTunes.

The easiest and most convenient solution is the WALTR program or the second version of the WALTR2 utility.

The application is not cheap, but has a free trial period.

So the tracks instantly get from your computer to the iPhone without media libraries, iCloud and synchronization.