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For some people, the Christmas season means rushing around, desperate to go shopping and shyly check out the to-do list. While it's easy to let things get out of hand, it's important to slow down and remember what makes Christmas so magical: unity and tradition. Bring everyone together for a fun event by setting up a small Christmas party for the kids. Create long-lasting memories for the little ones and engage them in simple holiday events so that you both enjoy during the holiday season.

1. Gingerbread House Making

Raise the roof with a gingerbread party. For young children, you can pre-build small houses from crackers with gingerbread cookies or a graham. The best “glue” for holding walls is royal icing.

Set up a lot of sweets and give each child a plastic icing sandwich bag that is connected to a small hole pushed out in one corner. Show them some basic ideas for decorating houses, like using chopped coconut in the form of snow, and then let them create their masterpieces. For favors, you can provide terry aprons or gingerbread cookies in plastic bags.

If you have teens and want to take the topic to the next level, ask teens to design and bake their home parts ahead of time and bring them to the party. Then give everyone an hour to pack up and decorate their homes. Put everyone's creativity to the test, asking some judges to choose the best gingerbread house.

2. Christmas Cookie Exchange

Creating cookies is a fun Christmas tradition, but it can be tricky to make more than two or three kinds of cookies. Fortunately, you can have a fun cookie exchange for kids to make at the party. Just ask guests to bring two dozen cookies of the same type to the party, plus enough copies of the recipe for each participant.

Display cookies on the table with recipe cards and a baby name next to each tray.

Then each child can load an empty plate with two types of cookies. Paving their way at the table, children must pick up a copy of each recipe. Set up a station where children can then decorate covers and associate recipes with small cookbooks as a souvenir.

3. Crafty Christmas

Not so long ago, Christmas gifts were made, not bought. Bring back tradition by having a Christmas party.

You can do this in a simple way, focusing on Christmas parties only on decorations and creating three or so stations where children can create different decorations for the tree. You can also have children who conduct other dodgy holiday projects, such as creating advent calendars.

Instead of giving real presents, guests can also make wrapping paper or Christmas cards at the party. A favor should be sufficient for crafts, but you can also send creative children home with an empty artist’s notebook and a set of pencils or pencils.

4. Party for the purpose

It is natural for children to associate Christmas with gifts, but you can help them find a deeper meaning by reaching out to those who are less fortunate.

Throw a party to focus on charity or simply ask guests to bring indescribable food, winter coats, or other donations to the Christmas Bash.

You can decorate the main table with a large stack of canned food in the shape of a tree, trim the tree with scarves in the form of a garland, or hang ropes of mittens over each doorway. At the end of the holiday, you can tell that you are grateful for this holiday season and donate goods to selected charity.

5. Sing Christmas Carols

Christmas night can be cold, but it certainly warms the heart. When guests arrive, give out songs that you made or bought with copies of some of the most common and beloved carols. Gather everyone around the piano or stereo to practice your songs. For parties with small children, it is recommended that you stick to two or three short songs that they can easily remember.

Follow some safety rules before setting off, for example, taking a walk with a friend and staying on the sidewalk. Unite, bring a candle to everyone and spread a festive greeting, door-to-door singing. Have the children take turns showing their neighbors with a cookie or greeting sign before moving on to the next house. Several people can stay in the house to make sure that hot cider, hot cocoa and other warm goodies await their heroes upon their return.

6. Rock around the Christmas tree

Break the tradition with Rock 'n' Roll Christmas Party. Spray each person’s hair with red and green colors when they arrive (after obtaining parental permission, of course) and brand everyone with simple tattoos for Christmas.

Tilt the couches, hang up a disco ball and let the children dance to the festive songs of the pop groups. To take it up a notch, you can even rent a karaoke machine.

When it comes to food, make mini pizza in festive shapes. To do this, simply cut the dough with cutters before adding the toppings. For favors, send everyone home with a musical wood ornament, such as an electric guitar or drum kit.

7. Polar Express Pajama Party

Whether it’s a book by Chris Van Alsburg or a movie starring Tom Hanks, The polar express - This is a Christmas story loved by many children. To make this party unique, invite children to come to their house dressed in pajamas for invitations made to look like train tickets. You can also serve hot chocolate, as indicated in a specific scene from the story, and a train-shaped cake.

At the party, you can take turns reading a book or just watching a movie. At the end of the party, send everyone home with a bell, which is a reference to how the boy in The polar express finally believes that santa claus is real.

Fun game for parties and fun companies (Jul 2019).

So, you are one or one of the members of the committee, which this time has to come up with ideas for a Christmas party. You want this to be a great success, which means, firstly, you want people to appear. This is a busy time of the year, and your Christmas party in the office is facing a lot of competition from other events - events that can be considered more desirable than your invitation.

Employees who are tired and cramped and more than ready for a break in the workplace may find it difficult to get carried away by spending even more time on each other, especially if the annual Christmas party has become a tired tradition.

Having shortcakes and drinks in the office, sitting next to a blinking Christmas tree, is not very attractive.

How can you have such a party in a company that people want to come to and even look forward to an invitation for next year? Follow these tips:

1) Take it out of the office.

The unbreakable rule of hosting a successful company Christmas party is that you do not keep it in the office. Even if you follow all the other suggestions in this article, you will never enjoy participating in the can't-miss-this-next-year event if you keep it where employees work. Being in the place where they usually do it, the temptation to talk about work is too irresistible.

2) Exit the night groove.

Although we tend to think of parties as evening things, they don't have to be. Even if your idea of ​​an office Christmas party will host dinners for your guests at a restaurant or hotel, people will drink less for lunch, not lunch.

Just switching the time of day can make alcohol less problematic and help ensure that your side does not turn into drunken debauchery.

3) Break the mold.

Whatever you do, change it from year to year. No matter what you did for your last Christmas party, a certain percentage of people will be bored if you do it again.

Think of your party as an event, not a meeting. Instead of a traditional party where you can sit out and eat, you can take part in disc golf, ice skating, curling or bowling. Or turn your party into a Christmas murder mystery, or a scavenger hunt. Remember, however, when you choose action-based Christmas party ideas, choose what everyone can do.

4) Include this family business.

If you change your guest list by inviting only employees to invite employees and their families to your company’s party, people's expectations and behavior will also change. On the one hand, alcohol consumption will decrease. And as an added bonus, more people are likely to be present since they don’t need to get sitters. For this, activity-oriented parties are especially important. For example, people of all ages can skate or bowl.

5) Mix the guest list.

Instead of hosting a staff-only Christmas party, expand your guest list to include an extended family, friends, neighbors, and business partners.

Mixing the list of guests makes your party more interesting for visitors, as they will have the opportunity to meet new people and have less chance of being trapped in endless conversations in the store. One example of this company’s Christmas party is holding an open house with the goal of, for example, raising and decorating a tree.

6) Dilex your Christmas holiday.

Then there is the dilemma of alcohol. Should you serve at a Christmas party? As a person, you want all your guests to have a good time and be safe. But both happiness and safety can be compromised when people drink. And as a social host, legally, you have to control your guests and make sure they all live safe if they consume alcohol at your party.

There is no rule that you should serve alcohol to your office on Christmas Eve. If this makes you uncomfortable or disturbing, do not service it. People, of course, can have a good time without drinking alcohol. Just make sure everyone knows that this is a non-alcoholic party ahead of time, and that you have many other things if people crave.

In addition to juices, teas, coffee and soft drinks, mock-ups can be an interesting alternative.

Here are some “0% smoothies” recipes from LCBO. If you decide to serve alcohol to your party, these safe party tips will help protect your guests and your company.

The right mix for success

The trick with successfully hosting any party is to combine enough excitement and comfort. With these Christmas party ideas, you can host a party where employees are eagerly awaiting participation rather than coming up with excuses to avoid.

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Parties for teenagers. Ideas. Scenarios

Organizing holidays for teens often becomes a headache for most parents. Children have grown up and want to do everything their own way: no parents, loud music until late, complete chaos in the apartment. The question arises: how to arrange a holiday for your beloved child and keep your own nerves in order? The main thing is to clearly define the terms of reference and the measure of responsibility for their implementation. You leave the apartment, and your child presents it to you after the agreed number of hours in full order, etc. For violation of the contract, he will be fined in the form of a ban on holding parties in your territory.

Familiarize your future party host with the following rules. They can be printed out and handed to the organizer of the holiday.

Party Rules

Come up with a party name

"As you name the party, it will float." But do not bother too much and come up with something like: "Figly-migly." The name should tell people what will and should go to the party or not.

Make a program of the event

A clear idea of ​​what will happen at the party will help you choose the right music, entertainment, treats and even clothes. For example, throwing a beach party, you will not require friends to have a costume and a butterfly.

Make invitation cards

Believe me: the time and effort spent will pay off with interest! You can attach a couple of comrades with creative abilities to the matter.

As for the design - everything is simple: put a picture from some magazine, as a last resort, scan some cool photo of yourself. It's fun to get a flyer of a non-standard shape, for example, round or folding, like a greeting card. And if it is also in an envelope, but with a wax seal, then the number of people who come through it will be much larger.

Type in a large font the name of the party and the number. And most importantly, never write: “Come All, we are waiting for you, we are glad to see you, you will not regret it. ". Your party is a movie not for everyone. The phrases “closed, private party”, “Face Control, Dress Code” and “After 23:00 the entrance is strictly limited” will bring much more benefit.

Most importantly - do not forget to enter the venue of the party (address, phone).

Promote your party

The first move - long before the party, go around all the favorite places of your party (clubs, coffee houses, etc.) and spread rumors about the upcoming action. Put the hype in a party (you can trick a little, for example, saying that the party’s budget is $ 100 and that “the whole school talks about it, but you still don’t know”). It's great if not one person will do this, but a group of trusted personalities.

The second move - open the notebook and call all your friends and acquaintances (the faithful audience will not let you down).

The third move - hand out invitation cards from hand to hand, with explanations: “I can’t give three, only two are the last.”

Now it remains to create an atmosphere in the club and bring decor.

Hover Decor

For this, you can use simple tools: candles, fabrics, flavors, etc. The main thing is that everything should be BEAUTIFUL.

Some win-win party ideas

Dating party

Such a party is organized in order to introduce old and new friends, for example, children whom the child met in the summer camp, and classmates. The main task is to create an atmosphere in which new people would feel at ease. In advance, think of such activities that will unite those present, and in games and competitions use the random draw method.

Home disco

For such a party, you need to select the musical accompaniment in advance, choose a DJ who can make not only music, but also the audience, and ask the party to come in dresses that match the musical style that the teens prefer.

Latino Party

Latin American rhythms are gaining more and more fans, so feel free to learn samba, rumba and cha-cha-cha. You can organize a master class right at the party, and then hold a competition for the best dance couple. Special requirements, as in the previous version, are for the DJ and the dress code. Girls should stock up on a wide "flying" skirt.

PARTY “Find out your fate”

For such a party, you need to create a small gypsy camp from classmates prone to acting.

Those present will be able to find out their fate by contacting a professional fortuneteller, find out their fate with the help of a magic crystal, and take part in gypsy games. Here are some fun things to do for such a party.

My beloved, mumbled, come on!

Only girls will participate in this comic fortune-telling. Someone from the "gypsies" should announce that fortune-telling will be held, according to which the girls present will know which of them will be the first to marry. Girls are invited to line up and stand at arm's length from each other. Then the fun begins. The gypsy asks the girls to stand on one leg, jump around its axis, raise their hands up and stick out their tongue. At this moment he quickly takes out a camera prepared in advance and captures the beauties for posterity. После этого обычно произносится фраза типа: «Да кто таких замуж-то возьмет?!»

Шуточное гадание

Желающим предлагается погадать на судьбу. На листе бумаги в столбик пишутся следующие сочетания букв.

Добровольца просят написать (напротив каждого сокращения) по одной строчке из песен — до черты и по одной пословице — под чертой.

После того как задание выполнено, каждая строчка расшифровывается.

ГДПП — год до получения паспорта.

МДПП — месяц до получения паспорта.

НДПП — неделя до получения паспорта.

ДДПП — день до получения паспорта.

ДПП — день получения паспорта.

ДППП — день после получения и т. д.

DD is the motto of friendship.

DL is the motto of love.

J is the motto of life.

Match divination

Those who wish are invited to find out the name of the future narrowed / narrowed.

You give her / him a pre-prepared box of matches, ask her to choose an arbitrary number of matches and break off their heads very carefully and accurately. You can even meticulously match matches to inspect and reject the result, demanding to repeat again. The victim should insert the remaining sticks between the upper and lower teeth, behind the ears, into the hair, where the fantasy tells. After that, you bring the victim to the mirror, peer into it and declare: “Well, who needs you so terrible / oh ?!”

You can arrange a corner where people want to know the future with the help of card fortune telling.

In spirit, this party is close to the previous one, but is held on Holy Week (from Christmas to Epiphany January 7-19). We suggest using the following holy fortune-telling.

Fortune telling by shadow

Take a sheet of paper, bend it with your hands so that it turns into a shapeless lump (but not a ball!). Put paper on the bottom of the overturned plate and set it on fire. Bring the burned paper to the illuminated wall without moving or destroying the shape of the ashes. Gently rotate the plate until a shadow appears on the wall. According to its outlines, the future should be predicted.

Fortune telling in rice

Take a cup of rice, cover with your hand and say: "Point, fate, what should I expect: good or bad?" Then pour the rice on the table and select all the dark grains from the heap. Before that, make a wish. If there will be an even number of grains, desire will come true; if there is an odd number, be patient.

Fortune telling with a needle

Using this fortune-telling, you can find out what changes in life await you in the near future. For fortune telling, you need to cut a circle with a diameter of 25 centimeters from thick paper and divide it into several sectors. In each sector, write one of the predictions: a new acquaintance, a long journey, academic success, a successful purchase, an unexpected gift, and the like.

After the circle is ready, the fortuneteller will have to sacrifice his hair (it is desirable that it be long). Insert the hair into the eye of the needle. Then, keeping your hand on the weight, stop the tip of the needle at the center of your drawn circle. After that, slowly raising the needle above the field of your drawing, observe to which sector the needle will deviate more - this will mean what to expect in the near future. Before starting this fortune-telling, turn off the light in the room and light a candle. The door to the room must be closed, like a window or balcony.

Fortune telling with a mirror

You will need seven candles and a mirror.

Sit at the table, which is covered with a dark tablecloth. The room should be quiet and dark. Candles must be placed in front of the mirror as follows: three candles from each side of the mirror, at an equal distance from it, the seventh candle should stand strictly in the center of the mirror and form an equilateral triangle with the six others.

After everything is prepared, the candles must be lit, sit in front of the mirror and gaze intently at it. In the mirror surface soon, besides your reflection and the reflection of burning candles, silhouettes will begin to emerge. Here at this moment it is necessary to whisper: "Mirror, show me my house in 10 years." What you see in the image that appears will be your future life.

8. Trim a tiny tree

Although decorating a Christmas tree is usually done in the living room, it can be fun for children to have a tree in their bedroom. Sometimes you can find inexpensive, small, and / or artificial trees in stores or discount stores.

When you come across them, buy some tiny trees and invite the children to a party decorating the trees. If you plan ahead a year, you can win great deals on jewelry, ribbons and garland right after Christmas. You could also make children bring or make their own decorations. For dessert, a delicious tree-shaped cake is served.

9. Christmas around the world

Give a Christmas party to your children on an international theme by hosting a Christmas party around the world.

To do this, assign a different country to each child. Be sure to include certain countries, such as Turkey (the homeland of St. Nicholas), Germany (partially attributed to the tradition of decorating a tree) and Mexico (where families keep the neighborhood "posada" or recreate Mary and Joseph's place to live in Bethlehem). Learn how other cultures celebrate Christmas and let their children choose a country that is relevant or inspiring to them.

Ask everyone to bring a glass representing the culture they have assigned and feel free to sing songs that are related to countries like Stille Nacht (Silent Night) in German. In addition, you can play this music on the speakers. Another fun activity is to teach children to say “Merry Christmas” in different languages.

Party Room Decoration for Teens

Sounds nice music. They suggest trying on “master” slippers (a pair of men and a couple of women, of the most extreme sizes): the latest development - instantly remove daytime fatigue, tone up due to the effect on the acupuncture points of the foot, which send signals to the brain, and from there back, and so on spirit. (later you can play them among those who fit, if any).

Helpfully offer to clean a suit, trousers, etc. See off to the place of landing. Tables are booked in advance. In the room:

- hats, umbrellas, scarves, etc. hang on the arch with the inscription “House party”

- diagonal stretched clothesline with linen on clothespins,

- along the walls are various attributes of the hallway,

- the poster “Observance of the rules of decency”, in the word “observance” is crossed out “s” and “observation” is obtained, the face is also painted,

- the tables are arranged behind the clothesline (that is, they occupy the diagonal part of the hall),

- on the other diagonal half are the leading maids and a DJ. There is a grandmother's chest and other props.

Teen Party Scenario

Natasha: What a blessing that we did get together!

Sveta: My dear! (Delighted) Look how many nice people! Look how they look at us!

Natasha: They think something like this will begin.

Sveta: Really think?

Natasha: It seems so to me.

Sveta: They still do not know that we look at them and think the same thing.

Natasha: And what does it mean?

Sveta (again delighted): And this means that we are all like-minded people, because we think about the same thing.

Sveta: Yeah! (Smiling provocatively) Well, who dares to start? No wanting? (Exchanging glances with Natasha) They think we are kidding them ?!

Phonogram from DJ Boris: “She was an actress and even played a role behind the curtains. "

Natasha (looking around): So, I didn’t understand what the hints were?

Sveta: People! Well, are you people or who? Oh, well, I don’t even know. Well, really, sit like that. Boring after all! I just said: “Klava, the owners are leaving, let's get the party together, otherwise we'll die from boredom!” So ​​what? They came and sit, well, people. What? (this is in the opinion of Natasha)

Natasha: I'm sorry, what. What am I to you Klava?

Sveta: Oh, well, what are you picking on words, this is a figure of speech like that! You have to understand!

Natasha: In short! It's time to take matters into their strong economic hands! So, our main task with you.

Phonogram from Boris: “Our main task with her is not to be caught in place. »)

Sveta: That's it! Mercy! But until 23 hours the hosts are not expected, therefore, our resources are similar. Let's go on a break!

Phonogram from Boris: “They won’t catch us, they won’t catch us. "

Sveta: That's it!

Natasha: Do not be distructed. And our resources are as follows: 6 hours surrounded by this nice company, 56 hot hearts, a sea of ​​fiery music and a whole clip of all kinds of practical jokes, surprises and other things that we will not disclose yet!

Sveta: Yes, by the way, do not be shy. Get used to it. We have a lot of places in the hallway. Why in the hallway? Yes, because the theater, as you know, begins with a hanger, and a decent house - with a hallway. And then, any fool can have a party in the living room, for example. But it’s cool to have fun in the same hallway - this is a real art, one might say, a virtuoso performance.

Natasha: Now it will take minutes 15 wait until the stream of praises to its own address runs out.

Sveta: And what did I say wrong? You won’t praise yourself - you won’t wait! And then, who else says a good word, neighbors, or what?

Phonogram from Boris: “If you want, I’ll kill the neighbors that interfere with sleep. "

Sveta: Mercy for solidarity!

Natasha: Maybe we’ll leave the neighbors alone and take care of the guests? Sveta: OK!

Natasha: We hope that today's meeting marked the beginning.

Sveta: Laid the cornerstone.

Natasha: I drove the first count.

Sveta: Hello, goodbye to you!

Natasha: In the sense of a peg. big.

Sveta: You express yourself more precisely!

Natasha: And you do not interrupt!

Sveta: Actually, I supplement.

Natasha: So, today's meeting marked the beginning of a new season and, since our house, although virtual, is very large, let's estimate for the future, where we will gather in the future.

Sveta: Each of you has a favorite place in the house, or say a place where you are comfortable, good. Now we will define such places and draw up a real party card for the House party.

1. On the wall is a map-plan of a virtual house, colored symbols of various places of rest are pinned on it, questioning those who are sitting where they would like to gather next time. The result is a clear picture. You can also agree right away where to relax next time.

2. Ask for help with cleaning in order to make room for fun. Each table removes things from the rope, the rope is outweighed. The task for each company: to beat the shot thing, finding it a different application than the well-known. Music. Competition for thrifty housewives "New from the old."

3. The attraction of the house, an antique little thing - "grandmother's chest." Suggestions from guests, what is there? Who guesses - a prize.

4. The drawing of "master slippers" from those who fit. Relaxing-musical-point task. Perform the dance "my slippers - my castle".

5. Special prize from the presenters (CD). "Guess the hit!" Sveta, Natasha, Borya on children's musical instruments (pipes, tambourines, whistles, etc.) perform a famous hit. Need to know him.

6. Who knows how to make a recipe for an awesome party, so that it’s “incredible steady taste”, “fresh breath that makes it easier to understand”, and “terrible exotic with creamy ugliness”, etc.? Blitz survey. Then it’s its own recipe. And immediately begins its embodiment. One reads, the other personifies by means of all those present, the seated are not left. The phonogram is appropriate.

Sveta: Our recipe for making a party: we take an area, in the sense of living space, and the more the better. But in principle, our recipe is applicable on any meter, there would be a desire. Further. We mix it (to the square) with small portions of guests, preferably invited in advance. (From the tables raises people, everyone)

Then pre-whipped owners are introduced, or not the owners, but those who are satisfied with all this. (Mixed with the total mass). In general, it does not matter whether he is the master or not, the main thing is that he be fresh and thoroughly whipped. Then, with neat, smooth movements, we begin to mix all this, trying not to spill the ingredients, which later will be difficult to attach to the total mass (people move to music, that is, “stir”).

When the mixture acquires a more or less uniform consistency, it is time to add spices and seasonings. Everyone makes out this part of the recipe according to their own taste. Stronger, hotter, sweeter, fresher, etc. For example, our Boris loves hot parties, and we add some piquant spicy stuff, do not hesitate! Accelerate! Go!

2 part of the party

1. "They speak at parties." A quick poll, while everyone is seated: what are they talking about at parties, here you are, in particular? They beat the topic, as if they overheard or remember friends. Preparations: It seems that I have lost the ability to logically move. I Who is already dancing there - I haven’t turned on the music yet. / I apologize for my rudeness! / Girls, you look so much alike! Are you by any chance brother and sister? / Do you have any wife? / And I love potato pancakes, especially fried! / Sidorov and I are friends of families. But alternately: the day is them, the day is us.

2. Draw of the magazine "My cozy home" (the magazine goes to the one who will give the most correct answers for the magazine, such as: how many pages? The topic of the issue? Trends of the season, etc.).

3. An important element of the hallway interior is the hanger. Competition "Passion on hangers" (to perform a burning dance with a hanger).

4. “We have everything at home, and you?” The contest is a provocation with scarves (2 teams, knit your scarves in one, whose scarf will be longer. A provocation because you have to run to the wardrobe behind the scarf, and if you don’t want to then they lost, and the winners got champagne!).

5. "Corridor" - there was such a profession. Who is it? Why don't we get such a right person? From each table according to the applicant. Competition "Corridor is a friend of man." (All those not involved in the competition build a corridor, a women's commission of 3 people will choose the best “corridor.” They blindfolded the girls and run them into the “corridor”, the task of the applicants is to charm and somehow interest themselves in the strict commission that they meet in “ dark corridor. ”Music. Comments.)

6. "Grandmother's chest." So what's in the chest? Assumptions and conjectures. Finally open.

7. "Costume for a party, or Our hands are not for boredom." (From the rolls of "grandmother's" fabric to make a suit.)

8. "Retro dance class", or "Piano in the bushes", in the sense - our highlight. For skeptics - the magic of reincarnation with the help of prosaic things (again from the chest). Was Natashabecame mademoiselle. And, of course, an exclusive dance class - Charleston. Everyone is invited, and physical violence is applied to those who do not. In general, everyone is dancing! The most capable are encouraged. All this fun flows into the continuation of the disco. Your word, Boris Nikolayevich!

3 part of the party

1. While seated: the question of the day. What do you think of our party? Do you host home parties?

2. We have a “corner of eternity”, that is, a specially designated place where you can perpetuate your name by writing something clever or original for posterity or for living. Immortalize! Do not be shy!

3. What a self-respecting house without a brownie. Let's call him. (They made a noise.) Not responding. In order to maintain the image of a decent house, we will create a brownie ourselves. Election of the Brownie. Further, the ceremony of creating an image as described. Take part all the tables in turn.

4. Next is the rite of passage. Mass action.

5. Competition "Gifts for the Brownie". Brownie chooses a winner. The prize - an exclusive dance with a "brownie", with stroking a shaggy paw - for good luck!

6. Competition "A neighbor is a friend, comrade and brother!" (2 lines, handkerchiefs).

7. Competition "On the road" (also two teams)

Sveta: Friends! It is believed that our party took place. Any other suggestions? Fine!

Natasha: In less than a month, we will meet again. It will be November.

Sveta: New November of our life. It might snow. The future will flow into the present under the rustle of fallen leaves and the whisper of the first snow.

Natasha: The future is a strange substance.

Sveta: We have only what we have today. And the rest - everything is as always. So far for now.

Natasha: Handsomely. True, it is not very clear, but this is not the point. Now we need something simpler and more practical. Give it a try.

Sveta: Please. If it seems to you that your life has faded, just dust it off!

Natasha: And come to our-your parties!