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How to promote a blog: a walkthrough for beginners


Today, even large corporations are considering options for invitations to events of representatives of the blogosphere, and not just journalists. This is a great way to reach the target audience that they don’t read from classic media. Over the past 10 years, there has been a qualitative leap forward: the blog is now not just a platform for self-affirmation, it has begun to bring serious profits.

But not every blogger manages to win thousands of people and turn his blog into a means of earning. To remember the audience, high-quality content may not be enough. In the end, people fall in love not with the lyrics, but with the character behind them.

So how to succeed in the blogosphere? How to attract new subscribers? Here is our quick start guide.

Step one

Define your target audience and blog format. For whom do you write or shoot? Who cares about your content? And actually, what kind of content will they be interested in?

Important: Do not try to reach everyone at once. If today you write about movies, tomorrow - about travels, and after a month switch to a review of IT innovations, you simply will not be able to get a constant, loyal audience to you. The only option: if you go in the format of “what I see, I sing about”, but are insanely charismatic. And here I would not overestimate my strength ...

Second step

Describe your public image, “avatar”. How should your audience see you? Whether you are a sort of “your boyfriend”, an eccentric life-lover, an estranged diva, or a judicious critic, you decide. Above all, do not be faceless.

Find your chips and constantly use them to be remembered. This may be a feature of writing texts (for example, remember obscene texts by Torshina), your appearance, blog format, design, presentation. Not so long ago, the format “grandmothers say” became popular, it immediately started with a dozen channels. It's also about the differences. At the same time, when you clearly stand out, moving forward is easier for you than being one of the thousands of “beauty bloggers on a bad camera”. Who are your competitors? How will you differ from them?

Third step

So, you have interesting content, you are different from others, but the number of subscribers is still growing per day for a teaspoon. How to be and what to do?

Keep ten tips for beginners:

1. Optimize headings, keywords, and material descriptions.

This will raise your blog in search results. For example, the query “how to travel with children” scored only 3,378 impressions per month, and a shorter combination of “traveling with children” was specified in Yandex 15,727 times. To find the most profitable combinations, use Yandex Wordstat and Google Adwords. The title should be concise, concise and give an idea of ​​the content of the material.

2. Social networks are your best friends.

They reach a huge number of people, many of whom are your potential audience. Placing announcements about the release of new materials on the blog will attract the attention of the audience.

Important: so that social networks bring permanent benefits, invest in the development of your profile there too. This should be not only links to your blog material (vlog), but also notes from life, photos, selfies ... You need to find channels that would give traffic at a sky-high price. Can you take traffic from search engines? Know how to be interesting in social networks? Make friends with those who have a large audience? Use everything. This will reduce the cost of direct advertising of your blog. The time has passed when it was possible to put together a cool, well-known and comprehensive blog for one hundred thousand investments. And this “entry cost” will only grow. Therefore, look for ways to save.

3. Use tags.

When working with YouTube, the correct selection of tags will allow you to show your video among similar ones (on the right side of the video you are watching). Hashtags have an even greater effect on Instagram. On Instagram, in addition to using popular tags that will attract a new audience, come up with your own personalized hashtag or profile heading. Firstly, this is another association with you and your brand. Secondly, it will make it easier for your subscribers to find your content on a topic. Look for an example of the psychologist instagram Larisa Surkova.

4. Socialize your blog.

Install social share plugins from the most popular social networks (VKontakte, Twitter, Facebook) next to the materials on the blog. Also check how adequately your RSS feed works for you, many still use it. This will enable readers to share your materials with friends. Good content will quickly spread across the Internet and provide you with an increase in subscribers.

5. Know the peaks in your online presence.

You need to understand the logic of the presence of your subscribers on the network. Some people read at work, some only in the evening, and mothers of young children are more likely to do it at night. Do not want to think for yourself? Look for scheduler programs that will help you calculate the optimal posting time when most of your active subscribers are online. There are several of them, and new ones are constantly appearing, so we can do without names. Publication in peaks significantly reduces the likelihood that your post will be lost in the feed and will not reach part of the audience. Plus, the high response of subscribers in the first minutes of the publication increases your chances of being in the ranking of "popular".

6. Promote your blog on thematic forums, sites, portals.

Build collaboration. For example, you can write a free guest article on a topic that is relevant to your blog in exchange for the ability to post a link to a blog in the material.

7. Chat with your subscribers.

Find out if they liked the new material on the blog. Ask for their opinions on any issue, engage in dialogue. Invite them to ask questions in the comments and answer them in the next issue of the blog. Be advised about what next time to write or shoot a video. Many bloggers are asking, “Did you like it?” Like it, the technique is somewhat vulgar, but effective.

8. Make friends with other bloggers.

Shoot collaborative videos, do collaborative projects, and organize contests for your readers. Point each other in photos and mention in blogs. This is a great way to get a new audience.

9. Hold contests.

If you are a “book blogger”, invite subscribers to talk about their favorite childhood book on social networks with a link to your account and hashtag. Give the authors of the most interesting stories a prize (it can be money or, for example, an interesting book). Such an interactive allows not only to attract new subscribers, but also to strengthen communication with existing ones. Bring partners to sponsors - publishers, chain stores. Your cooperation with well-known companies will also play into the hands of your authority.

10. Use paid promotion methods.

If you want the fastest response in the shortest possible time, use direct advertising. Yes, the one you have to pay for. For views, exits to the top, for advertising in other people's video blogs, for paid crops in social networks.

Important:For promotion, choose the most successful material of yours in which you are sure. If the proposed content does not interest people, you’ll just waste your money.


A blog can really work as a business if it is systematically addressed. Do not despair if at first the results are not stunning. The competition in the blogosphere is serious. Believe me, if you will produce truly high-quality content and comprehensively approach the promotion of your blog, you will certainly find your readers.

Material prepared by: Nika Zebra, Director of the Zebra Company PR Agency.

Help about the author: Nika Zebra (Veronika Kirillova), general director of the Zebra Company PR agency and the Media Library online training center. Practicing PR specialist since 2004, lecturer at St. Petersburg State University and the Higher School of Economics, speaker and moderator of a number of conferences and forums. Main specialization: working with the media, creating personal brands. Co-author of the book “Personal Brand: Creation and Promotion”.

What needs to be worked on to promote a blog?

If for some reason you do not have a blog yet, then be sure to create one! For what purposes do you create it? If this is a personal blog, then show your face. Post a photo and information about yourself. If the blog is designed to promote the business, then also talk about the business in more detail. People love to read interesting stories!

SEO blog optimization

Even if you're a complete beginner, you should still learn at least basic SEO skills. You need to understand how the simplest search engine optimization algorithms work. Indeed, in order to read your useful article, it still needs to be found somehow among many others.

To optimize your blog and articles, use this simple checklist:

2. Keyword

Define the keyword under which the new article will be written. Be sure to include it in TITLE and H1. Try to use the keyword in the first paragraph of the article.

No need to try to push as many keywords as possible into the text. By this you can only hurt yourself. Search engines are getting smarter every day, they already use artificial intelligence and detect such manipulations with ease. Better focus on the quality of the article.

3. Internal links

When writing a new article, always try to refer to publications that were previously written on your blog. Link only to those articles that will be in the topic. Thus, a visitor to the blog will be able to get acquainted with other publications on your blog. This is the so-called behavioral factor.

Search engines see that a visitor went to an article, read it and became interested in other materials, which means the resource was useful to him. Of these hundreds of nuances, search engine optimization is formed.

4. Robots.txt

Set up your robots.txt and show search engines what you can index on your blog and what not. If you use WordPress, then there are extra files in it that are better to close from indexing. Also this file will help to avoid duplicate pages.

If you do not want to make your own file, you can download mine. It is fully optimized for WordPress. The only thing you will need to do is change line 18 and 85. Instead of, be sure to specify your domain.

5. Sitemap

Over time, the blog accumulates a huge amount of content. To make it easy for search engines to crawl your blog, create a sitemap (sitemap.xml). Go to the blog admin area and find the “Plugins” menu. Click on “add new” and insert Google XML Sitemaps in the search bar. Next, do as shown in the image below.

6. Valid URLs

Set up url mapping for everyone to understand. Pay attention to how your blog posts are displayed. If they look like this:, then you should reconfigure them. Do not forget to use a 301 redirect. If you have a new blog and there are no articles on it yet, then install this plugin “Cyr to Lat enhanced”. Installation is the same as in paragraph 5.

7. Download speed

The speed of loading the blog and its pages is now an important factor in the promotion. The page should not load for too long both on the computer and on the mobile phone.

If you have problems with the download speed, then people will not wait long and leave your blog for another. Google claims that 40% of visitors leave the site if the page has been loading for more than 3 seconds.

Such sites lose their position in the SERP and are replaced by faster and more adapted ones. Now my blog has these speed indicators. There is still work to do.

You can check your download speed using the service from Google - PageSpeed ​​Insights.

If the speed is below 60 and you do not know how to fix it, then just change the theme of the template to another. Choose a responsive design for mobile devices. Then measure the speed again.

9. Blog control panel

Be sure to add your blog to Yandex Webmaster and Google Webmasters. In the control panel you can see important information on the blog. The number of pages indexed, the presence of errors, if any, and various useful recommendations.

Also there you will need to add your file with robots.txt and the site map /sitemap.xml. Do not wait for the search robot to find these files, help him quickly find out about your blog.

Blog promotion with quality content

All these technical aspects, of course, have a positive effect on search engine optimization. But the most important and determining factor is content.

What a blogger needs to focus on is creating high-quality and useful content. Your articles should be interesting and useful. Criteria for the usefulness of articles you can determine only yourself. Let's look at what you need to do to promote your blog for free using content.

2. Detailed manuals

When a person becomes interested in a new topic, he needs detailed guides for beginners. You can write walkthroughs in any niche. For example, “How to write articles for a blog.” If you are an expert in your niche, then write manuals for professionals. Such people also need new knowledge.

Do your reviews on the products or services that you use. Share them with your readers. People love to discover something new. By making reviews, you can already start earning money by connecting to affiliate programs. Reviews is one of the fastest ways to make money on your blog.

4. Interview

A great way to attract attention is to interview an expert in your niche. Thus, you can attract both a new audience and the audience of the expert from whom you will interview. Find all the experts in your niche and try recording with them, for example, audio podcasts.

You can make a report every month and post it on your blog. For example, I plan to maintain monthly financial reports on my blog. In them I will describe in detail what I did in a particular month and how much I earned.

This is not done for the sake of boasting, but in order to record their results. At this stage, my blog brings me 0 rubles, but my goal is to earn $ 10,000 or 650,000 rubles a month from just one blog. And I myself will be interested to observe the development. Plus, it will cause interest in other people, which will attract new readers to me.

6. Infographics

Infographics is becoming very popular. She is willingly shared on social networks, which has a positive effect on brand promotion. This is the same instruction, only framed in the form of one large picture. High-quality infographics are expensive, but such an investment can pay off over time with interest.

7. Video tutorials

More and more people watch videos every day. Shoot videos and post them on your blog. The longer the visitor will be on the blog, the better. Videos can be posted, for example on YouTube. YouTube is the second search engine in the world! Due to this, you can attract free traffic to the blog.

Create a content plan

To promote a blog, you need constancy. Make your list of topics for the month. Then determine the release date for the new blog article. For example, once a week on Thursday. Now follow this schedule constantly.

For a blog to start to receive a lot of visitors, it must become an authoritative resource in the "eyes" of search engines. A blog with at least 250-300 quality articles can already be considered authoritative.

Now let's count. The year is approximately 52 weeks. If you write one article a week, then in a year you will have only 52 articles. If you write 7 articles a week, then in a year there will be 364 articles. What pace to choose, it's up to you. But remember, one article per week is a minimum! Over time, experience will appear and you can safely go to 7 articles per week.

Content distribution

Start distributing your content on the Internet from day one. Today, there are many more opportunities for promoting a blog than 10 years ago. Social networks are an example of this. In social networks, you can find your audience in just a few minutes and tell them about yourself.

Choose only one social network and focus on it. For example, Vkontakte. We added an article to the site and immediately share it on social networks. Additionally, create a group and duplicate the content there. Do not be shy! Over time, you will have your own audience of fans who will monitor your activities.

2. Email Newsletter

Post your email collection form on your blog. Offer readers some usefulness in exchange for mail. So, you will significantly increase your base of subscribers, and for free.

Your base is also useful in that when a new article is published on a blog, you can report it to all your subscribers in just a few minutes by sending just one letter or message.


In no case be confused with spam! Find all blogs, forums and groups where your audience may be. Start actively participating in these communities. Link to your blog. Try to be always helpful and you will be noticed!

Content is king! Поисковые системы в первую очередь смотрят, насколько статья отвечает запросу пользователя. Если Ваши статьи будут полезными и уникальными, то они сами попадут на первые позиции в поисковой выдаче.

Не переживайте, если Ваш блог технически не идеален. Сфокусируйтесь на создании контента. Будьте активны и никогда не останавливайтесь!

Какие Вы используете способы продвижения блога?

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Hello Anna! I understand how difficult it is to do this job without seeing the result in the form of traffic and monetization. A blog is not about quick results, but if everything is done correctly, then in a year, a blog can already bring 20,000 - 30,000 rubles per month (depending on the niche). And then, it will only gain momentum in both traffic and finance! Do not stop and continue to develop your site!

That's right, you need a lot of quality content, if 7 articles a week are difficult yourself, you can order from freelancers. We invest either our time or our money. But articles for the order are often written for search engine robots, the author of the blog is not visible in them. Here and I think, what to spend: time or money?

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Blog content

1. Create an interesting and original material

The success (or failure) of any blog lies in the material with which the author fills it. If you want your blog to become popular, you should regularly create interesting and high-quality articles with useful content for your readers. In other words, you need to focus not only on what is interesting to you, but also on what may be of interest to your target audience, to those people whom you want to attract to your site.
As a rule, this advice is primarily related to texts, since they affect search results, but you can choose some other way of self-expression - for example, photo art (especially popular among travelers), graphics or painting. High-quality authorial content is always very valuable on the network, so it is so in demand among users.

2. Add new entries regularly

Another key to success is regularity and planning. The appearance of new entries will stimulate both regular users and search robots to come to you. Fresh material is an indicator of the relevance of information, the liveliness of your blog. Be sure to set yourself the number of records that you will create per week or per month. For starters, you can choose some minimum indicator, for example, one article per week. In the future, try to increase the number of articles to two or three per week (or more, if you have such an opportunity). At the same time, I recommend that you stick to this plan no matter what: even if you wrote two articles today, it’s better not to post them right away, but to share them with readers after a certain period of your choice. If you are afraid to skip the time when you should add a new article, use the function of deferred posting.

Suitable plugins: Auto Post Scheduler, Auto Future Date, Publish to Schedule.

3. Create a convenient navigation

In order to interest the user, it is important not only that he went to the site, but also that he was carried away by the subject matter of your blog. Therefore, I recommend that you use linking in articles, that is, in one article, provide links to one or more other articles that are relevant to the topic (or keywords). You can do this either manually or using WordPress plugins. Pay attention to the so-called "bread crumbs" - this type of navigation will increase the loyalty of visitors, as well as improve your position in the search results. Finally, do not forget about the tags - be sure to assign them to your posts, so that it is easier for readers to find material on a topic of interest to them, and tags are also used to select articles of similar topics.

Suitable plugins: WordPress Related Posts, Breadcrumb Navigation XT, Seo Smart Links, Yet another related post plugin, Simple Tags.

4. Reply to comments

You, as the creator of the blog, most likely want to get some kind of response to the material that you post. In the same way, your readers want to see that their comments and their opinions are given some attention. By responding to comments and involving your users in a conversation, you can create a certain emotional connection that will positively affect the attendance and popularity of your blog. Of course, if you behave appropriately than you make yourself a good image. However, do not forget that someone may not like your content - I advise you to respond to such comments too (if they are within the bounds of decency). In fact, any emotions cause a certain emotional connection to you or your blog - and this fact is often used in advertising campaigns - but I still do not recommend shocking the audience too often.

5. Add a section about yourself and feedback

This applies only to personalized blogs that somehow highlight the figure of the author. As mentioned above, firstly, it will make you a little closer to readers and provide emotional involvement, secondly, messages from your readers can contain a lot of useful information, they can inspire you to new posts, give you the opportunity to improve your blog and just get to know better interesting people. You can use your email address (or a link to a page on a social network) as contact information, but the most convenient way is to use one of the WordPress plugins. By the way, creating a post with answers to readers' questions about you and your life is also a good idea - such feedback will bring you closer to readers and make you want to visit your blog more often.

Suitable plugins: Contact Form 7, Fast Secure Contact Form, FormCraft - Form Builder.

6. Hold contests

Even if you run a completely non-profit blog, from time to time it is worth holding contests in order to attract the attention of regular and new users to you. Try to choose some creative task that will be interesting to the widest group of users, but at the same time related to the theme of your blog. At the same time, you can also arrange a vote when choosing a winner to attract even more visitors.

Suitable plugins: WP-PostRatings, Yet Another Stars Rating.

External resources

7. Interact with social networks

It's no secret that the vast majority of Internet users spend their time on various social networks. Why don't you talk about your blog there? At the same time, you can use your own resource — that is, independently provide links to articles on your blog on Facebook, Vkontakte, or elsewhere — and use the help of your readers who will repost their pages on social networks. Thus, your first priority is to make sure that your blog has the buttons necessary for reposting, and you are also configured to automatically post materials to your pages on social networks immediately after new content appears on the blog.

Suitable plugins: Jetpack, Social Share Buttons, Easy VKontakte Connect, UpToLike Share Buttons, as well as other more highly specialized plugins (e.g. WP Facebook Connect).

8. Add your resource to blog directories

Naturally, you should not register your blog in directories immediately after creation, but after you have filled it with interesting materials, be sure to add it to Yandex. Blog Search, , Directory, Blogdir, Blogolist and other resources. This will help attract additional users to your site.

9. Collaborate with other bloggers

One of the easiest ways to make your blog popular is to use advertising. At the same time, we can talk about its free options - for example, cooperation with the authors of other similar blogs. Typically, such a partnership can significantly expand the audience of both resources, which is why it is so profitable. You can create some kind of joint projects, share interesting tips or just give links to each other's sites or articles.

10. Make newsletters for your readers

At the beginning of blogging, this item will not be relevant for you, but in the future it will help you keep in touch with visitors to your resource. Send letters with the most interesting materials of the month or tell readers about any interesting news - in general, use mailing letters as one of the opportunities to attract visitors to your blog.

Suitable plugins: Newsletter, Tribulant Newsletters, Easy Automatic Newsletter Lite.

11. Talk about yourself and your blog on other resources.

Communication with potential readers of your blog can begin on third-party resources, the topics of which are similar to what you are writing about. For example, you can participate in discussions on Answers Mail.Ru or write some messages on the forums. Of course, you will attract the most attention if you help solve issues and problems of users - at the same time you can use the information from your blog and provide links to interesting and relevant articles.

Optimization and analytics

12. Follow the technical side of your blog.

Optimizing your blog is crucial and you need to pay special attention to it. There are many plugins to help you reduce the loading time of your blog, optimize it for search engines, etc. You can find some of them in the article “23 Most Popular WordPress Plugin”.

13. Analyze statistics

Various counters (for example, Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics) are required to install. You won’t be able to tell what is happening with your blog, how many people and how often they visit it if you don’t keep track of your site’s statistics. For example, it will help you understand which posts aroused the greatest interest among readers, and when your site is visited by the largest number of people - depending on this, you can adjust the time of publication of articles and their topic.

Suitable plugins: JetPack, Advanced Blog Metrics, Hitsteps Visitor Manager.

14. Choose a reliable hosting provider

The accessibility and excellent work of your blog as a whole is one of the key points that you need to be very careful about, otherwise you may have many problems. Therefore, when choosing a company that will be responsible for hosting your blog on the Internet, pay attention to the following parameters: the ability to install WordPress CMS, high-performance servers, stable operation, protection from malicious users and DDOS attacks, adequate cost (which fits into your budget), fast technical support. All these requirements are met by Timeweb hosting: you can familiarize yourself with the tariffs on the official website.