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How to block SMS and blacklist those who send


I added the subscriber to the black list, but SMS still come. what to do? how to make sure they don’t come? phone samsung5230

This is not about the phone model, but at your mobile service provider. I definitely say that leading companies provide the “black list” service. Maybe you yourself did something wrong, or you used some other “black list”. Contact the operators of your cellular company (it is better to call them than write to the support service) should help.

Is it advisable to get rid of SMS for good?

It is not worth it to completely block the SMS function, as you can skip an important message from a bank or other source. For this reason, in the latest updates of the standard application "Messages" the settings of the SMS center and the ability to completely refuse to receive messages were hidden.

It’s best to manually configure SMS reception so you don’t miss important information. With the right settings, you can:

  • protect yourself from unwanted contacts,
  • protect your child’s phone from unnecessary content,
  • block dangerous contacts.

The “black list” function is not perfect, since one person can have several SIM cards for making calls and writing text messages. For this reason, many special applications have the ability to block contacts with unknown numbers or completely disable the delivery of text messages to you.

Features of the standard SMS application in Android

First, we’ll show you how to block SMS from unwanted contacts using the standard “Messages” application. Recently, Google has updated it several times, so part of the functionality has changed.

For example, users have lost the ability to completely refuse to deliver messages or change the message center. Therefore, only individual numbers can now be blocked, using one of the methods for this.

Lock from message field

If you have already received SMS from a subscriber with whom you do not want to contact, then you must open it in the Messages application, and then follow the instructions:

  1. Click the three vertical dots in the right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the menu item "Participants and parameters" or "Information".
  3. From the proposed options, select "Block number." Confirm your action.

After these actions, you will no longer receive calls and messages from this person. Please note that the “Black List” will be common for this contact, that is, you will not receive notifications from him during any actions.

How to block SMS from a separate number

If a person did not write to you, then it will also be possible to add it to the ignore list. To do this, go to the Messages application and follow the instructions:

  1. In the main utility window, click three vertical dots.
  2. From the context menu, select "Blocked contacts." After updating the utility, this item may not be available. In this case, use other methods.
  3. Click Add Number. Enter the coordinates of the person you need to block.

After confirming your actions, you can no longer worry about the fact that the chosen person will bother you. You won’t even know that he was trying to contact you.

Add the number to the black list through "Contacts"

To use this function, you need to go to the “Phone” application, go to the “Contacts” section. Next, follow the algorithm:

  1. Click the three vertical dots in the right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Contact Management.
  3. Stop at the "Black List".
  4. Click on the “+” button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  5. Select an unwanted subscriber from the contact list or enter a number.
  6. Confirm your actions.

After that, the chosen person will no longer bother you. You will not receive calls or messages from him. The subscriber himself will hear short beeps in the handset.

Blocking messages with your service provider

Large telecom operators are struggling hard with spam and unsolicited mailings, so they have the ability to control the messages you receive. It is enough to connect a special service. Let's look at examples:

  1. The megaphone suggests connecting “SMS control” using the USSD-request * 903 #. Using the menu, add the number to the Black List. SMS from unwanted subscribers will not be received by you. If you receive spam, you can do it differently - forward the received message to the number 1911. Do not follow the instructions of scammers and do not follow the links.
  2. Beeline offers in your account to activate the service of the prohibition of regular SMS notifications. At the same time, you will get rid of the advertising mailing arriving to you from the operator after requesting a balance or topping up an account. The operator offers to fight fraudsters by sending the following information to number 007: indicate the number from which the message came, text, date and time.
  3. MTS offers subscribers to activate the SMS Pro service. It is provided for a fee, and you can add numbers to the "black list", prohibit delivery of messages from short numbers and letters to you. This service allows you to edit the list of unwanted contacts - to replenish and reduce it. You can activate the service in your account.

All these services are easy to use, in case of problems you can contact the operator. In most cases, money will be charged for filtering messages from your balance. Before sending messages or connecting to the service, you need to go to your personal account or to the website of your mobile operator in order to clarify the prices.

SMS blocking, call blocker

This application will be useful for those who are looking for a way to block calls. It has several functions useful for filtering messages:

  • Automatically remove unwanted content from the list
  • a complete ban on incoming messages,
  • setting the list of numbers from which you do not want to receive messages,
  • application of prohibition filters in the form of blocking frequently writing subscribers, as well as those who are not in your contact list.

It is important that you can find out about blocked messages in the log. This will let you know whether it was worth adding a subscriber to the black list. Many subscribers use this feature simply to satisfy their curiosity and test the filtering system. In the journal you can find messages from the contacts you need, if the application rejected them, add the subscriber to the white list.

Black list

This is a simple and reliable application that has a simple and intuitive interface. It is conveniently configurable and has useful functions:

  • making a list of unwanted subscribers,
  • block a message from a number not from your contact list,
  • ban on incoming SMS from hidden numbers,
  • blocking mixed numbers of letters and numbers,
  • application runtime settings,
  • The ability to save a list of unwanted contacts.

You can block messages by the first digits of the number (convenient for barring incoming messages when advertising mailings), and also enable or disable the application on a schedule. In this case, you will not receive messages in the evening. The application keeps a log of blocked messages, and can also send notifications. You can remove the application icon from the status bar or prevent it from sending you notifications. The only nuance of work - you will need to add this software to the list of utilities exceptions for cleaning memory.

SMS Antispam online

This application is more unique - its developers have created a centralized database that allows you to block messages until their first delivery to you. At the same time, the confidentiality of message texts is preserved, only numbers are compared. Also, the application allows you to:

  • create black and white lists,
  • blocking letter numbers,
  • Block messages from all contacts that are not in your notebook.

Reviews about this application are the most diverse. When using it, you need to very accurately set the filtering system, not all users cope with this. In this regard, problems often arise, the application interface is not very good and confusing.

Hide SMS, call, protected text

This application is an alternative messenger - through it you can send messages, leaving them private. Nobody can get into the application due to special protection. In this case, you will receive additional functions:

  • spam filter
  • the ability to send SMS later
  • backup of all types of messages.

The biggest disadvantage of this application is the lack of Russification. Even in the description of the application, the text was translated using Google Translate, and was not created specifically for the Russian-speaking audience. However, most users gave the app an excellent rating, and the number of installations is growing.

Now you know how to block SMS messages in different ways. You can tell about your experience of their use in the comments. Share this information with your friends and invite them to chat.