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How to get jelly out of shape


Original connectors for making portioned jelly help make the delicacy beautiful, festive, but it can be difficult to get the jelly out of this form. Let's figure out how to cook a dessert and what ensures its integrity.

Cooking features

Jelly is a sweet gelatinous translucent dish based on a thickening component - gelatin, pectin, agar-agar - and fruit and berry juice. Sometimes milk, cream and other additives are used. There are unsweetened versions of jelly, for example, from meat.

The liquid mass is filled in a liquid form, then solidified, and a vacuum is formed between them. This clutch needs to be broken in order to separate the dessert from the walls as a whole.

Standard forms do not cause difficulties, but it is rather difficult to extract whole jellies from curly portioned containers. Many housewives complain that small parts break off in the process.

How to remove jelly from a mold

The easiest way to remove the dessert is from a soft and flexible silicone mold. But glass and iron options allow you to achieve a clear structure and pattern on a piece.

In order not to suffer with extracting the dish, before pouring, grease the mold with odorless vegetable oil. Try to make the thinnest layer. The finished product will not only instantly slip out of the recesses, but will also be pleasant to shine.

There is an easy way to extract a treat from any form without damaging it. Only water and an additional plate are needed. Procedure:

  1. Prepare a container filled with hot water. It should be wider in shape with jelly. Heat the water to 50 degrees, this is enough.
  2. Put the dessert frozen in the refrigerator directly into the container.
  3. Hold the product for a few seconds and make sure that water does not get into it. Submerge only the bottom in water.
  4. Under the influence of heat, the mold material thaws a little.
  5. Now take the dish and turn the jelly on it. It will slip out quickly.
  6. If necessary, slightly press on the bottom and walls with your fingers.

If you overexpose the mass in hot water, it can spread on a plate, so be careful.

Steam or hair dryer

Another option is to heat the mold in a steam bath. Another way someone will find it funny: turn the jelly upside down on a plate and heat the top with a hairdryer.

Advice from Miss Purity Magazine
Another reason why curly jelly loses its structure is the insufficient amount of gelatin in the composition. Find the best recipe, practice a little and everything will work out.

How to get jelly out of a silicone mold without damaging it

Jelly is a delicious and beautiful dessert that does not require the hostess, for her preparation, special skills or hard-to-reach ingredients, so the hostesses are happy to cook it for their relatives and guests.

And with this jelly, both adults and children like it. Especially beautiful and tasty is jelly, prepared on the basis of natural juices, poured into beautiful shapes. Such jelly can be safely served even on the festive table.

Often housewives want to pour such jelly into the original portioned forms. And knowing how to successfully get such jelly out of shape can be useful.

How to get jelly from the form step by step instructions with photos:

For work, we need ready-made warm jelly, water, jelly filling molds, a bowl or other wide utensils.

Pour the jelly into the molds and send to the refrigerator for solidification.

Before serving the jelly, you should remove it from the forms. To do this, in a wide bowl with water heated to 45-50 ° C, lower the jelly molds for a few seconds. In doing so, make sure that water does not get into the jelly.

Turn over the tins, substituting a dish under them. Shake the molds. Jelly will be on the dish.

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