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Bedroom Design for a Teenage Girl


The modern design of the room for teenage girls 11-16 years old implies multifunctionality. Indoors should be:

  • A place to sleep.
  • A table for study and creativity and shelves for storing books.
  • Wardrobe with drawers and shelves, mirrors.
  • Dressing table.
  • Sofa, ottomans, bean bags to sit with girlfriends.

Ideally, it is also worth equipping a sports corner or leaving free space for exercise.

The space must be safe. Usually children's bedrooms are small, so it is better to choose furniture without sharp corners to avoid injuries and bruises. As for the material, MDF or wood are the most suitable options. They emit less formaldehyde than chipboard and serve longer.

When choosing a chair and table, give preference to options with adjustable height. They are more convenient, and you will not need to buy a new kit when the child grows up.

Try not to clutter up the room with different objects. It is inconvenient and prevents concentration and rest. Even a small room can be arranged beautifully and practically. We will talk about this further.

Bedroom for a teenage girl: style and color

In the photo: Interior of a modern bedroom for a teenage girl

The color scheme and style of the teenage interior for the girl is very diverse, which gives room for imagination. Elegant classic style, Provence and light neoclassic, implemented in bright colors, will appeal to romantic natures and Turgenev young ladies, and modern styles with a bold color scheme - purposeful girls with a bright personality.

1. Scandinavian interior in white

In the photo: Interior of a teenage bedroom for a girl in a Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style, which today is on the crest of popularity, is often chosen for the design of teenage bedrooms. Moreover, for the decoration of the premises, preference is most often given to white. This decision is quite justified, since such colorization "works" to expand the space and the room looks more spacious and brighter. The main thing is to choose a warm shade of white, and then the interior will look not only bright, but also cozy.

2. Art Deco Silver Tones

In the photo: Interior in silver tones

The silver range is perfect for a girl in an Art Deco style with spectacular designer lights and luxurious decor. In a silver palette, you can decorate the walls, pick up furniture or textiles. And of the large-scale decorative elements, the most relevant will be a textured panel with an abstract pattern.

3. Spectacular pop art

In the photo: Bedroom of a teenage girl in the style of pop art

Bright colors, unexpected color combinations, expressive geometric prints - the pop art style in the design of a bedroom for a teenage girl looks very impressive. Such an interior is suitable for extraordinary creative people who perceive the design of their room as one of the ways of self-expression, and are not afraid of daring experiments.

4. Minimalism in shades of gray

On the photo: Girl’s bedroom in the style of minimalism

The palette of gray shades is perfect for an interior in a minimalist style. This option looks as concise as possible, does not imply the presence of the usual “girlish” decor and is optimal for a teenager of 14-15 years old. And to make the minimalistic bedroom look interesting, the specialists of the Fundament Group advise using at least five different shades of gray in the design.

5. Classic interior in bright colors

On the photo: Decorative painting in the interior of the bedroom in a classic style

The classic bedroom for a teenager in the photo is solved in light colors, ideal for creating an elegant interior with stucco decoration and decorative painting on the walls. Elegant white furniture, as well as chandeliers and sconces with imitation of candles, will become the best complement to such an atmosphere.

6. Modern style with bright accents

In the photo: Modern bedroom with bright accents

Modern styling is perhaps the most demanded in the design of bedrooms for teenage boys, but designers often decide for girls' rooms in the spirit of minimalism or contemporary. As a rule, rooms for girls are realized in bright colors, which are complemented by bright accents: pieces of furniture (in the interior in the photo this is a red armchair) or textile decor (curtains, pillows, rugs, carpet).

7. Provence in pink

On the photo: Cozy bedroom in Provence style

The Provence-style interior, captivating with its warmth and sincerity, is the choice of tender and romantic teenage girls. For its design, a light palette using pink, blue, lavender, olive shades is suitable. A Provencal bedroom is better furnished with ivory furniture with a recognizable classic design.

8. Eco style in natural colors

In the photo: Room of a teenage girl in natural colors

Another favorite for teenagers is the trendy eco style. It is characterized by the use of natural colors, natural materials and modern furniture in simple shapes. The interior in eco-style is filled with warmth and comfort, but at the same time practical and functional, which impresses parents. In such a room there are many elements of wood and nothing irritates the eye.

9. Neoclassic in a delicate range

Pictured: Neoclassical bedroom interior for a teenage girl

Decorating in delicate cream and pale lilac tones, creating a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom for a teenage girl in the photo, is the best solution for a light neoclassical interior. She emphasizes the elegance of the situation and against her background looks white furniture, golden accessories and lamps with a brass-colored frame.

Features of the layout of the room for a teenager

Unlike a children's room, where in addition to a place for sleeping, a play area and a sports corner are usually provided, the teenage interior for the girl is more functional and suggests the presence of:

  • workplace - it can be represented as a separate desk, or as a furniture set with shelves and book racks,
  • recreation areas - independent or combined with a berth,
  • storage systems - dressing room, built-in or freestanding cabinet,
  • boudoir area with a compact dressing table and mirror.

The workplace should be placed closer to the window, where there is more natural light, the storage system is in a niche or near the entrance to the room, and the dressing table is not far from the bed.

Sleeping place in the room of a teenage girl

During the period of active growth, the children's body needs a good rest, which can only provide a correctly selected berth. What it will be - a bed, a sofa or a multifunctional module, depends on the area of ​​the room, the chosen style and the wishes of the young housewife.

11. Second floor

In the photo: Two-level module with a berth

A modern furniture module with a bed on the second level and a storage system integrated into the stairs will look best in a room with a high ceiling. Such furniture will help to change the geometry of the room and make the interior more interesting. And the free space under the berth can be used to accommodate a small guest sofa or a pair of frameless armchairs.

12. Full replacement

In the photo: Small modern bedroom of a teenage girl

In small rooms where there is a lack of usable space, a sleeping place can be combined with a relaxation area. In such cases, the best choice would be a comfortable sofa with an orthopedic mattress and a box for storing bedding. First of all, you need to pay attention to models that do not need to be laid out - they are more convenient to use and last longer.

14. A table instead of a window sill

On the photo: Workplace at the window

To arrange a workplace by the window, replacing the windowsill with a wide tabletop, is a great idea. Such a table can be supplemented with side tables, drawers and book shelves, which will significantly expand the functionality of furniture. In the design of the bedroom for a teenage girl in the photo, the table is part of a large furniture composition consisting of a bookcase and wardrobe cabinets in a Beaujolais shade. Therefore, the interior looks solid and harmonious.

15. Spectacular take

In the photo: Work area in the bedroom for two teenage girls

Two small tables with a classic design, two armchairs with soft pink upholstery, two book shelves - in the bedroom for teenage girls in a photo decorated in neoclassical style, each housewife has her own mini-cabinet. To improve the illumination of workplaces, the designers of the Fundament Group of Companies abandoned the curtains and decorated the window with horizontal blinds with a light lambrequin.

16. Industrial design

On the photo: Loft style workplace

A brutal loft-style desk with a black metal base and wooden worktop resembles a workbench. The spectacular industrial design looks very expressive and makes this furniture element suitable for any modern interior.

17. Stylish set

On the photo: Workplace with bright shelves

A light white high-tech desk at the desk is almost invisible in the interior and very comfortable. He can "perform" and solo, but complete with bright pink shelves, this piece of furniture looks more advantageous. The segments of shelves closed by blind white doors support the design of the table and the cabinet with two drawers, which adds to the mini-cabinet of harmony.

18. Custom solution

On the photo: Desk of the original form in the Provencal bedroom

Non-standard room requires non-standard solutions. Therefore, in a room with a rounded wall, which housed the bedroom for a teenage girl in the Provence style, a white table with an original shape appeared. Despite the modern look, it harmoniously blended into the interior and emphasized the geometry of the room.

5 rules for the proper organization of space

1. All items in the room must be of high quality and environmentally friendly. It is better to give preference to natural materials.

2. A single style makes the space not only beautiful, but also more functional. Define the “theme” of the nursery and select all the components for it. For example, a "fairytale castle" or "summer meadow."

3. The main color should not be too saturated, it is best to take as a basis pastel delicate shades, and then supplement it with several bright decorative accents. If you do not know how to choose wallpaper for a girl’s room, be sure to read our article.

4. Furniture is better to choose multifunctional, able to "grow" with the child. The table and chairs can “stretch out” when the need arises.

5. It is important to take into account the wishes of the little housewife, she should be comfortable. Girls are very fond of beautiful elements, magical motifs, so unusual details must certainly be added to functional ones. Do not refuse them - after all, this is a nursery, not a room for adults.

19. A cozy niche

On the photo: Workplace in a niche by the window

The niche obtained by installing a large cabinet by the window is excellent for placing a desk. This location ensures good illumination of the workplace and improves the ergonomics of a small room. The designers of the Fundament Group decided to highlight this zone with wooden panels of different widths and colors - so they will not burden the interior.

20. Functional kit

On the photo: Workplace with a corner table

A white furniture set consisting of a compact corner table, shelf and organizer is the optimal solution for the modern room of a teenage girl. An ideal background for him would be a chocolate-colored wall, decorated with interior stickers in the form of white butterflies.

1. What should be the sleeping area?

In a children's room of any size, various zones can and should be provided. First of all, this is a child’s bedroom. It is necessary to try to create all conditions for a good rest of the girl at night. Choose a comfortable bed with an orthopedic mattress. The size of the berth (length, width, height above floor level) should correspond to the child's age, height and weight. If you are afraid that a small child may fall out of bed, you can use removable bumpers on the crib.

Complement the main lighting with soft and dim. Nightlights are needed not only for babies, their flickering will help your daughter calm down faster after all the events of the day and fall asleep.

Pick up blackout curtains for windows. The curtains of the children's bedroom should not only be beautiful and suitable for the overall design - you should definitely pay attention to their practicality. The nursery is often placed in a small room, so it is necessary to hang blackout curtains that reliably protect from bright light. They can be supplemented with light tulle, organza, cotton.

Add “cozy” elements to the decor. It can be a canopy, decorative pillows, toys, hugs for sleeping. It is these cute objects that create the special charm of a girl’s room. Do not abandon them altogether, but turning the entire space of a girl’s bedroom into a warehouse of trinkets and souvenirs is unacceptable. From the excessive amount of all kinds of cute additions, the room space seems smaller than it actually is, in such a room it is more difficult to clean, the child does not get accustomed to order.

21. A difficult combination

On the photo: Workplace with a rack in the style of Provence

A desk and a Provence-style bookcase represent a spectacular furniture composition that fully meets the needs of a teenager. On the open shelves of the rack you can store textbooks and books, and in the drawers of the table - notebooks and stationery.

2. Working area

Modern children begin to learn at an early age. Even the kids go to all kinds of developmental activities, and at home they need to fulfill the tasks of teachers. The place for this should be arranged with all parental attention, because at the table the child spends more and more time every year.

Most often, the girl’s bedroom is combined with her study, so you need to provide a zone with a table and a bookcase.

In this case, you need to try to separate the study area from the rest of the room. To do this, you can use niches, screens, catwalks, curtains.

3. Storage

A child of any age has a lot of things: clothes, school supplies, toys, gadgets. All this needs to be stored somewhere, so the question of organizing convenient compact cabinets and shelving in the nursery is always far from last.

If space is limited, you should try to use the entire area under horizontal surfaces: under the bed, table, windowsill. These are ideal places to store children's things. Of course, if they are complemented by lightweight durable shelves, drawers, containers.

The children's bedroom looks great more original and decorative storage tanks.

  • suspended soft sections-tunnels,
  • baskets in the form of animals or cartoon characters,
  • chests (just like from the castle of the princess!).

In order for the room to be in perfect order, parents need to create conditions. The child will not be able to put his things in place if there is no space for them. Therefore, before sending the child to clean up, make sure that ...

  • containers for storage of different sizes - for large and very small objects and toys,
  • each container is well closed, marked with a picture or signed,
  • the child can independently reach all the boxes with his things, able to pick them up, open them, put them in place.

In the design, it is better to adhere to a single style. Racks, shelves in cabinets look much neater if all containers or boxes inside are matched in color, decorated the same.

22. The inheritance of the court lady

On the photo: Recreation area with a recam couch

A classic reclamation couch, upholstered in blue velor, would do the honor and boudoir of the court lady. Carved decor and curved legs give it an elegant look, and a high back and decorative pillows provide a comfortable rest. And as a companion for such an aristocratic piece of furniture, a small high table, on which a vase with flowers and a beautiful figurine will look good, is perfect.

4. Rest area

It is impossible to imagine a girl’s bedroom without toys. Of course, there are always a lot of them. Parents should foresee a zone for their storage, as well as allocate as much free space on the floor as possible.

Be sure to sort the small figures, designers, board games, soft characters into separate containers. Each group should have its own place, so they take up less space.

But a recreation area is not only toys. All parents dream of raising their daughter healthy. Therefore, the bedroom of even the "little princess" must certainly be equipped with at least a small sports corner.

The Swedish wall, rope, swing do not take up much space, and the growing body benefits them enormously!

5. Beauty corner

Girls like to spend time at the mirror, “bring beauty” almost from the cradle. Even a very little girl needs a dressing table. Он может быть любого дизайна, но будет лучше, если вы выберите его вместе с ребенком.

Оригинальный минималистичный дизайн.

25. Милая пара

На фото: Зона отдыха с каминным креслом

Каминное кресло и пуф с обивкой из рогожки отлично смотрятся в современном интерьере, оформленном в мятных тонах, и представляют собой вариативный мебельный дуэт. You can make a comfortable couch from them, or you can use them individually, entrusting the role of a coffee table to the pouf.

How to place everything?

The secret is simple: the less diverse tables, shelves, nightstands in the room, the more spacious it seems. In a nursery, especially a small one, saving space means a lot. How to do this, without neglecting any of the mandatory areas of the nursery, we describe below.

Examples of successful ways to combine different zones:

1. "Second floor"

To place a bed or a play area on the upper tier, at a certain height from the floor, may be a necessity or a thoughtful design decision. In both cases, this will bring the child only advantages. The functionality of the space will become significantly larger, and the baby will be able to arrange a special, only her own, corner inside the room.

Changing the floor level of a room also significantly increases the possibility of maximally utilizing its area. On a raised platform, it is convenient to place a work area or bed.

4. Functional windowsill

Modern window sills easily change their width and are increasingly becoming additional meters of useful area of ​​a child’s bedroom. They easily replace a table, a sofa for reading, a section for storing toys.

32. A good decision

In the photo: Mirrored wardrobe in the interior of the bedroom for the girl

A mirrored wardrobe built into a niche in a modern style is as roomy as a dressing room, but takes up much less space and does not dominate the interior. And it works great for expanding the space, which makes it indispensable for small rooms.

33. Elegance and grace

In the photo: Boudoir zone in a classic style

A set of mirrors in a figured frame and a white console on bent legs decorated with elaborate carvings and golden patina is a modern copy of antique objects, but it looks like the original. Such furniture could decorate the boudoir of the court lady and is perfect for a girl's bedroom in a classic style.

34. Mobile option

In the photo: Boudoir zone in a classic style

Due to the fact that the oval mirror is firmly fixed to the frame of a small dressing table-bureau, the boudoir zone can be easily moved to another place. Such a thing will appeal to everyone who likes to do a permutation.

Turning a child’s room into a teenager’s is a rather complicated process. But we hope that our experience and tips on implementing fashionable design ideas will help you in creating a beautiful and functional interior.

How to choose a design for rooms of different sizes

The child grows and changes very quickly. And by the age of ten, his interests had become completely different from what they were literally 2-3 years ago. Just at this time, it’s time to make repairs in the nursery and completely change the design and decor.

A teenage girl is a very picky creature, which is extremely difficult to please. She has already formed her own ideas about fashion and beauty. And for sure, in her head there was a certain ideal model of her room. Considering all this, of course, is necessary.

We need to combine the wishes of the child, the parents, the laws of design and, most importantly, the opportunity to translate all this into the room area into one concept.

Room 10 sq. m

Unfortunately, very often we have to invent something and somehow equip such tiny rooms. This is one way. And on the other hand, if you think about it, it turns out that not every adult has at his disposal personal 10 squares! It turns out that for one girl this is quite enough.

What do we need to put?

The bed should be a single, designed for an adult, so that later you do not have to change it. Choose a model with drawers. It needs to be put away from the entrance.

We need to place the table in the most illuminated place, that is, by the window. The corner complex with a large table, drawers and shelves is very convenient, it takes up little space, and it is very good for the child to study and store all school supplies and books. Shelves for toys can be hung next to the table (a girl of 10-12 years old still has favorite dolls). See also our article on choosing a computer desk.

It’s better to immediately order a large one to the ceiling, it will always come in handy. It can be placed either in a corner or along the narrowest wall. The cabinet doors should be mirrored. The girl will be where, dressed up, to look, and this will visually enlarge the room. We advise you to look at the variety of corner sliding wardrobes in this article.

The girl really likes pink and lilac tones, and maybe she will want to make her room completely in her favorite color. Is it worth it?

We often see examples of such designs on the Internet, and if we imagine that we see a pink room every day from morning to evening? Most likely, very soon it will bother.

It is best to combine the main selected tone with a neutral beige, white, golden, etc. This is necessary so that the look “rests”. And in a small room pastel colors will look better. Refuse from a bright pink, lilac or any other. Just in this color there can be a poster, bedspread, vase, flower pots, etc.

If it is flat, without cracks, then you can not think of anything and just paint. One chandelier will be enough to illuminate such a room well.

With an ugly ceiling, it will be easiest to order a stretch. It is perfectly flat, and with it you can forget about any problems with the repair.

Room 12 sq. M. m

In such a room a little more space, and it pleases! There is free space for a small sofa, which can accommodate girlfriends. It seems to us that at this age it is already possible for a girl to have her own TV. You can hang it over the bed, put the sofa opposite, so that it is convenient to watch your favorite movies with a fun company.

It would be nice to put a narrow and high bookcase in some free corner. On sale now there are many. Or make hinged shelves.

Recommendations for choosing wallpapers are the same as for a room of 10 square meters. m. Light neutral tones will also be good here. You can use both pale green and light yellow.

On the design of the bedroom 12 square meters. m. read more in our article.

Remember! It is easier to decorate light walls with bright paintings and a photo collage than to re-glue boring wallpapers.

Room 16 sq. m

A large nursery is the dream of both parents and children. This will include a good wardrobe, a sofa, a bed, and a bookcase and other necessary items.

An option for an attic bed is very interesting for such a room, but not with a steep staircase upstairs, but with full steps. This will appeal to a teenage girl who believes that simple bunk beds make for babies. At the bottom, you can equip a sofa or a small cabinet with shelves and drawers.

A good area of ​​the nursery allows you to "play" with the color scheme. You can decorate part or all of the wall with some bright color (relatively bright), and leave the other light. This idea can be implemented with the help of paint, decorative plaster or wallpaper.

Spotlights can be equipped on the ceiling to vary the degree of illumination and its direction.

Ideal room styles for teenage girls

I want the style to reflect the inner world of a growing up girl, you need to listen to her opinion. In the modern world of design, many styles have formed, among which we can choose something of our own together with the child.

Adolescents over 12 years of age are madly attracted to the informal style in everything, and the decor of the room as well. Children's interests have sunk into oblivion, and anything is ready to come in their place. The design has ideas for interior design in the style of New York just for teenagers. What he really is?

  • emphasized primitive finish (wooden floor, whitewashed and painted walls,
  • antique furniture
  • many bright original decor items, different styles and colors,
  • unusual carpet, etc.

Such a design would be preferred by a romantic, dreamy girl. Paris style implies sophistication, grace, simplicity and immediacy. What is it manifested in the interior?

  • wallpaper or paint only white or beige,
  • posters, murals or drawings with a view of Paris in black and white,
  • shod or carved furniture (a little table with a mirror, a bedside table),
  • many lovely trinkets.

Art Nouveau can decorate most children's rooms. He, like all modern styles, strives for simplicity and convenience in everyday life. If a teenager does not have clear criteria or special style preferences, we can safely dwell on this option.

The main features of Art Nouveau:

  • simplicity and clarity of lines (ordinary furniture without additional decorations),
  • functionality,
  • soft colors
  • the ability to combine with elements of a different style,
  • modern technologies in decoration.

Bright colors are acceptable here, but very moderately to dispel boredom. The main thing is that all the furniture is very compact and simple, not requiring a certain style. It just performs its function well.

Classic style

The unpretentious classic interior is good at all times. Not all adolescents strive to shock and blindly follow fashion. There are serious people among them who like everything traditional and familiar. If the design of all rooms in the house is designed in a classic style, then it makes sense to make the nursery the same.

How does the classic in the children's room manifest itself?

  • There must be wooden or wood-like furniture of traditional colors: wenge, walnut, cherry, etc.
  • On the floor, laminate or linoleum to match the furniture.
  • Light wallpaper, plain or with a discreet pattern, is pasted on the walls.
  • The windows have blackout curtains and tulle.

A little cool ultramodern style can be adapted to the children's room. There will be fans of this style. Probably, a girl of 14-15 years old, who is not tuned for external beauty, but for convenience and functionality, is a high-tech one.

The main features of the style:

  • Glass and metal furniture,
  • White walls without wallpaper
  • Lack of fabric curtains,
  • Smooth floor without carpets.

Of course, you can lay a rectangular plain carpet in the nursery or make a heated floor. This is decided individually. Bare walls can be decorated with black and white photos or paintings.

Such an "adult" room may cause envy among girlfriends.


Minimalism includes the features of hi-tech and modern. But softer than hi-tech, and more restrained than modern. It allows bright colors for walls or furniture, traditional curtains on the windows, but only in neutral colors and without accessories.

Minimalism is good in that it transforms with the age of the child, remove something, and add something else.

If we wanted for a ten-year-old girl to paint a white chest of drawers with bright colors, then after a couple of years it can be simply painted over and pasted over with patterns. Even changing curtains and accessories, we will significantly change the appearance of the room.

If a child is passionate about rock, for him he has become a part of life, you can play along with this and design the room in rock style. To do this, you can paint the walls in gray or beige, apply graffiti to them, hang photos of your favorite musicians, a guitar.

Instead of curtains, it is better to install blinds, and furniture can be put on the simplest, even non-new.

Distinctive features of various styles
New Yorkvintageno wallpaperjalousiepainted
Parisforged, simplein pastel colorslight, airypainted
Modernmodern, functionallight whiteneutral, simpletraction
Classicwooden traditionalwith patternsdensepainted
Rockanywith fashionable patternrolled or romanpainted
High techmodern, multifunctionalno wallpaperjalousietraction
Minimalismmodern, multifunctionallight whiteneutral, in bright colorstraction

Room for girls 10-12 years old

During this period, the child has not yet “gone” far from his childhood. The girl is still interested in dolls and cartoons, but at the same time she wants to seem like an adult.

She no longer needs any cartoon characters, but the girl will like the beautiful colors in the design. You can stick light wallpapers and decorate them with murals with views of nature, the city landscape, or attach flowers, animal figures.

From childhood, you need to explain to the girl what will be beautiful and what is not very, and thereby form a good taste in her.

Particular attention should be paid to the working area, since the child has long to study, he needs a good roomy table, a comfortable chair and a sufficient number of drawers and shelves. A girl of 10-12 years old still has her favorite toys, for them you need to equip a wardrobe or a rack.

If the room has a place for a sofa, it is worth putting it. So you can solve the problem of accommodating guests on weekdays and on holidays.

Without a carpet, the nursery will not be so cozy, and very often even rather big children like to sit on the floor. In combination with white or beige furniture, carpets in rich colors look great.

Be sure to check out our article on the design of a room for a girl of 10-12 years old!

Room for girls 14-15 years old

A young lady of 14-15 years old is already considered an adult. Her room is no longer toys and children's books. It's time to equip her room in a new way. A girl of this age has already formed a character and opinion, her taste can be trusted and decisions regarding design must be taken together. Discuss all interior ideas, browse magazines and websites. Choose a style (minimalism, classics, New York, etc.).

New York, rock, Paris will suit the girl creative, extraordinary, addicted. In these styles, she will be able to constantly realize herself.

Calm, serious natures, it is better to stay on high-tech, modern, minimalism or classic.

Key points in the interior:

  • comfortable bed
  • Well equipped work area
  • meeting place for guests.

Where and how to sleep?

In a small room, we propose to install either a corner sleeping complex with two beds upstairs. Shelves and drawers are installed under one bed, and under the second there is a place for a sofa.

This option immediately makes it possible to stop all disputes about sleep above and saves space.

Where to do homework?

This is another sensitive issue. If we managed to reclaim space with the help of an attic bed, then we will have to set up two tables. You can find compact tables without drawers and place them next to them, opposite the window. And school items and books are easy to place on hanging shelves. Do not forget that each table should have a table lamp.

Where to store things?

Part of the clothes, bedding will fit in drawers under the bed. But a tall wardrobe will still be needed. Everything you need will go there.

If the apartment has a large corridor, it is better to put a large closet there. Then part of the children's things will fit in it, and it is better to leave free space in the room.

Video with examples of room design for two girls

Choosing furniture in a teenage room

Now on sale there are many models for older children. At this age, the girl can already sleep on the big bed. Which model to choose?

  • standard (with a wooden frame without drawers),
  • forged
  • with drawers
  • hinged
  • loft bed.

An ordinary bed fits perfectly into the classic interior, wrought iron is better suited to the style of Paris. The rest are good for minimalism, modernism, etc.

The attic bed is perfect for a small room, a girl of 10-12 years old will be happy to sleep on it and play with her friends.

For an older girl, it is better to choose a folding bed. It comes complete with shelves and a wardrobe, which is very convenient for limited spaces.

The bed with drawers, although it takes up a lot of space, allows you to store many things.

When buying a table, you need to rely on the fact that the child will be engaged in it for many years. A good table will serve all the time of study. For a teenager, we will choose a table in such a way that she can study at it, even while studying at the institute. So, it must be durable, of high quality materials. The width of the table should be such that it could fit a computer and textbooks with notebooks.

For a teenager, do not choose pink and other bright furniture. The girl’s tastes change too quickly, and if we buy furniture for many years, it should be neutral tones. When you change the style, it will easily fit into the interior.

The best closet is one in which everything enters, but which is invisible in the room. This can be considered a built-in corner cabinet. It is very roomy and compact. For maximum convenience, it should have many drawers and shelves. The cabinet gives out the quality of the cabinet; in a cheap model, it very quickly fails. Therefore, you can’t save on such an important purchase!

How to choose a wallpaper

Today with the assortment of wallpapers there is no problem. Beautiful and original colors make you want to buy this and that ... But before you do this, you need to think about what the appearance of the room as a whole will be. We have already talked about various design styles. Only having decided on this, you can choose the wallpaper.

Sometimes it’s difficult to dwell on some kind of drawing, color, or in any way it is not possible to come to a common opinion. In that case, give preference to white or beige wallpaper for painting. They are inexpensive and versatile. Having hung multi-colored photo frames, paintings, you can decorate the walls. It will look very stylish and will not require much work. If desired, they can be painted in any color.

For lovers of classics, there are many wallpapers with exquisite, almost imperceptible drawings of pastel colors.

Очень оригинально смотрятся белые обои с черным рисунком. Чтобы комната не выглядела излишне пестро, наклейте их на одну стену, а остальные оставьте нетронутыми.

The older the teenage girl, the more neutral the colors you need to use when decorating the walls. With age, she becomes more serious, more feminine. And yesterday’s interests today may seem ridiculous and strange to her.

What to choose curtains

Curtains in any nursery should not be heavy, with draperies and lambrequins. Especially in a small room. A brilliant invention of designers are blinds. For living rooms, roll fabric blinds and Roman curtains were invented. They combine the functions of standard blinds and simple curtains. It is cozy and comfortable with them.

A large selection of colors and patterns makes them part of the overall design of the room.

If desired, they can be distinguished (hang catchy, original curtains) or made invisible.

Those who prefer ordinary curtains should remember that the room of a teenage girl will be lighter and more spacious with light translucent curtains of pastel colors.

Ceiling design

When choosing a ceiling, it is difficult to refrain from installing a tension. It seduces with stylish look and convenience. In addition, you can dream up with a pattern and color. Of course, with such a ceiling, the design looks more luxurious. And if possible, you can please yourself and the child.

The interior seems more holistic and complete when the stretch ceiling is made in the same color scheme with the walls.

No less beautiful ceiling imitating the sky. Miraculously, this creates the effect of a real infinite height. Unfortunately, not with every design this will fit well, and not everyone will like it. To someone, such a ceiling would seem uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, the main thing is that we must not forget about the unity of style!

For a hi-tech room, a white glossy ceiling is suitable, in a nursery in the style of minimalism, a ceiling with tone with walls will look good.

And somewhere it is better to abandon the newfangled finish and leave a simple, white-painted ceiling (New York, Paris, classic).

Room for a teenager in Khrushchev

Despite the small size of the apartment, the rooms in it are not so small. But not very large, about 14 square meters. m. For its arrangement, we will follow the laws of design of a limited space:

  • only pastel colors
  • bright floor and doors,
  • on the windows blinds or tulle,
  • perfectly flat ceiling (the room will seem larger if you make a monophonic stretch ceiling in the same color scheme with the walls).

For the rest, we follow our imagination and bring ideas to life.