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How to unlock the oven: several working methods


Information for preliminary familiarization. The official information of the manufacturer is not.

The residual heat indicator works, even
if the oven is locked. Timer and
the current time can also be set at
locked oven.

If you want to enable blocked
oven, appears on the text display
the message "PRESS THE KEY BUTTON"
(6 SEC) ”, which will remind you that first
the oven needs to be unlocked.

Using the Key Button

p can be locked


The function selector must be turned off.
Press the key button

p and hold it in on

pressed position until the display
electronic clock symbol does not light up

will take about six seconds.

Press the key button

p and hold it in on

pressed position until the display
electronic clock does not go out symbol

Auto power off is activated,
if you don’t cheat for several hours
those oven settings.

The oven turns off. After what time
this will happen, depending on the set pace
grill or grill mode.

Five minutes before turning off the oven
“ABA” appears in the text display
FIRST SHUTDOWN. ” After turning off the remote control
A beep sounds. Text saving
appears on the display until you turn off
function selection knob. Now you can again
turn on the oven.

You can cancel the automatic shutdown,
setting the duration of the oven
F. If you want to dry the plums, for example,
set the duration to 10 hours.
The oven will automatically turn off after
10 hours.

Types of Unlocking

Blocking is provided in order to prevent all kinds of accidents through negligence. Despite the fact that the hostess rarely leaves the oven unattended, the unit works automatically. There are several ways to unlock the oven:

Unlock the oven control panel

To remove the unit from the control panel, you must perform the following steps:

  • The control panel is usually located at the top of the oven. Typically, electric ovens are equipped with a sensor. The gas oven is equipped with a simpler adjustment. On the control panel you need to find the lock button, most often it is indicated by the sign of the key. Press this button, and then select the option - lock management, hold it down for a few seconds.
  • A beep should follow, indicating that the unlock was successful. If the message “locked” or the symbol of the lock or key is still lit on the screen, it means that the unit could not be removed.
  • If there is no separate button responsible for locking, you can try to press the cancel keys and the lock simultaneously and hold for at least five seconds.
  • This method is used to both lock and unlock the panel.

The lock is designed to protect against switching programs during cooking and to prevent accidents involving children

Unlock after self-cleaning

Self-cleaning ovens are also equipped with a locking system. This is done in order to increase the level of safety, since cleaning is usually carried out under the influence of high temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to protect owners from accidents, especially when there is a child in the house.

  • First you need to wait until the procedure for cleaning the oven is over. In addition, the cabinet will be locked until it cools to room temperature. Most ovens are equipped with a system that prevents the door from unlocking until the unit has cooled to a safe temperature. Such a well-thought-out system avoids misuse.
  • To understand whether the oven has cooled down or not, you need to pay attention to the screen of the control panel. Burning icons, which indicate blocking and cooling, mean that the oven is still cooling. It is necessary to wait until the furnace has completed all the necessary processes.
  • In case you urgently need to stop self-cleaning, you can click on the cancel button. However, the oven should still cool.

Manual unlock

This method can be useful in case of any damage in the furnace. For example, you cannot unlock after self-cleaning. This can be triggered by a breakdown of the temperature sensor. In this case, you can act as follows:

  • Disconnect electric power to the oven. Wait 10 minutes, then turn it on again. In this way, you can reset all current settings, but you will have to set everything again, including setting the clock, so you should find the instructions for the device in advance.
  • Usually, the upper part is removed from the ovens, it can be unscrewed from the outside with a conventional screwdriver. Typically, there are screws on the sides of the cabinet that hold the top cover of the oven. Unscrewing the cover, you can manually adjust the lock. If the oven has been turned off recently, then it is worth putting on mittens so as not to get a burn. In the case when there are no screws on the outside, then they are inside, in order to unscrew them, you will have to try. To do this, use a wire with a tip bent by a hook. Before proceeding, make sure that the oven is not connected to the network.
  • So, we make a small hook at the end of the wire. You need to try to send it inside the oven and hook the lock lock. We turn the lock and pull up the hook.
  • If none of these methods work, call the service wizard.

Unlock on the example of popular brands

On Bosch brand ovens, the lock is set using the key with the key icon. Just click on this button and hold for a few seconds. To cancel the lock, proceed as follows: hold down the “key” button for a few seconds until the icon with the image of the key disappears on the screen.

Touch panels are very easy to operate, just click on the button with the corresponding symbol.

The internal heat sensor continues to work even when the cabinet is locked. Also, Bosch ovens allow you to set the time, timer and other settings even when the lock is on.

Also, the models of this company are equipped with automatic shutdown when the oven is without action for a certain amount of time specified in the settings. When you turn on the lock will already be released.

The control panels of other modern ovens work on a similar principle.

Ovens of the most common brands, such as Gorenie, Siemens, Electrolux and others, have similar instructions for unlocking, the difference is only in the designations on the keys and display. The main thing, in any action with the oven, how to read the instructions for the device.