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DIY garlands


Hawaiian garlands are a symbol of love, spirituality and respect, the origins of which are rooted in ancient times. A garland can be made from anything, as many cultures have contributed to their modern interpretation. Money garlands appeared under the influence of Japanese culture, and quickly gained popularity as wedding and graduation gifts. Instead of writing a check, prepare a memorable gift by following a series of simple steps.

Garlands of paper. Ribbon rainbow.

You can hang such a garland both vertically and horizontally. In the latter case, it is better to attach a weight, for example plasticine, to the end of the thread.

1. Fold the colored paper in half and cut in half.

2. Cut strips of colored paper.

3. Prepare the thread and fold your strips in the desired sequence.

4. Sew all the strips together using a sewing machine or thread with a needle.

* You can twist the ribbon so that the garland looks “fluffy”.

* Colored paper or cardboard can be replaced with wrapping paper, which is usually wrapped in gifts.

* If you do not want to scribble, you can try sticking the thread to each strip - this will take longer and it is desirable that the thread be thicker.

How to make a garland. New Year's rings.

This method of making garlands is one of the most popular. This is not only because it is quite simple, but also because it allows you to make beautiful paper decorations for the home, and in particular for the Christmas tree.

1. Prepare colored paper and measure the same width for the strips you will cut.

2. Start cutting strips. The length of each will be equal to the width of the sheet of paper (i.e. 21 cm) and a width of approximately 3.5 cm.

* You can make a garland from shorter and narrower stripes, then the rings will be smaller.

3. Glue the strips by threading one through the other (see picture).

* You can close the circuit.

Paper Christmas garlands. Fancy chains.

Prepare colored paper, scissors and glue. It is not difficult to make such a garland.

1. To make an unusual chain, you need to fold the sheet of paper in half and draw, for example, one of the shapes shown in the picture.

* In order not to spend a whole sheet of paper on one link, you can cut it into 2 or 4 identical parts, from which you will cut the links further.

* For convenience, you can make a link template.

2. Cut out the shapes and start gluing them together to make a chain by threading one link into another.

* The longer you want to make the chain, the more links you will need.

* You can use many different colors to make the garland even more colorful.

How to make a garland of paper for home decoration.

You can use 2 or more colors.

1. First you need to make a blank. Cut several strips of the same size. In the picture, the strips are 2 cm wide and 17 cm long.

* It is advisable that you comply with the following condition: width / length of strips = 1/8 + 1 cm spare.

2. Mark the center of the strip by bending it in half and straightening it.

3. Bend the ends of the strip to its middle and fold the strip in half again.

4. Prepare a few such blanks to start collecting the garland. The picture shows how to stack the blanks together.

* This garland can be hung on the wall. Due to the fact that it does not bend much, it will be difficult to hang it on a Christmas tree, but it still looks spectacular.

New Year garlands. Colorful home decoration.

From colorful paper you can make such a colorful home decoration. It will suit both the New Year and any children's holiday.

Prepare colored paper, scissors and glue (you can replace it with a stapler, or scotch tape).

The picture shows how to make blanks.

* It is desirable that the strips have the same width.

Use glue, stapler, or tape to hold the workpieces together.

Using the same technology, you can fold such a garland. And how to do everything right, you can find out from the video that under the picture.

Christmas tree garland. Funny candy wrappers

Very beautiful tinsel can be obtained from ordinary candy wrappers.

1. Cut the candy wrapper into several identical parts.

* Parts can be 2x4 or 3x5, and depending on the size of the wrapper parts can be 3, 4 or 6.

* For convenience, you can make a template that will help to make all parts of tinsel the same size.

2. Start twisting each rectangle into a tube, but do not let it go so that it does not turn around.

3. Prepare a tight thread with a needle and start stringing the tubes one by one. The edges of the tubules to turn around are good, because the tinsel will be fluffy.

4. At the end of the thread, you can make a knot so that the tubes do not come off.

* After stringing all the tubes, turn them in different directions.

New Year's garlands of paper. Origami.

1. We make blanks. For one step of the garland, 2 strips of different colors will be needed.

* The length of one strip is 21 cm (which is the width of a regular A4 sheet), and the width is 3.5 cm.

2. Start folding the strips one by one, as shown in the picture.

* The final goal is to make two long ribbons that will form a rainbow.

3. The end of one tape is connected to another at an angle of 90 degrees.

4. Continue to fold the strips sequentially - vertical down, horizontal across.

* The chain, if desired, can be closed.

Christmas garland of volumetric snowflakes

Introducing the first idea of ​​making a New Year's garland with your own hands - from snowflakes. Probably we all remember how to cut a flat snowflake from a square sheet of paper. This method will help you out if you need to make a garland in the shortest possible time. However, if you want to make a more elegant decoration, we suggest collecting it from voluminous snowflakes. They are made somewhat longer and more complicated, but the resulting garland will survive more than one holiday.

Prepare paper such as regular office paper, pencil, scissors, a stapler with staples, glue or double-sided tape and thread.

  1. Divide a sheet of A4 paper in two equal strips.
  2. Now collect each band in an accordion. You can do this in the following way: fold the strip in half, then fold the half in half again, then bend the quarter in half and continue the action until the entire strip acquires creases. Then, guided by the fold lines, assemble an accordion.

  1. Cut one small strip from your accordion, cut it in half, and then draw a pattern on it, according to which you will cut out snowflake patterns. The template is drawn arbitrarily, but so that the edges of the assembled accordion in two or three places remain uncut. An example of a template can be seen in the upper right photo.
  2. Bend the accordion in half and in the middle fasten it with a stapler.
  3. Pencil outline the outline of the template on one of the halves of your workpiece, and then cut off the corresponding parts of the picture with scissors.
  4. Repeat Step # 5 with the other half of the workpiece using the same template.
  5. Fan each half of your workpiece and glue their ends together.
  6. Hang snowflake medallions on a beautiful thread, such as silver.

Sewing thread or paper brushes

And now we introduce the idea of ​​making garlands with your own hands, which is the most fashionable attribute of celebrating birthdays or weddings - a garland with tassels. From our workshop you will learn how to make a large version of the decoration, but by the same principle you can easily make mini-brushes (for example, to decorate the Christmas tree) using smaller paper.

Prepare the following materials and tools:

  • Sheets of paper with a silence of 50 × 50 cm or 50 × 60 cm (1 sheet is needed to make 2 brushes),
  • Scissors,
  • Tape.
  1. Fold a piece of tissue paper in half, then again in half, but the other way, to make a quarter.
  2. To create a fringe, start cutting your workpiece into strips (no more than 1 cm wide) before reaching the fold line of about 2.5-3 cm.
  3. Now cut the quarter with the fringe into two halves along the fold line. You will get two blanks as in the photo below.

  1. Expand one workpiece and begin to fold it tightly, as shown in the following photo.

  1. When you completely fold the blank (see photo above), fold it in half, and then twist the two halves together to create a loop for hanging on a tape. Fix the loop with transparent glue (e.g. PVA) or thread.

  1. Make a few more brushes of different colors and hang them on the tape.

In this video you can see a detailed master class on how to make a garland of brushes with your own hands.

The following collection of photos provides other ideas for garlands of brushes.

Garland of cones in the "snow"

Garland of cones is a natural and durable decoration, especially relevant in the fall, winter and, of course, on New Year's. You can simply take dry and clean cones and tie them to, say, a jute rope. But in order to make the garland truly festive, try decorating the cone scales with “snow” from any white paint. It's time to get the old white enamel from stocks!

  1. Pour a small amount of paint on a paper plate and dip the cone scales in it.
  2. Turn the bump so that each of its tip is covered with paint. Set aside the cone to dry and repeat the rest.

  1. When all the cones are dry, proceed to hanging them on a thread. To do this, wrap the end of the thread around the bottom of the first bump and tie a knot. Then tie the second, third and all other cones around their lower parts, and tie a knot on the last “link” of the garland.

  1. Additionally fix the position of the cones with a hot glue gun.

There are other ideas for decorating bumps. For example, they can be completely painted (dilute the paint with water and dip each bump into it or just use spray paint) and even stick gold leaf on the tips, as shown in the photo below.

Garland of balls

Balls made of paper can be used to create a New Year's garland with your own hands, or any other. It all depends on the colors you choose. To make a garland of balls with your own hands, you will need: glue or double-sided tape, beautiful paper (for example, color or scrapbooking paper), scissors or a special hole punch for cutting circles.

  1. To make 1 ball, you need to cut out 6 circles of the same diameter from paper. However, you can cut from 3 to 16 circles for one ball. The more circles you use, the more voluminous it will be.
  2. Fold each circle in half so that the front of the paper is inside.
  3. Now you can start forming the ball. To do this, glue the resulting halves of the circles with the wrong sides to each other.

  1. Before gluing the last parts of the ball, pass the tape through its core.
  2. According to the described scheme, make a lot of balls and fix all of them on the tape.

  • If you have a sewing machine, then the process can be accelerated in the following way. Cut out circles of medium-density colored paper (no more than 6 per ball) and lay them in stacks. Keep in mind that paper should be colored on both sides. Next, take turns stitching the stacks on a typewriter, and when the garland is completely “sewn”, simply spread each semicircle of the ball. As a result, you should get something like this decoration.

By the way, by the same principle, but using details cut out in a different shape, you can create a garland of any subject.