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How to make delicious coffee


Studying the coffee card of a cafe in Minsk, customers see a variety of offers. Among the coffee prepared according to different recipes, there is sure to be an option that the visitor will like. Sometimes waking up in the morning, I really want a fragrant drink like from a cafe. Our article on how to make coffee at home to enjoy a delicious drink according to popular recipes.

Homemade latte

To make coffee at home, take 1 teaspoon of ground beans, milk (150 ml), water (50 ml), sugar. The number of ingredients can be increased: the main rule to act here is that milk in latte should be 3 times more than water. First, milk is heated to a warm state (there should be no foam). Then brew coffee (preferably freshly ground). To do this, you can use a coffee machine (who has it), but an ordinary Turk is also suitable. Whip warm milk until a little foam appears. To do this, use a thermos (shake for 15 minutes), a whisk, a mixer or a blender.

Whipped milk is poured into a glass, and then a strong drink is added. In both cases, use a container with a small nose. Coffee is poured into the center of the container to make beautiful coffee patterns on milk froth. If desired, sugar, tasty syrup are added to the drink.

Invigorating espresso

Making an espresso is easy even for a novice. Take 2 tsp. ground beans, put in a coffee maker or Turk. Fill with water (no more than 60 ml), place on a stove or turn on the machine. Just a few minutes - and the drink is ready.

Fragrant Americano

There are many options for making coffee at home. Consider one of the most popular - Americano. It is called so because the recipe was invented in Italy for Americans as a substitute for the regular drink that was popular among them. Most often, Italian or Scandinavian recipes are used. The method of making Americano is simple: strong coffee is brewed in a Turk, then hot water is added to it (1: 1). Making coffee according to this recipe involves the absence of foam.

The Scandinavian recipe differs in the order of making the ingredients: first, boiled water is poured into a cup, then brewed coffee is added. This is done to save foam.

Often cooked americano with milk. To do this, first brew espresso (2 tsp. In 220 ml of water), dilute the drink with water (1: 3), add 30-35 ml of milk, previously whipped with a mixer. This allows you to get a fragrant foam.

Rules for making a tasty drink

Specialists say that good coffee does not need additives. To prepare it, you need only clean water and high-quality grains. It is these components, connecting with each other, turn into a divine drink that fascinates not only with taste, but also with aroma.

How to brew coffee at home without a special coffee machine? Technically, everything is very simple, but in reality it is not always feasible. It's about choosing the coffee bean itself. This product is really high quality and freshness is difficult to find in a country where it is not produced. The packaging always has the packing date and expiration date, but until this packing the grains could be stored for a long time first at the supplier, then at the producer himself and so on along the chain to the store.

It is better to get 100% arabica, it gives a pronounced aroma, rich foam and a mild flavor.

Robusta, of course, invigorates well, but more coarse in taste, with pronounced bitterness. When coffee beans are found, it is ground. If a Turk is used to brew a drink, and this is a traditional dish, then the grinding should be fine. The smaller the particles, the more fully they extract their taste and aroma to the water.

The average proportion of ground grains per 100 ml of water is 1-2 tsp. Sugar is added to taste and desire. It can be plain white or reed. To properly brew coffee, you need a good Turk, with the following characteristics:

  • made of copper with a safe inner coating,
  • with a wide bottom and the narrowest neck in the form of a funnel,
  • with a long handle made of a material that does not conduct heat.

For brewing coffee sometimes use special devices that allow you to prepare a drink in the sand. These are wide and deep containers with heating, in which sand is poured with a thick layer, which is evenly heated. When the Turks are immersed in hot sand, the beverage is brewed. This is a very colorful way to make coffee, which will require some skills and patience.

Making coffee on a stove in a Turk is simpler and faster.

  • use clean drinking or spring water,
  • warm the turku before filling with the ingredients,
  • pour ground grains only with cold water,
  • do not boil.

They make the drink only on low heat, after combining the ingredients, they are necessarily mixed so that the particles of grains do not float on the surface of the water. After the appearance of the first foam, the Turk is removed from the fire. Repeat the technique 2-3 more times. The brewed drink is poured into cups after 1-2 minutes of infusion.

Coffee with foam can be prepared in a cup without a Turk. To do this, spring water is boiled in any container. A cup of boiling water is poured over the cup and immediately a portion of ground grains is poured into it and brewed with hot water. Quickly mix and close the cup with a lid or saucer. After 3-4 minutes, the coffee is ready. For this option, a special finely ground product is suitable, for example, live coffee for brewing in a cup.

Turkish coffee

The Turkish recipe is one of the oldest. To make coffee at home in Turkish, follow the algorithm:

  • take a Turk, 150 ml of water, 1-2 tsp. freshly ground grains
  • powder, sugar (if desired) are poured into the container and heated on a fire (several seconds),
  • pour water (as cold as possible) into the container,
  • wait for the appearance of foam, remove from heat,
  • then they wait until the foam drops, again put on the stove, the manipulations are repeated 3-4 times.

Pouring hot coffee is recommended in preheated cups. This will make the taste of the drink more saturated. In an authentic recipe, Turkish coffee is prepared in the sand, but without such an opportunity, it is prepared on the stove at home.

Recipes for Turks

To brew delicious coffee in Turk, you can use various additional ingredients or experiment with different varieties of beans. There are really a lot of recipes for making coffee. As additional components for a drink, you can use:

For those who love coffee with milk, you can use the following recipe:

  • pour coffee and sugar, if desired, into the Turk, warm for a few seconds,
  • separately heat milk to 50 ° C,
  • pour warm ground coffee with milk,
  • bring to a boil, remove from heat, repeat 2 times.

If you brew coffee in milk correctly, the drink will acquire a beautiful color and a light smack of chocolate. Since milk boils quickly and can fly off, they make a drink on the smallest fire and watch the rising foam. If the drink flies away, it will no longer have a rich taste and aroma.

Delicious coffee in the Turk is obtained if you brew it with spices. Most often, this is cinnamon, which is enough to add on the tip of the knife. It should emphasize the taste of the drink, and not interrupt its characteristic notes. Spices are always put in a turku together with ground grains and poured with cold water. Some cinnamon lovers put a whole stick in a Turk.

Caramel coffee can be obtained without the use of special syrup. To do this, you just need to warm a serving of cane sugar in the Turk, slightly melting it over low heat. How long does it take? About 1-2 minutes, the main thing is to keep the Turk on low heat and prevent the sugar from preheating. After the sugar begins to melt, ground grains are poured into the Turk and filled with water. Further brewing technology is traditional.

Usually Turkish coffee is made at home. But no less popular drink is cappuccino. Of course, ideally, it is prepared in a coffee machine, but it is not present in every home.

To make a delicious cappuccino coffee at home:

  • make Turkish coffee from 50 ml of water and 1 tsp. ground coffee beans
  • pour into a high mug or a glass, add sugar to taste,
  • separately warm the milk to 60 ° C and beat it in a French press or with a whisk until a thick milk foam appears,
  • milk is poured into a vessel with coffee in a thin stream, and the foam is laid out with a spoon.

For decor, you can use chocolate chips. Cappuccino is a drink that can range in volume from 200 to 400 ml, so the dishes for it are different from the one served with traditional espresso. There is one important secret in the preparation of this drink - milk cannot be overheated, otherwise thick airy foam will not work. To learn how to make cappuccino deliciously, sometimes you have to spoil the ingredients several times.

Delicious coffee at home is a latte, Americano, Viennese recipe, with milk and ice cream, alcohol and liquor. There are dozens of variations on this subject and even the most difficult of them can be implemented without special devices with a great desire and love of coffee.

Viennese coffee

To make Viennese coffee at home, prepare 1 tsp. ground powder, 10 g of dark chocolate, 30 ml of cream (35% fat), 2 tsp. granulated sugar. First, rub the chocolate on a fine grater, whip the cream until a strong foam is formed (use a whisk). Brew strong coffee, pour into a glass, add sugar, mix. Then put whipped cream and grated chocolate on top. You can also use cinnamon or chopped lemon zest for decoration.

Delicious cappuccino

To prepare a cappuccino per serving, take 1.5-2 teaspoons of ground coffee beans, 120-150 ml of water, 170-200 ml of milk. The first stage of cooking is cooking. For cappuccino coffee, it is better to choose varieties of coffee with chocolate or hazelnut shades, then you get an amazing taste. The preparation of the drink is classic, using the usual Turkish.

Then proceed to create milk froth. Natural milk is used (with a high percentage of fat content). If there is a coffee machine at home, chilled milk is whipped in it, and in its absence, a blender or mixer is taken. Milk is heated to a temperature of 50-60 °, and only then they begin to whip. The ideal foam has a uniform structure, without bubbles.

The final step on how to make a cappuccino at home is to mix the ingredients. 1/3 fill the cup with brewed coffee, then place milk froth. To improve the taste, vanilla, various syrups, cinnamon are added to the drink. You can even try to create original patterns on the surface of the drink. Those who prefer a strong taste add some liquor to the cappuccino.

How to make coffee in Turk

Turkish or oriental coffee is still the most popular way to make coffee at home, despite numerous, including successful, innovations. Arabs came up with Turku, and its use in the kitchen of modern housewives is fanned by the romanticism of “real coffee”. When they ask the question "How to make coffee with foam?", They mean exactly this method of preparation - coffee in the Oriental style.

The method of making coffee in Turkish. For one serving: 1 teaspoon with the top of finely ground coffee is poured with a small coffee cup of water and boiled over low heat, bringing to the appearance of foam, but without boiling. As soon as the foam begins to rise along the edges, immediately remove, drip a couple drops of cold water and pour into a hot cup. Drops of water - so that the thickets quickly settled. If desired, you can cook along with sugar. An equal amount of coffee and sugar is recommended, but it is a matter of taste.

Today, the process of making coffee in Turkish in a cafe looks like this: a metal tray is filled with sand and heated from below with an electric heater. There are several Turks in the sand. Sand gives an extremely accurate speed of heating the coffee and the "correctness" of the foam.

  • Turkish coffee is drunk in small sips, washed down with cold water.
  • The finer the coffee grind, the tastier the coffee and the richer the foam, and the thicker does not grit on your teeth
  • "In Turkish" - it means making coffee from high quality beans
  • The water should be of good quality (this tip applies to all methods of making coffee).

How to make coffee in a French press

To make coffee in Turk, you need to master some art. The French press is a simple and French elegant fixture for home-made coffee. The French company Melior invented the device. In French presses, coarse coffee is used, which is poured with water and squeezed by a piston.

Cooking method. The vessel is heated, poured coarse coffee and pour hot water. Then the drink is allowed to infuse for several minutes and squeezed out with a piston. The method is good in that it allows you to fully extract coffee aroma. To drink, like coffee in Turkish, it is necessary immediately.

Coffee in the filter, or American "dropper"

Here, on the part of the consumer, no special knowledge will be needed, a very convenient American invention. The method of making coffee is based on a simple principle: the grinding is poured into a paper filter through which water seeps through dripping. The grounds remain on the filter, and the coffee is obtained completely without sediment. The taste of coffee is not worse than that obtained in a French press. There is a built-in thermos where the drink can be stored.

Coffee from a coffee pot, or Back to the USSR

A method that is resorted to in the absence of time or other brewing possibilities. It was the main one in the USSR; now it is giving way to Turks, French presses and other coffee machines at home.

How to make coffee in a coffee pot. Coarse coffee is poured with hot water and poured into cups, or boiled, and then poured.

How to make coffee in a coffee maker

A pretty popular way to make coffee in a geyser type coffee maker (variety - moka), the drink is strong, rich and very aromatic.

Cooking method. Moka coffee maker consists of 3 parts. Water is poured into the lower part, under steam pressure (both an electric heater and a stove are used), it rises up to the middle part, where coarsely ground coffee is poured, and then the finished drink falls into the upper part.

How to make espresso coffee

The most famous and sought-after coffee method in the world invented in Italy. It is practiced on espresso machines and allows you to fully and very quickly extract coffee. There are industrial, office, home espresso coffee makers.

The method of making espresso. Hot water under a pressure of 9 atmospheres is passed through a fine grinding of coffee. The finished espresso is covered with a golden film and has a certain density close to the consistency of the syrup. Coffee is served in warmed cups.

Espresso - a complex way that requires not just skills, but also a culinary instinct and skill, which they learn for a long time. You need to understand how the grinding should be, how to mix different varieties and how to add different ingredients to open the bouquet.

It is considered that espresso coffee is the safest for health, it has a minimum number of contraindications, despite the fact that it is strong. The secret is in making the right coffee.

A variety of coffee drinks are made using espresso barista (espresso specialists). Here are just the most famous:

Coretto- with the addition of a strong alcoholic beverage (brandy, sambuca, etc.). In Germany, a vodka-based coretto called “coffee in Russian” (russischer Kaffee - German) is popular.

Cappuccino- (from Italian. Cappuccino, “capuchin”) - with lavishly foamed milk forming a “hood” (another version of the origin of coffee - it was proposed by the capuchin monk). This coffee is drunk during an Italian breakfast.

How to make cappuccino at home

Cappuccino is a cappuccino, a type of espresso with a luxurious froth, sprinkled with cocoa powder or grated chocolate. Cappuccino served in a wide glass or cup.

If the kitchen does not have an espresso machine, but you really want a cappuccino, brew Turkish coffee in Turkish, and then add a cap of whipped cream to the cup. We use whipped cream in cans or cook ourselves. We buy fat cream (30%), put it in a very clean and very cold dish (put it in the refrigerator for freezing with a broom), and then beat it. Not a blender, by hand. Then put a spoon into the cup.

Important: one must learn to make the cream not too thick and not too liquid. The criterion that everything turned out: when you put the cream in a cup and pour a little cinnamon and grated chocolate on them, then they should not fail. Milk use 3, 2%.

Latte Macchiato (with Italian., "milk with a drop"). Fat cream (40%) is placed in a large glass, whole milk (60%) is added, and a cup of espresso is placed on top.

How to make latte coffee at home

Here you need skill and training. The bottom line is to properly fill the glass with layers of milk. It is unlikely that you will be able to get good milk foam without cappuccinators (recently there were jugs on sale for getting hot and cold milk foam). Therefore, it is better to use cream, see above. Then we take a large tall glass, pour the warmed milk into it, put the whipped cream on top, and then slowly add the heated coffee in a thin stream. In a good situation, it should take the middle place.

При приготовлении кофе латте дома, можно использовать любое молоко, но лучше использовать жирное цельное — получится калорийно, однако оно того стоит.

Мокко — эспрессо с добавлением шоколада. Рецепт тут.

Гляссе — эспрессо с мороженым.

Американо — это когда к эспрессо добавляется горячая вода, и кофе получается не таким крепким.

Интересно. If you scream for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you can generate enough energy to warm up one cup of coffee.

How to make delicious coffee with cinnamon?

A treat is often served with various additives. You can add salt, pepper, cinnamon and other spices to coffee. Traditionally, cinnamon sticks have always been served with coffee. But you can brew a drink based on it.

  • Grains of fine grinding - 2 tsp.,
  • Pure water - 200 ml,
  • Sugar - 2/3 tsp.,
  • Cinnamon - 2/3 tsp

The cooking method is quite simple and versatile:

  • Pour all the ingredients except water into a Turk and warm.
  • Then pour water and put the dishes on a slow fire.
  • Wait for the foam to revive and remove the Turk from the fire. After that, wait for boiling another 3-4 times, pour into cups and enjoy a drink.

The cinnamon treat is great for winter evenings when you want to sit at home and enjoy a drink.

Flavored coffee

Traditional coffee has already found a worthy replacement; now various toppings are added: syrups, alcohol, spices, dairy products (milk, cream, cheese). With such a rich selection, every day you can experiment and try completely different goodies. It is worth paying attention to what is added to raise the mood, and what to improve the taste. There is a recipe for delicious coffee for everyone, we will analyze in more detail the most popular ones.

Brazilian coffee

The recipe for this drink is distinguished by its bright, but at the same time mild taste. Unlike the previous version (in Turkish), today's type of drink is very fond of today's youth. For cooking you will need:

  • Pure water - 150 ml,
  • Cream - 15 g
  • Cocoa - 15 g
  • Grains of fine grinding - 2 tsp.,
  • Salt is a pinch
  • Sugar - to taste.

  • Mix cocoa powder with half the water, put on fire and bring to a thickening.
  • As soon as the mixture begins to thicken and boil, add more water and coffee.
  • Now the mixture must be cooked over low heat until the foam appears.
  • Sprinkle the resulting foam with a pinch of salt, cover the cezve and let the treat brew.
  • It is advisable to whip the cream, cool before infusion.
  • Bring the mixture again to a boil, strain and pour into cups.
  • Garnish the finished treat with cream and a cinnamon stick if desired. Add sugar if necessary.

Brazilian coffee is ready! This is one of the most popular drinks in the world, everyone loves it, without exception!

Spiced coffee

This recipe is good for quiet get-togethers with friends on a cold evening. To prepare, you will need:

  • Honey - ½ tsp.,
  • Cardamom - 2-3 boxes,
  • Ground grains - 1 tsp.,
  • Bitter Chocolate - ¼ Tiles.

  • Rub the chocolate on a fine grater, put in the refrigerator for a while.
  • Place cardamom and ground grains in a turku. Fill with water (about 150 ml will be required), put on a slow fire.
  • As soon as the foam forms, remove the vessel from the fire.
  • Pour coffee into cups, add a little honey.
  • Mix the drink again before serving, pour a little grated chocolate on the surface for taste.

When serving, the cup can also be decorated in any way. This will give the atmosphere of the evening a special charm!

Coffee with alcohol

A lot of options for the drink were invented with the addition of alcohol, we will consider recipes with the addition of liquor and cognac.

As you know, there are different liquors, there are special ones that blend perfectly with coffee, there are less suitable ones, but no less popular ones. To prepare goodies with liquor you will need:

  • Liqueur (egg / cream) - 15 g,
  • Fine grains - 15 g,
  • Water - 200 ml
  • Sugar - 15 g.

  • Pour coffee in a turk with water, put on a slow fire.
  • As soon as the foam rises, strain the drink and pour into cups.
  • Just before serving, pour a small amount of liquor so that it does not interrupt the taste of the grains.

Such a treat will warm, give strength and vitality.

Coffee with cognac is prepared using the same technology in the same proportions. You can change the type of alcohol, experiment and add cream, spices.