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How to properly prepare apricots in the freezer


I was recently asked: is it possible to freeze apricots with slices. Therefore, today I will show you how to freeze apricots for the winter in the simplest way so that they retain their color and taste. A lot of things can be made of them in the winter, for example, cook apricot compote or bake charlotte. Some even jam from them when prepared in the summer is over. Frozen fruits are definitely a great way to preserve them, and this method is the fastest and does not require long cooking or drying.

Apricots for the winter: recipes and methods are so different that it all depends on your preferences and free time. I make a lot of different blanks from them, and therefore I usually harvest in small quantities, just different variations. In this way, frozen apricots are well preserved, which is very important, especially in colder countries. You can store them like this until the next season. Try it and you do it. You can also see how to freeze strawberries with whole berries.


Apricots - any quantity

How to freeze apricots in a freezer

Freezing apricots for the winter is a simple process and I begin it by preparing the fruits themselves. To begin with, I choose only whole apricots so that there are no depressed or damaged parts. Then wash them under running water to remove dust and dirt.

Next, I break each of them in half and remove the bones. I put paper towels on the table and spread the broken halves on them. The paper will remove moisture residues, so that ice will not form on them, and they will not stick together in the freezer.

I put the halves next to each other in a dry container, but I do not crush them so that the juice does not leak. First, spread the bottom row.

Then I spread the second row and the third, if necessary. It depends on their size and container volume. I cover the container with a lid and put it in the freezer for complete freezing.

Now you know how to freeze apricots for the winter so that they remain as juicy and vibrant. Each slice is frozen separately, which is convenient for their further use. When you want something apricot, this workpiece will be a great find for you. Do not miss this opportunity and freeze them in the summer.

Apricot blanks for the winter can be frozen in special bags with a fastener that do not allow air to pass through. In ordinary plastic bags, I do not advise you to freeze anything, because with the slightest damage, all the fruits will take in the smell of a freezer, but this is not the most pleasant. It is also very important to store frozen fruits and berries in specially designated compartments of the freezer, and not where meat or fish is. I hope my tips on how to freeze apricots for the winter have come in handy, and in the future you will add them to various recipes.

Apricot halves with sugar

To start, wash the fruits and dry them. Cut each apricot in half and remove the seeds. Take a container for freezing and lay the halves in layers, pouring sugar. Make the top layer full of sugar. Then leave the containers at room temperature for a while until they produce juice. After that, put them in the freezer.

Since apricots do not lose their taste when frozen, they are difficult to distinguish from fresh ones. Such fruits are used for baking cakes or pies. Compotes are also brewed, cold apricot iced teas are made.

Apricot frosting with mashed sugar

This freezing method is known as apricot jam. Making mashed potatoes is much easier than making apricot jam. Also, this method is good in that you can use rumpled or ripened fruits.

Pour fruit over water, dry it and remove the kernels, dividing the apricots in two. Next, use the help of a blender. Put the fruit halves in it and sprinkle with sugar. Pour the puree into containers.

Attention! Apricot puree gives juice, which, under the influence of low temperatures, increases in volume. Therefore, containers should be filled approximately 2/3 so that they do not burst in the freezer.

Then tightly close the containers and send to freeze. In this form, apricots can be stored for 6-8 months. The resulting puree can be added to porridge or yogurt, make pies and casseroles with it.

Is it possible to store apricots in the refrigerator

Fresh apricots can be stored in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks. At the same time, they must be fully ripe, because they will not be able to ripen in the cold. In order for fruits to retain their beneficial substances longer and not to soften, put the blanks in airtight containers.

If after storage in the refrigerator there is a desire to prepare fruits for the winter in the freezer, the method with preparing mashed potatoes is used. After a week in the refrigerator, apricots become less strong and elastic, it is better not to freeze them whole.

Is it possible to store dried apricots in the refrigerator and freezer

Dried apricots should also be stored in the refrigerator. At room temperature, dried fruits will darken and become hard. At temperatures above 20 degrees, dried apricots can be stored for only a month and only if they are hermetically packed. In fresh air, it is likely that harmful microorganisms will multiply in the product, while bacteria will not multiply in the refrigerator or freezer.

To keep dried apricots in the refrigerator, use airtight containers or bags. Periodically check for moisture on dried fruits. Otherwise, they may deteriorate. Under such conditions, the fruits will be intact for six months.

If you want to extend the shelf life of dried apricots, think about how to store them in the freezer. Deep freezing will help keep the fruits up to one and a half years, only with this method of storage the dried apricots will lose a significant part of the vitamins.

Important! To defrost fruit and berries after a freezer, use a refrigerator, not a room temperature. With a sharp defrosting, the workpieces can turn into shapeless jelly. For the same reason, try to avoid repeated freezing.

Apricot kernel life

Apricot kernels are useful because they contain magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and fatty acids.

It is better to store the bones in the shell. Natural protection will retain all the properties of the nucleoli. To begin, dry, then pour into any container: glass, wooden, metal. Close tightly to prevent dust and moisture. Place the bones in a dark, cool place.

They are stored for a year. To understand that the expiration date has expired is easy - the bones become very bitter in taste. They should not be consumed, in such a product there will be a high concentration of hydrocyanic acid.

Fruits and berries stored in the freezer are not inferior to fresh in taste and nutritional value. What is your preferred apricot harvest recipe for winter? Share your opinions and your own ideas in the comments.

Can apricots be frozen?

Freezing as a way of storing fruits and vegetables is rapidly replacing conservation that is familiar to everyone. The main advantage of frozen foods is that they retain all the beneficial vitamins and minerals. However, not all vegetables and fruits retain their palatability under the influence of low temperature conditions. Is it possible and how to freeze apricots correctly for the winter?

So that apricots retain their amazing amber color, when they are frozen, you need to take into account all the nuances. Let's talk about this a bit later.

Nutritional Information of Frozen Apricots

For those who doubt whether it is worth freezing vegetables and fruits, or it is better to prefer conservation, it should be noted that in the first case vitamins are preserved in full, as well as in fresh apricots. What can not be said about canned fruit.

Frozen apricot is an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiency, heart dysfunction, anemia. Thanks to this fruit, toxins and excess cholesterol are removed from the body gently and delicately, and low calorie content (only 45 kcal per 100 grams) makes it an excellent tool to reduce excess weight.

People who have disorders in the work of the cardiovascular and digestive systems suffer from constipation, apricots need to be eaten daily at 100 grams. And until the fresh fruit season has come, frozen ones will become a real find in winter cold.

Apricot preparation for the process

Before proceeding with freezing, the fruits must be prepared. This process does not take much time, but it must be carried out.

To get more pure vitamins in winter, you need to:

  1. Collect tight, undamaged ripe fruits.
  2. Washing and sorting are mandatory, spoiled fruits cannot be frozen.
  3. With any type of freezing, bones must be taken out. This should be done carefully if freezing is planned in half.

It is advisable to take varieties of berries, the stone which separates well, this will save time and nerves.

Advice! After washing the fruit, be sure to let the water drain. It is better to place the washed apricots on a colander or a large sieve. Drying with paper towels is also allowed.

How to freeze apricots for the winter? Reveal Secrets

Before you start freezing food, you should become familiar with the capabilities of your refrigerator. The shelf life of vegetables and fruits depends on how low the temperature regime is supported by the freezer. It is marked with a certain number of snowflakes on the refrigerator door. For example, at a temperature of 18 degrees below zero, the shelf life is 12 months. This mode is indicated by three snowflakes. The higher the temperature in the chamber, the less time it is possible to keep frozen food in it.

How to freeze apricots? First you need to wash and dry them well so that during freezing the fruits do not stick together. In addition, they should be cut in advance as they are planned to be used: cubes, slices or give a different shape. Clean and dry apricots are laid out on a tray in one layer, frozen. Then they are transferred to packages or containers.

Homemade Apricot Freeze Recipes

After the preparatory work, they go directly to the freezing itself. You should not rush, you can do this in several ways, each of which is good in its own way.

This method is suitable in cases where there is absolutely no time to pull out the seeds. It should be understood that in this form, frozen berries will take up a lot of space.

The process is carried out as follows:

  • The plastic tray is lined with cling film.
  • Properly lay washed and dried fruits in a single layer on the prepared tray.
  • The container is sent to the chamber and left to solidify.
  • Frozen fruits are put in a suitable container for further storage.

Cutting boards can be used instead of the tray, but they should be clean and dry. Lining them with a film is necessary for faster shifting after freezing fresh berries.

This type will allow the product to take up less space in the refrigerator. Do the right thing:

  • Washed and dried berries are divided in half, a bone is pulled out.
  • In the prepared tray, spread in one layer half the berries and send to the freezer.
  • If the appearance does not matter, then the capacity, in our case the tray, is completely filled with halves of berries. In this form, the berries are frozen and stored.

This method, along with the berries in the container, will produce a small amount of frozen apricot juice. Work is carried out in the following order:

  • In washed and dried fruits, bones are pulled out.
  • Halves of the fruit are laid in one layer in a container made of food-grade plastic.
  • Pour a layer of sugar.
  • Next, repeat the layer, the top should be sugar.
  • The containers are left at room temperature to let the juice flow.
  • After that, containers with berries and natural filling are placed in the freezer.

Berries with juice will not change their place of residence, in containers they will wait for their turn to eat.

They started to freeze in syrup quite recently, the idea of ​​the housewives was prompted by the fact that some varieties of berries lose their natural sweetness when frozen. A syrup is made from sugar and water, to add zest to frozen foods, you can add orange or lemon zest, bergamot, a sprig of mint.

Preparatory work remains the same, just lining the container with cling film is not worth it.

Berries, sorted into halves and already pitted, spread in one layer in a container. At the same time, syrup is prepared, the products are taken at the rate of two glasses of water a glass of sugar. In the hot state, the laid berries are poured into a third of the height of the container and allowed to cool. Cover and send to the camera.

How to freeze apricots: in a container or bag?

It should be noted immediately that ordinary plastic bags for long-term storage of frozen foods are not suitable. In this case, how to freeze apricots for the winter? For this, there are special bags and plastic containers with dividers for storing different fruits and berries. The freezer bags are so strong that even soup can be poured into them.

How can apricots be frozen? What is shock freezing?

Fruits can be harvested in the freezer in different ways. First of all, they are frozen with or without sugar, grated or whole. In the first case, seedless apricots are stacked in tight rows in a container and sprinkled with sugar. Grated fruits are prepared in a similar way. Only apricot mass is mixed with sugar in advance.

Fruits that are frozen in their pure form, without the addition of a preservative, should ideally undergo rapid processing at low temperatures. In industry, such freezing is called shock and is carried out at a temperature of 50 degrees below zero. At the same time, the structure of the fruit and its beneficial qualities are maintained at the highest level. Home refrigerators do not have this feature. The maximum freezing temperature at home is 24 degrees below zero.

Do I need to defrost apricots?

If the freezing of products should be fast, then the reverse process, on the contrary, is slow. Defrost apricots should be in the refrigerator, moving the container or bag from the chamber there a day before the planned use. You can use a microwave for this purpose. However, then there is a big risk of overheating and even boiling fruit.

Sugar-free apricots must not be thawed. They must be used immediately.

Frozen Apricots for Compote

Fruit for compote is the easiest to harvest. But how to freeze apricots so that they retain their nutritional value even when hot?

First of all, after washing the fruit, you should not rush to act, but you need to wait a bit. Apricots need to dry well so as not to stick together. For compote, fruits are not peeled and peeled. Apricots are frozen directly with seeds, and immediately before being sent to boiling water they are pulled out of the freezer.

Apricots frozen with sugar

These fruits after defrosting become soft, ugly and watery in texture and taste. To prevent this, they are recommended to be harvested with sugar or in syrup. Thanks to these two methods, it is possible to preserve the shape of the fruit, its aroma and bright orange color. How to freeze apricots for the winter with sugar?

To do this, ripe hard fruits need to be broken into slices and remove the seeds. Then sprinkle them with lemon juice diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Prepare plastic molds. How to freeze apricots in containers? Fruits must be stacked in rows in prepared containers, alternately pouring them with sugar. After that, send the containers to the freezer.

Apricots with sugar can be harvested not only in halves, but also in grated form. The resulting mashed potatoes are well used for making milkshakes, yogurts and other desserts. How to freeze apricots for the winter with sugar in this way? For this, ripe soft fruits are ground through a sieve, lemon juice is added to maintain color, mixed with sugar and transferred to a container for subsequent freezing. Store as much as provided by the temperature regime of your refrigerator. The apricots defrosted in the container should be used immediately, not allowing repeated freezing. Now you know how to freeze apricots with sugar.

Beautiful and tasty apricots, not inferior in nutritional value to fresh fruits, are obtained by pouring them with cold sugar syrup before freezing. To prepare it, you will need 400 grams of sugar, 0.5 liters of water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. This is another proven recipe for how to freeze apricots deliciously.

Fruits must be washed, dried, broken in half and removed. Then the peeled apricots are stacked in a container and filled with an already cooled syrup made from sugar, water and lemon juice. После этого емкость можно отправлять в морозильную камеру. Максимальный срок хранения таких абрикосов составляет 12 месяцев.

Замороженное абрикосовое пюре для ребенка

Из замороженных абрикосов можно сделать полезное фруктовое пюре. Such a product is prepared without sugar, and its delicate texture allows you to use it as a first feeding. How to freeze apricots for the winter for a child correctly? The recipe is absolutely simple:

  1. Wash and peel apricots (about a kilogram) from the top peel and seeds.
  2. Fold the fruits in a colander, fix it on top over a boiling pot and cover. This must be done so that the fruits become as soft as possible, and the finished mashed potatoes acquire a homogeneous structure.
  3. After 5 minutes, remove the pan from the heat, let cool, then beat the steamed apricots with a blender until a tender mass is obtained. To obtain a more liquid consistency, add a couple tablespoons of water from the pan to the fruit, where all the fruits were steamed.
  4. Pour a tablespoon of mashed potatoes over the ice tins.
  5. Send to the freezer for at least a day.
  6. After the specified time, remove the ice container from the freezer, pour hot water from below, then the cubes will well move away from its walls.
  7. Transfer the finished apricot ice to special freeze bags and use as needed.

Frozen Apricot Recipes

Depending on how apricots were frozen, they are used for making various desserts and as a juicy filling for baking. Fruit with stones is suitable only for compotes, grated with sugar - for ice cream, natural yogurt and cottage cheese desserts. It is better to bake a delicious pie from fruits prepared with sugar, as well as filled with sweet syrup.

Prepare a baking dish: cover the bottom with baking paper or grease with butter, and sprinkle with flour on top. Next, pour the dough into a mold, put halves of apricots on top. To make this cake you will need fruits that are not sprinkled with sugar. Thawing apricots is not necessary at all. Bake at 180 degrees for 50 minutes. Willingness to check with a toothpick.

What is the best way to freeze apricots: reviews

Before you start freezing vegetables and fruits, it is worth considering how they will be used. Any method of cooling has its advantages and disadvantages. Each person decides for himself how best to freeze apricots.

Often at different forums and culinary sites, housewives share recipes and reviews on how to harvest vegetables and fruits and options for devices to facilitate this process. For example, it is better to freeze apricot puree for the winter for a child in portions in ice tins or disposable cups. Do not over pack the bags or fill containers to the top. It is not recommended to re-freeze unused fruits at one time.

Properly harvested apricots, subject to storage periods, will become a real treat in the cold season. In winter, frozen fruits will have a general strengthening effect on the body, and in early spring they will eliminate vitamin deficiency.