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Does a Man Change Libra


A Libra woman is not used to asking for advice on what to cook for dinner and which tablecloth to choose for a dining table. Libra is not a weak girl; they can nail a nail themselves and hang a shelf. Over time, Libra will develop a sixth sense that accurately identifies guys who are not capable of equality and constructive dialogue. She will never waste time on tyrants and tyrants - such is the characteristic of a Libra woman.

Scales are generally extremely picky in the opposite field. They are unfamiliar with blind attachment, inspired by the incendiary fire of love. The blind passion inherent in Scorpio women is incomprehensible to Libra women. She will never turn a blind eye to alcoholism, drug addiction or a tendency to go “to the left” - it is not in her rules to amuse oneself with hopes in the “maybe cost” style. Feeling something was wrong, Libra will ask a question in the forehead in order to clarify her moments of interest. If the girl does not like the answer, she will slam the door without offering compromises and solutions.

How faithful is the Libra woman?

Scales are extremely amorous and illegible in choosing their partner, because they are never completely sure who they want to see next to them. But if they are already married, then they will even forget to think about love affairs on the side. They take marriage obligations very seriously and will never initiate a divorce. Libra woman must constantly feel his love and attention from her husband and should be interested in him. Sex for them is only physical sensations; they rarely reveal their souls.

Why does a woman Libra cheat?

The charming and graceful women of Libra rightfully (or rather, according to statistics) get the second place in the list of the most ... unfaithful wives (forward they “politely” pass women Scorpions). Here they do not lag behind the Libra men, who are not averse to having an affair on the side, or even not one. Why is a woman born under such a sign of the Zodiac, like Libra, violates the oath of allegiance made to her husband, because her wife is almost perfect: she worships her husband and supports him in everything, gives advice and caresses him ... And her life with her husband Rather resembles the life of Eve and Adam before the advent of the snake-tempter ...

And here the same notorious serpent intervenes. Only now in his role is ordinary life. The reason for cheating on the Libra woman is quite simple and not much different from the reason for cheating on the Libra man: her routine has elementarily stuck, her everyday life is bored, her life is monotonous! And her soul wants to break out of this close world of everyday life to freedom, to where life sparkles with all the colors of the rainbow!

As soon as the betrayal happens, the Libra woman will lose her “balance”, that is, peace of mind, and her anxiety and nervousness will be hard to miss, although it can often be explained by other reasons, not just treason. One bowl of the Libra woman will be filled with passion and love on the side, and the second - family - will be empty. And if the spouse of the Libra woman, not wanting to lose her elusive beloved, comes to her senses in time and fills an empty bowl, that is, introduces novelty, variety, sharpness into the relationship, then she can keep her beside her, not forgetting, of course, from time to time to arrange her surprises and give romantic gifts.

How to find out that a man changes Libra

Most in life, a Libra man appreciates harmony and inner balance. He loves to constantly around him was "quiet and smooth, but God's grace." In such an atmosphere, his artistic nature can manifest its subtlest qualities, enjoy creativity and recover from active actions. But if his girlfriend violently violates this idyll, invading his territory (both physically and mentally), depriving him of inner peace, then gradually the Libra man will begin to feel dissatisfaction. Ah, how he does not want to decide anything and change anything! He will do everything to correct the situation or adapt to it. Nevertheless, if the dearest half makes his life unbearable, he will decide to break.

Before deciding on such a serious step, he will think and hesitate for a long time. Sometimes you can catch his pensive look on him, which he immediately takes away. This means that he is weighing everything again, and still has not come to a final decision. Ask him what he thinks he should be bothered with, if he wants to tell you something. Convince him that do not quarrel. Often, a Libra man is afraid to say that he does not like him, because he does not want to run into your emotional outburst. Promise in advance that you will forgive him no matter what he says. And be sure to keep your promise, otherwise there will be no second time! If he says something unpleasant for you, do not try to take revenge on him for this or constantly remember this in conversations. Your task is to provide him with maximum security to express his thoughts. This is the key to successful communication with a Libra man. If you fall upon him for every reason, he will never tell you anything unpleasant or uncomfortable. But one day he will just leave. And for you it will be just a shock - how could it be, everything was fine, and suddenly this? Make sure you have the most trusting relationships.

If you do not suit Libra man with something or have offended him, he will fall into some special, dreamy, absent-minded state .. and will begin to hold his gaze longer on other women. If he decides that you have not met his expectations, he will immediately begin to search for his ideal - a sweet and meek dream girl. Moreover, he has not yet decided to part completely, and externally, the relationship between you can look just fine. He himself is not quite aware of his actions. He simply involuntarily begins to smile especially charmingly to other representatives of the fair sex, and in his gaze an expectant expression appears.

At this stage, it is very simple to return and very easy to lose. If you become soft and gentle with him, try to correct your mistakes, provide him with home comfort and long-awaited peace - you will get him back. However, you may be too late. Libra man is unusually attractive for many types of women. For example, in his work team there will probably be a couple of unmarried girls who will not miss a single sigh of him. They will certainly take an interest in why he is so romantically thoughtful lately. And if he complains, be sure that compassionate beauties will be able to console him. If they have some intelligence and grip, then you will not get it back. Given all this, try to keep abreast of his relationship at work, often appear there and put yourself in such a way that the fashionable women there are afraid of you like fire. And only your beloved should continue to see in you a meek sheep, and not an evil fury.

Taking into account the extreme indecision of your man Libra, we can say that the decision is made not so much by him as you .. or another woman. And the more you have in common (property, plans, even memories), the more your influence on it will be. However, be merciful! If your character is such that it is difficult for you to get along with him and at the same time behave naturally, look for yourself a more brutal man, one that will suit you. Do not torment your beloved Libra, and yourself too. If you think that you are the most suitable pair for him, then no discrepancies are expected between you .. Although you go to him to work - or to a company where he often happens - anyway. So, just in case. For prevention.

Man - Libra and marriage

Men of this zodiac sign have a realistic view of marriage and they usually behave in it as strong and constant partners in their feelings.

* 57% of men - Libra crossed the 10-year milestone of marriage - first place among all the signs of the zodiac

* only 12% of men of this sign after a divorce decided to never join it again - this is the lowest indicator for the zodiac signs

* but only 44% of these men marry their one and only - significantly lower than the average level for the zodiac signs

* only 43% believe that their sex life in marriage became better (a rather low rate), and 42% say that marriage did not affect the quality of their sex in any way (higher than average)

* 70% of men say that when they remarry, their sex life has become better - the lowest among all the zodiac signs

* actually, if we talk about sex and a man - Libra, then you can describe his attitude to him like this: “anywhere, any way, but not with anyone”

* men of this sign do not like instant sex without foreplay

* Men of this sign would prefer to make love more often and experiment more: 63% - the highest indicator for the zodiac

* men of this sign before marriage had more than 20 sexual partners - this is the highest rate among the zodiac signs

* men are very indifferent to their weight and the weight of their partner and do not believe that this can affect the quality of sex, moreover, men of this sign love lush women more than representatives of other zodiac signs

* men of this zodiac sign are one of the most faithful partners, but they can change a wife - especially in response to her infidelity and because they lack sex at home

* In response to infidelity, most men - Libra prefer to discuss the situation in order to save the marriage or simply expect the crisis to end, changing them in response.

Woman - Libra and Marriage

Very many of the women of this zodiac sign marry once and for life, but at the same time they are looking for a soul mate, and not a cell mate. Woman - Libra is looking for a man to have a good time, so that he supports her. If she loses interest in a man - it is impossible to keep her. These women value more attention to themselves than their affection for a partner.

* 51% of these women married for more than 10 years - the highest percentage on the signs of the zodiac

* 53% of women marry the one and only (average)

* only 73% of these remarried women think their sex has improved

* women - Libra does not like when their sex is monotonous and the same, prefer variety and experimentation

* 90% of these women think they lack sex

* most of them are in no hurry to go to bed with a man and women of this sign occupy one of the first places among the zodiac signs for restraint and squeamishness due to the prevalence of STDs

* 99% of women - Libra is heterosexual and this is the highest indicator among all zodiac signs

* 66% of women - Libra believes that their weight, etc., is of great importance for the quality of sex - this is above average, but only 12% think the same about their partners

* women - Libra is the most vain of all the signs of the zodiac: 39% cheat on her husband only because her lover was able to convince them that they are the most attractive

* for women - Libra has the highest rate of adultery: 42%, and they explain this by the fact that their partner is bored with them, that they do not receive enough attention from her husband

* if such a woman is confident in her husband’s infidelity, she will either make a grand scandal or take revenge in silence by changing with a younger and more attractive partner.

Differences between men and women of this sign.

Women - Libra is more likely than men of this sign to marry their one and only and more likely to remain chaste before marriage.

But Libra women are also more likely to remarry than men of this sign and believe that marriage is the best way.

Libra men prefer direct physical rapprochement, and women of this zodiac sign prefer courtship and a suitable environment for sex.

Libra men prefer to have as much sex and partners as possible, and Libra women would like more safe sex with those who really like them.

Men - Libra is changed 2 times more often than Libra - women.

If betrayal happens, then Libra women are more likely to break off relations than Libra men.

Most often, my clients order predictions for compatibility in pairs: love and marriage still excite people the most and astrologers turn to psychologists for clarification of controversial moments in their personal lives. But they also criticize astrologers as often as psychologists - apparently, because astrological forecasts in the media often do not coincide with what happens in people in life.

For example, everywhere it is indicated that men - Cancers - are attentive husbands, like no one is on guard of the family, and if you want to “once and for all life”, it’s better not to find Cancer. However, in modern reality, Cancer tops the list of men prone to cheating, getting divorced and going to the registry office again: almost half of them marry more than once. I’ll tell you more: a fair amount of Cancers 5 (!) And more times go down the aisle. Or a woman - Leo: they write that she is the last of the signs that seeks to create a family, that Lionesses need constant attention and compliments of many men, that they seek luxury and popularity ... But, according to my many years of experience, Lionesses are the most hardworking on the field of marriage, wives: they try to save the family more than others, often get married only 1 time and very rarely have lovers.

Signs of treason: A wife is cheating on her husband - how to find out?

Any guy can understand that a girl has been cheated. Checking your favorite for some signs of betrayal, which I will give below. If you find some of these signs in your beloved’s behavior, you should know that the girl’s infidelity to the guy has already happened, or is close, practically today, so tomorrow it will happen.

Disarming, right? Yes I know. You want to believe to the last that such tales as a wife are cheating on her husband, cheating on a girl to a guy, are not with you, with someone else, that signs of betrayal only appear. But forewarned means armed. Read these 15 signs of betrayal, and at the end of the article you will understand how you can steer from this situation without loss.

These signs in their entirety, or only some of them, may indicate that your girlfriend, with whom you have a long relationship, or your wife has a constant lover. If you know any other sign of betrayal, do not keep this knowledge in yourself. Unsubscribe in the comments. After all, we are fighting for one thing!

So, the signs of treason!

If the girl’s infidelity was one-time, drunk, for example, then you will never know this, unless she accidentally blabbed herself. There are practically no special signs of infidelity by which one-time infidelity can be calculated. For example, a wife cheats on her husband, how to calculate her in advance? Read the signs of betrayal that I cited below. Thoroughly study these signs of cheating girls. Perhaps some of the following signs of betrayal will seem familiar to you.

1. The first sign of betrayal that catches your eye is a sudden restriction of access to your personal space to you. Those. Earlier you could easily climb on her computer or mobile phone, and now, when the girl’s betrayal is close, she will not let you go there under any pretext. And he will still scream if he notices that he himself has climbed.

2. You suddenly notice that a girl who is ready to change begins to take a closer look at herself, trying to throw herself a few points. Well, remember how it was when you met? Why are you not a sign of treason? It is perfectly made up, you are smoothly shaved ... Trying to impress each other. So now she is trying. Just not for you. In general, I noticed that she wears stockings instead of pantyhose, is painted like a parade, and when she goes somewhere without you - you can drain the water, horny - the girl cheated on you. If you didn’t notice, this was the second sign of treason, which rings an alarming bell in your ear ...

3. Have you noticed that your wife or girlfriend suddenly has a new girlfriend, or a group of friends in which she does not invite you, or she suddenly starts spending all her free time with her old friends. She walks with them, goes to some events, returns late. And all this without you! Do you get the point? After such walks, the girl is usually in a good mood, which, however, instantly spoils in your presence. This is another sign that indirectly indicates that the girl cheated on you.

4. The next sign of betrayal: after asking for a walk with you for an overnight stay, it is unusually affectionate with you, constantly talking about how cool you are and how she loves you, although she was silent about this before. And it may happen that a girl or wife will in every possible way avoid contact with you at the bodily level, up to the reluctance to kiss.

5. Probably the most nasty and unpleasant sign of betrayal is cooling in sex. He directly says that the wife cheated on her husband. You became uninteresting to her in bed. She now tries to go to bed before you and immediately fall asleep, or, conversely, later, when you fall asleep, to avoid having sex with you. Maybe in the process of foreplay, in response to some kind of affection on your part, irritably push your hand or you away, although she was pleased earlier ... A very unpleasant sign of treason.

6. Если ты замечаешь, что твоя жена или девушка начинает резко реагировать на те твои недостатки, которые раньше не замечала, пытается поднять тебя на смех и вообще перестает тебя уважать как мужика – знай, она потеряла к тебе интерес и уважение потому, что нашла все это в другом. Это даже не признак измены, это жена тебе уже изменила!

7. Семь – счастливое число? Как бы ни так! Это я уже седьмой признак измены описываю! – Она пропускает твои звонки, хотя такого раньше ты не замечал. Or, in general, he pretends that he “forgot” the phone at home, or suddenly her battery began to live for no more than a day, and therefore the phone began to turn off often. And she at this time somewhere is cheating on you.

8. She often begins to talk about some new fellow student, a colleague from work, a business negotiation partner whom you previously knew nothing about. And each time he emphasizes that their relationship is purely friendly, but at the same time he constantly speaks about his cool qualities of character, which she likes and which you don’t have, is a sign of betrayal, possibly still distant.

9. Overtime work suddenly covered her head. Either he stays at the consultation all the time, or he lingers in the library, comes home late - this is a sign of betrayal, maybe there was already sex, and maybe now every such “delay” is happening. A very respectful sign of treason, is not it?

10. The tenth sign of a wife's infidelity. As a consequence of the previous paragraph - forbids meeting her with such events, work, studies. Naturally! They’ll already take her or give her a lift. Wife cheating on her husband most often this way, "lingering" after work.

11. She becomes indifferent to your lateness, your late arrivals from work. She doesn’t care, the head of your girlfriend or wife is stuffed with another guy. By the way, feeling that you are getting less sex from her? may invite you to go have fun on your own. Maybe you will shoot someone, and her conscience will not be nibbling so, or, even more true, having sexed on the side, you will not demand sex from her. The gap is close. The girl has changed, this is a fact, not a sign of betrayal.

12. If earlier your disputes were like tank battles, now she’s fucking ... She agrees with everything, just not to talk and not to communicate with you. This is the twelfth sign of treason.

13. The thirteenth sign of treason. You notice that she is constantly looking at you, perhaps now she is overestimating you and comparing you in all respects with another. And he thinks, maybe, pit you in the game "Rival"? I’ll write about her soon ...

14. The warmth and smile from her face disappear. Poses are usually closed, trying not to look into the eyes, with accidental eye contact - he immediately looks away. Communicates without interest, as with an outsider, which you probably already are. This was the penultimate sign of treason.

15. The thoughtfulness on her face is explained by heavy thoughts about how and when to break off relations with you, whether the other will accept her, leaving the possibility of returning ... The last, suggestive sign of betrayal is voiced.