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The way you hold hands speaks of your relationship


Most people consider their desire to hold hands too primitively, implying that it is just nice. And this, to deny, is really nice. But is this only why we are drawn to take someone by the hand? Obviously not. Although we may not think about it, joining hands is first psychological and social, and only then physical action.

A study in 2013 in South Carolina showed that among the people holding hands while walking along the beach, there were significantly more "dominant" men (that is, those whose hands are on top) than women.

Scientists noted that this, in their opinion, is true for most countries. And they suggested that women, it is likely, will always “dominate” the children, although such experiments have not been conducted.

So why are we holding hands? And what does this action mean in a wide range of human interactions?

Reduces stress

A 2006 study conducted at the University of Virginia with 16 happily married couples showed that feeling the hand of a loved one in one's hand reduces the level of any, even the most severe stress. Moreover, the activity of areas of the brain that respond to stress, under the influence of small discharges of current, decreased only if the hand of the subject (or rather, the subject — they did not hear about feminism) was held by a partner, and not someone else.

Palms together

If you hold your hands this way, it means that your union is based on love, but not on passion. The partner, whose palm looks down, takes more initiative in the relationship and takes a dominant position. It is he who is more decisive and is trying in every possible way to protect his soul mate.

Increases pain tolerance

In 2009, scientists from the University of California (University of California) decided to conduct a similar study, again focused on women's reactions, because, as the researchers explained, women are generally more expressive, and their emotional response is always faster. The experiment was attended by 25 young women who were in a long-term relationship. During the experiment, they received minor burns, after which the scientists asked them to evaluate the level of discomfort. So it was possible to find out that if they looked at a photograph of their partner or held his hand, the stimulus always turned out to be less painful, which allowed us to talk about the “effect of anesthesia”.

Strong grip

A firm grip around the wrist by one of the partners indicates the seriousness of his intentions. A person believes that the relationship has already moved to a deeper level, therefore, subconsciously "appropriates" a lover. The same gesture can have a negative connotation, meaning that one partner is very obsessed with another.

This is usually how couples appear at social events. However, if such a gesture takes place in everyday life, this suggests that the partner who takes the other by the hand, on a subconscious level, seeks protection, feels insecure.

Increases affection

One of the reasons we are holding hands, and not for anything else, is apparently because the hands themselves are extremely sensitive areas. This, recalls Bustle, is associated with evolutionary development, during which the hands helped our ancestors to navigate threats, use tools and perform other complex tasks. Today we live in a developed world and all this is not so important (the ability to quickly type messages in the cold does not count), but the nerve endings, if you hold the hand of a person who is dear to you, perform another significant function. Namely, they create an attachment similar to that which arises between a mother and a baby.

Facilitates communication

Psychologists are sure that, in addition to the other bonuses that we receive, holding hands, it also provides us with a kind of hidden communication. Own language, if you want. It turns out that touching can transmit a huge amount of emotional information from partner to partner, whether they know about it or not. So, in 2009, when Professor Matt Hertenstein asked a group of volunteers to convey different emotions to blindfolded strangers with just one touch, the right messages were received in 75% of cases, reports Psychology Today. Needless to say, if we are talking about a loved one, then the quality of the transmitted information will tend to 100%.

Two finger weave

In pairs that hold hands in this way, each partner defends its independence and at the same time respects the personal space of the other. Such a gesture can also indicate a delicate moment when the lovers decided to end the love relationship, and remain just friends.

Clasped fingers

Clasped fingers symbolize passion and a strong bond between two people. They are the most honest and sincere with each other, trust their soulmate. When lovers hold hands in this way, it is important that both of them hold the partner’s hand tightly. If one arm is too relaxed, this is not a good sign. He testifies that one of the partners is not too sincere with the chosen one or chosen one, feels a certain discomfort and wants to distance himself.

Easy pulling forward

This gesture indicates a certain disagreement. The one who reaches out is trying to get the partner to make decisions faster than he is used to. It can also be a sign that lovers are tired of the routine in a relationship.

1. Hold hands when palms look down

The one whose palm is looking down, dominates your relationship. This palm position expresses a desire to protect a partner and is more characteristic of men. He takes her hand to take her across the road or through a crowd of people.

2. Threaded fingers when holding hands.

Couples that intertwine fingers when holding hands thus express a very deep connection with each other. Their physical attractiveness keeps them close - their relationship has long moved to another level. They care about each other and are honest with each other.

3. Hold hands when one holds the other by the fingers

If your partner leads you, holding not your whole hand, but a few fingers, this means something. You are both independent, courageous, you have your own addictions and interests that go beyond your relationship. Most likely, both of you love to be alone with yourself and try to maintain your personality. But at the end of the day you will surely find yourself together, because your relationship is strong and reliable.

5. Grasping through the neck, hold hands

As with interlocked fingers, this type of hug means that you are very close, but this option no longer fits the concept of “hold hands”. If you are embraced in this way, then the partner expresses his protection towards you, if you embraced your soul mate in this way, then you are proud of your relationship and will protect him or her from any dangers at the cost of your life.

6. Holding hands with passive contact

In this position of the hands you gently but firmly hold the partner's hand. You are not imposed on each other, but both of you have established rules and boundaries. In this way, you add tenderness to your relationship, but do not flaunt it.

7. She is mine if her hands are woven into a lock

This is the most common way to hold hands. Especially often he can be seen in wedding photographs, where her miniature hand lies on top of his strong palm. Lovers so express life energy in their relationship, as well as the desire to protect each other. Such relationships are characterized by mutual respect, trust and admiration.

9. Hold hands with a grip around the wrist

At first glance, it might seem that this way of holding hands is a bit aggressive and expresses self-doubt. But this is far from the case. You do not just bind your hands, you also connect them below the elbow. It expresses deep unity, passion and a great need to be close to each other.

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And how do you like or prefer to hold hands? Maybe you have your own, only your way?