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Mermaid School: how to swim in the tail of a mermaid LESSON


Today, many children from early childhood are distinguished by ingenuity, enterprise. All this is due to the fact that almost from the cradle parents accustom themselves to an active lifestyle, visiting the pool with them, taking long walks in the fresh air. And so that the procedures become desirable, they can be made fabulous and unique, not similar to each other. Little girls like to spend time in the pool, for example, in a mermaid costume. In it, she will be able to swim in any reservoir and conduct photo shoots with photos and videos. But to master the art of turning into a mermaid, it is worth learning the correct behavior in water and skillfully handling the tail, including the monofin.

So, a lesson in swimming in the tail of a mermaid number 1

In order to swim right and beautiful in the tail of a mermaid,

It is advisable to get in good physical shape.

There are many exercises and techniques, and we will talk about them separately.

Now we will directly consider the process of swimming itself.

Before you go into the water, it would be nice to warm up.

Insofar as dolphin swimming stylewhich is taken as a basis

when learning the technique of swimming in the tail of a mermaid, in itself

is one of the most difficult styles for swimmers,

then you should prepare the muscles.

To do this some exercises.

1. From a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, swing our arms forward.

2. Now do the swing of the arms back.

3. Next exercise: do hand swings alternately.

4. We do 10 squats - we warm up the muscles of the legs, because they also participate

when swimming in the tail of a mermaid.

The second stage: we do a warm-up in the pool in the water.

To do this, take ordinary flippers and begin to swim in them.

When swimming, we first focus on the work of the hands,

so swim a few times

then we try to make the wave with our whole body.

Add the work of the hands to the work of the body.

When the movements are worked out

You can put on the tail of a mermaid.

It’s more difficult to swim in it than in ordinary flippers,

since the legs will be firmly pressed against each other,

there will be more pressure on the muscles of the press,

but then you will begin to swim like a real mermaid.

Watch a video tutorial with a mermaid tail swimming teacher: