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15 tricks to use eyeliner to help you draw the perfect arrows


In decorative makeup, special attention is paid to products that emphasize the beauty of the eyes. In every woman’s cosmetic bag, eyeliner is a regular place. The ideal arrow is able to visually change the shape of the eyelids and make the image perfect. How to use eyeliner, and what type of cosmetic product to give preference?


How to beautifully bring eyeliner? To begin with, it is necessary among the entire variety of cosmetic assortment to choose the most convenient option for individual use. What types of eyeliners do global manufacturers offer us? How do they differ and what are their advantages?

Soft cosmetic pencils will never lose popularity. Our grandmothers also used them, because with the help of this cosmetic product you can discreetly emphasize the contour of the eyelids, draw thick and thin arrows, create the Smoky eyes effect. A special advantage of lead pencils is their affordable cost.

Used by professional makeup artists. How to use gel eyeliner? It is applied with a special beveled brush, which will have to be purchased separately. It has high stability, has a rich color and is economical to use. After application, it dries quickly, but retains a glossy sheen. To work with gel liners, you need good experience, because if the hand trembles in the process, the line defect will be difficult to fix.

The best option for home use and professional makeup. Very often they ask how to paint eyes with liquid eyeliner? They have a thin brush, which allows to simplify the procedure as much as possible and quickly dry the liquid. Good quality liners do not tighten the skin and do not crumble, the lines applied by them are clearly visible, which allows you to create a complex design on the upper eyelids.

Creamy leashes are usually used as a backing under eye shadow. It is sold in jars, and for application it is necessary to additionally purchase a brush with a beveled pile. It requires accuracy when drawing lines, otherwise the arrows will turn out to be too thick and unaesthetic.

More recently, eyeliner felt-tip pen has settled in women's cosmetic bags. Its popularity is due to the convenient applicator, which allows you to adjust the width of the arrow and the uniformity of the color of the contour. It stays on the skin for a long time and dries in a couple of seconds. How to draw arrows with a felt-tip pen? It is enough to gently draw a tip along the contour of the upper or lower eyelid and the drawbacks of applying mascara will be hidden, and the arrows will turn out to be even and clear.

All liners are available in a wide color palette, so choosing the right shade is not difficult. What can replace eyeliner? Quite often, shadows are used to infer arrows. Combining several tones, you can achieve a very beautiful transition from one shade to another.

Beautiful arrows - the highlight of makeup

Failed eyes look very expressive and immediately attract attention. To make the look alluring with the help of modern liners, you need to know all about the intricacies of their use. How to use eyeliner for beginners? If you need to do makeup with arrows, you should not immediately try to get the perfect result using a liquid, gel or cream substance. Beginners should start acquaintance with a felt-tip pen or pencil with a soft texture.

How to make up eyes with eyeliner? Learning to draw arrows:

  • in front of the mirror, mentally lengthen the line of the lower eyelid, and then mark with the liner a dot the expected finish position
  • draw strokes along the eyelash line
  • connect the dashes in a single line,
  • align the arrow, increasing its thickness,
  • tackle ponytail design.

Errors made during operation should be removed with a cotton swab. When the simplest makeup with eyeliner is mastered, you can move on to more complex materials and techniques.

Invented many types of emphasizing the beauty of the eyes. They are divided into 3 main categories:

Everyday options look modest, concise and very neat. How to paint such arrows on the eyes with eyeliner? First of all, they put a dash on the inner corner and a tail. Then these rulers are connected by a solid contour, empty places are painted over.

How to apply eyeliner, if you need to make an evening make-up? A smooth arrow with a sharp end is appropriate here. She will give the eyes an interesting shape and make the look languid. To do it, you must:

  • extend the line of the lower eyelid, and then draw the tail,
  • draw a line exactly repeating the shape of the upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye,
  • shade the contours.

How to be painted with eyeliner so that the lines are clear and remain for a long time? It is necessary to degrease the eyelids with micellar water or lotion before applying the coloring composition.

Right Criteria

Today, in professional cosmetics stores and in ordinary shopping centers, you can see huge racks filled with a variety of texture, shape, color and durability liners for drawing arrows. We’ve already figured out how to make up eyes with eyeliner, but let's talk about what criteria it is selected by right now.

  1. Be sure to pay attention to the marking. The hull number, date of manufacture and expiration date of cosmetics, country of manufacture, detailed composition should be indicated on the case.
  2. The eyeliner should not have a pronounced chemical smell.
  3. Before buying, test the product - apply a line on thin skin in the wrist. This test will help determine the softness of the stylus, color saturation, ease of use. After a few minutes, you can judge the presence of allergic reactions to the components of the cosmetic product, as well as evaluate its durability.

Choose eyeliner, focusing on the reviews of friends or relatives who have already managed to try several different types and objectively evaluate their shortcomings and advantages.

What to do if the eyeliner is dry

If it’s become inconvenient to use your favorite cosmetics, but you can’t temporarily allocate money for a new high-quality product, you can reanimate it. How to revitalize eyeliner?

  1. Add a couple of eye drops to the bottle and shake well. You can use a lens liquid in a similar way.
  2. Apply 2 drops of alcohol or any alcohol-containing product (perfume or cologne) to the brush.
  3. Dilute the liner with aloe juice. 2-3 drops are enough to bring it back to life.
  4. Dip the body of the product in hot water and hold for 10 minutes.
  5. For gel eyeliners, special thinners are sold in stores.

1. Sketch in pencil

Eyeliners are quite insidious. Therefore, if you are new to drawing arrows, first bring your eyes up with a soft pencil of the same shade as the liner. The line is likely to turn out quite wide and you are unlikely to be able to get close to the eyelashes. But then this gap between the eyelashes and the line of the pencil can be easily painted over with eyeliner. Well, that wide arrows are back in fashion.

5. Find a fulcrum

Professionals who know how to properly color their eyes with eyeliner can draw perfect arrows without even looking in the mirror. But for beginners it is better to fix the hand so that it does not flinch at the most crucial moment. Put your elbow on the table, and slightly raise and fix the center of the eyebrow with the finger of the other hand. This will allow the tip of the applicator to reach the roots of the eyelashes.

6. Start with the shadows.

If you have no idea how to apply eyeliner or the right shade is not at hand, use shadows. This is the easiest option. Moisten a thin brush lightly with water (the color on the eyelids will turn out to be more saturated, but the shadows will not crumble) and apply it several times along the eyelash growth line. After applying the second, and if necessary, the third layer to enhance the color and straighten blemishes.

7. Move backwards

Of course, real makeup artists who know how to properly bring their eyes with eyeliner always draw an arrow from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. However, not everyone can do a straight line with one stroke. Beginners are allowed to let their eyes from the outer corner of the eye. Try it - it’s so much easier!

13. Think Creative

Multi-colored liners, which recently embarrassed us, are increasingly entering everyday life. Gray, brown, blue are suitable for everyday wear. Gold, silver, neon - for the grand exit. Makeup looks very beautiful when at first a black arrow is drawn, and above it a gold or silver arrow. You can use several colors, but it is not always possible to purely technically execute it yourself. It’s easier to first draw your eyes with a colored pencil, and then draw a thin black line along the cilia.

15. Stay tuned

The question - how to color your eyes with eyeliner - still baffles you? We suggest using the help of overhead arrows. Unfortunately, the accessory will not be released in large quantities. But he regularly appears in seasonal makeup collections for some brands. For example, the Mirror Eyes set with fake arrows was included in the Dior Christmas collection. They stick to the upper eyelid, and you can use them many times. A great solution when you need to quickly create a spectacular look.

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