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Halloween ominous non-alcoholic cocktails


Planning an unforgettable Halloween party? Then you just can not do without a large bowl of delicious punch. I bring to your attention the five best punch recipes for a Halloween party.

You are unlikely to be able to find the real Dracula, but after such a punch, it is likely that you will be able to meet a pretty vampire or a beautiful vampire. So, for preparation you need 750 ml of vodka, 100 ml of orange liquor, 1 liter of apple juice, 1 liter of cranberry juice, 2 liters of ginger ale and red fruits or berries for decoration. Cool all the ingredients in advance and just before serving, mix everything in a prepared container and add ice.

Have you ever wanted to taste a real potion brewed by an old witch? Today you have such a chance. The composition of this "potion" includes 2 liters of water, 2 cups of sugar, 100 ml of lime drink or juice, 1 liter of pineapple juice, 1 liter of ginger ale. In order for your potion to “smoke”, store some dry ice in advance.

Have you ever tried black punch? This is a special drink, which differs not only in color, but also in a mysterious taste. To prepare such a punch, take 1 liter of ginger ale, 400 ml of grape juice, 400 ml of un clarified orange juice, add water and sugar to taste. All ingredients can be mixed in advance, only ale should be added immediately before the holiday.

For cooking, you need white rum 0.5 liters, white dry wine 0.75 liters, water 1 liter, oranges 2 pcs., Lemons 2 pcs., Sugar 250 gr. Squeeze oranges and lemons into a pan, pour wine and add sugar. We let it brew for about an hour, then add water and rum and heat to 60 degrees. Decorate the container with gelatin snakes and serve!

To get a rich red color, berries are best suited. And so, for this punch, take frozen strawberries, raspberries and red currants 100 g each and put on the bottom of the container in which you will cook. Add 2 tbsp. sugar syrup, and pour 600 ml of dry white wine and champagne. Let the drink brew for 30 minutes, strain from berries and serve with ice. If you want to add a little bit of horror, freeze the ice in the shape of a hand.

I hope you enjoy our “horrific” recipes. We wish you a pleasant stay and a scary Halloween.

Black Widow

Rumor has it that one Black Widow cocktail can turn an evil witch into a good witch, two cocktails into a lustful witch, and three into a trouble-free witch. But do not overdo it, and even it can turn into firewood.

Black vodka - 40 ml
Cranberry Juice - 15 ml
Cocktail Cherry - 1 piece
Crushed ice
Red sugar

  1. Garnish a small glass (a glass for sherry) on the rim with red sugar. To do this, moisten the rim with lemon juice and dip in sugar. Red sugar can be obtained by adding liquid food coloring and mixing it thoroughly.
  2. Fill a glass with ice.
  3. Pour cranberry juice on ¾ glasses.
  4. Gently pour vodka over the blade of the knife.
  5. Garnish with a cherry.

Halloween Potion Punch

This drink can be decorated in any way, to give it any color. However, there is one original way to cook punch for Halloween.

  • 550 milliliters of cranberry juice,
  • one and a half liters of lemonade,
  • three limes.

Combine the juice, lemonade and a few slices of lime, then leave to cool before serving.

Without losing time, prepare a piece of jewelry: fill a clean rubber glove with cold water (it can be painted in some color, put spiders or jelly worms in it, etc.), tie and place horizontally in the freezer. When the water hardens, remove the glove from a frozen hand and put in a container with a punch.

For a greater effect, it is even possible to break off one or two fingers from a frozen hand. To complement the recipe will also help "blood streaks" on the dishes with a drink.

Blood Cocktail

It contains a Sprite, a bit of ice. It will take a few pieces of syringes. Fill them with grenadine, pour "Sprite" into glasses and add ice to them.

Before serving, syringes with “blood” should be put in glasses so that guests can squeeze out bright syrup from them and mix it with a drink.

If you want to complement the festive atmosphere, add plastic spiders or cockroaches to the ice mold. Just be sure to warn all guests to drink a cocktail through a straw so that they do not accidentally swallow the jewelry.

The essence of the holiday and its traditions

The celebration of Halloween, among other things, was once associated with the end of the apple harvest. Therefore, it is not surprising that the only traditional Halloween drink known to us - Lemsvul - is prepared on the basis of baked apples and apple cider. Whole or chopped baked apples, put in a punch bowl, are poured with warmed cider (in a non-alcoholic version - ginger ale), flavored with sugar and various spices, and in this form are served to the festive table.

Since the pumpkin from which the awesome Jackie lamps were everywhere cut out from the easy hands of Americans has become an invariable attribute and symbol of Halloween, pumpkin juice (for children) and Pumpkin Martini (for adults) were among the most popular drinks for this holiday.

By the way, before the Halloween traditions, along with the Scottish and Irish immigrants migrated overseas, the turnip was the traditional material for making the frightening appearance of lanterns designed to drive away evil spirits and show the way to purgatory for the souls of the dead. According to the Irish legend, it was from her that the cunning and drunkard, the blacksmith Jack, who managed to wrap himself around the finger of the owner of the underworld, cut out a lamp in which he hid a particle of hellfire, in the futile hope of finding the path leading from hell to heaven.

But back to the drinks made from pumpkin, which once and for all replaced the less effective and more expensive turnips. Delicious and healthy pumpkin juice can be served to the table either in pure form or mixed with carrot or apple juices. As for the Halloween variety of “Martini”, this drink consists basically of pumpkin and cream liqueurs, as well as vanilla vodka, although some lovers of this drink replace vodka with spiced rum and pumpkin liqueur with raw pumpkin puree.

Blood punch

A wonderful vitamin drink will not only decorate the holiday, but will also help with autumn vitamin deficiency.

3 cups of fresh cranberry juice (you can also from the bag, but fresh is better) 3 cups of sparkling water 1 cup of mashed frozen berries crushed ice honey or sugar to your taste

In a large vessel, combine juice, water, mashed potatoes and ice. Mix well. These ingredients will produce approximately 8 servings. You can immediately pour it into glasses, or use our advice on how to serve a drink effectively.

What vegetable is Halloween associated with? Of course, with a pumpkin! So pick a good big pumpkin, cut off the top and take out the middle. You will get a wonderful punch jar! You can make several of these and serve various pumpkin dishes. And from the pulp you can then make a wonderful cream soup!

Nothing will be lost! Seeds can be dried and pulp cooked

Decor guidelines

In order for the party organized by you to go as planned, you must try to do everything possible to create the appropriate atmosphere. And jewelry for glasses will help you with this. They do not have to be purchased at specialized stores. Today, there are many ways to turn an ordinary drink into a terrible potion.

For example, you can decorate a glass with a cocktail with eyes made from the Chinese lychee fruit. To do this, it is filled with bright red jam, stuffed with blueberries and pricked on a straw.

To create an appropriate atmosphere, glasses can be braided with cobwebs. For this, bitter chocolate is melted with a small amount of milk or cream, and then they are drawn into a syringe and a pattern is drawn. Such a web looks especially impressive on glass cups filled with a transparent drink.

You can make bloody smudges on the walls of glasses. For this, red juice is combined with swollen gelatin, warmed up and slightly cooled. The edges of the glasses are dipped in the resulting mixture and quickly turned over so that drops begin to flow down the glass walls.

A stunning effect can be achieved by pouring a little grenadine on the bottom of a glass of ice.

Fog in the cemetery

Milk based alcoholic cocktail? Yes Easy! Try this wonderful drink - and you will not be disappointed.

200 ml of milk 1 banana 1 teaspoon of instant coffee 1 tablespoon of syrup (coconut, caramel, vanilla, amaretto) liquor to taste (experiment with taste and the amount of alcohol) ice cubes.

Everything is very simple. As we promised. Break the ice in a shaker or with a hammer. Add milk, banana, coffee to the ice and whisk it all. At the end add syrup and liquor. The creepy milk drink is ready.

This drink is thick and hard to see what's inside. Therefore, in a glass with a cocktail, you can throw some kind of decorative element: a rubber eye, a spider, a lizard. The only thing is to wash the decoration well before use and make sure that it is large enough. You don’t want the guests to choke? Surprise guests can pick up a memory of the party.

“A cocktail with a surprise inside”: choose quality toys

Witch's potion

Well, aerobatics can be considered giving the alcohol or soft drink you are preparing to look like a witch's potion.

To do this, a capacious vessel designed to mix a cocktail for the whole company, first it is advisable to smoke it well outside, giving it the appearance of a canonical witch's cauldron, and then before pouring the necessary ingredients into it (pineapple or citrus juices, rum, vodka, or both, and third), several pieces of dry ice should be put on the bottom.

As a result, the broth you have submitted will bubble like a real sinister witch brew. For the sake of forest, you can theatrically prevent a potion from a fake broomstick with a stick or throw a handful of jelly evil spirits there. The main thing is in no case to touch dry ice, otherwise you run the risk of not making a fake, but the most that is a real burn.

Halloween is a great occasion to show imagination and ingenuity. Do not be afraid to experiment with the most unexpected ingredients. And finally, do not forget to come up with any suitable, trembling names for your infernal creations.

Torn eyes

A wonderful and nutritious mix of vegetable juices. We drink them so rarely! And here both beauty and benefit are also thematic.

beetroot juice - 150 ml carrot juice - 100 ml juice from a celery stalk - 50 ml half lemon juice

Very simple! It is necessary to mix all the ingredients and pour into glasses. The whole cocktail chip is in the serving.

To do this, you will need olives and radishes (larger than olives), as well as wooden skewers. Gently remove the red peel from the radish, the remnants of the skin will resemble blood vessels. In each radish, make a deepening and insert a half of the olive. Pierce this eye with a wooden skewer and place it on top of the glass with the drink. If you don’t have time at all, you can simply throw olives into glasses, black olives in a red drink will also look spectacular.

Have to play a little, but such a decoration can be eaten

What kind of cocktails should you make on Halloween?

Given the eerie-mystical surroundings of Halloween, the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks offered to guests should give rise to a cheerful fright. This result can be easily achieved using various kinds of visual effects: giving the drinks an ominous color, equipping them with various Gothic decorations, or creating other impressive visual images.

So, during the celebration of Halloween, blood-red mixes and cocktails are especially popular. To do this, you should stock up on the appropriate ingredients. The first place among them is occupied by red juices: cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, tomato, etc. They are great for creating both "adult" and "baby" drinks. It all depends on the presence or absence of alcohol in them. Also, in order to achieve a "bloody" effect, you can use saturated varieties of red wine or liquors of the corresponding shade.

In addition, it is worth using drinks of other colors, contributing to the creation of a slightly frightening or simply mysterious atmosphere. First of all, we are talking about a special English black vodka. The unusual color of the drink is achieved by adding to it an extract of acacia catechu, growing in India and Burma. The use of this dark, casting a greenish-bluish tint infernal drink in layered cocktails will undoubtedly impress your guests. And the use of this vodka in the preparation of "Bloody Mary" or "Screwdrivers" will take on an equally stunning effect.

Other drinks with dark brown and black colors also contribute to the creation of the Halloween color scheme: a number of varieties of brandy, whiskey, rum, balms and tinctures. Especially worth mentioning is absinthe, which not only in itself has an ominous reputation, but when mixed with water it acquires a mysterious foggy greenish tint.

Witch's potion

This is one of the most popular drinks that is often served on Halloween. The recipe for an alcoholic cocktail involves the use of a not quite standard set of components, so prepare in advance:

  • 50 milliliters of vanilla vodka.
  • 30 ml of orange liquor.
  • 50 milliliters of schnapps.
  • 20 ml of lemon juice.
  • 100 milliliters of champagne.
  • A tablespoon of sugar.
  • Dry ice and food coloring green.

You need to start the process with preparing glasses

Their edges are moistened with water, and then carefully dipped in sugar mixed with green dye. A cocktail made of lemon juice, schnapps, liquor, vanilla vodka and champagne is poured into a glass processed in this way

Dry ice is carefully laid out from above, which will give the finished drink a frighteningly mysterious appearance.

Pumpkin Martini

- 1 tablespoon of sugar, - 1/4 teaspoon of pumpkin pie, - 3 tablespoons of vodka, - 2 tablespoons of chocolate milk, - 1 tablespoon of canned pumpkin puree *, - 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, - 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract.

* It is easy to make pumpkin puree yourself if you do not want to take it in jars.

1. Put sugar and pieces of pumpkin pie (1/8) on a plate. Shuffle. 2. Dip the rim of a chilled cocktail glass into water, and then into pumpkin sugar. 3. Fill the shaker with ice and mix vodka, chocolate milk, pumpkin puree, maple syrup, vanilla extract and the second part of pumpkin pie in it (1/8). 4. Shake well, then strain the liquid into the prepared glass.

Lollipop Cocktail

The process of preparing this interesting drink takes a certain amount of time. Therefore, you need to start it a few hours before the proposed party. To do this, at your fingertips should be:

  • Half a glass
  • The protein of one egg.
  • A glass of vodka.
  • 60 milliliters of orange liquor.
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • Ice.

Some of the available candies are poured with vodka, covered with a lid and left for the whole night. Then, egg white, orange liquor and lemon juice are combined in a shaker. There also add 100 milliliters of vodka and ice. All this is shaken vigorously and poured into glasses. In the finished drink add the remnants of vodka with candy.

Historical essay

Halloween - All Saints Day, transformed from a Celtic pagan holiday that divided the ancient calendar of believing Celts into dark and light parts. During Samhayn (that day was called that day), death overtook all those who violated taboos.

In the modern interpretation, on the night of October 31, dark forces immerse the earth in darkness - ghouls, ghouls, evil spirits and all their kin begin to commit atrocities. Therefore, until the morning of November 1, they must be carefully scared away.

Christians do not particularly love and honor a foreign holiday, although many treat it with humor and, having chosen the surroundings, have fun from the heart.

  • pumpkins-lamps - were made by Celts to help souls find a path leading to another dimension,
  • Jack's lamp - a hollow pumpkin with a carved face and a burning candle inside - the legacy of a deceased blacksmith who deceived the Devil,
  • Lambswool - a drink made from baked apples, sprinkled with warmed apple cider, sweetened and seasoned with spices - meant that the entire crop was harvested.

Interesting! The holiday came to us not from America, on the contrary, it got there with the first immigrants from Europe.

Dracula's Blood

This is a warming and spicy cocktail. It not only perfectly suits the theme of the holiday, but also will be a good prevention of viral diseases. What you need for November!

60 мл водки 120 г томатного сока (в идеале домашнего, но подойдет и магазинный) половину чайной ложки тертого хрена (советуем тереть в открытом помещении, потому что глаза слезятся хуже, чем от лука) несколько капель соуса Табаско лед по желанию.

Положить в бокал (вместо бокала можно использовать небольшие баночки) лед, влить водку, добавить хрен, соус и томатный сок. Перемешать все.

Предлагаем украсить посуду “кровью”. Как это сделать? Довольно просто. Нам надо приготовить специальный сироп. For this you will need: 1 cup sugar, half a glass of water, red food coloring, half a glass of corn syrup.

How to make? Combine sugar, water and molasses. Preheat to 150 degrees without stirring. It should be a thick and viscous mixture. Then add the dye and mix well. Immerse the top of the glass or jar with the edge down into the mixture. The main thing is to do everything quickly until the mixture has hardened.

In such glasses any drink will look cool

Horrible Sangria

There are other cocktails for Halloween, the recipe with the photo invites you to get acquainted with the original drink, which can also be made at a party in honor of the terrible day, which is gaining more and more popularity in our countries. This is a mix called “Terrible” Sangria.

Cooking time - 10 minutes.

Servings Per Container - 1.


To prepare this "scary" drink on All Saints Day, you will need to use these components:

  • red wine - 75 ml
  • sugar - 2 tsp.,
  • Gran Marnier or Cointreau - 15 ml,
  • pomegranate juice - 20 ml,
  • red syrup - 1 tsp.

On a note! An excellent analogue of red syrup is grenadine.

Cooking method

Coping with the preparation of this drink is not difficult.

On a saucer, you need to pour a little red syrup (grenadine).

A plate is placed next to which granulated sugar is poured. A glass is taken in which it is planned to serve this alcoholic cocktail for Halloween. Its edge is smeared with syrup, and then immediately dipped in sugar. The result is a “scary" design for a drink that resembles blood.

Next, pour red wine into the shaker.

Pomegranate juice and Cointreau pour in here. Ice cubes are also added. Everything is thoroughly mixed.

Now you need to return to the glass, the edge of which is already framed in the best traditions of Halloween. A lot of ice is poured into it, and you can also put a lot of fruits and berries.

It remains only to pour the resulting cocktail into a container.

Note! According to all the rules for making cocktails, the finished drink is poured into the glass through the strainer.

Cocktail Pumpkin Jack

For 1 serving of such a cocktail you will need:

  • 1/3 cup pineapple and orange juice and unsweetened sparkling water,
  • 3 tbsp. l ice cream (creamy or vanilla),
  • orange for decoration,
  • black self-adhesive paper (plain paper and food grade adhesive can be used).

1. From black paper, cut out black eyes in the form of triangles and a smiling mouth with teeth. Stick them on pot-bellied cognac glasses. It will work especially well if the glasses are in harmony with the rest

2. Mix juices and sparkling water. Pour the mixture into a glass. Put ice cream on top.

3. Cut the orange across into circles, and cut small triangles from the unnecessary peel. Insert them in the middle of the orange mug - you get the top of the pumpkin.

4. Put it on top of the ice cream in a glass. Insert the black tubule into the flesh. The cocktail is ready!

Creepy screwdriver

All of us in our student years at least once drank a cocktail “screwdriver”. Simple, cheap and quite tasty. So today we offer a festive version of this drink.

45 ml of black vodka half a glass of fresh orange juice (or juice from a bag) a quarter glass of ice.

Take a tall glass, add ice and juice. Gently pour black vodka along the blade of the knife. The ingredients should not be mixed! You can try pouring vodka with a teaspoon. We strongly recommend that you practice in advance.

Black tubules and gelatin products will perfectly complement the cocktail. In shops with sweets you can easily find worms, snakes, mice. They can be fixed on a tube, or it is possible that they hang from the glasses.

By the way, you can cook such worms yourself! You need to make fruit jelly (give half the water specified in the recipe). Knead well. Then take the tubes and tie them with an elastic band so that they fit snugly together. Pour jelly inside. Refrigerate for several hours. When the jelly hardens, put the tubes for a few seconds in hot water and squeeze the worms out of the tubes.

What nasty!

Can with eyes

In my opinion, this cocktail is watching me!

Ingredients (per glass of 300 ml):
Fresh (or fresh-frozen) blueberries
Canned lychees and syrup from them (or any other) - 1 tablespoon
Blueberry or blackcurrant juice - 120 ml
Lemon or lime juice - 15 ml
Sparkling Water - 80 ml
Gin or vodka - 40 ml
Ice (optional)

  1. We make “eyes”, stuffing blueberries (1-2 pieces) in lychee. A more affordable option is to cut out eyeballs from apples, sorry for the pun. Wrap in baking foil and place in the freezer for an hour. Before throwing the finished “eyes” into the glasses, let them thaw slightly so as not to accidentally choke.
  2. Mix juices, syrup, gin (or vodka) and pour into a tall glass.
  3. Add sparkling water.
  4. Throw “eyes” into the glass.

Great holiday everyone and a clear head in the morning!

Goblin mimosa

You can note other alcoholic cocktail recipes for Halloween. One of those is called "Mimosa", but in the goblin version. Such a drink looks creepy, but many people like the taste.

Cooking time - 10 minutes.

Servings Per Container - 1.

How to serve Halloween cocktails

Speaking about serving drinks, first of all, it is worth stopping at various jelly dishes made specially on the eve of the holiday. Jelly spiders, worms, slugs, cockroaches will look funny at the edges of glasses with drinks or even in the cocktails themselves. Especially effective in this case will be jelly eyes strung on cocktail skewers or put on the bottom of the glass.

Some craftsmen go even further and create an awesome jelly frozen hand on their own. A boiled mixture of gelatin and some sweet or sour-sweet juice (or juices) is poured into a glove that is thoroughly washed and turned inside out, which is tied and put into the freezer. Next, a festive accessory is taken out of the freezer immediately before use and, after cutting the gloves, it is dipped in a punch bowl. Moreover, this is done in such a way that the fingers and part of the brush are above the level of the drink.

In addition, halloween drink glasses can be stocked with impressive bloody drips. To do this, you need to dip their edges into the jelly mass starting from the red juice, and then pull them out, quickly turn them over and put them in the refrigerator, where they will wait until the party begins.

Also, especially risky owners of the Halloween feast throw plastic skeletons, bones and skulls into glasses with opaque drinks. At the same time, the “surprise” should not be too small so that it is not inadvertently swallowed.

Having a little imagination with the laws of physics, you can use other funny visual effects. For example, using a cocktail tube to inject a little Baylis or other creamy liquor into a container with a strong, clear alcoholic beverage, as a result, the liquor curled into balls will resemble alcoholic brains in appearance. Or, before pouring vodka or gin into a shot glass or shot, drop a few drops of grenadine syrup to the bottom, thereby giving the drink unambiguous vampire associations.

Halloween Beverage Decoration

The main thing for Bacchanalia of alcoholic cocktails is to decorate and serve correctly. They should surprise, shock and hurt the living.

You can decorate the dishes in advance or buy a disposable one, in suitable colors, create a web at the bar from white thin threads, and also prepare a kit for making scary things.

Attention! Do not forget about security! Always serve a thin drinking straw to the decorated hot pot!

Now let's get to practice.

Creating Creepy Eyes:

  • in the center of rounded marmalade marshmallows stuff peppercorns,
  • clean the radish, dig out a hole in the center suitable for inserting olive / olive into it, put the resulting “eyes” on the skewer and place on the glass,
  • dry the lychee fruit, fill it with strawberry or raspberry jam, build a pupil from blueberries or currants.

In ice molds, you can generally put anything - gelatinous worms, bugs, cockroaches, etc.

Drawings on glass glasses. We melt the melted chocolate into a syringe and display a cobweb or ghost faces on the glass of the inner walls of the glass.

We do not recommend dipping plastic parts in cocktails, as they can accidentally choke. If you already decided on artificial scenery, choose them large enough.

  • dip the edges of the glasses in the Grenadines and turn over, waiting for "bruising",
  • soak the gelatin in red juice, warm until it dissolves, cool slightly (until the viscosity appears), dip the edges of the glasses in the obtained “blood”, turn over so that the drops drip across the glass, cool the creation in the refrigerator.

Vile-looking drinks are obtained using jelly marmalade. It can be eyes, worms, jaws, fingers. At the same time, it is enough to simply lower them into a drink.

Olives, cherries, blueberries, peel of citrus fruits, etc. look great on a cocktail tube or skewer dipped in a glass.

Creating a severed arm for a punch:

  • pour water (or gelatin melted in red juice) into a medical glove, tie its base and freeze,
  • before removing your hand from the latex, lower the product for 2-3 seconds in boiling water,
  • put your hand in the center of the vase with a punch, not forgetting to dip it before it into the drink (in addition, you can cut 1-2 fingers from the brush).

Additional visual effects:

  • Brains at the bottom of the glass - achieved by introducing Baileys liquor into any strong alcohol (it coagulates in the form of balls)
  • Witch's potion - before pouring the drink into a glass, put a couple of pieces of dry ice on the bottom (the cocktail will start to bubble and smoke - at this moment you can pour jelly cockroaches into it and stir theatrically).

Caution! Do not touch dry ice with your hands - this can lead to burns! But you shouldn’t be completely scared - it is non-toxic and completely harmless - you can drink a cocktail as soon as the ice has completely dissolved. .

  • choose color liquors for Halloween (Xu-Xu, Blue Curacao, mint green, chocolate, etc.), absinthe, Grenadine and black vodka (pour instead of the usual one),
  • juices should also be bright - strawberry, carrot, cranberry, tomato, orange, pumpkin, raspberry, etc.

Now, armed with knowledge, you can create gothic mixes. And to make it easier for you to compose, we have made for you a terribly fun selection of recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails in the spirit of Halloween.