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Homemade oil - we do better than purchased: 10 original recipes


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Home-made butter has a noticeably better taste than purchased industrial-made butter, and to make it, you need only 20 minutes of work. To give the oil a special flavor, which it naturally acquires not in all regions, add sour-milk bacterial cultures to the cream to make them more acidic.

Why cook homemade butter

Homemade oil should be made to those people who love themselves and natural products. Of course, if you eat quality store oil, then nothing terrible will happen. But you must be aware that this product, unlike homemade butter, is not made from cream alone.

Oil producers are allowed to add dyes, bacterial preparations, preservatives, flavorings, emulsifiers, stabilizers, etc. to their products. Do you want to eat fresh bread spread with stabilizers and preservatives in the morning? No? That's the same. And it’s not a fact that the oil you bought contains only what we have listed. It may consist of more unexpected and dangerous components. Do you still think that cooking oil at home is a whim or stupidity? Unlikely. Well then, we will learn to make healthy butter.

Homemade cream butter in a jar in 15 minutes

To prepare about 80 g of awesome tasty and healthy homemade butter, you need about 300-330 ml of cream. You can collect them from homemade fat milk. Just grab a small ladle or mini bucket and collect the cream on top of the milk. Of course, you can take them with a spoon, but so the collection process will be delayed, but our task is to make homemade oil as quickly as possible.

Pour the cream into a half-liter jar. If you want to whip butter at home using a can, you need the cream to occupy no more than two-thirds of the capacity. Therefore, if you have approximately 330 ml of cream, a 500 ml can will be an ideal vessel for whipping homemade butter. Whipping a larger amount of oil at a time, taking a lot of cream and using a larger jar, will be a little more difficult and longer. It is better to choose a container with some corrugated sections, notches, because, using a jar with smooth walls, you risk breaking a vessel with an unformed oil. A jar with a hermetically sealed lid is especially good.

So, pour the selected cream into the jar, close it with a lid. Take a glass container and start shaking the cream so that it hits either the bottom of the can or the lid with which it is closed. After 5-10 minutes, you will notice that small particles of oil begin to form on the glass. Shake the jar for another four minutes. If you open the lid and see an already-formed homemade butter meal, you can stop shaking and start washing the cream product.

First drain the cloudy liquid (buttermilk) from the jar, then rinse the oil under running cold water. You can rinse homemade oil directly in a jar until a clear water runs out of the vessel. In such a simple way, you can cook butter at home in 15 minutes.

Attention: the milk from which you select the cream should be at room temperature. If you start whipping cream that is too warm, the oil may turn out to be slightly liquid. And working with a cold product will take much longer. Then whipping can drag on for 20-25 minutes.

To keep the oil obtained at home longer, it must be slightly salted. After this, the oil should be wrapped in foil and put in the refrigerator.

Oil in a jar of purchased warm cream in 4 minutes

You can whip the butter in a jar of cream in five minutes or even a little faster. But for this, you better buy fat cream. Of course, even very greasy, but cold cream will need to be whipped for at least 15 minutes.

Before you start cooking homemade butter, chilled cream should be kept for about 10 hours outside the refrigerator, so that they evenly and well warmed up. After that, you have to shake the jar for about four minutes. When the butter is knocked down, you need to carry out all the actions mentioned above (drain the buttermilk, rinse, salt, etc.).

Homemade butter in a modern manual churn in 3 minutes

Not everyone wants to shake a jar unsuitable for whipping homemade butter even for those 5-15 minutes. Many simply consider it unpalatable to cook the product in a dish not intended for this purpose. If you are also not attracted to this process, then you can buy a modern manual mini churn. To be honest, it also resembles a jar. This churn is closed on both sides by covers. Cream is poured from the side where the silicone gasket with holes is located.

To prepare 125 g of butter, you will need 220 ml of farm cream. You just slowly pour the cream that seeps into the jar through the aforementioned holes, and set them to settle. Well, if the air temperature in the house where the cream is, will reach 25 ° C. The cream should settle in the churn for about 8 hours. After that, it’s enough for you to shake the churn on the strength of about three minutes.

Now open the lid on the side of the churn, which is intended for pouring cream. Drain a few tablespoons of the remaining liquid through the holes. After that, pour a little water into the churn and rinse the oil. After draining the water, open the churn on the back side. Take a spoon and take out the oil.

Salt the cooked homemade butter and refrigerate. Having such a special device, you can make not ordinary homemade oil, but with the addition of various ingredients. For example, girls can beat butter with honey. But men will like garlic homemade butter.

Going back or cooking in a wooden churn

You can also look for a wooden churn. Not only does this churn look pretty colorful, it also gives you the opportunity to remember how you used to make homemade butter with your grandmother (well, of course, if this was in your life).

A wooden grease nipple usually consists of a mortar in which sour cream is poured, a lid that prevents splashing of the whipping product and crush, a stick (it is whipped). This stick, at the end of which there are round circles with holes or another figure, is inserted into the hole on the lid. After you pour the sour cream into the mortar, put on the lid with the stick stuck in the hole, and begin to whip the butter.

Remember that it is impossible to fill the churn with sour cream to the top, otherwise it will come out, splatter. It is better if you fill the mortar with sour cream by a third. Beat homemade butter in a mortar will take about 15-20 minutes.

If part of the sour cream nevertheless has come out, you can collect it and, opening the butterdish, return the escaped product to its place. When the sour cream stops jumping, and you hear squelching sounds, this can only mean one thing - the butter has whipped to such an extent that buttermilk has already stood out. Take a few more minutes and you can pull out the oil.

If you urgently need to get about 250 g of butter, for example for baking a pie, and you don’t have time to heat the cream at all, you can use a food processor. He quickly knocks even chilled cream into the butter. Many food processors come immediately with a special knife for whipping butter.

To make butter in a combine, just pour the cream into the unit bowl and start whipping them until buttermilk leaves. Almost 250 g of homemade butter is obtained from 400 ml of bazaar fat cream. When the oil is cooked, pour it into a colander and rinse. If, when preparing baked goods, you did not use all the butter, you can wrap its remainder in parchment paper and put your own natural product in the refrigerator.

Making butter at home with a mixer

To prepare 450 g of butter you will need about a liter of not too thick sour cream. About 600 g of homemade oil can be obtained from more fat sour cream. This method is good because with a mixer, like a combine, you can quickly make butter from a chilled dairy product.

Before you put sour cream of medium density in the refrigerator, it is better to pour it into a bowl in which you will then beat the butter. At first, the mixer speed can be set higher, but after a few minutes, when the sour cream turns into an oily crumb, slow down the speed of your hand-held device. Otherwise, everything will begin to scatter in different directions.

Beat the oil until the baby begins to swim in the whitish water. After that, throw the oil in a colander to get rid of the liquid, but do not rush to crush it into a solid lump. Only after thorough washing of the oil crumbs under cold water can one begin to form balls of homemade oil. Wrap the pieces of oil in plastic wrap and fold them in the freezer.

Cooking butter in a saucepan from frozen cream (non-waste production)

Whip frozen cream in a food processor or mixer there is no special need. And whipping completely thickened cream with the help of technology is a bit problematic. This can be done with an ordinary tablespoon.

To get 400 grams of homemade fatty oil, you need half a liter of thickened purchased cream, a saucepan, a spoon and a bit of time. Pour the cream into a saucepan and begin to stir them. After a few minutes, the cream will clutch even more and the mixing process will go tighter. You, in fact, will just have to thoroughly crush the cream on the wall of the pan.

Such an activity seems a little tedious at first, because it is not known how much more heavy cream will have to be kneaded. But when you see how buttermilk begins to stand out, you understand that before the completion of the process there are some 5-6 minutes left. This eye-catching water, as in previous methods of cooking oil at home, must be disposed of. Do not rush to pour it into the sink, because you can collect the buttermilk in a bowl and, replacing it with milk, prepare delicious pastries. It turns out that 500 ml of fat cream, when handled properly, will provide you with not only 400 g of butter, but also 100 ml of buttermilk for charlotte.

To get rid of the liquid that is released faster, tilt the container a little while kneading cream near one side of the pan. Then the buttermilk will run to the opposite side of the pan without mixing with oil. To get homemade oil using this method, you can, without haste, in 10 minutes. Since you are unlikely to quickly eat 400 g of fatty oil, it will be reasonable to freeze part of it.

How to shape homemade butter

If you want to get a perfectly smooth piece of oil of a beautiful shape, then you need a plate and sleight of hand. Separated from buttermilk, washed and squeezed from water, put the oil in a deep bowl. The slice should be of such a size that it can roll slightly on your dish. Now start tossing a little oil. This will knock out excess water and make the surface of the product smoother. Oil must not only be tossed, but also rolled on a plate. Using the plate, you will get a piece of oil, free from the remnants of water with a smooth surface and the correct oval shape.

Recipes for making original homemade butter

It has already been mentioned that you can cook homemade butter with garlic or honey. But these are not all products that blend perfectly with butter. Let's do something unusual and prepare delicious homemade oil with pepper and onions for men, with orange zest and cranberries for women, etc.

Homemade pepper and onion oil

Cut half the Bulgarian red pepper into pieces and fry in a pan until soft. After that, put the pepper in a food processor, add 100 g of homemade butter to it, a few stalks of green onions. Add salt and ground black pepper to taste.

Place the finely ground mass on parchment paper or foil and twist a small sausage. Now our original oil needs to be cooled in the freezer.

Homemade cranberry and zest oil

To prepare sweet homemade butter, in addition to 100 g of the most freshly made butter, you need two tablespoons of cranberries, the same amount of maple syrup, a large spoon of orange zest.

Put the butter and cranberries in the food processor. Wash the orange and finely rub its skin. Pour the butter and strawberries with syrup, add a spoonful of zest and grind all the ingredients well. The resulting mass, as well as the previous one, is placed in foil (baking paper), twisted into a sausage and frozen.

Gourmet Homemade Oil

Such homemade butter will surely appeal to both boys and girls. First of all, you need to get the same 100 g of homemade oil. You can get it by any of the mentioned methods (using a food processor, mixer, manual churns, banks, spoons with saucepans, etc.).

So, for a gourmet snack, in addition to butter, you must have parmesan. Four tablespoons of grated Parmesan are enough to make the original sandwich butter. Place the butter with Parmesan in a food processor and pour in them sun-dried tomatoes (two tablespoons). The finishing touch is the basil leaves. Take no more than five leaves. Everything, our ingredients are ready for grinding.

Homemade oil with herbs for meat and potatoes

I don’t know about you, but some people like to eat fried potatoes with steak with herbal butter. To prepare this creamy masterpiece, you need to mix 100 g of oil with a spoon of lemon juice, two pinches of salt, rosemary, parsley and oregano (1 tbsp each). The oil is served chilled.