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Restoration of nails


Hello! From this article you will learn about various methods of nail restoration, about what means for this purpose can be used and how to prepare them.

Injury and exfoliation of nails is a common problem. This usually happens due to a lack of vitamins in the body, nail extensions or a biting habit. To restore their healthy appearance, it is recommended to use an integrated approach: use external funds and change the diet.

General recommendations

Some tips to help speed up restoration of a damaged nail:

  1. After washing your hands, wipe them dry immediately to prevent the appearance of fungus. Do cleaning, wash dishes only with rubber gloves.
  2. You can file only dry nails, otherwise they are stratified. Do not cut the cuticle, but push it back with a stick. It is necessary to protect the nail from infections.
  3. Use hand cream every time you feel dry or irritated.
  4. If possible, do a manicure in the salon, by professionals.
  5. If you suspect psoriasis, eczema, anemia, hypothyroidism, consult a doctor immediately. These diseases can affect the condition of the nails.

Building danger

Extension of the nail plate is a procedure known to all the ladies, which allows you to make your nails beautiful, long and even in literally an hour. Thanks to this procedure, you don’t have to wait for weeks and do a manicure every three days to maintain beauty, so many women choose to build.

Such a method is generally considered safe for health, since non-toxic components are used, but with gel and acrylic extensions, nails can deteriorate in some cases:

  • If the technique of building and removing material has been violated. During the procedure, the master smoothes the nail and cuts off a small layer, making it a little thinner than usual, but if the specialist cuts the layer too thick, after removing the material, the nail becomes deformed and begins to break. The same thing happens if the material is removed incorrectly.
  • Too long wearing artificial nails leads to a violation of their nutrition. At first glance, the nails seem inanimate and hard, but in fact oxygen penetrates into them and fat is released on the surface. When wearing the gel, natural processes are disturbed, the plate dries up and becomes weakened and brittle. You can avoid this side effect if you take breaks between builds.
  • With insufficient nail care in between extensions, they do not have time to recover and become brittle, grow poorly and are deformed.

In general, nail extension can be safe if it is performed by an experienced specialist, using quality materials. It is also very important not to abuse this cosmetic method and take good care of the nails. If, however, the nail plates become thin and brittle, warp or change color, you need to urgently take to restore them, otherwise there is a risk of losing the nail plate and forget about the beautiful manicure for several months.


Definitely, the most effective methods of nail restoration are cosmetology and medication. No folk remedy can give the same quick effect as treatment by a competent specialist.

First of all, it is worth noting that it is necessary to visit a dermatologist in order to determine what is really the cause of nail destruction. Often the problem is associated with a lack of vitamins, metabolic disorders, fungal infections and even chronic diseases of internal organs.

If the nails become weak not because of improper care, but because of disorders in the body and infection, then you need to get rid of the cause of the disease. In this case, no cosmetic methods will help, the disease will progress, and the patient’s condition will worsen.

If the nails need to be restored after extension or after treatment of the underlying disease, the following cosmetic methods will help:

  • To restore the pharmacy, you can buy ointments and enamels for nails that nourish the nail plate and accelerate its growth. Thus, it will recover faster.
  • The salon “sealing” procedure helps to quickly restore the plates and restore their beautiful appearance.
  • Also in the nail salon you can take a course of paraffin baths, which will not only accelerate the growth of the nail plate, but also make the skin soft, smooth and healthy looking.
  • Hardware manicure, performed by competent specialists, will help to restore the beautiful shape of the nails.

Salon methods are very effective, they help to tidy even the weakest nails in a couple of weeks and give them a healthy look. But, to attend such procedures, you need to have a lot of free time, so many are interested in how to restore nails at home.

Folk recipes

Nail restoration at home can be carried out using pharmacy cosmetics and folk recipes. The regular use of folk remedies and the refusal to use decorative nail polishes for the treatment period guarantees a quick and lasting effect.

When treating folk remedies, one should not forget that they are not a panacea, and if there is an infection or any problems with internal organs, skin, then you should not neglect a visit to a doctor. An integrated approach using folk recipes, cosmetics and drugs prescribed by a doctor if necessary will help to quickly restore the condition of the nail plates.

Very effective in the treatment of baths with chamomile, calendula and sea salt. Baths with iodine and orange essential oil accelerate the growth of healthy nails. Milk and lemon baths will improve the absorption of active substances from creams. An excellent folk remedy for home treatment is a warm compress from beeswax.

How to restore nails after gel?

Gel extension, although it is a relatively gentle and safe procedure, but still does some damage to the nail plate. After all, before applying the gel, the master cuts off the nail plate to almost half, so that the gel is properly bonded to it. Well, after removing the gel coating, part of the nail plate is also removed. That is why, after gel extension, it is necessary to take measures to restore the nail plate. We suggest you familiarize yourself with several methods of nail restoration.

Vitamins and Nutrition

How to restore nails with the help of folk and cosmetic products is known, but do not forget that the internal state of the body always affects the nails. Therefore, in the first place, you need to adjust your diet and eliminate vitamin deficiency. If a person lacks nutrients, then even the most expensive salon procedures will not bring a lasting effect and the nail plates will continue to break down.

The following foods are added to the diet for quick nail repair:

  • Dairy products contain a large amount of calcium, which is the basis of the nail plate, hair and bones.
  • Sesame also contains calcium and other vitamins and minerals needed for recovery.
  • Raspberries contain a large amount of silicon, which makes the nails elastic and prevents them from breaking,
  • Porcini mushrooms contain such substances as selenium and sulfur; they prevent the deformation of nails and their thinning. Also in this product contains a huge amount of B vitamins, which are useful for the whole body, including for the beauty of the skin and nail plates.
  • Sea fish contain a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are necessary for beauty.

In general, nutrition should be balanced and healthy. It is necessary to limit the number of salty and spicy foods, they impede the absorption of calcium. Preference for low-fat, wholesome and natural food, steamed or cooked, it is better to eat vegetables and fruits fresh, since vitamins disappear during heat treatment.

Method One - Professional Help

Salon cosmetics produces special kits designed to restore nails after gel extensions. Funds that are part of a set of professional cosmetics allow literally within a few minutes to give the nail plate a decent look: strengthens and creates an additional protective film on its surface. After applying this product, each fingernail will look smooth and moistly shiny.

Salon cosmetics for the restoration of nails are serums, gels, fluids and therapeutic varnishes that will help restore a damaged nail plate in just 5-7 days and restore a well-groomed look to your hands.

Useful Tips

When caring for nails and restoring them for a better effect, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • Hand washing is necessary not with ordinary soap, but moisturizing. Usually, the soap dries the skin and nails, worsening the condition, and special products moisturize the skin and make it soft, beautiful and healthy.
  • It is necessary to try as little as possible to contact with water and especially with detergents. Cooking, washing dishes and doing the cleaning must be done with rubber gloves, all chemicals injure the nail plates and dry them.
  • Before applying medicinal products and creams, you need to prepare. Revitalizing cream is better absorbed if applied after a warm bath for the hands and feet with sea salt or with a decoction of chamomile.
  • Manicure should be done only on dry nails, you must refuse to use the file while taking a bath, otherwise the nails will begin to exfoliate greatly.
  • During the recovery period, it is recommended to abandon hunger strikes and diets, you need to consume a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits, proteins and products with calcium. Fasting will necessarily lead to a deterioration in the state of the marigolds.
  • During the treatment period, you need to completely abandon the use of decorative varnish, it is better to strengthen the nails with the help of smart enamel. The duration of treatment is usually at least two months.
  • It is not necessary to grow nails during the treatment period, it is better to cut them regularly, until they are completely restored. This must be done correctly, on the legs with a spatula, and on the hands, rounding the corners. Do not trim under the root, it is better to leave a couple of millimeters and trim the edge with a nail file.

Method Two - Home Remedies

Lovers of natural cosmetics as the restoration of nails at home are recommended to use the bath, use decoctions, oils and mixtures, which we will talk about later.

The simplest and, perhaps, affordable way to restore the nail plates is rubbing lemon juice into them. Vitamin C, which is found in lemon juice, as well as essential oils will help restore platinum to a well-groomed appearance and make them healthier. Moreover, lemon has a whitening property, so the nails after its use acquire a beautiful bright color.

  • Nail Repair Oils

For nail care, it is also recommended to use cosmetic oils: argan, shea butter, shea butter, coconut oil and any essential oils. Mix the base oil with the essential oil and rub into the nail plate every day.

How to restore nails after shellac?

Before we tell you how to restore nails after shellac, let's figure out why they actually break and exfoliate after removing this tool?

To begin with, shellac should be removed with a special tool, and not with acetone, as in a usual manicure. As a rule, shellac is removed not only with a special tool, but also with a wooden stick, and not with metal tools. The remaining gel is removed by a polisher.

If at least one rule is violated, then it is highly likely that after removing shellac you will find weak, exfoliated and brittle nails. However, in this case, one should not despair, because we will tell you what to do next.

We offer several ways to restore nails after shellac.

Preparation and use: Dilute one teaspoon of sea salt in 200-300 ml of warm water and dip your fingertips into the bath for 10 minutes. Essential oils and lemon juice can also be added to the salt bath. At the end of the procedure, apply a nourishing cream to your hands.

  • Massage with vegetable oil

Immediately after the hand bath, it is recommended to massage the nail surfaces, rubbing a small amount of vegetable oil into them. Massage will strengthen the nail plates, and the oil has a nourishing and regenerating effect.

Once a week, make it a rule to perform the following procedure: cut the lemon into two halves and immerse your fingertips in each of them. Soak for 5-10 minutes, allow your hands to dry and, without rinsing, grease with a nourishing cream.

Preparation and use: slightly warm any vegetable or cosmetic oil, add a little lemon juice and hold your hands for about 5 minutes in this bath. After that, pat your hands with a paper towel and massage the nail plate.

Preparation and use: for especially weakened nails, it is recommended to cook pulp from grated cranberries and red or black currants. Put the mask on your hands, wrap it with cling film for 15 minutes and rinse with water after a while.

  • Iodine mesh for strengthening nails

To quickly restore the nails, apply a small amount of iodine with a cotton swab at night. Do not worry, by morning the yellow color of iodine will completely disappear.

How to repair a broken nail?

Perhaps, each woman faced the problem of a broken nail. And it’s especially disappointing when a breakdown occurs on the eve of some important event. How to repair a broken nail and not cut all the nails “in one line”, we will tell further.

Of course, the easiest way to cut a broken nail, and with it the rest, so that the hands look neat. However, it is a shame to grow them for a long time and not even have time to boast of a beautiful and natural manicure. That is why we decided to share with you the secrets of nail repair. And let's start with such a popular problem as a crack in the stress zone.

Broken Nail Repair: Crack

This type of damage most often occurs as a result of a nail strike on the surface. Even if the nails themselves are stiff, then a crack at the edge is a completely familiar phenomenon even for such women. As a result, the nail in the crack area exfoliates, clings to the clothes and painfully comes off. To fix the problem, use the following guidelines:

  • sanitize the nail
  • file the cracked area
  • apply nail glue to the edges of the break and close them,
  • cut a rectangular strip of silk, which will cover the crack, and attach it to the fracture, having previously applied glue,
  • Sand gently with a nail file and apply a base coat on the repaired nail.

Important! If in doubt that one piece may not be enough, let the first patch patch dry and apply the second.

Nail restoration: a piece broke off

In order to restore a piece of a split marigold, it is necessary to resort to modeling techniques:

  • take a broken piece, glue the broken place with glue on both the original nail, and on the broken off and firmly press each other, folded exactly according to the break,
  • file down the glued nail and repeat the procedure with patches, first applying a patch to the place of breaking, and then covering the entire plate with silk,
  • apply the base under the nail polish on the nail surface and let it dry.

That's all! The nail is resuscitated.

We hope that our recommendations will help you always have a neat and beautiful manicure and well-groomed hands.

Effective methods for restoration of the nail plate

Nails as well as hair are nothing more than appendages of the skin and perform primarily a protective function. Nails are plate-shaped horn formations. These plates lie on the nail bed and their main function is to protect the fingertips from mechanical damage.

Everyone has their own attitude to their own nails: someone takes them for granted and once a week they cut their nails almost "to the meat", some consider them a convenient device in their life to open jars, lids, etc. ., for the other half of humanity, nails are one of the important components of the appearance and we spend time and money so that our nails are impeccable and look exclusively as decoration. It is important for any of us that they are healthy, because only on healthy, dense and smooth nails it lays well and holds both varnish and other strengthening materials for a long time, and even outwardly they look more aesthetic.

In order to consider the methods of restoration of the nail plate, we recall its structure

Nail growth begins in the matrix or, as it is also called, the root of the nail. This is the back part of the nail plate, which is completely hidden under the back nail roller, a small part of the root protrudes from under the roller in the form of a whitish part of the nail hole, it is in the matrix that np is formed. The matrix consists of epithelial cells that turn into nail plates.

Видимая часть ногтя – ногтевая пластинка, состоит из кератина, это белок который присутствует в коже и из которого образуются волосы, плотность кератина в ногтях и волосах зависит от количества серы. The bonds formed between the molecules strengthen the protein and make it solid, in many ways the amount of sulfur is also hereditary, if you have soft, thin nails since childhood, it’s not sad, you can’t change anything, unless by building up, but if you suddenly suddenly have strong nails become weak and soft, then this is most likely a lack of any substances in the body.

Thin layers of fat and water are spread between the keratin layers, namely these layers give the elastic and shine. The nail can absorb water, while increasing its thickness, therefore, in people who often come into contact with water, the nails become soft and thick.

In addition to sulfur, other microelements are also contained in the nail: calcium, chromium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc, their presence makes the nail healthy. They grow more slowly than hair and, on average, for a week, the fingernails grow by 1 mm, and the toenails by 0.25 mm. Full renewal of the nail plate takes about 3-4 months.

Nails are often an indicator of painful processes in our body, for example, longitudinal grooves indicate the presence of chronic inflammatory diseases (sinuses, teeth, or rheumatism beginning).

The transverse grooves may indicate diseases of the internal organs (kidney, liver, gastrointestinal tract), and also that the body lacks zinc, because Since zinc is mainly found in products of animal origin, vegetarians suffer from its deficiency.

If dents and peeling give your fingernail a thimble - this is a warning signal of psoriasis. Nails in the form of watch glasses very often indicate lung disease (bronchitis or oncology). Yellow nails indicate a diseased liver. Tuberous and yellowish nails are associated with diabetes mellitus and fungal infection.

Nails have aesthetic value for our appearance for a long time, without beautiful well-groomed healthy nails it is impossible to imagine a single completed female image, and for this to be possible, nails should be prepared with daily care and well-conducted manicure.

The causes of injury and wear on the nail plate

1. Stress - As soon as he entered our lives, after 2-2.5 months, someone’s hair will fall out, someone’s nails will peel off sharply, and maybe both together.

2. The genetically specified thickness of the nail depends on the length of the matrix, the longer the matrix - the thicker the np, with dystrophy, injuries of the matrix device, part of it can be completely lost, as a result of which the nail becomes thinner. If the nail plates become rough or “peel off” with thin strips during processing, hard nail polish removers eating the natural protective keratin layer are to blame.

3. Very often, thick concentrated dishwashing detergents (Ferry) exfoliate heavily.

4. Now about 40% of the population suffers from vegetovascular dystonia (permanent cold hands and feet). Due to poor blood supply to the extremities, the nutrition of the nails is disrupted, which means that growth is slowed down, people with this problem need to do hand and foot massage every day.

5. It should not be forgotten that only a professional master should perform nail extension / removal, but sometimes it happens that, due to lack of time, the necessary time for removing artificial material is not kept and the upper flakes are torn off, resulting in damage and microcracks on the surface of the np.

After biting

20% of people periodically bite their nails. They become crooked and untidy. It will be difficult to reanimate them in this case:

  1. Grow the protruding part by half a centimeter.
  2. To file without effort with a glass nail file, it is advisable to make a round shape.
  3. Clean the dirt from under the nails only with a hard brush so as not to injure them again.
  4. Lubricate the cuticle with special oil once a day and move it with an orange tree stick.
  5. Periodically make lemon or salt baths.
  6. Once a week use medical varnish.

Stop biting your nails, otherwise no measures will save them.

How does the nail plate adhere to the material?

Using chemical-physical adhesion: during physical adhesion, we buff the nanoparticles ourselves in order for the material to adhere to the flakes of the nail and thereby thin it, during chemical adhesion, the material adheres to the nanoparticles using chemical reagents (bondexes and primers, which themselves leach and overdry np).

In both cases, the material penetrates the surface layer of the nanoparticles the deeper the older the client (at this age, very often the nails become more porous, as a result of which the gel shrinks), in this case it is more difficult to remove the material from the nanoparticle. and here it is recommended to do the correction with a mill.

In the market of the nail industry, there is a SOFT gel material in which adhesion works according to the principle of adhesive tape and in this case the material is removed quickly and not traumatically.

How to restore a nail plate?

It is necessary to stimulate its growth, to give blood flow to the NP, thereby increasing the rate of growth of NP, while it must be constantly trimmed because often nails lose their vitality and become brittle.

It takes patience and time. To do this, it is better to carry out an enhanced procedure for their recovery, fill with vitamins, minerals, oils.

In the market of nail services, there is a huge amount of means for restoring np. When choosing tools, you need to pay attention to the components, preferably in composition they should be close to the nail plate i.e. look at the presence of sulfur, zinc, selenium, silk proteins in them.

It accelerates nail growth - hormonal changes (adolescence, pregnancy, premenstruation), spring time.

Slows down growth - an overly strict diet with a low content of protein and vitamin fats, diseases accompanied by impaired blood circulation and metabolism, stress, the habit of biting nails.

Due to the layered and porous structure of the nail, 2 2 simultaneously occurring processes characteristic of the skin itself occur - absorption and sweating, unlike the skin, these processes occur in the nails passively because they lack regulatory mechanisms.

Due to the high permeability, nails give up to 12% of skin effusion per day and also absorb everything that is on their surface, they actively absorb water that the skin does not absorb, based on this, various treatment methods and restoration of nails.

12 methods of treatment and restoration of nails

1 way: Hot manicure, when the blood circulation of np is increased as a result of heating a special nutrient lotion to 40-45 degrees, as a result, the pores of the np expand and it becomes permeable to enter vitamins in the nail growth zone. The composition of the lotion includes lanolin, mink fat, vitamin A, E, mineral oils. This procedure stimulates growth and the nails stop breaking and exfoliating, the cuticle begins to grow more slowly, the burrs gradually disappear.

It is worth noting that the lanolin that is part of the lotion is a natural wax of animal origin (wool fat) secreted by the skin glands of sheep, it has the ability to retain moisture, is well absorbed and has softening properties, it is registered as additive E 913, it is part of many moisturizers. Accumulation requires regularity.

2 way: Sealing, when special pastes in their composition are close to the nail plate (incorporate silicon, sulfur, keratin, lanolin) are rubbed into it, sealing of the flakes occurs and, as a result, the sensitivity of np, which happens after removing the artificial material, decreases. Nails cease to exfoliate and acquire a healthy, natural shine and elasticity.

3 way: Coverage of np with various treatment bases, even under Vinylux, which protect against daily harmful effects and which include a number of useful substances.

4 way: It is recommended to buy mineral oils and use daily at home, rub them into np. Massage with oil stimulates blood supply to np. Visit the master regularly in order to conduct rehabilitation therapy (at least 3-4 months). And the masters can add lemon oil, tea tree in the bath.

5 way: Layered np scales can be professionally glued in the cabin with soft Soft Calgel soft gel using silk, this procedure will strengthen the nail plate and allow longer gel wear. Lost np (more common in pedicures) can also be restored in the shortest possible time with a soft gel, prosthetics can be done - perfect coupling and aesthetics. Bio Gel Calgel allows you to recover the nail plate, since it is an oxygen-permeable gel.

6 way: It is well recommended, both in cosmetology and in the nail service, the oil of which is included. It has the ability to protect the cell from the action of free radicals, enhances cell immunity, is used for enhanced restoration of np and caring for the cuticle, as there is a very good regeneration process. Squalane oil is an excellent reducing agent for np.

7 way: Pay attention to how masters make manicures. What happens to np when we file it and lower it into water? - the cut swells, the nail absorbs water and this leads to the stratification of the np. With anhydrous dry manicure on keratolytics or hardware manicure - there is no problem of stratification of np.

Method 8: When working with soft Soft gels, the final layer should not be replaced with hard gels, many masters do this to enhance shine and simplify work. Such a replacement leads to an overdrying of np.

9 way: Keratin is successfully restored when rubbed in n.p. "Gel reconstructor" the amino acids present in it, a complex of natural bioregulators, elastin, collagen, allantoin nourish and saturate np. micronutrients. The use of Gel Reconstructor in conjunction with Propolis Gel accelerates the recovery of an injured patient.

10 way: In occasion of solvents of varnishes. Ethyl acetate EA and butyl acetate BA are used as the main solvents, the rate of film formation depends on the ratio of these components, but the faster the film dries, the less time will be for the formation of adhesive bonds between the film and np and the less stable the varnish will be. To reduce the cost of production, these agents are sometimes replaced with toluene and isopropyl alcohol. Remember - these substances are carcinogens, they are not excreted from the body! This is especially dangerous for pregnant women. A natural nail must necessarily be covered with a medical base (if you do not want to apply colored varnish) - it is much more useful and safer for nails when they have protection against daily harmful effects.

11 way: After you have treated your nails and are ready to cover with decorative varnish, be sure to put a medical base under it.

12 way: For the health of the skin, hair and nails, it is recommended to introduce vitamins and minerals into your diet. For example, if carbohydrates prevail in the diet, then the body will need more vitamins B2 and C.

When strips form on the nails and the growth of nails slows down, one can say about a lack of vitamin B group. With a lack of protein, keratin conversion is disturbed. With a lack of vitamin A, the nails become dry and brittle, a deficiency of vitamin C is manifested by point depressions and detachments, cracks in the heels.

Lack of vitamin E- leads to fragility of np and burrs. A better solution may be a balanced diet. It is necessary to regularly eat liver, fatty sea fish, cheese, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits, they contain vitamin A. Vitamin E is found in seeds and nuts, vegetable oils and cereals, legumes, milk, egg yolk, green salad.

These vitamins have antioxidant effects and work best in pairs, complementing each other's action. In order for the body to receive a sufficient amount of ascorbic acid, it is necessary that there are always berries, fruits, vegetables with bright colors on the table, especially a lot of vitamin C in sea buckthorn, citrus fruits, and sweet pepper.

It is impossible to grow long beautiful nails without a vitamin B, which is involved in the formation of keratin and is found in green vegetables, buckwheat, oatmeal, dairy products, yeast, nuts, brown rice, seafood and meat. For better absorption of calcium, the body needs vitamin D, most of it is produced under the influence of the sun, and it is also found in fish, fish liver, milk, butter, cottage cheese, cheese. To avoid the fragility and brittleness of np, dishes with gelatin content will help.

We know that there is no universal method, the same means suitable for everyone. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the person. From the amount of materials that are on the market, we can choose and use one or another program that is right for you or your client. The choice is huge - choose, read the composition, find yourself a qualified master, come to study.

If the nail is broken

A nail broken completely cannot be saved. You can only help if a piece has broken off:

  1. Saw the surface of a damaged nail with a glass file.
  2. Degrease it with alcohol.
  3. Take a piece of silk fabric or tea bag material, give it the shape of a nail.
  4. Apply glue to the nail plate with a thin layer.
  5. Put fabric on top and re-apply glue.
  6. When it dries completely, polish the nail.
  7. Apply colored varnish so that there is no noticeable damage.

After gel extension

Nails become brittle, weak, dull and yellow. What will help:

  1. Masks of sour berries that contain a lot of vitamin C - you just need to rub the berry gruel.
  2. Trays of sea (can be) salt.
  3. The use of varnishes to strengthen, for example, “smart enamel”.

After injury

These methods are applied after bruises, clamping the door. Can be used as restoration of toenails:

  1. Boil the potatoes, drain the water in a separate bowl, cool and lower your hands there for 20 minutes.
  2. Melt gelatin in a water bath, cool slightly and keep your fingers in it for 20 minutes.

These baths must be done every day until complete recovery. The gelatin contains keratin, with it the nails will recover faster.

Cosmetic products

Salon treatments for resuscitation of nails:

  1. Sealing - rub in a nail biogel or beeswax, filled with nutrients. Compositions help nails grow faster, protect them from external influences. IBX preparations are used for this procedure. The procedure lasts 40 minutes. The downside is the high cost.
  2. Hot manicure - during the procedure, the nails are steamed in oil or cream heated to C. When exposed to heat, beneficial substances are absorbed faster and in larger quantities.
  3. Paraffin therapy is a fairly popular procedure. It can be done at home. The mixture is applied to the hands and remains until it cools completely, which occurs very slowly. Expanded warmed pores well absorb the nutrients of therapeutic creams and serums.

Cosmetic products for independent use:

  1. Healing varnishes, gels for nails, such as Smart Enamel.
  2. The use of recovery kits. The kit may include medicinal varnishes, sprays for accelerated drying, peeling for instant removal of the cuticle. Sometimes they are supplemented with glass nail files, brushes, polishing agent.

Nail restoration at home


Lemon Recipe:

  1. Mix the juice of a whole lemon and a glass of water.
  2. Put your nails there for 25 minutes.

You can not do this bath more than 1 time per week.

Herbal tincture:

  1. In a glass of water, brew 1 tbsp. l St. John's wort, burdock root, chamomile flowers.
  2. Insist until cool.
  3. Place the nails in the infusion for a quarter of an hour.

This recipe is suitable for daily use.

Cabbage bath:

  1. Brew green jasmine tea firmly.
  2. Sprinkle sauerkraut with boiling water and set aside for 40 minutes.
  3. Combine tea, cabbage, 2 tbsp. l honey, castor and olive oils.
  4. Stir well and pass through cheesecloth.
  5. Heat the mixture to a tolerant state and keep fingers in it for 25 minutes.

Iodine-oil bath:

  1. Heat 100 ml of olive oil in a water bath.
  2. Add 2 drops of iodine and tea tree oil, mix thoroughly.
  3. Place your fingers in the solution for a quarter of an hour, then massage the nails.


Potato recipe:

  1. Boil potatoes and mash.
  2. Thickly apply warm mass to nails and put on medical or plastic gloves.
  3. Keep until the potatoes cool completely.
  4. Rinse with warm water and use a cream.

Iodine mask after shellac removal:

  1. Lubricate the nails with a cotton pad dipped in iodine solution.
  2. Leave until morning, do not rinse.

This recipe should improve the condition of nails from the first use.

Mask for strengthening and restoration of nails:

  1. Half a teaspoon of red pepper mixed with 1 tbsp. l boiling water and 1 tsp. hand cream.
  2. Heat the composition in a water bath, then cool slightly.
  3. Apply for 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

This recipe will help to grow nails faster.

Berry oil mask:

  1. Mix 1 tsp. кашицы из клюквы или облепихи с 1 ч. л. olive oil.
  2. Нанести на поверхность ногтя на 15-20 минут.

Эту маску можно использовать, чтобы ускорить восстановление ногтей после лака.

Применение масел

Есть три способа того, как использовать косметическое масло для восстановления:

  • добавлять по несколько капель в крем для рук каждый раз при использовании его,
  • rub clean oil directly into the nail plate,
  • add to masks or baths for nails.

Tip: essential oils can be added to base oil or to hand cream.

Other means

Wax Compress:

  1. Melt the beeswax in a water bath.
  2. Dip your fingers into the solution, then immediately into cold water.
  3. Wear cotton gloves and go to bed.

You can make a compress during the day, but it should be on your hands for 7 hours or more. Cotton gloves are used to breathe on the skin of the hands.

What else can be done:

  • use gel or varnish to strengthen, restore and thicken the nail plate,
  • periodically rub moisturizers into nails: creams, gels, serums,
  • grease the nails with a slice of lemon, dry and apply the usual hand cream on top.

Nail Disease Prevention

These measures will help prevent the appearance of fungus and other diseases:

  • wipe your fingers and toes dry, as a humid environment is a great place for germs,
  • socks and gloves should be made of natural, moisture-absorbing and breathable materials,
  • cut your nails more often
  • clean the area under the nails well
  • use rubber gloves when cleaning and washing dishes,
  • do a manicure no more than twice a month,
  • acquire nail polish remover without acetone and formaldehyde.

It is impossible to completely get rid of the damage, but to minimize them is not difficult. It is necessary to treat injured nails both inside and out. It is advisable to combine home and salon procedures for a quick effect.

Reviews and video-advice for the restoration of nails after gel polish

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