Useful Tips

How to ride an alpine sled


First, you need to figure out what types of sleds exist. These products can be divided into several groups:

- metal sleds with wooden beams, familiar to each of us since childhood. They can be either with a handle or with an attached rope, with a back and without.

- wooden. Usually they are bought for babies, as these sleds have a back, strong and stable.

- Recently plastic sledges are very common. They are popular among older children, as they have many varieties - from simple linings or troughs to snow scooters and snowmobiles with skis and steering wheel. Some of them are popular for their lightness and good glide.

- inflatable, resembling bathing appliances. Their advantage is convenient storage, they are quite light in weight and glide well.

For younger children who are not yet ready for downhill skiing, it is better to buy metal or wooden sleds. On them, the child can be taken out for a long walk. Older children will like plastic or inflatable vehicles. In this case, it is necessary to carefully study the goods, pay attention to safety, strength and convenience. It must be remembered that the greater the distance between the runners, the more stable the sled and the less likely they are to roll over.

Before going down the mountain, you must carefully examine the area. How steep the slope is and what is the thickness of the snow cover in the place of your choice. If bare land is visible, there is a chance that the sled will stop and the child will fall. It is important that there is no carriageway near the descent site. It is advisable that the baby ride next to peers, and not with a company of fun schoolchildren. Tell your child that you need to fall on your side correctly, bending your knees, and not on your back, stomach, or arms.

A few more practical tips for toboggan enthusiasts:

- pay attention to clothes. There should not be anything hanging from you. The scarf must be tucked in, it is desirable that the ends of all the ties and laces are also hidden. Otherwise, you can catch and get injured.

- If you see that collisions cannot be avoided, try to quickly jump off the sled. It’s better to go downhill for sleighs once again than to get hurt

- learn to drive sleds. If you put your foot or arm, you can turn or slide faster and easier. It can also be controlled with a rope stretched in front.

- it is important to be able to slow down. Usually this is done with your feet, so you need to wear stronger shoes on the slide. Remember, the closer the legs are to the body, the faster you brake.

- in order to make it easier to maneuver, you can ride with your legs pulled up by yourself, almost squatting and sit in the back of the sled.

Sledding is not only fun, but also a health benefit, and it also helps to unite the family.


In order to slow down, you need to pull the belt and slow down, placing the feet parallel to the runners. It should be supported on the entire sole. If you cling to the snow only with your heels, the braking effect will be minimal. And if you put your foot somehow, askew, you can tuck it. To sharply slow down, pull the belt strongly, lifting the sled, and at the same time rest your feet in the snow - inertia will take you forward, and you will eventually stand up, springing on your feet.

It’s quite possible to ride a wooden sled in pairs, just keep in mind: the greater the weight of the vehicle, the greater the braking distance. Going down the slope together, it is important to simultaneously shift the center of gravity when maneuvering and generally do everything in a coordinated manner. According to an unwritten alpine law, the one who sits heavier and stronger in front (add: and thinks faster), because he will “steer” the sled.


You need warm waterproof and at the same time “breathing” clothes and stronger mountain boots (you can wear special cats or chains for hard braking). By the way, leggings are also useful so that the snow does not clog under the trousers. Just like skiers and snowboarders, sleigh riders can be recommended a “turtle” - a protective carapace for the back. Well, a helmet is an absolute must: with it there is much more chance to get out of any accident unscathed. For night skiing, stock up on a headlamp just in case.

Code of Conduct

Adhere to the universal ski rules. Be attentive to others, do not create danger on a slope. Keep a distance, overtake at a sufficient distance. If necessary, signal a cry of your approach (in the dark, a flashlight and reflective clothing will help you notice). Choose the speed and style of riding depending on your skills, weather, condition of the track and the number of people on it. Do not stop at bends or areas with poor visibility, wait for your comrades in the open, without interfering with the passage. Always assist the victim.

The Tyrolean toboggan federation categorically forbids taking dogs to the mountain - it’s too difficult to control the animals on the track, especially on the descent, when you rush down at a speed of up to 60 km / h. The Swiss warn: do not tie the sled with each other, it will not be a tandem, but a downed fighter. Do not go down the ski slopes (to prevent this from happening, you need to carefully read the signs and markings). And never ride a sled drunk.