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10 simple tips to help clean up your garage or workshop


The garage room becomes a storage place for the car, a workshop for regular technical inspection and repair, planned oil changes, spare parts. In addition, it is in the garages that many store all kinds of things, for example, gardening, sports, travel equipment, canned products. Of course, every centimeter I want to use as rationally as possible. And today it's time to talk about an important topic: how to correctly, competently and effectively clean up the garage.

Naturally, there should be clean, tidy, everything needs to be put in their places. But this is not as simple as it might seem to someone at first glance! A huge amount of things, not enough space, convincing yourself to throw something away is not easy. However, putting everything in perfect order is worth it: you will not only get additional space, but in the future you will take everything you need in a matter of seconds. It is very convenient for work and stay in the garage.

Let's consider in more detail a lot of useful tips, recommendations, evaluate different storage options.

Why put things in order and make storage systems?

First of all, we need motivation. The fact is that cleaning up the garage is really necessary. Only in a room where everything is thought out in detail and well organized is you able to work productively and conveniently store your things. Let us dwell only on key points.

  • Of course, the first obvious advantage of ordering in a garage is saving space. You will even be surprised how much extra space you will have if you take a responsible approach to storage.
  • Expanding the space, increasing the capabilities of the room. This plus is not immediately noticeable. The bottom line is: we used to use floor space, cabinets, shelves for storage. Moreover, the volume can be increased if effective storage methods are used. For example, brackets for strollers, bicycles and other things are fixed on the walls. And some shelves and brackets can be fixed even on the ceiling. And there they will perfectly perform their functions, and the horizontal area, floor, will remain free.
  • Access to all items will be free. You will be able to take any item as quickly as possible if you organize the storage systems in the garage with your own hands. For example, even if you simply label and number numerous shelves, doors, containers, it will be noticeably easier for you to find something.
  • Comfort in the operation of the room will be significantly increased. When the garage is in order, it is more pleasant to be there, it is easier to eliminate dirt and dust, to conduct regular general cleaning. After all, if everything is cluttered, sometimes it simply does not seem possible to bring cleanliness to the room well. Of course, do not forget about good lighting, including in the viewing hole.
  • The level of technical and fire safety is increasing. Everything can be securely fixed, mounted, provided access to cables and ventilation, lighting and heating devices. Nothing accidentally falls, and the planned replacement of the outlet does not turn into a problem.

Of course, one should not forget about environmental safety, sanitary condition of the room. When the garage is in order, there is nothing superfluous, cleaning is carried out regularly, and there the air is quite clean. Here we must remember about ventilation.

Thirty secrets of order in the garage

It's time to make out thirty great tips to clean up your garage. Remember all the nuances. You all this strategy of action will certainly come in handy when you begin to deal with the analysis of things and the organization of storage systems in your garage.

    The most important thing that determines the order in the garage is the correct placement, storage in the open form of the most commonly used things. It can be all kinds of details, tools. All such items are kept in sight in convenient and easy-to-access storage systems. Things that are used less often should be stored as compactly as possible. Here you can apply and closed cabinets, shelves, storage systems. Useful Tips

Let us dwell briefly on some points.

  • Do not forget the ceiling! Use it too.
  • Install storage systems more compactly.
  • Use more systems made of metal rather than wood.
  • Make more shelves all over the walls.
  • Keep inventory properly.
  • Make perforated toolbars.
  • Place equipment carefully for sports and tourism.
  • Learn to hang bicycles.
  • Notice how space is used here horizontally and vertically. Systems must be heterogeneous.
  • The basement should also have order. Remember lighting and ventilation.

Do it yourself, think over the nuances. And in your garage there will always be perfect order, cleanliness and comfort, it will become easier to work, there will be free space.


If you like to keep your tools upright (as in tool stores), then all you need is a pad. Besides the fact that this method is convenient, it is still very cheap to implement. Plus, there are many add-ons, the use of which provides almost endless organizational capabilities.

Wire spool holder

If you have a lot of coils with wire, then they can be hopelessly tangled and also scattered. And the decision to organize them is very simple: a holder for coils that you can buy or quickly make yourself (an hour of work, wooden boards and wooden dowels).

27 Lifehacks for organizing space in the garage

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Vertical storage

Use drilled plywood panels to store tools. It is very convenient.

Use PVC pipes of different diameters to arrange tools in your workshop or garage.

Magnetic holder

Use the magnetic holder for knives to place small objects such as - drills, keys, cues and other things. And do not dig into the box.

Basket mount

With just a few pieces of wood, crates will no longer take up valuable space in the garage. It also allows you to get better access to each mailbox.

Paper towel holder

Why didn’t I think of this before? Use paper towel fasteners to conveniently place garbage bags.


Use cans to store smaller items.

Storing chairs

Make wood brackets to place garden chairs on the wall. And they will no longer interfere underfoot.

Use cans

Cans with a screwed lid on the bottom of the shelf will help you conveniently store screws, screws, nuts and other trifles.

Use a rubber cord

Use a rubber cord to store sports balls.

Electrical tape storage

A tape is a thing that is always hard to find, it is never in place. If you have the materials and basic skills for working with wood, then you can make this convenient container, you can use it both in the garage and in the workshop.

Storage of long materials

The plastic grill is great for storing pipes, skirting boards, profiles and other long materials.

Overhead rack

Regardless of the size of the garage, it seems that there is never enough space. Use the space under the ceiling and make hanging racks to store things that you rarely use there.

Screwdriver shelf

It is always nice when you know where the tools are. This project will help you place all the screwdrivers in one place.

Vertical storage

Use drilled plywood panels to store tools. It is very convenient.

Use PVC pipes of different diameters to arrange tools in your workshop or garage.

Brush storage

A convenient option for storing brushes in the garage.

Wheelbarrow storage

I think everyone who has a car has encountered the problem of storing it. We have a way out. Install the two heck on the wall and you will no longer have problems.

Plywood rails

Having made such rails from plywood and boards - you can free up a lot of space in your garage.

Separate zones

Set up separate storage areas in the garage. Separately for the garden, tools, spare parts and more.

Storage of garden tools

Thanks to this design, you can conveniently place garden tools.

Metal pots

Metal pots are ideal for storing detergents. You can also use them on shelves as pull-out containers.

Storage stairs

With this design, you can easily free up space in the garage and place the stairs on the ceiling.

Hose storage

Hoses and wires are the most ungrateful things in a garage that are difficult to store. A similar construction of PVC pipes will help to cope with this problem.

Wall shelving

On a similar rack can accommodate a large number of tools. It is easily modified for any type of instrument.

Fishing rod storage

When the season ends, where do you store your fishing rods? You can buy a special rack or make your own from an iron lattice.

Bookcase - book

From sheets of plywood or perforated plate and canopies you can make a convenient design with quick access to tools.

Perforated plates

Use perforated pipes for convenient placement of tools. This is the easiest and most effective way to organize your workspace.

Folding workbench

Make a folding workbench that will save a lot of space in the garage or workshop.

Magnetic holder

With a magnetic holder for knives and plastic containers, you can make this convenient design.

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17 brilliant ideas to help clean up your garage

Practical storage systems for a garage or workshop.

For many, a garage is not only a place for storing a car, but also a real automobile, locksmith and carpentry workshop. Therefore, it is important that everything is always at hand and in the right place. But sometimes it’s so difficult to understand the variety of screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, drills and other utensils that are stored in “male Eden”. In this review, simple and at the same time effective ideas that will help create almost perfect storage systems in the garage.

2. Plastic containers

From large plastic containers and wood blocks, you can build a large rack for storing tools, wires, spare parts and any other things. The organization of such a rack will allow to restore order and significantly save space in the workshop or garage.

4. Brackets for furniture

Many gardeners use a garage to store folding outdoor furniture. So that it does not stand in the corners and does not take up much space, make a vertical rack for it with wooden or metal brackets and screw it to one of the free walls.

Bolts, nuts, nails, screws, screws and other little things do not take up much space, however, it is extremely inconvenient to store them in mixed form. To clean up these things can help banks with lids screwed to the bottom of the wall cabinet or under the worktop.

6. Lattice under the ceiling

A plastic grill screwed into the corner of the garage under the ceiling is ideal for storing the remains of water pipes, baseboards, profiles and other long things. Such a storage system will help to significantly save space in the garage and prevent possible breakdowns of fragile building materials.

9. Plastic pipes

The remains of PVC pipes of different diameters can be used to create a wide variety of storage systems. For example, pieces of wide pipes screwed to the bottom of the cabinet are suitable for storing a screwdriver, drill and other tools of this type. Cells for storing various sprays, mounting foam, tubes with paint and other containers can be made from pieces of medium-sized PVC pipes.

14. Pegboard

A perforated galvanized metal panel can be used to create a multifunctional wall organizer for all sorts of things. Using hooks and bolts on such a panel, you can fix a small hand tool, containers and containers.

17. Wood holders

People who have at least minimal jigsaw skills can easily make tons of convenient organizers and holders for a variety of things. A large number of such storage systems will help to clean up the workshop or garage and have a clear idea of ​​where this or that thing is.

Putting order in the garage: 30 useful tips

One day you will want to clean up your garage. But how to make this order practical and not decorative? 30 best ideas for you!

The order in the garage implies convenient open storage of all frequently used tools and compact storage of various little things "in reserve".

Often, the garage and the home workshop are combined, so all the tools and supplies should have a convenient storage system.

As soon as the storage system becomes not very convenient for regular maintenance, the garage again turns into an elemental warehouse.

For storage of tools in the garage, it is better to use open shelves. It is very convenient if these shelves are removable.

In the garage of the workshop, it is necessary to place not only the usual set of tools of a car enthusiast and a home master, but, sometimes, a garden tool and camping equipment.

Make the most of the entire height of the room. In plastic boxes under the ceiling and on the floor, you can put those things that you use from time to time.

The tool storage system in the garage uses the entire wall area as a stand. Separate shelves for hanging tools and supplies are suspended on horizontal guides.

Wooden guides are used here, but it is better to use metal pipes for these purposes. If over time, the guide that we see in the photo crumbles, a box with a heavy tool may fall right on your foot.

Such an organizer for the storage of consumables can be made from plywood sheets, which are connected by loops in the form of a book.

The lockable stand-toolbox for the home master's tools will allow him to easily maintain the necessary order in the garage.

Cut plastic containers are convenient for storing nails, screws and other trifles.

If you are a pro, then appreciate the thoughtful workplace and order in this garage.

Hooks made from plastic pipe scraps not only guarantee safe storage of the tool, but are easy enough to clean.

It is inconvenient to keep the working tool in a drawer, it is much more practical to make such an open stand for storage.

The owner in the garage has a lot of necessary little things and for each of them has its own way of storage.

Most ways to store a tool are unpretentious, but still effective.

Very convenient design for storing tools and supplies! Everything at hand, everything in order.

Each owner has his own range of activities and a different number of tools. But the convenient organization of labor always makes one want to do something else. Не пожалейте времени на порядок в гараже.

Задвигающиеся панели как дополнительное место для хранения инструментов. Make sure that they will work reliably without getting stuck in the grooves, otherwise this storage method will not be practical.

Simple and convenient. Keep your tool wisely! If you do not have a garage, and you keep all your tools at home, then even on the door of a small pantry you can organize a small work organizer.

We continue for the happy owners of the garage. Before us is a convenient way to store metal tools on a magnetic panel.

But there are more than tools in our garage. Plastic pipe trimming is a big hit for homemade storage systems.

Another convenient way to store all kinds of accessories in the garage.

A randomly folded garden tool can also mess up the garage. Let's make a simple storage design.

It is not difficult to assemble such a ceiling structure from pipes and in your own garage for storing lengthy materials.

Large sheets of plywood and drywall are best stored in this way - in an upright position. And for scraps of boards, etc. You can make such a rack from the stairs.

Everything that is rarely used can be folded into large plastic containers, making such a simple design.

A small workbench can also serve as a storage place.

It is not necessary to clean up the garage in one day. All this can be done gradually, step by step.

The organization of all junk

Sometimes absolutely strange or unnecessary things fall into the garage that are a pity to throw out.

A very convenient way to get some boxes for all kinds of rubbish, for example, separately for wood, separately for metal, plastic and electronics.
Approximately once a year, review the accumulated and throw away something that you definitely will not be useful.

Arrangement of the dream garage: just and forever to put things in order in the "motorhome"

Many car owners use the garage not only to protect the car from the weather, but also to store tools, garden tools and many things that do not fit in the house. As a result, the garage resembles the Bermuda Triangle, in the bowels of which it is simply impossible to find anything. However, competent arrangement of the garage can turn this room into a convenient and functional workshop, which in addition to its main task will help you save space. “Dream House” gathered the most amazing, beautiful, well-equipped garages in this review, to show the possibilities of the premises using the example of the owners of these photos and, of course, give practical advice on putting what they saw into practice.

How to equip a garage: make a plan

Before solving the problem of how to equip a garage, calculate its area and mentally divide it into three zones: a zone for a car, as well as a working and free zone. Since the main purpose of the garage is to maintain a car or motor vehicles, the place where the transport is located and the small area around this zone should always be free.

Garage design inside photo

Next, depending on what kind of work you are doing, consider how many tools you need to store in the garage. Many car owners keep working tools in random order, placing them on makeshift shelves, in old chests of drawers, etc. Such storage, firstly, clutters an already small territory, and, secondly, creates a lot of inconvenience. Optimally, if you sort the tools, as well as other things stored in the garage, as needed, placing in the foreground only those items that you regularly use. However, even if you ruthlessly throw out all the unnecessary trash from the garage, it may turn out that there is sorely enough space for its accurate maintenance. But this problem can easily be solved with the correct organization of the storage system for the garage.

Hanging storage systems for garage photo

1. Racks

Racks are the best helpers to clean up your garage. On sale you can find ready-made metal or plastic structures on which it is convenient to place tools, car accessories, garden paraphernalia, etc. When choosing shelving for a garage, first of all pay attention to their size and the distance between the shelves. It is much more convenient to use designs in which you can adjust the height of the shelves, as in this case, you can even store dimensional things on them.

Storage Systems for Garages

Shelving in the garage photo

It is recommended to place racks around the perimeter of the walls. Thus, they will occupy the minimum area and will bring maximum benefit.

Storing a bicycle and other things in the garage

Garage equipment for motorbikes and bicycles

How to clean up the garage

Metal racks for garage photo

Shelves in the garage will be a great alternative to shelving, especially considering the fact that they can be done with their own hands. But before making and hanging shelves, check the strength of the walls. If the walls in the garage are uneven, it makes sense to plaster them with a durable mortar first. When choosing the height of the shelves, remember that you cannot comfortably use them if they are located above the level of the chin. For the sake of saving space, you can place several shelves almost under the ceiling, but they are useful only for storing the most rarely used things.

Hanging metal shelves in a garage

DIY wooden shelves in the garage photo

If you store a lot of tools in the garage, purchase or make shelves with special holes in which you can place various screwdrivers, punchers, small garden tools, etc. Such a simple product will allow you to systematize the storage of the most necessary tools, so that you will no longer waste time searching for them.

Storage of garden equipment in the garage

Do-it-yourself garage inside

Wooden shelves for garage photo

Alternatively, you can equip the garage with closed shelves made from old hanging cabinets.

Hanging racks with shelves for the garage

Beautiful arrangement of a garage photo

How to equip a garage inside with your own hands photo

3. Tool shields and perforated plates

Perforated plates equipped with holders of different lengths are useful to those car owners who store many different attributes in the garage. On such a stove you can place garden supplies, a stepladder, helmets, sports equipment and any other things that you use regularly.

Arrangement of the garage inside the photo

How to store inventory in the garage

Storage of garden equipment in the garage

You can supplement the plates with various hooks that will serve as rope holders or a hose, sliding shelves for storing removable clothes, etc.

Photo of garages inside

DIY garage ideas photos

Organization of order and storage in the garage

Perforated if necessary

Storage of various tapes

Advice from filmmaking. We take a rope with loops at the ends, we fasten the ends to the carabiner, we hang the carabiner on the wall. On such a rope it is convenient to collect all your rolls with ribbons. Now they are all easily accessible and will not wallow everywhere.

Easy access

Now they release very convenient tool boxes, which are a sin not to use. Their plus is that you take them directly to the place with the work, quickly take the necessary tools and quickly return them to the place.

If you have your secrets to restore or maintain order in the garage, share them in the comments.