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Home Business - 38 Home Business Ideas


After an unsuccessful job search, did you get the idea of ​​starting a home business? Every person who decides to make changes in their lives faces certain doubts and insecurities. Excessive fear can interfere with the opening of your home business, so before you start, you need to think carefully and prepare everything.

At the initial stage, it will be appropriate to read the relevant literature and chat with people who have already opened a home business. The most important thing is the choice of the field of activity. To begin with, you can find options for earning without investing money. Learn about how to organize your business at home on the Internet, where there are real examples, and even ready-made business projects.

Some people today are quite successfully engaged in independent home business, which brings them a good income. In order to do your job you will need such qualities as: perseverance, organization, the desire to learn new things, hard work. Armed with all this, as well as a strong desire to change your life, you will achieve your goal.


  • How to find business ideas,
  • Some promising ideas for business,
  • Organization of home business in stages.

How to find business ideas

If you have a good idea, it is not necessary to have start-up capital in order to open your own home business. However, her search may require a certain amount of time and effort. First of all, turn to the global Internet, on some sites you will learn step by step how to make a home business. Where the advice will go: where to start, how to decide on the occupation, where to look for financial support, if you do not have start-up capital and much more.

Many entrepreneurs are happy to share their experience in organizing a business at home in the relevant forums. Try to communicate more with people, then you will understand their needs. Based on this, you can open a home-based business for the production of a product that will be quite in demand in your area.

An idea for a business can arise suddenly, therefore it is important not to be lazy to write down your thoughts. After all, your business depends on the right strategy and self-organization.

When drawing up a business plan, do not rely only on your creative abilities. A good project will come to mind when you are sufficiently knowledgeable about different types of business. Organizer's talent and education are the key to a successful business.


Tutoring can be done by people who have certain knowledge, and can pass it on to someone. Moreover, this type of home business can bring a good income. In order to start learning, it is not necessarily spent on renting premises, equipment, materials. This option is quite suitable for people who do not have any savings to start their own business.

In order to do tutoring, you should be a specialist in the field that you are going to teach. The requirements of existing curricula should also be taken into account and their changes closely monitored. You do not have to try to cover all the subjects; just select one. Tutors in our time are very popular, so this is a good option for a home business without investments.

If you will be teaching a school curriculum, then pay attention to such subjects as mathematics, chemistry, physics and foreign languages. Very often, parents are looking for specialists in these areas for their children. If you are close to the program of universities, you can do the preparation of drawings, theses, term papers and essays on order. To search for customers, you can place ads on the Internet, local newspaper or on the radio.

Stylist, make-up artist, manicurist

Women are naturally endowed with the gift of creating beauty. If you apply knowledge and skill to this gift, you can start making good money.

Nowadays, a lot of inexpensive, short-term and very effective courses are organized where you will be taught to be a master of your craft. If you want to be, for example, a makeup artist, you will need to look for classes to teach this matter.

While you will learn the basics of the profession, you will need models, this will be your first clients. It all depends on your professionalism and how well the work will be done. This is what will determine how quickly the required number of people who want to make an appointment with you is gathered.

Breeding Chinchillas

You can start an independent home-based business with breeding chinchillas. This type of business requires prior preparation. First you need to acquire the necessary equipment, and allocate a special room. You should be well aware of the breeding and maintenance of chinchillas, as well as acquire some knowledge of veterinary medicine.

The negative side of this type of activity is the specific smell from animals. The creation of such a home business requires certain financial investments, in particular, for the purchase of housing for animals, bedding, feed and pedigree juveniles.

Breeding chinchillas usually begins with the acquisition of a pair: a boy and a girl. In a year, such a couple brings cubs about three times, in a litter about 6 mice. Chinchillas are very popular nowadays with animal lovers, so selling them is easy. Again, you can advertise for sale in newspapers, on the radio or on the Internet.

Husband for an hour

This is a very good option for a man who knows how to repair. In order to open a home business to eliminate breakdowns in everyday life, a large start-up capital is not needed. It is enough to have a tool that is required to perform certain tasks, and transport to be able to quickly get to the client’s house.

This is a fairly demanded business, because many people break something at home from time to time, and often it’s not possible to fix everything on their own.

On minor repairs, you can earn good money. Performing this work a little cheaper than specialized organizations, you will get a lot of customers. In the future, it may be necessary to attract assistants, which will increase your earnings. But do not forget to arrange everything legally and pay taxes.

Drawing up a business plan

A well-designed business plan is the key to success of the business you are starting. When you decide on the occupation, you need to make a plan for its implementation. Usually it includes: a detailed description of a business idea, technology, a supply and sales plan, a description of the perceived risks, estimates of the economic part of the business, as well as expected profits. After drawing up a business plan, it will become clear to you what income you can count on, and during what time the initial expenses will pay off.

Attraction of investments

If your savings for starting a home business are not enough, then you can try to attract an investor. It’s best to look for someone who is familiar with the business you intend to build.

If the investor could not be found, you can take a loan from the bank for the development of small business. There are a lot of offers in the bank for business, get to know everyone and choose the appropriate option. You can also try to attract friends and relatives to financial participation in your business. At the initial stage, all the money you earned can also be invested in business development.

State registration

In the process of preparing a business plan, it is worthwhile to find out what documents you need to draw up in your region when opening your home business. To conduct a home business, you can apply for an IP on the USN or buy a patent.

You should be prepared for the fact that you have to regularly submit reports to the Federal Tax Service, as well as transfer a certain amount of taxes.

Be sure to advertise your business. Nowadays, there are many opportunities for quite a reasonable fee to attract the attention of many people to your home business. For example, you can use the services of a radio or a local newspaper, put up advertisements in specially equipped places, create a page on the Internet or order an advertisement on a billboard.

Conclusion of contracts with contractors, start of work

If your business is related to the production or provision of services, then you should provide yourself with reliable channels for the procurement of materials. Agree with suppliers on certain volumes of procurement and enter into appropriate agreements. It is equally important that, before starting work, prepare several distribution channels for the products (if this is possible in your case).

Once everything is ready, start working and remember that strict adherence to all terms of contracts with contractors is vital for the development of the business and the creation of a positive business reputation.

To start a profitable home business, you need to clearly think through all the nuances. If you know how to plan your work, set goals and achieve them, then you can easily do business at home. Only hard work will allow you to go forward, increase your production, and receive from work not only a decent income, but also satisfaction.

Home Business Benefits

The post-Soviet space can be divided into 2 types of people: some understand that working at home is cool, and such work can make money. Others believe that in order to earn money, you must definitely leave the house. We are in the first category, so first we’ll talk about the benefits of a home business.

The advantages of working at home include:

  • Full independence
  • Low expenses for the arrangement of the premises,
  • The ability to change the type of business at any time,
  • Convenience.

Work at home is always associated with something cozy and warm. You can work without leaving your home, without spending several hours traveling. For introverts, it is also an opportunity to work alone, away from colleagues and stressful situations.

But in the home business there are two drawbacks:

  • the inability to scale without going beyond the house (there are some exceptions),
  • lack of discipline.

And if the first is easy to cope with - the home business sometimes grows into full-fledged production, then the second is somewhat more complicated. Freelancers who work at home know this problem firsthand. When you work at home, it is very difficult to start - there are always things to do, relatives, which right now require your attention.

But if you deal with this, then a home business is a great idea for making money. Pupils, students, women on maternity leave, people who are dissatisfied with their work or are just looking for it - those who need a home business. The main thing is to find a worthwhile idea and worthy to implement it.

In today's article, we will consider the following business ideas with and without investments that are easy to implement at home. All these business ideas are easy to start from scratch, without any skill, only imagination, creativity and the desire to work for yourself.

p / pTOP 38 profitable home business ideas
1Soap makingSimple Home Business Ideas
2Jewelry making
3Creating decorations for the holidays
4Production of soft chairs (frameless furniture)
5Creation of a mini studio
6Growing vegetables and fruits
7Animal breeding
8Creating clay figures
10Create sweet bouquets
11home brewery
12Resale of goods through bulletin boards
13Opening a home hostel
14Home laundry
15CopywritingProfitable online business
16Creation and promotion of sites
17Creating your own online store
18Work with social networks
19Traffic arbitrage
20Earnings on YouTube
22Providing remote legal services
23Providing distance accounting services
24Butterfly BreedingOriginal mini business ideas from scratch
25Organization of wholesale purchases
26Original Hand-Made
27TranslatorHome Business for Pupils and Students
30Writing student school work for money
31Production of homemade dumplingsHome Business Ideas for Women
32Home baking
33Sewing and knitting to order
34Nail business at home
36Create holiday hairstyles at home
37Nanny job
38Hotel for animals

Idea # 1: Making Soap

One of the most standard and profitable types of home business is soap making.

The network has a lot of manuals on how to cook soap at home. Just watch a couple of videos on YouTube and you will already become a "guru" in this matter.

  • Initial business costs: about 2 thousand rubles + raw material costs. For wholesale buyers, raw materials for soap are sold at 200-250 rubles per 1 kg. For retailers, the price will be approximately 300 rubles.
  • How much can bring: a bar of soap usually costs from 150 rubles per 100 grams. More complex and unique forms will cost more - 200-250 rubles per 100 grams. At first, you should not count on indicators of more than 10-15 thousand rubles a month. After you have already overgrown with regular customers, the bar of expectations can be raised to 30-40 tr. in the province.
  • How to look for customers: There are many ways to search and attract customers. But at the initial stage you will not have large budgets for advertising, therefore it is recommended to proceed according to the standard scheme: make a work page in all social networks, ask all friends to repost, create some kind of competition and periodically tell groups in the city that You doing. This method of advertising does not require costs, but it will definitely bring you the first 30-40 clients.

Idea # 2: Creating Jewelry

Unique jewelry has always been appreciated. Today, handmade products are selling well, hand made has become a real brand, and many want something original that never left the assembly line. That is why the creation of jewelry as a type of home business has become so popular.

  • Initial costs: depending on what you will produce, you will need equipment. The approximate price of 30-50 TR
  • How much can bring: designer jewelry is usually 2-3 times more expensive than the cost. Depending on the number of orders, in the first 2-3 months you can fully recoup the investment.
  • Where to look for customers:for a start-up business, it is recommended to look for clients in social networks. Create a group in all social networks, ask all friends to repost, try to attract customers by communication and contests.

In order not to be unfounded, let’s see what “author's jewelry” is offered on Avito upon request in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

Idea No. 3: Creating decorations for the holidays

Decorations for the holidays - a lightweight seasonal version of the previous business. Decorations for your home or car are especially good at New Year's holidays. That is why, if you want to make money quickly before the new year (it is recommended to start from mid-November), then this is what you need.

Decorations for March 8, Christmas, Easter, the first days of summer and September 1 are also in good demand.

  • Initial costs: depending on the materials and decorations that you will create. About 5-15 thousand rubles for the first batch.
  • How much can bring: in the period before the holidays, people become incredibly generous, so you can recapture the costs in the week, and earn from 30 to 50 tr a month before the holiday
  • Where to look for customers:all the same social networks, message boards and other places where you can place an ad for residents of your city for free.

Again, turn to Avito, where you can offer your services.

Idea No. 4: Production of soft chairs (frameless furniture)

Soft chairs have become very popular not only at home, but also in most offices. Why not make money on their popularity?

How to make a soft chair can be easily understood by watching 3-4 videos on YouTube. Many training manuals will step by step explain what needs to be cut and where to sew.

  • Initial costs: the cost of one chair is minimal - 1-2t.r. Equipment for production will need another 4-6 tr.
  • How much can bring:one soft chair costs from 3 to 9 thousand rubles, depending on the original design.
  • Where to look for customers: sales through the Internet, if there is no way to any small store. Then bulletin boards will be the best option for you.

Idea No. 5: Creating a mini-studio (sewing at home)

The sewing business at home for sewing and repairing clothes is in great demand in small towns. Ateliers for hauling salons and making covers for cars are generally allocated as a separate production.

  • Initial cost: costs for sewing machines and other equipment - 40-50 thousand rubles.
  • How much can bring:
    - The average check in the atelier (clothing repair) is about 350-500 rubles. Having only 1 client per day, you can earn 10 thousand rubles a month with minimal time costs.
    - 30,000 and above hauling salons, depending on the region.

On average, a small studio makes from 60 to 80 thousand rubles for 1 month of work.

Idea # 6: Growing Vegetables and Fruits

If you live in the south of the country, you should be well aware that you can make good money growing fruits and vegetables. If you live north, then this is also unlikely to be a big discovery for you. If you like to grow vegetables and fruits and you have a small plot - make it a profitable business.

  • Первоначальные затраты: если есть участок, потребуется теплица, семена и расходы на выращивание. Все вместе получится около 25-40 т.р.
  • Сколько может принести: если наладить стабильный рынок сбыта, то можно будет получать за сезон от 400 000 до 1 миллиона рублей.

Идея № 7: Разведение животных

If you like animals, then why not try to breed them and make money on it? This can be done not only in the countryside. To breed purebred dogs or cats at home is also quite a profitable business, which is unlikely to become the main income, but is guaranteed to bring good profit.

  • Initial costs: buying purebred animals can cost a pretty penny. Minimum costs - 30,000 rubles.
  • How much can bring:annual income from such a business varies from 100 to 2-3 million rubles, depending on the scale.

Idea # 8: Making Clay Figures

Designer clay figurines are a real gold mine, unless, of course, you know how to do it. There are a lot of manuals on the network about how to start sculpting various figures correctly, but if everything is really bad with your hands, it will take too much time.

A man sold on the Internet figures of game characters for 2.5 - 4 thousand rubles, depending on the complexity of the work. As he later said, with regular customers, he reached a turnover of 100 thousand rubles a month.

  • Initial costs: are minimal. About 3-4 thousand rubles.
  • How much can bring: depending on the complexity and originality of the work in the first month, you can earn from 5 to 20 thousand rubles.
  • Where to look for customers: social networks, special sites, message boards. But it will also be useful to negotiate with the owner of a souvenir shop so that he rents a shelf for you to sell your products.

Idea No. 10: Creating Sweet Bouquets

Sweet bouquets are already an established trend. In order to make a beautiful bouquet of sweets and toys you will not need anything but a little talent and a sense of style.

  • Initial costs: are minimal. 2-3 thousand rubles.
  • How much can bring: one small bouquet is sold for 450-500 rubles, at a cost of about 300. From each client about 200 rubles arrived.
  • Where to look for customers: all the same. Thematic public of the city, small advertisements and your own VKontakte group and instagram page can attract you potential customers.

Idea No. 11: Home Brewery

A great option for those who want to immerse themselves in a home based business. The sale of alcohol is good because the cost of its production is minimal, and the prices of a quality product are quite high. As for the license, everything is very simple here - retail trade in beer is allowed for private entrepreneurs. That is why, in order to fully engage in this business, become an individual entrepreneur.

  • Initial costs: the cost of a home brewery is low. If you buy ready-made: 3.5-5 thousand rubles for the brewery itself and 2-3 thousand for ingredients.
  • How much can bring: draft home-made beer usually costs more than a store-bought one. 100-150 rubles per 1 liter.
  • Where to look for customers: word of mouth works great in such a business. Retail customers will be recruited after the banal "try beer." With larger customers, this is not the case. Will have to negotiate with restaurants, stalls and small shops, but this will require appropriate documents.

Idea No. 12: Resale of goods through bulletin boards

The way to earn resale is known to everyone. Bought cheaper, sold more expensive. And now this “get rich” is actively promoted by all sorts of business trainers, consultants and other people who do not know anything about this, but want to teach. Previously, it was really possible to earn good money by buying some goods from China and reselling it in Russia. Now every schoolchild and almost every grandmother knows what Aliexpress is and it won’t surprise anyone. Therefore, just choose products for which the price is underestimated and resell at a higher price.

Small life hack. It is not necessary to order goods in bulk from China. In Russia, there are many people who are engaged in the wholesale of goods for retail. Prices from Chinese differ by 10-15%, but you will not have to wait a month. You can find these people in social networks in thematic groups with the name "commodity" and the like.

  • Initial cost: depending on what you want to sell. A wholesale lot is considered to be from 2-3 thousand, but it is more profitable to order in the amount of 5 to 10 thousand rubles.
  • How much can bring: it all depends on the individual approach. If you are closely engaged in retail sales, you can earn from 30 thousand rubles a month.
  • Where to look for customers: bulletin boards and flea markets in your city will become your best friends if you want to do resales.

Idea 13: Opening a Home Hostel

Opening a small hostel is a profitable business for those who have a minimum of 300 thousand rubles and a desire to do hotel business. The hostel is a small economy class hotel in which from 2 to 8 people can live in one room.

  • Initial costs: either buying your own large apartment (from 1.5 million in the province) or renting (from 30 thousand rubles a month) + repair, which will have to be spent at least 250 thousand rubles.
  • How much can bring: a single place in a provincial room costs 400-500 rubles per day. It turns out about 10 thousand rubles a month on average from one client. In small hostels, 4-8 people constantly live.
  • Where to look for customers: they themselves will find you, it is enough to show a little activity on the network.

Idea No. 14: Home Laundry

Home laundry is a rather ambiguous type of business in Russia, but nevertheless, there is a place to be. Wiping, removing stains and putting things in proper shape for money is what you have to do.

  • Initial costs: machine costs + initial equipment. about 70-80 thousand rubles.
  • How much can bring: the value is unknown, since in Russia this type of home business is almost not widespread. Small laundries have a turnover of 200 thousand rubles a month, with a dense flow of customers and a high load.
  • Where to look for customers: here you have to involve acquaintances, friends, advertising in local media and the like. It is only important to say that this is not a home laundry, but just a mini-laundry.

Idea # 1: Copywriting

One of the most popular, sought after, but still not fully understood, professions on the net. In general, copywriting is the execution of tasks with texts. But in the modern sense of Runet it can be divided into 2 categories: mechanical writing of articles for sites and real execution of tasks by texts.

Those who succeed in copywriting rarely return to their previous jobs and lives. For them, there is only one thing - the power of texts.

  • Initial cost: there will be no upfront costs.
  • How much can bring: for novice copywriters who are looking for clients on exchanges and freelance sites, the monthly income bar ranges from 6 to 15 thousand rubles per month. It will take a lot of work, and the payment for the texts will not be very. After 3-4 months of work and several regular customers, it will be possible to earn 20-40 thousand rubles a month without loading yourself for more than 30-35 hours a week.
  • Where to look for customers: For beginners, there are 2 ways: exchanges and freelance sites. For those who have gained some experience, there is a chance to try direct search on the websites of entrepreneurs, webmasters and large businessmen.

Idea No. 2: Creation and promotion of sites

A niche that will never be fully occupied. Creating sites and after monetizing them is quite difficult. But despite all the complexity, if you learn how to work with sites, you can immediately start making big money.

As the pros say in this matter, in order to start earning, you will have to “hack” 1 or 2 sites. But after you understand how everything works, you can create and monetize sites.

  • Initial cost: as such, there is no upfront cost. Depending on what you will create sites on, there will be expenses for programs and additional plugins to them. In total, the creation of the site will take 2-3 thousand rubles.
  • How much can bring: in the first few months the site will not bring anything. But as it moves forward and visitors grow, the site will bring from 3 to 10 thousand rubles a month. Professionals in this business earn 100-200 thousand rubles a month without much effort.

Idea No. 3: Creating your own online store

Making your store now is a lot easier than it sounds. You only need one thing: spend a week studying the basic knowledge of creating sites with the help of designers. And in a week you will have a store with a bunch of positions, descriptions and automatic sending money to your wallet.

Online stores are good because they have a large audience and there are no costs for rental premises and staff salaries. A small clothing store with 30-50 positions can be safely maintained by its owner.

  • Initial costs: the cost of opening an online store is directly proportional to the ambitions of a businessman. If you want a small shop, then 100 thousand rubles for the opening is enough for your eyes. At the same time, 90% of the money will be spent on the purchase of goods.
  • How much can bring:online stores bring as much as their real counterparts. Having a small store, it is quite possible in the first 2-3 months to reach an average monthly income of 30-40 tr. with a turnover of 100-200 thousand.
  • Where to look for customers: this is where the difficulties begin. A lot of online stores, which means you have to somehow advertise yourself. People themselves will never go to your store. They simply do not know about its existence. It is the work with advertising and attracting users that is the stumbling block for most beginner Internet merchants. Therefore, if you do not know what to do, use the services of professional advertisers or arbitrageurs.

Idea No. 4: Work with social networks

Social networks completely absorbed the 21st century generation. And now we need people who can competently work in them. Many companies are looking for remote workers who can promote their brand and products through the funnel of social networks.

If you want to work independently, you can safely create groups, promote them and earn income from advertising or affiliate programs.

Let's talk about creating and promoting groups on social networks.

  • Initial cost: The average webmasters spend from 10 to 20 thousand rubles for the initial attraction of subscribers.
  • How much can bring: the income of one group, in which 100-200 thousand subscribers, varies from 5 to 20 thousand rubles, depending on the subject.

Idea # 5: Traffic Arbitration

One of the most controversial ways to make money online is reselling traffic. On it you can both earn stably about 1 million rubles a month alone, and spend huge amounts of money.

The old-timers of the arbitration, when they are asked how to learn how to arbitrate, often joke: “It is enough to merge 2 times 30 thousand rubles and understand how everything works.” Joking as a joke, but definitely have to spend money.

  • Initial cost: the cost of buying traffic from beginners is from 5 to 10 thousand rubles.
  • FROMhow much can bring: depending on how you work. Novice arbitrageurs rarely get more than 10-15 tr. per month. At the same time, professional teams spend millions on attraction and get dozens of exhausts.

Idea # 6: Make Money on YouTube

Bloggers are everywhere. If you want to make money on your show, then for you there is a great option - YouTube. Without leaving your home and creating interesting videos, you can make good money.

  • Initial cost: First you need a good camera, lighting and a mediocre PC. All this will cost 80-100 tr. But there are often cases when famous bloggers shot their first videos almost on the phone, so if you do not have money, but have a desire, try using less high-quality equipment.
  • How much can bring: Your earnings will depend on the views and activity of your audience. Owners of small (1-10 thousand subscribers) channels on YouTube can expect to earn $ 100-200 per month. The more subscribers - the more income.

Idea No. 7: Infobusiness

Infobusiness - sale of your information product. If you know something, you are ready to tell, while others are interested in this knowledge - why not make money on it.

Successful information businessmen earn hundreds of thousands of rubles a day without even leaving home. Often without even taking an active part in the sales of their goods and services.

  • Initial cost: if you have a ready-made info product, then its promotion will take from 30 to 100 thousand rubles.
  • How much can bring: depending on the subject. Demand is in business, personal growth and fitness. The price tag in the first two from 5 to 15 tr., And in the third from 2 to 10 tr. per product.
  • Where to look for customers: in social networks, on thematic forums, creating sites and attracting traffic to them. The scope for attracting customers is simply huge.

Idea No. 8: Providing Remote Legal Services

Competent lawyers in the network are very appreciated. That is why now many average lawyers in the network earn much more than in their real work.

  • Initial cost: it will take about 3-4 thousand rubles to attract customers.
  • How much can bring: one paid legal consultation costs from 1 to 10 thousand rubles.
  • Where to look for customers: If you have a good site, they will find you. And if it is not, then the legal services exchange will help you.

Idea No. 9: Providing Distance Accounting Services

Be an accountant remotely? Why not. Now the network has many job openings for bookkeeping without leaving home. If you want to earn money while sitting in your house with a cup of coffee - this is for you.

  • Initial costs: no.
  • How much can bring: from 30 to 50 tr per month.
  • Where to look for customers: on sites with vacancies and freelance exchanges.

1) Butterfly breeding

Already quite an old type of business, but nevertheless, has its right to life. Breeding butterflies for weddings and other important holidays has become fashionable in the mid-zero. The salute of the pigeons was bored with everything and it was necessary to invent something new. Now you can sell either decorative butterflies for the home, or full-fledged fireworks for the holidays.

Local butterfly species are unlikely to be successful business. That is why you have to work with tropical species.

  • Initial costs: the cost of tropical butterfly dolls is minimal - 200-300 rubles apiece. It will be more difficult to make sure that they not only make butterflies, but also remain intact. Therefore, we add another 40-50 thousand rubles for equipment to the costs.
  • How much can bring: the price of tropical butterflies varies greatly depending on the species, but on average for 1 piece you can get 1.5 - 2 thousand rubles.
  • Where to look for customers: it will require tight work with social networks, as well as interaction with wedding and holiday agencies.

2) Organization of wholesale purchases

To organize bulk purchases requires talent and good organizational skills. Everyone knows that wholesale purchases are much cheaper than retail. But in order to get such a discount, you need to order huge batches of goods that are not at all necessary for an ordinary buyer. And in order to take advantage of the high discounts on wholesale products, people began to join groups, order goods and receive them at a retail price + a small percentage for participation.

The one who organizes wholesale purchases has several responsibilities: to find interested people, get money from them, buy a product, forward it. And for all his actions he receives a good commission in the amount of 10-15% of the value of the goods.

  • Initial costs: absolutely no.
  • How much can bring: from 5 to 15 thousand rubles a month with a small turnover.
  • Where to look for customers: there are only social networks and thematic forums, most often women’s.

3) Original Hand-Made - DIY Home Business

Handwork is now very much appreciated. Unique products made by man, not by machine, can be sold for a lot of money. In order to realize yourself in the field of original handmade goods you will need:

  • Cool idea for goods,
  • Hands to realize all this.

A small case. One guy loved computer games and gaming universes. He was also a good designer and was able to work with iron. As a result, he opened his own small store, in which he customizes recreating weapons and equipment from gaming universes. The minimum price for original high-quality goods is 4.5 thousand rubles.

  • Initial cost: unknown.
  • Sco