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9 useful tips on how to properly equip a nursery


The interior of a newborn’s room does not have to be expensive and have a complex design as in a magazine picture. The main thing is that everything in it is convenient and safe for the baby. And yet ... after all, this is the first room of the child, moreover - for a while it is a room for mom, and a place for memorable photos. We decided to draw up not only a step-by-step guide on preparing a children's bedroom, but also a selection of photo ideas for your design inspiration.

Step 1. Choose a room and plan repair

If you have the opportunity to choose a room, then preference should be given to the one that is closer to the parents' bedroom, well ventilated and illuminated.

All repair and finishing work needs to be completed long before the baby is born, so that you have a margin of time for possible improvements and alterations.

As for the choice of finishing materials, it is, of course, desirable that they be predominantly natural. Here are some tips to help you with this:

  • The best flooring: cork, natural linoleum, floor or parquet board, varnished. Less suitable are: laminate (since it is cold, slippery and collects dust), PVC linoleum (although its damage has not been proven) and carpet (collects dust. But it depends very much on the type of carpet, read about it here).
  • For wall decoration, water-based paints labeled "for children's rooms" or "K> are best suited. Wallpaper in the room of a newborn should have neutral tones and an unobtrusive pattern.

Step 2. We develop a color scheme of the interior

In the interior of a nursery for a newborn, the use of pastel shades for walls, curtains and furniture is encouraged. This is necessary so that the child can easily fall asleep, without being distracted by anything. Bright colors in the children's bedroom are also necessary, but they should be present only pointwise, for example, in the form of rattles.

  • By the way, the first colors that your baby will meet will be red and yellow. And until 1.5-2 months he will see the world ... in black and white.

What pastel shades can I choose?

  • If you still do not know the gender of the child or want to make the room gender neutral, then the following colors are suitable: white, creamy, pale yellow, beige, light green.
  • The interior of the room of a newborn girl (except the ones listed above) can be decorated with pink, lilac, cream, coral shades. The interior of the boy’s room is blue, light gray, light green.

In addition to personal preferences, be sure to consider the orientation of the room to the cardinal points:

  • For dark "northern" nurseries it is better to choose warm shades.
  • For a room facing south, you can choose any color, but cold shades will be especially successful.

Examples of the design of a newborn’s nursery are presented in the following selection of photos.

Room for the newborn

In the event that you are designing a room for a newborn baby, then all the surrounding interior details should be primarily safe and also comfortable for parents. Installing a changing table should be convenient and safe to care for the baby.

It is worth considering where a table lamp, a chest of drawers for things, as well as various shelves and pockets for storing hygiene products will be placed. It is important to foresee all this in advance so that child care is convenient for adults.

Age from 2 to 6 years

If your child is from two to six years old, then you should think about organizing as much free space as possible. Try not to clutter up the room with various cabinets and other pieces of furniture. At this age, children love to play a lot, run, jump, build various tents, erect a structure of cubes, so there should be as much area for entertainment!

Be sure to install several racks for toys and books, as well as provide a convenient location for the crib. In addition, do not forget to take into account the interests and gender of the child, at this age he can already say what he would like to see in his small fairy-tale world.

School age

School children must be provided with a special equipped place to study. Shelves for stationery and textbooks should also be located nearby. Do not neglect and properly organized storage of children's toys and small things.

Make sure that different categories of toys are stored in a manner that is understandable to the child. This will allow him to independently maintain proper order, allowing him to unload the interior from a pile of scattered toys and things. Allocate a special place for drawing with appropriate artistic attributes. If the place allows, then you can also arrange a sports complex.

As for the children of adolescents, here when organizing a room, it is necessary first of all to take their interests into account. Involve your child in the selection and purchase of furniture, wallpaper, as well as other important elements of the interior. To avoid further complaints and disputes, it is important that the obstinate teenager takes a considerable part in the repair of his own room.

Given the age range of children for whom the room will be made, it is time to move on to planning. First of all, there are several main areas in the children's room, they include - a place to sleep, a play area, as well as places for storage, study and leisure.

Making out the sleeping area

If your family has only one child, then arranging a berth will not be difficult. Most often, a place for a baby bed is chosen in a secluded corner so that the child is comfortable not only sleeping there, but also just lying around or passing the time for a book.

If your room is small, then a good solution is to place the bed directly opposite the door, this will not be evident and overload the room. If there are two children, you can use either separate beds or bunk variations that can be located one above the other or at a certain angle, it all depends on the size and shape of your room.

In the case when it became necessary to place three or more children in a room, it will be a little more difficult. But, nevertheless, there are also interesting proposals. For example, a special option is the special three-tier pull-out beds, which allow you to save space for children's games and comfortable learning. Such beds are made on the principle of sliding modules, which allows you to push them after sleep - one under the other.

If the room is long, then you can arrange the beds directly in a row, this will give children the opportunity to arrange a fun chat or pillow battle before going to bed.

If children of different ages live in the children's room at the same time, the formation of special functional partitions will be a good solution. Such an idea will limit individual space and take into account the interests of each child. The use of such partitions will also allow storing toys, books and other trifles necessary for children there.

If it is not possible to install partitions, you can use the usual curtain or a cozy canopy to allow you to fence off personal space and a berth for each child.

Game Zone Design

Most often, such a zone is made out for preschoolers. Here you can show just a real flight of fancy! Incredible fairy houses, tents, small slides.

You can arrange a real fairy tale for a child and do everything that your budget and your fantasies allow you. The main thing that you should not forget when decorating the game zone is the required number of functional boxes where you can store all the variety of children's toys.

We make out a study zone

For children of older preschool age, as well as for older children who have already gone to school, it is necessary to provide a comfortable and multi-functional work area. It is worth considering that this is a place where the child will spend a lot of time, perform various tasks and prepare lessons, so it should be as comfortable as possible.

Take care of the correct position of the desktop relative to the light, get a good desk lamp, a comfortable chair. Well, if the height of the desk and chair can be adjusted. Also, do not forget about the shelves for storing textbooks and stationery.

What is good and bad for a small nursery

Small area is not always bad. A small nursery also has its advantages:

  • Small rooms are perceived as more comfortable than spacious ones. For a child’s room, this is important
  • Even a small nursery is better than her absence. This is the personal space of the child, which he needs to have
  • The shape of such rooms is often not too elongated, which facilitates their arrangement
  • It will be easier for the child to get accustomed to order and cleanliness. Because such a room is both easier and must be kept clean, otherwise it will become cluttered and uncomfortable

The disadvantages of a small children's room are obvious:

  • It is difficult to place all the necessary pieces of furniture and decor in it
  • Places for outdoor games may not remain at all
  • In such a room it would be inconvenient to receive guests

Given this, it is important to correctly approach the design of the room. If you overload it with accessories and interior items, it can become like a pantry.

We make a storage area

Regardless of what age your children are at the moment, they probably have a bunch of necessary things - clothes, books, toys. The competent organization of the storage of this children's good is the key to comfort and order in the children's room.

Therefore, do not skimp on the purchase and installation of various whatnots and functional storage systems. And if there are several children, do not forget that each of them must have its own personal box for storing various small things.

Kids room lighting

Having finished the preliminary arrangement of furniture, having decided on all the zones, it is worth thinking about high-quality lighting. Try not to clutter up the windows with furniture, hide them behind thick curtains. The more sunlight in the nursery, the more spacious the room will look.

Pay attention to additional lighting. Garlands can now be used not only as a New Year's decor, but also as an additional light source. Cozy little lights of garlands will add fabulousness in the children's room.

Follow these simple tips when planning your child’s room to make it as comfortable and comfortable as possible for your children!


This modern style is a compromise. Teenagers and parents will like it. Importantly, it is well suited for a small room. The main features of minimalism are the lack of details in the decor of the interior, laconicism and functionality. The design is dominated by light colors. A common design technique is to create color contrasts - for example, a dark floor and light walls and ceiling. Glossy surfaces and plastic are used along with natural materials.

The main difference between hi-tech and minimalism is the active use of technology. Its characteristic materials are chromed metal, plastic, glass. Actual colors - white, gray, metallic. Hi-tech loves the right geometric shapes, there will also be a place for smooth lines in it. Such an interior is more suitable for boys. Using this style, you can beat many topics - for example, design a room in the form of a laboratory, an airplane cabin or a spaceship.

Country style, or rustic, suitable for a child of any gender. It features exquisite simplicity. Along with other natural materials, wood is still the main one. Furniture is made of it and decoration is made. Country is also an abundance of textiles as upholstery for furniture and decor. The color scheme is dominated by brown and wood shades. Such an interior creates a unique feeling of home warmth and coziness.

An interior in this style is ideal for a girl or girl. Provence is called French country. His visiting card is floral ornaments and delicate pastel shades. Otherwise, it is similar to country and is distinguished by sophistication, the use of natural finishing materials, wooden furniture, which is decorated with carved elements.

Scandinavian style

It is also well suited for decorating a nursery. It is characterized by features of minimalism, but without strict brevity. Actual colors are white, creamy as the main one, and bright colors are used to create color spots that make the interior unique.

Scandinavian style is an abundance of light. Therefore, the windows do not close with heavy curtains. The main finishing material is wood. The interior in this style does not seem boring, while at the same time remaining calm and cozy.

This style of design will appeal to adolescents. The visiting card of the loft is rough brickwork or its imitation, ceiling beams, bare communications, rough finishes, natural materials. Loft loves high ceilings and free space. In a small room it is difficult to realize, but many features of the loft can still get along in it. A stretch ceiling can be used to visually enlarge a room. It is better not to close the windows with curtains, but to use light modern curtains-pleated or blinds.

How to organize space - planning and zoning

In the interior of the nursery, ideally, three zones should be distinguished: work, play and for recreation. In a small room you can leave only two of them. Depending on the age of the child, this can be a recreation area and a working one or a recreation area and a play area. In the room for the girl you need to provide a place for a toilet.

To highlight the zones, you can use design techniques:

  1. Use spot lighting, floor and pendant lights, LED backlight
  2. Use different flooring and podiums for individual areas
  3. Multi-level ceiling in the room
  4. Glass and lightweight partitions
  5. Combination of the described techniques

Partitions in a room are often used for zoning, for example, to separate the rest area from the work area.

The combination of a multi-level false ceiling with lighting is also a popular zoning technique in a children's room.

Perfect color combinations for the baby

One of these is a combination of neutral blue tones with soft yellow hues. These colors create a feeling of security and comfort. For example, the walls, painted in a calm blue tone, go well with the classic white ceiling and wood-colored floor. Yellow shades of decor and furniture add warmth and coziness to the interior.

The combination in the interior of sky blue with light tones creates a cheerful atmosphere in the room.

The wood color of the floor trimmed with parquet or laminate is also a good solution for the nursery, since the tree has a good therapeutic effect - it soothes, creates a feeling of warmth and cosiness, proximity to nature.

At a slightly older age - from the age of four - you can actively use bright colors in the interior to create accents - red, green, yellow, blue. But it is better to avoid transitions to black tones in the nursery - such a design will be depressing.

Two-tone combinations

Two-tone combinations in the design of the nursery in most cases are a good solution. The ceiling can be painted white or ivory, the floor is finished with parquet, laminate or linoleum with a wood pattern. Walls and pieces of furniture and decor are elements for which we will select colors.

A good solution in a room for a girl would be a combination of light green and sand, soft lilac with a gray palette, green with pink.

In rooms for boys, you can use shades of blue and moderate blue. A lot of blue can cause depression. However, slight accents contribute to rest and relaxation.

Wall, floor and ceiling decoration

Not all decoration and building materials are suitable for the design of a children's room. Consider the most successful options.

Cork is a popular flooring for children. It is environmentally friendly and warm, and most importantly, soft. He is not afraid of moisture.

Another popular material is laminate. It is easy to clean, has high strength, looks beautiful. Laminate is easy to install and it is most suitable for underfloor heating.

You can also use a parquet board as a flooring in a nursery. It is less noisy than laminate flooring. It can also be made with your own hands. Parquet board easily restores its appearance with the help of varnish and polishing.

In modern practice, the suspended solutions for the ceiling are suspended and suspended structures. Plasterboard suspended ceilings can be made multi-level, as well as create a variety of forms. PVC stretch ceilings cause concern for some parents in terms of their safety for health. Качественное полотно не представляет угрозы для ребёнка. С помощью натяжных потолков можно создавать дизайнерские шедевры — например, звёздное небо или облака.

A common option is a combination of suspended and suspended ceilings.

The easiest option for decorating walls is wallpapering. Since all children love to draw, it’s better not to use expensive wallpapers in the nursery, so that if necessary they can be easily replaced.

In addition to wallpaper, there are several ways to give the child’s room a fabulous and unusual look: painting walls in different colors, decorating with ornaments, using photo wallpaper, drawings.

Furniture for a bedroom

When choosing furniture for the nursery, two basic rules apply: it must be safe and functional in order to save space in the room. In view of this, sharp corners should be avoided and metal parts should be limited.

Common pieces of furniture are a desk and a bed. A bed with drawers fits well into the design of the nursery and helps to free up additional space. Boxes can be used to store toys. You can diversify the interior with poufs and frameless pear chairs.

The arrangement of furniture needs to be thought out based on existing conditions and zoning. It is ideal to equip the working area with a desk opposite the window or so that it is on the side. Sitting at the table, the child should not be with his back to the door. A bed, on the contrary, is best not to be placed directly under a window or next to a heating radiator.

High-quality textiles for children are an integral part of the interior. It creates a feeling of warmth and coziness. Textiles should be bright, but at the same time in harmony with the color scheme of the room.

Lighting and decor

In a modern interior, lighting plays not only a functional, but also an aesthetic role. This is true for the nursery. With the help of light, you can create an amazing atmosphere in a child’s room.

It is necessary to think over not only the main, but also night lighting. Today the market offers a variety of night lights of any shape and type.

Particular attention should be paid to the natural light, which is so necessary for the child. It should be quite a lot. Therefore, it is better if the windows of the nursery are facing south.

Making a nursery is a challenge for the imagination of parents. Decor elements in the nursery correspond to the design theme. For example, ropes, a life buoy, a ship steering wheel, etc., are suitable for the room of a young navigator. The room of the little princess can be decorated with cartoon characters, flowers, butterflies.

Large and small soft toys - animals, cartoon characters, various objects, etc. will be appropriate in the nursery.

How to equip a small nursery for two and three children?

A feature of the interior of a room for several children is that parents need to find a compromise based on their interests and gender. For children of different sexes, you need to choose a neutral color scheme that will suit both boys and girls. It can be a light background in combination with green, yellow, purple shades. If the children are of the same sex, the task of choosing a color scheme is simplified.

An integral attribute of a room for three children is a multi-tiered bed. In the case of two children, and if the area allows, you can put two ordinary beds in the nursery. To save space, you can use the beds with drawers.

Making a small nursery for a newborn

To design a room for a newborn baby, use a few tips:

  • It is advisable to equip the nursery in a room without extraneous noise from neighbors, from the street or from the TV
  • To contribute to the intellectual and aesthetic development of the child, create an attractive bright world in the room, filled with interesting characters, animals and birds

  • A growing child is constantly changing interests. Therefore, in the design of the room, you can gradually add new elements, toys and accessories. However, you should not make regular cardinal changes. In a familiar environment, the baby is more comfortable and calmer
  • Furniture for the room of the newborn should be without sharp corners. The main element is a crib. No need to cover it with curtains or dampers to ensure maximum access to fresh air. It is better to place the crib at the point of the room with a minimum amount of light, to promote full sleep and rest
  • It is convenient to place the changing table near the cabinet with things and accessories for the care of the baby
  • Furniture should be few, only the necessary items. It is better if it is made from natural materials.
  • For color design, you can choose a neutral main background with bright splashes and patterns
  • For walls, it’s better to choose inexpensive washable wallpapers or other coatings that are easy to care for. Having matured, the kid will begin to draw on everything that comes to his arm, including on the walls
  • The room must have a minimum number of sockets and switches

Interior of a small-sized nursery: general recommendations

Properly equip a small nursery akin to art. Try not to litter it with unnecessary accessories and decor items, so that the room does not look like a pantry. The same goes for furniture. It is important to leave only the most necessary items. If possible, a wardrobe can be completely arranged in another part of the apartment. For a visual increase in space, use light shades and glossy stretch ceilings.

When you design a nursery, even if it is small, imagination can and should be shown. Create a unique world for your child or children. Maintain their interests and help develop talent.

On the other hand, do not overdo it so as not to sacrifice comfort. The child should feel at home in the room, and not in a kindergarten or on the playground.

Nursery in a modern style

The strict laconicism of Art Nouveau in the children's version is diluted with bright colors, but keeps the lines correct. The restrained interior without any special decor creates the impression of cleanliness and order, accustoming to accuracy.

The decoration of a small children's room in a modern style is predominantly plain, occasionally there are discreet geometric prints. This style is more suitable for boys and girls from 10 years old.

Nursery style

Does your child dream of traveling, faraway islands and sunken treasures? Marine style will help to make dreams come true.

It is characterized by a combination of white, blue and red (monophonic and striped fragments) with a noble wood texture. In the interior of a small nursery in a marine style, there must certainly be such attributes as a steering wheel, anchors, fishing nets. Drawings and decor in the form of shells, fish, starfish, as well as an aquarium (preferably made of acrylic glass), a compass wall clock, an inflatable lifebuoy, and models of sailboats and yachts will still be appropriate.

As curtains, it is better to use a translucent matte tulle, resembling sails, but a rough matting, linen or cotton fabric in blue and white colors are also suitable. Grips for curtains can be made from ropes, tied with beautiful nautical knots.

Children's in the classic style

Delicate cream shades, luxurious wavy draperies, the shine of gold and silver, elegant ornaments, carved furniture - in such an environment, every child will feel like in a fairy tale.

It is better to design a small nursery for a girl in air or marshmallow colors, and for a boy - use more varnished wood, elements of blue, gray and beige colors.

Scandinavian style nursery

Children who love winter will surely enjoy a clean and cool Nordic interior.

The main feature of the Scandinavian style is the abundance of light, which is especially important for small children's rooms. Everything reminds of northern nature in it: parquet and bleached wood furniture, shades of snow-capped mountains and icy rivers, chandeliers, cobwebs or snow balls. The windows remain open most of the time, letting in the sun, and at night they can be closed with light roller blinds.

Children's room in Provence style

French Provence is pastel tenderness, small floral patterns, chintz, lace, frills and thin flowing lines. This romantic style is more suitable for girls, and of all ages - from infants to high school students.

The unobtrusive lightness of Provence will create a wonderful peaceful atmosphere in a small nursery, in which it is pleasant to play, study and relax.

Loft style nursery

This style is characterized by industrial features: walls without decoration (imitation of brick or masonry, concrete slabs), open ceiling beams, metal lamps on brackets or laconic pendant chandeliers, urban photo wallpaper, simple furniture. All this gives the room a free and slightly sloppy look.

A small nursery in the loft style can be a good option for an active boy. In an environment where everything looks reliable, unbreakable, you can play the ball, climb sports walls and hanging ladders, swing on the rings and train on the horizontal bar.

White children's

The snow-white color and its light shades visually expand even the tiniest children’s, make it lighter and more comfortable. In addition, a light background is ideally combined with both pastel and saturated elements.

Beige baby

The design of a small children's room in beige colors is ideal for children of any gender. Beige can be complemented with details of green, pink, as well as blue, natural wood products, golden or silver inserts.

Yellow children

Room design in warm sunny tones is a universal option. Yellow color lifts mood, gives energy, stimulates mental activity. In such a room, the child will become friendly and cheerful.

Any shades of yellow can be mixed with equal in saturation - green, blue, purple, gray, white or pink. Orange and red colors are permissible only in small patches, otherwise they will attract all attention to themselves.

Green children

The color of grass and spring leaves is the easiest to read. It is ideal for decorating a small children's room in natural colors, it looks great next to a tree.

Green is easily diluted with white, gray, orange, yellow, brown, turquoise, violet or pink. It is the color of peace and security, giving rest to the eyes.

Pink baby

Traditional for little princesses, the pink color creates a serene atmosphere. Such a tender, doll-like children's room will appeal to every girl. You can combine dreamy pink with all pastel shades, as well as light green and chocolate.

Blue children

Blue color is equally suitable for both boys and girls. The interior of the little nursery is the best, made in blue with white additions, but beige, pink, and yellow shades are also appropriate.

Materials and finishes for a small nursery

Materials for any children's room should be selected with special care. Firstly, they must be environmentally friendly, not emit harmful substances, synthetic odors, and secondly, be resistant to mechanical damage. In addition, no less important - aesthetic appearance and affordable price.

In a small nursery it is very desirable to make a warm floor. Of the coatings, wooden parquet, high-quality laminate, cork wood are suitable. For kids who are just learning to walk, soft carpet or carpet tiles will be indispensable.

It is better to refuse linoleum and fashionable bulk options - this is a solid plastic, in addition, it is very slippery. In general, hard floors in such rooms should not be made too smooth: one careless movement can lead to injury, because children always like to jump, run, dance and fool around.

To make the small room seem more spacious - the walls should be light and discreet. This can be painting, wallpaper (except for vinyl - they do not allow the walls to breathe and sometimes even cause allergic reactions), decorative plaster. Small, graceful patterns, thin stripes, photo wallpaper with a perspective or 3D effect are allowed.

It makes sense to leave one of the walls or part of it for children's creativity. For chalk drawing, a slate surface (board or special paint) is perfect. You can also buy paper wallpaper coloring, which for a long time will provide the kid with interesting leisure.

For whitewashing the ceiling in a small nursery, light whitewashing is optimal. In order to forget about cracks and crumbling plaster for 20-30 years, paint can be applied on top of painting fiberglass.

If you need volume, then a two-level drywall construction will fit perfectly here. The glossy stretch ceiling, as well as the up-lighting, will help to make the room visually higher.

The fabrics used in the baby's room should be hypoallergenic and collect as little dust as possible. For curtains, thin tulle, linen or cotton is suitable. You can also use bamboo blinds and Roman curtains.

When choosing bedding, it is advisable to focus on soft colors, harmoniously combined with the interior. Textiles in contact with the skin must comply with sanitary standards, have no chemical smell, and do not fade. It should contain all-natural fibers.

Small square kids room

In a square room, you can put a bed against one wall, a wardrobe on the other, and a desk near the window. The remaining space is easily filled by the Swedish wall, sports rings or some additional rack.

Narrow (rectangular) small children's room

To balance the rectangular nursery, you need to arrange wide transverse elements (a bed - one or two-story, low shelf with shelves, chests of drawers) along narrow walls, and near long ones - tall slender cabinets.

If the window is on a short wall, it should be closed by one curtain with pronounced transverse folds, and in the opposite case, vertical curtains from ceiling to floor will come in handy.

Little children's custom shape

If the children's room has a non-standard layout, then there is a wide scope for imagination. For example, you can order unusual furniture with beveled corners, make an interesting niche for a bed from drywall or wood, hang a hammock, and instead of ordinary chairs put low ottomans or bean bags.

Proper lighting in the nursery

The room in which the child spends a lot of time must necessarily be well lit. This affects not only the general atmosphere, making the room cozy and welcoming, but also on the eyesight.

The soft, diffused light of the LED bulbs (LEDs) of the white and yellow spectrum is best perceived. In second place for safety are incandescent lamps. According to researchers, they are as close as possible to the type of radiation to sunlight. Bright neon colors can irritate the eyes, and fluorescent fluorescent lamps (containing mercury) are generally not recommended for use at home, especially in a nursery.

As for the fixtures, in a small children's room it is worth giving preference to point options, placing them all over the ceiling. In the center you can hang a small chandelier, for example, in the form of a ball, bell, butterfly. A compact sconce does not hurt on the wall near the bed, and a desk lamp or directional pendant is ideal for the working area.