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How to get from Beijing to London


To get from London (UK) to Moscow (Russia), it is not necessary to board a plane. This is a trip through Northern Europe with a length of 3200 kilometers.

  1. 1 Choose a route for the first part of your trip from London. There are no direct trains from London to Moscow. So, you have to make at least 3 transplants. Get a map of Europe if you don’t have it yet or if you don’t know it as a keepsake.
  2. 2 Select a route for the final shipment to Moscow. There are no direct trains London - Moscow, however we can make transfers in the following places:
    • Cologne, Germany (two nights from London via Brussels, Belgium) (go to Moscow daily)
    • Amsterdam, Holland (go to Moscow daily through Cologne)
    • Berlin, Germany (go to Moscow daily)
    • Paris, France (go to Moscow on Thursdays and Saturdays, and on Mondays in the summer months), however this option is not cheap
    • Scandinavia and Eastern European States
  3. 3 How many transplants do you want to make? Do you want to make more than two, minimum, transfers?
    • It will be cheaper to go through Cologne and Warsaw (Poland)
  4. 4 How much time do you have? It will take at least two days without a break.
    • Do you want to take the Thalys high-speed train from Brussels to Germany?
  5. 5 What class do you want to travel?
    • How many sleeping places do you need? (2, 3 or 4).
  6. 6 Book in advance for added value.
    • You can reserve your seats up to 12 weeks before departure.
  7. 7 Note:
    • Most trains pass through Belarus, so you will need a Belarusian transit visa.
    • To book tickets, contact Deutsche Bahn (Germany) or SNCF (France).

Method 2 Last Step (Moscow - Beijing)

You can travel from Moscow (Russia) to Beijing (China) in 6 days by train along the Trans-Siberian Railway. There are no trains of the type Trans-Siberian Express, but this trip can be made on many other trains. Every week, two direct passenger trains leave Moscow for Beijing. They drive about 8,000 kilometers and provide a bed for 6 nights.

  1. 1 Read about the Trans-Siberian Railway.
  2. 2 Select a route:
    • Moscow - Vladivostok
    • Moscow - Beijing (Trans-Manchurian Railway)
    • Moscow - Beijing (Trans-Mongolian Railway)
  3. 3 Think about whether you want to take the transfer ferry to Tokyo (Japan).
    • From Beijing, you will need to catch a transfer train to Shanghai (China), from where ferries leave for Tokyo several times a week.
  4. 4 Decide in advance in which car you will travel: compartment, luxury or ritz?
  5. 5 Choose a place to sleep, unless you intend to travel without stopping.
  6. 6 Traveling on your own, without buying a tour, can be cheaper.
    • If you have to buy a tour, remember that Russian travel agencies (for example,) are cheaper than Western ones.
  7. 7 Book everything as early as possible, especially during high season during the summer months.
  8. 8 Get tourist visas to Russia and China. They can easily be issued through a travel agency.
  9. 9 Note that you will need:
    • 3 weeks vacation
    • 7 days by train from Moscow to Beijing.

Direct message

Three planes of Chinese AirChina Airlines depart from Beijing daily three times a day. The travel time of each flight varies slightly: from 9 hours 40 minutes to 10 hours 15 minutes.

The British side also organized a direct flight from one capital to another. The flight is daily, but the plane takes off from the London Heathrow only once a day. Flight time 10 hours and 5 minutes.

Cheapest tickets in this direction

2020-03-232020-03-3049 442 rub. 49 442 rub.
2020-03-142020-03-2432,461 RUB 32,461 RUB
2020-04-152020-05-1436113 rub. 36113 rub.
2019-10-022019-10-0941 950 rub. 41 950 rub.
2019-09-192019-09-2744 919 rub. 44 919 rub.

With transfers

Less than a day (taking into account the difference in time zones) can be spent on the road if you fly from Beijing to London with one or even two transfers.

Daily flights make:

  • Aeroflot (in transit through Moscow, travel time - 13 hours 20 minutes),
  • “Qatar Airways” f (Doha, from 18 h. 25 min. To 23 h. 05 min.),
  • “UIA” (Boryspil, 15h. 45 min.).

Flights with two transfers:

  • AirAstana (Almaty, Nur-Sultan, travel time - 17 h. 55 min.),
  • UIA, EasyJet (Boryspil, Dusseldorf, 19 h. 50 min.).

Routes with transit airports are provided once a day.

Visa regime

Both countries will require prior permission to visit.

Without a visa, you can enter China for no more than 21 days as part of a group, more details here Prerequisite: landing at the airport in Beijing or on. Hainan and the submission of lists by the Chinese travel company to the border service. The permit stamp is affixed upon arrival.

A Chinese visa is not required if a transit flight is made through Beijing and the time spent in the country will be no more than 3 days. This option allows you to be within the city where the airport is located. You can’t travel outside, as well as transfer to a further train or bus.

Great Britain enters the EU, but not in the Schengen area, so Russian citizens will need to apply for a national visa. It is not only required if London acts as a transit point on the route to a third country and the transfer does not last more than 24 hours. Otherwise, prior permission to stay in the UK will be required.

Getting from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China is possible, but will be much longer. Indeed, even high-speed trains running along the Trans-Siberian Railway will not be able to overcome the distance between the two capitals in less than 24 hours.

1a Traveling London (United Kingdom) - Paris (France)

To travel from London to Paris by train, you have to use the direct Eurostar train. The journey time is about 2:30 h.
Buy your train ticket for Eurostar and find schedules via the given booking links. As earlier you book, as cheaper the ticket prices are.

An other travel option is to use a bus. The journey is much longer, but usually cheaper. Flixbus runs this route several times per day, but as well other bus companies.

The journey by train and including the ferry Dover (United Kingdom) to Calais (France) is for now no nice option anymore. The journey is long and the ferry got really expensive for foot passengers since several years.

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