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Ovulation, the day of which you can calculate by filling in the appropriate fields, is a short period of time in the monthly cycle when the egg can be fertilized with a sperm.

It is useful for every woman to keep a calendar of menstruation with marks of her ovulation, to know about the variability of her cycle. Not only do different women have a noticeable difference in the timing of the onset of ovulation, but even on the same woman the exact timing of the onset of ovulation varies in different months.

You can calculate the day of ovulation in several ways: by measuring the basal temperature during the entire menstrual period, determine it using an ovulation test in the urine, examining cervical mucus or using the calendar method. Quite often, the occurrence of rare pulling pains in the lower abdomen on the one hand, as well as an increase in mucous secretions from the vagina, report on the approach of ovulation.

The day when ovulation occurs, it is necessary to be able to calculate women of childbearing age, leading an active sex life. For some women, this will help determine the period of time in which the conception of a child is most likely. For others, knowing the date of ovulation and “safe days” will help to avoid an unwanted pregnancy without the use of medications and mechanical contraceptives (calendar method of contraception). However, the use of the physiological method of contraception from pregnancy, based on sexual abstinence during ovulation, is ineffective with irregular periods.

It is not difficult to calculate the date of ovulation using the calendar method, although this does not give a one hundred percent guarantee. Ovulation occurs approximately 14-16 days before the start of the next menstruation. So with a 28-day cycle, ovulation occurs between the twelfth and sixteenth days (most often on day 14), counting from its first day of menstruation. Depending on the duration of the menstrual cycle, ovulation can occur between the eighth and sixteenth day, therefore, the period of possible fertilization of the egg with a sperm can be from the 8th to the 18th day.

Studies conducted at the National Institute of Environmental Health (North Carolina) showed that not only the conception of a child, but also its gender depends on the time of conception in relation to the time of ovulation.

The menstrual cycle and its phases

To determine the term “ovulation”, you need to understand the concept of “menstrual cycle”.

During the menstrual cycle in the female body, functional and structural transformations take place successively, which affect not only the reproductive system, but also the rest (nervous, endocrine and others).

The formation of the menstrual cycle, which is physiological for the female body, begins during puberty. The first menstruation or menarche occurs at the age of 12-14 years of the girl and draws a line under the first period of puberty. The menstrual cycle is finally established in a year and a half and is characterized by the regularity of menstrual bleeding and a relatively stable duration. Over the specified time (1 - 1.5 years), the cycles in the teenage girl are anovulatory, that is, there is no ovulation, and the cycles themselves consist of two phases: follicular and luteal. Anovulation during the formation of the cycle is considered to be absolutely normal and is associated with insufficient production of homons necessary for ovulation. By about the age of 16, the menstrual cycle acquires its individual characteristics, which persist throughout life and regular ovulation appears.

Menstrual cycle physiology

The average duration of the menstrual cycle ranges from 21 to 35 days. The duration of menstrual bleeding is 3 to 7 days. For most women, the total cycle time is 28 days (75% in the population).

It is customary to divide the menstrual cycle into two phases, the boundary between which is ovulation (in some sources, a separate ovulatory phase is distinguished). All periodically occurring and repeating approximately every month changes in the woman’s body, in particular in the reproductive system, are aimed at ensuring complete ovulation. If this process does not occur, the cycle is called anovulatory, and the woman, respectively, is barren.

Phases of the "female" cycle:

Calculation of ovulation at basal temperature

It is the lowest body temperature observed during sleep. By measuring it, it is possible to easily determine ovulation, since it causes an increase in performance by 0.3-0.5 ° C.

Female hormonal background at different periods of the menstrual cycle has various temperature indicators. In the first phase, basal temperature under the influence of the hormone estrogen is kept at a low level. These are ideal conditions for the maturation of the egg and its preparation for fertilization. The average temperature in the first phase is 36.3-36.5 ° C. It can slightly increase or decrease by 0.1 ° C. During ovulation, BT significantly increases, and averages 37.1-37.3 ° C. Such indicators will remain until the onset of menstruation. If the menstruation has not occurred, and the temperature continues to remain at 37.1-37.3 ° C for more than 18 days after the delay, then we can judge the onset of pregnancy.

To calculate ovulation as accurately as possible, you must adhere to clear rules when measuring basal temperature:

  • Measurements are taken daily at the same time after sleep.
  • The same mercury thermometer is used, which should always be near the bed, since it is impossible to make sudden movements and get out of bed before measuring the basal temperature.
  • To measure the thermometer should be inserted into the anus and lie calmly for 5 minutes. After the time has expired, enter the indicator in the graph.

To obtain the most accurate indicators, basal temperature should be measured only after a long night's sleep, lasting at least 6 hours. Any violation of the rules during measurement and many other factors (illness, evening sexual intercourse, taking medication, overwork, drinking alcohol) can affect the performance. These factors are also indicated on the graph.

A schedule drawn up according to all the rules can show the onset of ovulation or its absence. When planning pregnancy, basal temperature is measured over 3-4 menstrual cycles. Thus, it is possible to calculate the day of ovulation as accurately as possible.

Ultrasound calculation of ovulation

According to ultrasound, it is possible to calculate the output of the egg from the follicle as accurately as possible. Also, this method is suitable for women with an irregular menstrual cycle. Thanks to the procedure, it is possible to track the development of the follicle and the moment the egg leaves it.

With a regular menstrual cycle, ultrasounds begin to be performed 3-4 days before the expected date of ovulation. With an irregular cycle, the follicle begins to be observed 4-5 days after the monthly every 2-3 days.

Calculation of ovulation by test strips

It is possible to determine a favorable day for conception using special tests, which you can buy at any pharmacy. Test strips react to the content in the urine of a luteinizing hormone that appears in it 24-36 hours before the rupture of the follicle and the release of the egg.

With a regular cycle, tests begin to be done 17 days before the start of the next menstruation. But with an irregular cycle, figuring out the day of ovulation using the test will be problematic, since it is impossible to determine the appropriate time for testing. In this case, it is better to turn to ultrasound monitoring.

Calculate ovulation day by discharge and sensations

Some women can calculate the day of ovulation without any calculation. It is enough for them to listen to their own body. During the period of ovulation, a woman may experience prolonged aching pains in the lower abdomen, breast swelling, mood changes, increased sexual desire, the nature of the vaginal discharge changes (they become abundant and viscous).

Body observation

To determine ovulation, a calculator and a calendar are our first helpers. Preparing for a happy event, the girl needs to have a calendar in advance, in which to paint the first numbers of the monthly.

Based on this information, you can make miscalculations, get important indicators and even conclusions regarding the normality of current processes:

  • Cycle length. By calculating the number of days between the marked numbers, you can calculate this important indicator. It should be in the range of 25-30 days. With other values, it is worth consulting with your gynecologist. Perhaps in the body there were some malfunctions or violations that affected the length of the cycle. The ideal is considered a standard of 28 days.
  • Regularity. It is necessary to compare indicators for different months. Normally, they should be equal. Possible deviation of 1 day. If a failure occurs once (no more than once a year), this does not cause concern, if after that the cyclicity returned to normal. At different values ​​in each period, the cycle is considered irregular. This does not always indicate health problems, but passing tests and getting the opinion of your doctor will not be superfluous. The inconvenience of such a rhythm is the difficulty in detecting ovulation, which is not easy to calculate on a calculator with an irregular cycle. More frequent observations and methods are often required here.
  • Duration of blood discharge. Usually, 3-7 days are a normal indicator, provided that it does not change monthly. A confirmation of the normality of reproductive function is also considered the same degree of shade, density and profusion by day.
Ovulation calculation can be done using a conventional calculator and calendar.

Calculations of the ovulation period

Having preliminary indicators, compiling an ovulation and conception calculator and calculating the best moments for it is quite simple. There is a special formula developed by specialists based on observations of cell nucleation processes. To understand where the numbers in the formula come from, you need to understand the phases and their length.

Menstrual phase

Each time a woman’s cycle includes three periods:

  • Follicular. A follicle forms in the ovary, significantly increasing in growth from 5-9 days after menstruation. A cell is born in it, which when it reaches a size of 22-24 mm is considered mature. The growth and maturation time differs for each and depends on the level of estrogen and its growth rate as the cell develops. The average is 11-16 days.
  • Ovulation. Having reached the peak of maturity, the cell breaks the walls of the follicle and passes into the fallopian tube. Her path lies in the direction of the uterus and it is advisable at this time to meet sperm so that fertilization occurs. The phase depends on the cell's lifespan - 24-36 hours.
  • Luteal. It is characterized by an increase in the corpus luteum at the site of rupture of the membrane. It produces a hormone that prepares the uterus for an embryo. In the absence of fertilization, the cell dies, and the corpus luteum is structurally destroyed. The duration of the period is 14 days.

Therefore, such an accurate calculation of ovulation and a calculator or a well-designed calendar is necessary - because the cell lives only a day and being late will lead to the need to expect conception as early as next month.

The phases of the menstrual cycle when calculating ovulation

So, we have learned the length of each period. It can be seen that only the last one is identical for all the girls. There are, of course, exceptions when the luteal phase lasts 11 or 12 days, but this phenomenon is very rare.

Formula for calculating the day of ovulation

Therefore, the formula sounds like this: you need to subtract 14 days from the length of the cycle. The resulting indicator indicates the magnitude of the first stage and helps to understand the moment of onset of ovulation. Consider an example of a calculation algorithm:

  • If the girl had the last time a blood discharge on the 12th day, and the length normally corresponds to 29 days, then the calculation is as follows: 29-14 = 15.
  • Now you need to count 15 days from the 12th day (the value of the calculated first period). It turns out 27.
  • The expected day of ovulation calculator shows on the 27th of this month.
  • It is necessary to plan sexual activity taking into account the stock: every day in the period of 25-28 number.

The reserve is required not only to take into account some errors. It is associated with the vital functions of cells. Since the female lives for 24 hours, fertilization is possible even after the moment of exit from the follicle. And some male cells live up to 3 days, i.e. can function normally for a couple of days until the follicle rupture occurs and the cell appears in the fallopian tube.

Irregular cycles - how to confirm ovulation

If the girl’s rhythms are irregular, a mathematical calculation can be carried out according to this principle:

  • Compare cycle values ​​over several months.
  • Choose the minimum value.
  • Take it into account in the formula.

It is clear that in this situation, calculating the days of ovulation on a calculator and creating a calendar for several months is problematic. The calculation takes place only for one month, after which you need to confirm it with additional methods or based on your feelings.

The structure of the discharge during ovulation

Best characterized by the day of rupture of the follicle discharge from the neck - thick, abundant malleable. They are compared with egg white due to external and structural similarities. It is not possible to confuse them with other types of mucus, since from the beginning of menstruation they are practically absent. Recall how the structure of mucus changes at different points:

  • Follicular period. Mucus due to exposure to estrogen thickens. Outward, it does not appear, because this time is called "dry." The function of mucus in this phase is to protect the uterus from the effects of microbes, because it forms a kind of “plug”. It also makes it difficult for sperm to move, since now they are not needed due to the lack of cells. By the time the bubble ripens, the secretions liquefy and to a small extent come out.
  • Ovulation. A certain hormonal balance is created: estrogen is reduced, progesterone is growing, luteinizing - it splashed out after a follicle rupture. This changes the discharge to "egg white." This structure is most favorable for sperm movement. Even if the ovulation calculator for conception failed, then by noticing such discharge, you can safely diagnose the imminent release of the cell. The period lasts 1-3 days, i.e. both before and after the break.
  • Luteal phase. The concentration of progesterone increases, the mucus thickens again. It does not differ in abundance and practically remains without attention. Before menstruation, a slight liquefaction and a watery structure are possible.

Changes in the mammary glands after ovulation

Already after the release of the cell, when progesterone enhances its effect in order to prepare the uterus for embryo and breastfeeding, there is a slight increase in the mammary glands. The chest may become sensitive and slightly painful. It will also report the presence of cells in the genital tract.

Tests, measurements and medical procedures to confirm ovulation

Additionally, girls with irregular processes can use the tests, measure the rectal temperature (keeping a schedule) and observe on ultrasound.

Determination of ovulation is possible on ultrasound with an irregular cycle

The latter option is the most reliable in this situation, since the doctor will inform you in advance about the moment of follicle rupture.

Online settlements - features and capabilities

Simply calculate the ovulation online, and even make an ovulation calendar, on the calculator, which is available on our website.

You can calculate ovulation online on our calculator

Having calculated indicators at hand, you will need to enter them in the columns of the calculator:

  • Last menstrual period
  • Cycle duration
  • The number of days of blood discharge
  • Set months to calculate

As a result, the girl has calendars for the number of months she ordered with the numbers already marked: menstruation and supposed ovulation. The convenience of the service is undeniable. Having saved or printed the result, it is easy to control your life and plan important events for conception. Of course, one should not forget about the error, confirming the marked dates.

Ovulation calculation results can be saved to mail or printed

If the girl did not make observations, nothing will prevent her from calculating, if she remembers the dates of two menstruation. Having selected this ovulation calculation, you need to enter only two numbers in the online calculator. Having received the result, it is already possible to conduct analytics and note discrepancies. So you can identify deviations, re-calculate the cycles and make a new calculation according to current data.

Calculation of ovulation on an online calculator with an irregular cycle

If the cycle does not differ in regularity, you must enter its shortest length. В данной ситуации нужно быть готовой к большой степени погрешности у полученных календарей. Поскольку расчеты для девушки с отсутствием регулярности не актуальны, ей стоит применить метод базального графика, руководствуясь такими правилами:

  • С утра каждый день проводить замер температуры ректально.
  • Отмечать ее в виде точки на графике.
  • По прошествии периода соединить точки.
  • The moment when the curve sharply descended speaks of the approaching moment of follicle rupture.
  • Almost immediately after this, a sharp “peak” occurs, indicating the release of the egg.

Starting next month, the girl will be able to accurately identify these “peaks” and plan sexual intercourse. You need to be prepared that any external factor can affect the temperature. Therefore, measurements are recommended to be done first thing, without even leaving the bed. When consuming alcohol or taking medications, you need to put a mark if the indicators differ to understand what caused the change.

This graph can confirm the calculation data of the ovulation calculator online or refute it. By the way, on it you can even notice the moment of attachment of the embryo to the uterus. But changes in the values ​​occur in tenths of a degree, which is why the recognition of the result on the schedule is complicated.

Calculation of the sex of the child by the date of ovulation on the calculator

On our calculator, girls are offered an additional opportunity to calculate the sex of the child according to the date of ovulation.

The results of calculating ovulation with a forecast of the sex of the child

On the calendars, the following numbers are noted:

  • Three days in which it is more likely to conceive a daughter.
  • Two days, optimal for the son,
  • Ovulation day - the probability of having a son.

Prediction of the baby's sex - what you need to know

If there is a desire to influence the sex of your baby, it is better to carry out the calculation yourself, adjusting the online advisor. So, first you need to remember which chromosomes determine the sex of the embryo and their main characteristics:

  • XY - male embryo, obtained by fertilizing a female cell (X) with a male cell that is endowed with Y chromosomes.
  • XX - a female fetus, when fertilized by male X-type cells.

To correctly apply the online ovulation calculator for the conception of a girl or boy, you need to remember a few simple characteristics inherent in each type of male cell:

  • Y: active, fast, agile. Under equal conditions, they are far ahead of the X cells and are more likely to reach the goal. They live extremely little - up to 24 hours.
  • X: do not differ in speed, moving along the genital tract slowly. They are highly resilient - up to 3 days. Sometimes - up to 5 days.

So, we know all the information necessary for the forecast. Now it is important to understand at what point it is better to plan sexual intercourse in order to get the desired effect.

Use the ovulation calculator to conceive a boy or girl

Conception of a boy

Experts recommend that we use the ovulation calculator to conceive a boy by having sexual intercourse clearly at the time the cell comes out, or when it is already in the genital tract. Consider what happens when this happens:

  • The cell is already in the desired position or is about to approach it.
  • Y-cells quickly overtake her, leaving X far behind.
  • Fertilization occurs.

As you can see, everything is quite simple. We are offered to conduct an act the day before and immediately after. In the second case, you should not refuse the act in order to confirm the result. But the main date is not to consider it, because the female cell may already disappear, because it lives only 24 hours. If you choose the day before, you need to be clearly confident in the output of the cell. For example, if tests have confirmed the gap or specific discharge has already appeared. If there is no indirect evidence, it’s not worth the risk, otherwise the Y-cells may not wait for the female (they live 24 hours, as we remember).

Conception of a girl

To conceive a girl by the date of ovulation, an online calculator advises us a few days before. Ideally, select a date 2 days before the expected appearance of the cell and do not repeat the acts later. In this case, the following processes occur:

  • One day after the act, Y-type cells die. At this time, there is still no female, therefore the conception of a son is excluded.
  • A day later, a cell appears in the genital tract, where slow X-cells have long reached and await.
  • Fertilization occurs with a predestination of a female.

All the days that the forecast-online offers in this situation can be used. It’s just that you should not expect a significant effect from earlier acts. Most likely X cells cannot last so long, because their maximum life span of 5 days is extremely rare.

How to increase the likelihood of gender prediction

The whole difficulty lies in the fact that it is necessary to clearly understand when ovulation will occur in order to calculate a favorable day for conception of a girl on a calculator. Indeed, in this situation, neither tests nor observations will help - they show the day before, but in 10-24 hours, and we need a larger supply of time. Therefore, it is worth turning to specialists in order to trace their processes on ultrasound. 2-3 days before the break, the doctor will already know the moment, based on the growth rate of the follicle.

You can still use microscope devices that analyze saliva. They are able to show a change in salt crystals on the eve and on the day of ovulation. It is enough to follow one month for the patterns of crystals every day before ovulation, so that as early as next month to accurately understand which pattern falls 2 days before it.

Knowing how to make a calendar and correctly calculate the moment of the appearance of the cell, you can safely predict the best periods for conception, and even having the opportunity to determine the gender of your baby. In general, an online ovulation calculator helps you monitor your health by controlling the timeliness of normal processes.