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5 ways to recover after parting with a loved one


Break with a loved one is one of the most difficult moments in life.

Someone is able to cope with difficulties. Well, someone, falling into terrible despair, is plunged into depression, from which it is sometimes impossible to get out.

Overcoming the pain and bitterness of disappointment, people react differently.

That's why it's so hard to find common cure for heart pain.

But there are tips and some tricks recommended by professionals, which, indeed, will help in this difficult period of life.

1. Get rid of pink glasses

According to Dr. Weinstein, do not idealize your former partner.

Maybe there was something good in your relationship, but it was bad. Very often after parting, people remember and focus on the positive aspects.

Experts say it's only complicates the acceptance that it is all over. Focusing on good memories is similar to the so-called “denial” stage in grief.

Psychologists recommend make a list of things that didn't suit you In a relationship with a former lover.

Perhaps this way you will quickly realize that parting was for the better.

2. Heart-to-heart talk

According to Dr. Zentman, there is nothing better in depression, than an intimate conversation.

To tell someone close about how you feel after breaking up with your loved one is very important.

Prepare something tasty yourself or order dinner at home, invite close friend or girlfriend.

Sit over a glass of good wine or a cup of tea and speak out. It may happen that you yourself become a listener. But this is also good.

the main thing Do not be alone with sad thoughts.

3. Resist impulsive impulses

Do not give in to impulsive impulses, so as not to commit acts that you will later regret.

The psychologist Weinstein advises identifying all your negative emotions. Do not follow them, it will only do harm.

Some people are unable to overcome stress.

They begin to abuse alcohol, others overeat, others begin to write obsessively and call their ex, fourth buy everything in stores. And there are those who, leaving in isolation, hit into promiscuous sexual relations.

Such "hyperactivity" is a person's reaction to a painful gap.

And even if it seems to you that in this way you can be healed from the bitterness of parting, you are mistaken. Do not engage in self-deception.

Psychologists say:this period needs to wait.

Weinstein also does not recommend cardinal change of image. In this state, you should not, for example, shave your head bald or fill a tattoo on your body. Such decisions need to be taken thoughtfully and calmly.

You will still have time to change your appearance when your condition stabilizes.

4. Start keeping a personal diary

Dr. Zentman advises try to keep a personal diary, where you can describe everything that you feel at the moment.

Please note that this is just about personal entries in a notebook, and not about publications on various social networks, as is customary today.

A public demonstration of feelings will only exacerbate the situation.

According to experts, by publishing confessions of your ex on the Internet, you will receive only temporary relief.

You might even get support from the masses. But this is unlikely to contribute to healing.

therefore set the laptop and smartphone aside and just take a blank notebook. Believe me, in this way, you will bring much more benefit to your mental health.

5. Explore yourself

Finally, seek professional help.

Treat breaking with lover as an opportunity better to know yourself. Indeed, in the future, understanding and acceptance of oneself will help in choosing the right partner with whom you will build a long-term relationship.

Find a psychologist who is right for you, and you will see how your consciousness begins to change, which means change for the better not far off.