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Learning to burn movies to discs for viewing on DVD


I have one of BBK’s not expensive DVD players. It was bought by my father somewhere in 2007. It still works, now we practically do not use it. But some time ago I actively burned DVD discs and watched them through this DVD player. The player recognizes video files, music and pictures of various formats. He sees the folders created on the computer; in general, he sees the entire file system. It's great. If our not expensive dividend player sees this, more expensive models certainly should do it.

You can record data using both the Windows operating system and third-party software. I prefer third-party software. Nero Express (Nero 8 Micro) - this is the name of the program by which I recorded movie discs. On a regular dvd disk (disc) 3 films are placed, about 1.45 GB in size. This is the average size of the HDrip.

First you need to install software. The program is simple and weighs 10.9 MB, at least the version that I have. I do not distribute software, but only describe it. Therefore, search for yourself. Just beware of scammers and do not send SMS and do not enter your phone number.

Once you have found the program, install it. Insert a blank dvd disc into the drive and run the Nero Express program. Select “Data Disc”.

Specify the type of DVD5 (4483 Mb). Then, directly drag your movies to the program area in the center. As you can see, I had 3 movies on disk and 11 MB of free space left. Click "Next."

The next step is to note the final settings. Current recorder - your drive should be selected here. Since I don’t have it now at all, it is not indicated. Your company drive, for example Sony or Nec, should be registered there. Disk name - in principle, you can specify any, but as a rule I write in English, I don’t know why. Do not check "Allow adding files." If you have it, take it off! If you allow the addition of files, that is, something is added to the disk over time, then the DVD player may not see the data recorded on the disk. It’s safer not to check the box, even if you record one movie. If you click the button on the left of the program, the program on the left opens, where you can specify the recording speed. For DVD discs, in my opinion there was a maximum speed of x16. And for rewritable discs, it is x2-x4. As you configure everything, click the "Record" button.

For about 8-12 minutes, a DVD disc with films that can be watched on a DVD player will be recorded. Please note that cheap players do not support mkv format. And on the net, some films are uploaded in this format. A regular dvd player sees the AVI format without any problems.

I did not put a tick in front of the item “Check data after writing to disk” when I wrote blanks. The check takes some more time after burning the disc.

I don’t know what price the blanks are now, but in our small town in 2007 they were sold for 10-12 rubles the cheapest dvd-r, without a case. There are shops in the regional city, called TEMP in Voronezh, there are two departments, one sells cheap flash drives, memory cards, headphones, batteries and much more. In another department, various empty discs are sold, cases for them, all kinds of boxes. Prices are much lower than in any DNS store. I don’t know how to drive, but flash drives give a guarantee of 1 year, there was a case when a defective flash drive was caught once, exchanged without problems.

If your computer does not suddenly record the disc to the end, the recording is interrupted, it may be that the wires are not connected tightly to your drive. Disassemble the system unit, remove and reconnect the wires, of course, with the computer turned off. Defective discs may still be caught. If you will record important information, photographs that are no longer anywhere, then make at least 2 copies of the data.

When you insert the recorded disc into the dvd player to watch the recorded movies, on the remote control from the player you will need to go to the disc menu, there will immediately be files with movies if you recorded the disc, as I showed in the screenshots above. That is, there will be no colorful menu with a preview, it is not needed here. Just scroll up or down and select a movie to watch. Well, that’s it, it’s not so difficult to burn movies to a disc for viewing on a DVD player.

Choose a disk

A wide variety of DVD discs can enter into a stupor. The following is the decoding of the disc markings:

  1. DVD-R and DVD + R. Such media are suitable for single recording only. Deleting or changing the recorded information will no longer work.
  2. DVD-RW and DVD + RW. But on discs with such markings, you can record and rewrite more than one movie.

To record information, any of the following discs is suitable. True, if we are talking about the marking "R", then the media should be clean, but in the case of "RW", you can overwrite the disc with unnecessary information.

In this article, we will tell you how to quickly and easily clear the Temp folder -

Windows DVD Studio

The developers of Windows 7 provided that users may need to record media files for playback on the “DVD”. For these purposes, they created a DVD studio. You can find it by clicking the "Start" button and selecting the "All Programs" item.

In the list that opens, you can easily find a DVD-studio Windows.

In the window of this utility, add the desired file through the corresponding button.

After adding the picture, you can specify the name of the DVD-ROM (the default is the date of recording). Click on the “Next” button.

In the next window, you can customize the text and appearance of the menu, as well as preview how everything will look in the player. To start filling, click on the corresponding button.

A window will appear showing the process of creating a “DVD”. Converting the file format can take some time, especially if your movie weighs a lot.

For users of Windows 8 and Windows 10, this method is not available, so you have to resort to the use of special programs for converting and recording information.

Video conversion

The following are methods for recording movies on a disc for further playback on the “DVD”. But the problem is that most movies today are distributed in avi format, which many DVD players do not support. Therefore, before uploading, it is recommended to convert the file. However, if you are sure that your player can play the video with the avi extension, you can skip this item.

For conversion we will use the free DVD Flick program. In the right part of the program window, click "Add title" and add the movie.

Now just click the "Create DVD" button and wait for the conversion process to complete. DVD files can be found in the My Documents folder.

You can qualitatively record a movie on a medium through Nero or through UltraISO.

Nero includes a package of utilities for working with CDs and DVDs. To record the picture we need Nero Burning ROM.

Insert a disc and run the program. The new project window should open automatically. In the upper left corner there is a drop-down menu where you need to select "DVD". Since we will be recording a film, in the left field we select the item “DVD-video”.

Be sure to make sure that the corresponding item is checked in the "Record" tab. It is also recommended to set the recording speed to 8. Now you can click on the "Next" button.

In the right part of the window we find and drag to the left all the files received after conversion. Now just click the “Record” button. At the end of the process, the drive with the media will open, on which there will be a picture ready for viewing on DVD.

Many people prefer to use UltraISO for recording.

To begin, drag the desired file into the workspace of the program. We will use all the same converted files. If you are sure that your player will play avi or another format, you can simply drag and drop the movie.

Now select all the files and click the button in the upper panel “Burn CD image”.

In the window that opens, select the drive and click the "Write" button.

Our detailed article will teach you how to open APK files on your computer correctly, read on.


Whether the recorded movie will work on a DVD player is largely dependent on the player itself. For older models, conversion to a special format is usually necessary. You can use Nero or UltraISO directly for pouring. Users of Windows 7 can use the DVD-studio, but in the case of other OSs, you will have to resort to special programs. Now you should have an idea of ​​how to properly record movies and clips to disk for viewing on the “DVD”. Good luck

A couple of important points

For a DVD player to play a disc, it must be properly prepared! If you just write a movie in FLV format to a disk (like any other file), then as I said above, a DVD player simply can not read and play the movie, because it does not have the right codec to decode the file. It is simple on the computer: there is no codec needed - I downloaded and installed 😉.

So that the disc can be opened on the DVD-player: it must be recorded in the desired format - in DVD format V>(is a couple of folders on the disk: AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS) . There is a sea of ​​programs for converting AVI, MP4, FLV to DVD format (but there is one more subtle point!).

All the salt is that the size of a DVD disc (DVD 5) is 4.5 GB. Those. you need to adjust to the size, calculate the bitrate to guess and get into this file size after encoding. Of course, this is rather dreary and troublesome!

But there are programs that can automatically convert all the files you select to the desired format, while having kept the desired size, and then burn them to a DVD disc. Thus, 2 tasks are solved at once! Here about such programs - a few lines below.

Video Wizard

This program is a real find for your home PC! It allows you to quickly convert video (supports more than 500 formats!), Cut / Cut, create DVDs, compress clips for viewing on the phone, consoles, etc.

What is particularly captivating, all the actions in it are performed in 2-3 clicks of the mouse, the menu is simple and understandable even for an ignorant person in video affairs.

I will consider in it everything that needs to be done to solve our problem (step by step).

1) After starting the program, go to the menu "File" and add all the videos and movies you want to burn to DVD.

Important! The more files you add (more precisely, the longer the total video time) - the lower the quality will be set. Try not to record more than 3-4 movies on one disc!

2) Next, click on the button Burn DVD in the lower right part of the program window. See the screenshot below.

STEP 2 - select the tool to burn DVD

3) After you need to select the menu - it will be displayed immediately after you insert the disc into the tray of the DVD player. In general, a very convenient thing.

Nevertheless, you can select the option “Without a menu” and immediately proceed to the recording (that is, bypassing the next step).

STEP 3 - menu selection

4) Then a window will appear in which you can configure the menu in detail: sign each video as you need, select fonts, change colors, add background, picture, etc. In general, all this is done quite easily and does not need separate comments.

STEP 4 - menu setting

5) Well, the last touch:

  1. specify the drive on which the DVD will be recorded (as a rule, it is selected automatically),
  2. set the type of video (for our country it is optimal "DVD in PAL standard", as in the example below),
  3. specify the quality and click "Next".

STEP 5, 6, 7 - record setup, recording

6) It remains only to wait for the end of the process. The conversion and recording time can be very different (it depends on the power of your PC, on the codecs that compress the video, on the number of added files, on the speed of your DVD drive, etc.).


A very good encoder, which more than once or twice wrote me the "correct" and readable video discs. One of its advantages is full automation, which saves you from any routine tasks: you simply select the files you want to add to the DVD-ROM and press the conversion button!

  • Video files recorded by this program can be read on any DVD player,
  • Built-in codecs in the program (not all!),
  • Pretty fast converter,
  • Auto-burn disc after conversion,
  • Russian language support,
  • Support for all popular versions of Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10.

Consider the process of recording a disc in steps.

1) After opening the program, you will see a window divided into 2 parts: the files you added will be visible on the left side, and just the viewer and editor on the right.

The first thing you do is add the necessary files that you want to burn to the DVD-ROM (arrow-1 on the screen below), the second - go to the settings (arrow-2 on the screen below).

Theoretically, quite a lot of files can be written to a single DVD disc. But the more files you add, the worse the quality (both sound and video) will be! I recommend not adding more than 2-3 films to one disk.

Adding to the project and settings

2) In the program settings: in the "Target format" section, select the video format - PAL (Russia, Europe) (for our country - this is the best choice, one of the most popular formats. But, for example, in the USA - NTSC is common). DVD resolution is full-screen, image aspect ratio is automatic.

3) In the section "Encoding Options" I recommend installing the option automatically (so that the program itself selects the optimal options for the added number of files). As for the overall size, here, in most cases, you need to choose DVD-5 (4300MB) (or DVD-9, which is 2 times larger in volume, but these discs are used less often (in my experience)).

Conversion priority is normal. If you set it high, then perhaps the computer will begin to freeze and slow down in the process of completing the task (although sometimes you can buy time.).

4) The last thing I recommend setting in the settings is audio. You need to set a couple of options: select the automatic audio format, plus put a checkmark in front of the item "Convert DTS to AC-3 (best compatibility)" (see screen below).

5) After the settings are set and the video files are added, you must:

  1. Because the program has a built-in editor, you can edit the video (for example, cut ads, if you made a recording from a TV tuner - a scissors tool, or add additional labels, etc.),
  2. click the convert button (see screenshot below).

Setup and conversion (clickable)

6) The program will begin to process the video (convert to the desired format). As a rule, the conversion time is quite long (depends on the power of your computer, the quantity and quality of the added video). At this time, it is better not to load the PC with extraneous tasks and just wait for the operation to complete.

7) After the files are converted, ConvertXtoDVD will prompt you to select the drive and burn the video to disk. In general, there is nothing more to comment on - you can safely insert a recorded disc into any DVD player and enjoy the video!

Drive selection for burning a disc

Freemake video converter

Free and very popular video converter. It supports a bunch of different video formats: MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MP3, DVD, 3GP, SWF, FLV, HD, MOV, RM, QT, Divx, Xvid, TS, Fraps, etc. The program supports high-quality video Full HD 1080p, HD 720p (from any HD camera).

I also want to note separately his quick work - in my humble opinion, he converts video faster than many other similar programs.

Minus : the free version inserts small splash screens at the end and beginning of the video (when creating a DVD disc). In my opinion, this is not so scary.

And so, in detail about creating a DVD in Freemake Video Converter.

1) After starting the program - click the "Video" button and add all the video files that you want to burn to disk. Keep in mind that the more files you add, the worse the quality! My advice: when it comes to films, do not add more than 3-4 pieces (standard length - approximately 1 hour 30 minutes).

2) After all the videos have been added, you need to click the " Convert to DVD ". The conversion buttons are located at the bottom of the window (see screenshot below).

We convert the added video to DVD format

3) The next step is setting conversion parameters. Here you should pay attention to (the screen below illustrates everything that is written below):

  1. Choosing where to convert video - I recommend simply saving the video to an ISO file on your PC’s hard drive (ISO is a disc image that can be easily and quickly written to a regular CD / DVD disc, more on that later in the article),
  2. Good quality : if the program writes to you that way, then everything is fine. If there is a phrase that the quality is poor, then you have added too many films (video files), and you need to reduce their number,
  3. Standard DVD (4.7 GB) - here simply indicate the disc on which you are going to record your films,
  4. PAL 720x576 25 FPS - nothing needs to be changed here, in Russia the PAL format is common
  5. AC, 320 Kbbs, 5.1 - sound format (codec). You can not change
  6. Screensaver - minus the free program, just put up.

4) The conversion process can take quite a long time. At this time, it is better to distract from the computer and do other things (my approach).

When the conversion is complete, you will have an ISO file in DVD format. Now you need to burn it to disk, about this a couple of words below.

How to burn an ISO image to a DVD disc

There are special utilities for this: Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools, Nero, Ultra ISO and others. Последние версии Windows образ ISO могут записать и без всяких дополнительных программ (правда, процесс построен криво и нередко изобилует ошибками) . Поэтому я рекомендую воспользоваться Ultra ISO.

Ultra ISO

Одна из самых удобных и многофункциональных программ для работы с ISO образами. Любой ISO образ можно открыть, отредактировать и записать на флешку, CD/DVD диск, внешний жесткий диск, и пр. Если вам приходится иметь дело с ISO образами — рекомендую эту программу, как одну из самых лучших!

Сам процесс записи.

1) После запуска Ultra ISO - откройте меню файл/открыть и укажите образ, который вы хотите записать на диск (т.е. open the ISO image we created in the Ultra ISO program).

Open ISO file

2) Next, open the menu tools / burn CD image (or press the F7 button). See the screenshot below.

Burn CD image

3) Here you need specify drive into which a CD / DVD is inserted for recording, indicate write speed (can be left at maximum by default), and click " Write down ".

Actually, that’s all. After recording the image, the disc can be used for viewing in any DVD player.

These are not tricky programs that allow you to easily and quickly burn video discs.

Article is corrected: 05/12/19

Step 1. Download and install the program “VideoMASTER”

To burn a movie to DVD, you need a program installed on your computer. You can download it in just 3-5 minutes. Download speed depends on the Internet connection speed of your provider. After downloading, you need to run the VideoMASTER.exe file. And that’s it ... the program is ready to use! VideoMASTER has a convenient Russian-language interface. This will significantly save time on learning the program and allow you to work more efficiently.

Start menu of VideoMASTER

Step 2. Add video files to the program

The program is installed and ready to go. The next step - you need to select videos or movies on the computer that you want to transfer to DVD. The application supports most of the known formats, which allows you to burn any video file to DVD in just a few clicks.

For example, you have a file in AVI format on your computer, and you want to receive a disk with a file in DVD format. Go into the program and in the upper left corner click Add. After that, the video files will be uploaded to the application. In this case, you can upload files one at a time, selectively or immediately, with a whole bundle. Select the conversion in the direction of AVI -> DVD when recording.

Click on the “Add” button and upload the movie to the program

Step 3. How to burn a DVD movie using the VideoMASTER software?

First you need to insert a blank DVD disc into the burner. Then in the lower corner of the interface, on the right, click Burn DVD. The software will offer you to choose the look of the DVD menu. What it is?

The VideoMASTER program has a built-in catalog of ready-made templates that can be used for decoration. It is possible to edit it to your liking: you can change the background, edit the shape and size of the inscription, choose the location of the sections in the menu, add music. Having created the menu layout once, you can save it as a template directly in the program. Now you can start recording. Press button "Further".

Customize the menu of the future DVD

How to burn a DVD movie to disc?

In the window that opens, configure the basic settings for the DVD video. After that, check the box next to the option "Burn to disk". After that you need to choose:

  • video standard (for the CIS countries and Russia it will be PAL),
  • screen resolution,
  • set image quality settings.

After that, click "Further" and the conversion will start automatically. Sometimes you need to burn a video in DVD format to a computer without burning it to disk. To do this, you need to create in the application DVD structure and ISO image. After that, you can record video to DVD at any convenient time using any other burning program.

Configure DVD burning options

Using VideoMASTER and our instructions on how to record a DVD disc for viewing, you can record photo, audio and video files in a short time.