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How to get US citizenship to a Russian citizen?


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Many people dream of obtaining US citizenship, and there are various ways to use this. In most cases, people prefer to first officially become a permanent resident, and then obtain citizenship through naturalization. However, citizenship can also be obtained through marriage, your parents, or military service in the US Army. If you have any further questions about obtaining citizenship, contact a lawyer specializing in immigration law.

The benefits of American citizenship for Russians

In America, you can live in the status of a permanent resident and not ask questions of citizenship. But it is much safer and more confident to live in the status of a citizen of the state in which a person spends all his time. Its design gives new rights that make living in the United States comfortable and secure. The benefits of American citizenship include:

  1. Suffrage. Only US citizens have the right to vote in elections and participate in the formation of the administrative apparatus. In addition, each member of American society can be a member of the jury, helping to conduct trials.
  2. Social help. America is not a socially oriented state, but some segments of the population can rely on financial support in case of temporary difficulties, guaranteed pension benefits, medical insurance, state benefits and benefits.
  3. The opportunity for quality training. In the United States there are a large number of higher education institutions in various specialties and areas. For foreigners, the cost in them is several times more expensive. In addition, only US citizens are available state grants and scholarships.
  4. Refusal to perform military service. In the USA there are no draft troops. Instead, there is a contract army, which only comers. If, after reaching adulthood, a person does not wish to serve in the internal troops, he will be released from this duty.
  5. The ability to travel without a visa. This year, the United States ranks second in the ranking of freedom of movement. According to international agreements, in 172 countries, American citizens can visit without a visa.
  6. Profitable lending market. To save capital until old age on the purchase of a house or car in the United States is not accepted. Low interest rates allow everyone to become the owner of the property. When considering an application, banking institutions take into account the level of income and the credit history of the applicant.
  7. Simplified Migration Procedures. Even the Green Card does not save from deportation in the commission of serious crimes or financial fraud. If you have citizenship, you can forget about it. A US citizen has the right to take relatives to him for permanent residence, having issued them the right to a long stay.

How to get US citizenship to a Russian citizen?

American citizenship is a dream for many foreigners. The path to such a goal is long, laborious, requiring time and effort. But if you responsibly approach this process, meet all the set criteria and choose the appropriate method, you can become the owner of a US citizen passport.

By birth

This method is commonly called the "right of the soil" or "the right of blood." It is based on granting citizenship to a child, who was born outside of the USA. In this case, one of the requirements must be met:

  • both father and mother have American citizenship,
  • a mother who was not married, had American citizenship and was constantly on the territory of the state for 1 year (applies to children who were born between 12/23/1953 and 11/14/1986),
  • the couple was not married, but the father of the child was an American citizen at his birth and lived in the country for at least 5 years, two of which were before his 14th birthday (refers to persons born after 11/14/1986).

For minors, the opportunity to obtain citizenship is based on one of the following options:

  • at least one parent has citizenship (applies to persons born after 02/27/2001),
  • the applicant has a Green Card, his parents have already obtained citizenship by naturalization (the rule applies to minors who were born before 02/26/2001),
  • the applicant lives on the Green Card, one of his parents received citizenship by naturalization, and the second died, or if paternity is not established (the principle applies to persons born before February 26, 2001).


To marry an American is the dream of many girls. In practice, some guys choose brides from the USA. When obtaining citizenship in this way, you can reduce the time and increase the likelihood of a positive response in the migration center. But rather strict requirements are put forward to applicants for citizenship:

  1. accommodation in the USA on a Green Card,
  2. Actual residence in America for at least a year and a half,
  3. stay in the state in which the application for citizenship is filed, at least 90 days,
  4. age - from 18 years old,
  5. marriage registration is possible with an American citizen who has been in this status for at least 90 days,
  6. before applying, you must be married to an American (American) for at least 36 months,
  7. knowledge of spoken English, as well as historical, geographical and political facts about the United States (in general terms),
  8. not be held accountable in the past
  9. navigate the basic aspects of the US Constitution and respect all its provisions.


Categories of foreigners entitled to paperwork by naturalization are:

  1. have reached the age of eighteen
  2. before submitting the petition, they were actually in the country for 3 months,
  3. Previously lived on the Green Card (at least 5 years) or stayed in America for 2.5 years without traveling to other countries,
  4. passed the test of knowledge of the English language and history, the US economy,
  5. know and abide by the provisions of the American Constitution,
  6. have no problem with the law.


Economic migration allows you to achieve your goal in a few years. Already during the move, the investor is issued a Green Card, which makes the applicant a resident of the country. After doing business or investing after 2 years, the candidate receives the right to permanent residence. In the fourth year, such a person can count on obtaining citizenship for himself and his family.

Economic migration is available in two versions - opening a new company in America of any form (private enterprise, society, branch, associate company, etc.) or investing more than $ 500 thousand in the American economy. When creating a new organization, it must operate successfully and deduct taxes in full, creating at least 10 jobs for American residents. It is also possible to relocate and further obtain citizenship upon opening a subsidiary whose head office is located in the applicant’s homeland.

Military service

Those wishing to serve in the US internal forces are entitled to the citizenship of this state. If the applicant submits all documents in peacetime, the following criteria are put forward to him:

  1. age - from 18 years old,
  2. the period of service - from 12 months (this period can be reduced by rewarding the senior command for courage, courage and honor),
  3. passing the exam on knowledge of the national language, political, economic and historical devices,
  4. not be involved in the police as an offender,
  5. navigate the basic provisions of the Constitution and respect all its requirements,
  6. Until the moment of applying for citizenship, live in the country for 5 years or reside continuously on the territory of the state continuously for the last 2.5 years.

During the war, the conditions for obtaining an American passport are simplified. The candidate is required to:

  • serve in the US troops (1 day or more),
  • successfully pass an exam on knowledge of the national language, political structure and economic condition of the country,
  • After the service, stay to live in the USA,
  • not have problems with the law, respect all the principles of the American Constitution.

Members of the US Armed Forces can begin the process of obtaining citizenship while in another country by contacting an official representative office (embassy or consular section).

Obtaining refugee status, and then applying for US citizenship, is not so difficult and very real. The main thing is to have reason for this. America has always defended human rights, therefore, it is willing to issue citizenship to those whose rights are violated. These include persons persecuted for political reasons, religious beliefs, racial or national origin.

You can apply for refugee status in the territory of another state; you can only apply for an American passport in the United States.

Tip: apply for refugee status only in the first year of stay in the state, otherwise the procedure will be complicated in the future, and the probability of refusal will increase.

If possible, to prove the violation of their rights and their family, applicants receive the right to reside and obtain citizenship in the future. Refusal will be given to persons with a criminal past and members of terrorist groups. They may also not grant resident status to people who have the right to legally settle in another country (for example, if they have relatives in another state).

Green Card

One of the most common methods of obtaining citizenship is to stay in the country on a Green Card. To do this, the applicant must live in the country for 5 years and meet the standard requirements (reaching 18 years, passing the language proficiency test, absence of offenses and continuously staying in the USA for 2.5 years).

How to file a petition?

To prepare a petition, you need to download an application for citizenship in the form of N-400. This document must be filled in completely, indicating only reliable and accurate information. The application must be sent by mail to the USCIS Migration Center. If inaccuracies are found during the inspection, a specialist of the institution will issue a refusal to obtain citizenship. An appeal will be required to re-examine the papers.

Required documents

In addition to the application, the following should be sent to the USCIS Migration Processing Center:

  • a photocopy of the permanent resident's card,
  • 2 photographs (like a passport) with the name and phone number on the back
  • confirmation of payment of the fee for considering the application (you can pay on the official website of the document processing center),
  • other papers depending on the individual case.

After submitting the documents, a notification will come with the address where you need to come to submit biometric material (fingerprints). Data will be verified by the Bureau of Investigation. If employees have questions, the applicant will be asked to provide additional documents during the audit. Upon successful identification, the candidate is sent for an interview.

How to get an interview?

The interview at the migration center is the final and most important stage. At the interview, the officer re-examines the applicant’s biography, purpose of arrival, payment of taxes and the presence of fines during his stay in the United States. In the course of studying the papers, the candidate will be asked various questions. All documentation, starting from the moment of the first visit to the USA, will be in the hands of the officer. It is very important to answer the questions in the same way as for the first time in the consular department or visa center. The officer will be interested not only in the past, but also plans for the future - work, a permanent residence, future prospects, financial situation. After the interview, the candidate for citizenship must pass a test for knowledge of the English language (listening, reading, writing) and knowledge of the history, political and general economic structure of the United States. Of the 10 questions that are presented in the citizenship test, at least 6 must be answered correctly.

Important: if after the verification a positive decision is made, the applicant goes through the final stage of obtaining citizenship - takes an oath of allegiance to the state.

Taking the oath

The oath is the solemn final stage. It is held in the form of a large-scale ceremony in large halls. As a rule, whole families come to the event. Each candidate must register, listen to the ceremony participants with further wishes and congratulations. The field for this is given to everyone a package of documents - a congratulation from the president, the text of the Constitution, an anthem and an oath of allegiance, a memo for participating in the elections, an application for obtaining a US passport.

Then the judge begins to pronounce the text of the oath, and new citizens repeat it after him, holding his hand in his heart. At the end, state and state flags are taken out, a citizenship certificate is issued to each participant in the ceremony.

How much is US citizenship and can I buy it?

It is impossible to buy US citizenship, strict requirements are put forward for each candidate, all of them undergo a long stage of checks and accompanying procedures.

Important: Today there are a large number of offices and organizations that promise a Green Card or an official US passport for a fee. All of them are scammers.

But still there is a way to “buy” citizenship (official) - economic migration. It is based on the payment of a certain amount of money to obtain resident status. Everyone can transfer funds to open a new enterprise, a subsidiary, or invest 500 thousand dollars in the American economy. In this case, for the fourth year, he can apply for citizenship for himself and his family. The interview and exam are not canceled.

Who will not be able to obtain American citizenship?

When considering a candidate for citizenship in some cases, you can be denied. There is a certain group of people who cannot become US citizens. These include the following groups:

  • persons who committed offenses during their stay in the USA (even administrative fines are taken into account, which indicate that a person has no moral principles),
  • persons with a criminal past in Russia,
  • in case of suspicion of terrorist groups,
  • if during the interview it turns out that when obtaining resident status false information was provided,
  • persons who were members of the Communist Party for 10 years before applying for citizenship.

Possibility of dual citizenship - USA and RF

Despite tensions in the political arena between the two countries, dual citizenship is still possible today. From the point of view of both states, it is not forbidden to have a passport of two countries at once.

Important: according to Russian laws, registration of a second citizenship, including American, is not prohibited. Such a person will be able to use a Russian passport when visiting the Russian Federation, and an American - while staying in the United States. When traveling to third countries, he has the right to choose citizenship at his discretion.

The laws of America allow you to live in this country in the status of a permanent resident, but to stay in it under state protection is much better. To obtain citizenship, you need to live a certain time in the United States, without violating the laws, collect documents and pass an interview. After this, a solemn part awaits the candidate - taking the oath, on which he swears allegiance to the state.

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