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DIY Mickey Mouse ears: quick party preparation


Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend knows a lot about fashion and wears a bow between her ears, but Minnie Mouse’s ears are exactly the same as Mickey’s. In some cases, on Minnie's head, instead of a bow, a crown, Santa hat or other accessories appropriate to a particular situation can be used. Minnie's ears are always black, and a bow is usually red with white polka dots, but you can choose any color of fabric for yourself with any pattern that you like and make a bow out of it.

Ears on hoop

The easiest option would be to use a hoop. Decide on the size of future ears. They should not be too large, since there is a high probability that they will not hold out for a long time in their place. But small ones are also not worth doing - they simply get lost in the general background. The most optimal diameter is up to 15 cm.

Prepare material for work:

  • a hoop, preferably black
  • thick black fabric
  • cardboard,
  • synthetic winterizer or thin foam rubber,
  • shallow
  • glue,
  • compass,
  • scissors.

Let's get to work:

First you need a template. Print the image below.

Or draw two circles with a compass on paper. Correct each circle at the bottom - draw small rectangles. They will be necessary to secure the parts to the rim.

Attach the template to the fabric, draw a pencil or pencil around the outline. Cut out the part. Such circles will need to do four pieces. Next, from sintepon or foam rubber, form two circles with a diameter of a couple of centimeters smaller than the fabric part.

Put the synthetic winterizer on the part, cover with a second half on top. Sew two parts on the typewriter exactly in a circle, without touching the protrusions.

To make the ears denser, they kept their shape well, if necessary, add cardboard between the fabric and sintepon inside.

Take the hoop. Identify mounting locations. Ears should be placed symmetrically. If there is no black hoop, then you can correct it with a marker or decorate it with a black ribbon.

Glue over the loose parts of the parts and glue them to the hoop.

If the accessory is made for a girl, complete it with a red bow. A red satin ribbon will make a chic bow. Replace the tape is possible with a regular red cloth. It is better if there is a red fabric with a pattern of white peas.

Now feel free to go on a holiday.

Knitted accessory

The second option is not particularly difficult, but you will need crochet skills. We offer to connect a hat for a child with the ears of Mickey Mouse.

Choose yarn depending on the season for which the hat is knitted. Choose cotton for the warm season, acrylic with wool - for winter.

For work you will need:

  • black yarn
  • matching hook number
  • synthetic winterizer at will.

There are several options for how to knit a hat yourself. Check out the following photos:

  1. Tie two air loops, connect them into a ring. Knit seven single crochet (b / n).
  2. Make an increase in the amount of seven columns b / n.
  3. Next, knit two b / n columns in one loop of the previous row, one b / n column. Repeat the alternation.
  4. Alternate two columns in one loop, column, column.
  5. From the fifth to the ninth row, we make increments, while the distance between the increments increases by one column b / n. In the photo of the first diagram, this process is visible.
  6. From the tenth to the fourteenth row, add a column through the row.
  7. In the fifteenth row, the last column is added b / n. The distance between the increments is 10 b / n columns.
  8. Knit without increasing the required number of rows, depending on the child’s head. Tie the last rows with a thread of a different color.
  9. Knit the ears according to the following pattern:

Make four knitted details.

  1. Connect the finished parts to each other, after placing a small piece of synthetic winterizer between them. Do not stitch the parts to the end.
  2. Sew the finished ears to the cap at the loose ends.
  3. For very young children, additionally tie the ties so that the hat does not move out.

The hat is finished, the child is ready for the holiday!

You can sew the hat itself from the fabric. To do this, measure the circumference of the child’s head, estimate the length of the future hat. Transfer the dimensions to the fabric, draw a semicircle. Remember to add seam allowances. Cut out the parts and sew them together. Description of the ears, take from the first option. Just do not stick them, but sew them to the fabric. Decorate such a model with a character applique.

Now you know several ways to make the world famous Mickey Mouse ears. You can add a bow to the description and get Minnie Mouse. More experienced craftswomen can try to add knitted eyes with a nose to the hat, thereby creating a fun model. Decorate as you see fit, or leave a simple classic option.